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Breathe has 3 default breathing exercises and allows you to create your own custom breathing patterns:

– Equal Breathing: helps you to relax, focus, and be present.
– Box Breathing: also known as four-square breathing, is a simple and highly effective technique for stress relief.
– 4-7-8 Breathing: also called “The Relaxing Breath” promotes better sleep. The exercise is described as a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system that eases the body into a state of calmness.
– Custom Pattern: create unlimited breathing patterns with half a second adjustment

– Breath Holding Test to test and track your breath-holding capacity
– Set notifications to get breathe reminders
– Guided breathing with Male/Female voice-overs or Bell cue
– Nature sound in the background for a soothing experience
– Vibration feedback
– Track your progress with intuitive charts
– Fully customizable: change durations, sound, & voices as per your preference
– Change time duration based on number of cycles
– Works in background
– Dark mode
– Access to all the features with no restrictions

If you have any problem with this application, please contact us at [email protected], we will help you resolve your issue.


- New Languages: Added русский, Polskie, & português translation
- Improvements:
- Added an option to hide the timer in the Settings
- The app now remembers the last progress interval you viewed
- Added a circle to the exercise screen to help with exhale visualisation
- You can now fine-tune the inhale, exhale, and hold time by 0.1 seconds for Custom Patterns
- Support Development: I have now introduced subscriptions for my supporters, without whom this project will not be possible. Thank You.


40 comentarios en "Breathe: relax & focus FULL"

  1. I’ve been looking at a number of apps designed for timing intervals, whether designed for exercise, meditation, or pranayama; I use this app for the latter. It is the most readily customizable, so that I can set it up to help me slowly increase the time for my breath cycles in increments a small as .1 second (though the smallest increment I’ve used so far is .5). It’s well set up to allow for programming breathing ratios and breath retentions as well.

  2. Jay Q dice:

    Ok app but there’s room for improvement. The default voice “Amy” is awful (you can change the voice). The app basically just counts for you. The UI is basic which is fine, and the rain sound is a nice calming touch. Reminders are helpful. This is basically just something to help nudge you into the practice of “mini meditation”. EDIT: Thx for dev response. To get 5 stars, try incorporating visuals rather than just text descriptions. I have exercise apps that show what the exercise looks like.

  3. Liz Ramon dice:

    Customizable easy to use and no ads! I wanted to follow my own breathing exercise plan from lessons I already have. This app was exactly what I was looking for. It has a few suggested exercises, but makes it very easy to add my own. I like the progress tracker, the voice, and the rain sound effects.

  4. Does what it says, helps you to relax and focus through breathing patterns. The interface is simple, it just works, and you can get information on each breathing pattern. The ability to create your own custom patterns is excellent for tailoring to your own needs, and the lack of ads or paid content also makes this app stand out. It would be nice if we could set our own background music/fx but the included variety is good as is.

  5. Em Black dice:

    It’s great but I wish there was an option to turn off the little graphic that pops up with “well done” at the end of a session. When using my phone’s dark mode at night, that little peaceful cartoon person popping up exactly in the spot I’ve been focusing is eye-searing in brightness. It hurts a bit, when I suffer migraines.

  6. M L dice:

    Outstanding app. I love it. My favorite feature is that I can customize the duration of the inhale, exhale and pause etc.. it is very useful for me. I am not subscribed yet so I can’t say about that part. But all the rest is awesome. Thank you for creating such a great app that is easy to use and “NO ADS” You guys rock deserve more than 5 stars.

  7. This is a very simple, easy to use app to help you breathe thru stress or to relax or go to sleep. I love it! I find the female voice very calming (sounds like it’s computer generated, but doesn’t matter) and her “well done” after the session…I love how she says it. Reminds me of the river spirit in Spirited Away which is my all time favorite movie.

  8. Helpfull! Easy and works well for the most part, (I can’t get the last part of it to work but that might be operator error…how long you can hold your breath or breath capacity or something.)other than that, for a free app, I have no complaints…I’ve found it to be accessible and very helpfull.

  9. It’s a very great app, I would highly recommend for anyone who has stress or anxiety, or saw demon slayer and wanted to be like Tanjiro, I wish there was more variety in the sounds when it came to breathing in and out, and the nature sounds stops for quick second, may have to fix that but doesn’t ruin the experience, also just an idea maybe add a custom upload for breathing in and out

  10. There was a time where I couldn’t talk to anyone because I had no data nor money for the service plan. On a flip phone, I downloaded a breathing app beforehand and it was a great help. When I had data and wifi, I started to search for other breathing apps like the one I used and I found this one. I like that it is easy to use and you can make your own breathing exercise and change the color(I recommend 5.5 in and 5.5 out). This was so, SO helpful. I’ve something to recommend my siblings~

  11. Best breathing/mediation type app I’ve ever used. I was looking for something that was exactly what the Breathe app is: Breathing techniques that are guided with or without voice, calm background sounds, simple clean UI (very much appreciated it’s not blinding white & follows system themes;) most importantly – no gimmicky subscription services for life coaching & things like that. I wanted a simple but powerful tool that can help me practice proper breathing & send reminders. Perfect!

  12. Great simple app, amazing support! I love how simple and straightforward the app is. Very easy to use. I also requested a feature and got a response from an actual human, and they implemented it in the next update less than a week later! They’re clearly very committed to this app and to the people who use it. Highly recommend!

  13. Susan D dice:

    I appreciate how easy it is to use. Very simple, clean interface. I need to learn how to breathe correctly, and through my nose. I didn’t realize how bad mouth breathing was until after I developed sleep apnea and hypoxia. This app is helping me with my rehabilitation. I love that it is ad free and I see that you can choose to pay in settings, which I’m doing next. Great job!

  14. I do like this. I need reminders to take time out to focus,relax,and just breathe. The Only thing i would like is to be able to change is the notification sound to diferentiate from other email and messages sound notifications Over all i give this app the thumbs up. I think i will be using a long time. thank you!

  15. This is a brilliant app!! I only wish I could select the nature sound and the voice/bell sound for each custom exercise. For example I’d love to hear the bird sounds when breathing in the morning and the rain sound when breathing before going to bed, without having to change it in the settings everytime I open the app. Other than that I really enjoy it!!

  16. Absolutely nice app , nice UI ,NO ADS AT ALL . LOTS OF COOL FEATURES . Its also gives you a feature that help to make a custom breathing exercise. Most important it doesn’t show any pops up tab to make a subscription. More emphasis on user experience. Easier to use

  17. I’m a yoga teacher and I’d been looking for an app to help myself and my students practice pranayama. Though I found the prerecorded techniques a bit too fast (pace), because this app has a custom feature, it’s a perfect way for me to help people experience the peace that comes from focused breathing. I love this app 🕉💜☮️

  18. I have used Calm and Headspace. Both require subscriptions. And the subscriptions are the biggest turn off. This is by far the most straight forward breathing app. I loved the breathing app on the Apple Watch. This is by far the closest to that. Kudos to developers. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  19. App does everything I want it to. There is both a visual and an audio option for the breathing sequences. I am able to customize The length of sessions.

  20. A wonderful app for someone like me with anxiety (the setting I often use.) It doesn’t include pointless ads or ask you for money, it’s a simple but incredibly helpful breathing app that truly does its job.

  21. Really, really useful tool! Helping me a lot. However, in the phase of “hold” of Box Breathing, the four dashes appear one second slower. When counting to four, only three dashes are lit. Please help to fix that. Thank you.

  22. I like that this app is really simple to use and that you can customize your training. It’s also great that it has no ads. The “Jake” voice is my favorite– I’m not sure if it’s computer generated or not because it sounds really natural and chill.

  23. So easy to reset your mood with this easy to use tool. Right before work, stopping negative self-talk, after a stressful experience . . . Breathe has helped me through it all. Thank you! 💓

  24. Erin Kerr dice:

    Texts to my partner just a moment ago “You have to get the breathe app – Like the owner is such a good person it brought a tear to my eye – Im also stoned and very very relaxed” Just did my breathe session and im uber chill. I love this app because you can custom your breathe beats, its accessible and the owner has made it ad free. Its just really the best tool you can have on your phone, I think. Have a good day! 🙂

  25. This is great. Its reminder function and versatility is superb. It is quickly becoming part of my daily routine. Would like a waterfall sound.

  26. The visuals, voices, and sounds are so soothing. Love the timed notifications feature too. You can even create your own breathing excercise sequence! Best breathing app so far.

  27. I downloaded this app a few days ago. I find myself using it more than I thought I would. 5 times a day. It is a simple well designed app. Being able to customize my own breathing pattern is my favorite feature. Followed by the cute, “Well done.” at the end of each session. It always makes me smile. I never leave reviews, but thought I’d say thank you this way. 🙂

  28. Ash Houze dice:

    I really enjoy this app. It helps me focus on my breathing in times when I’m overwhelmed, anxious, or simply want to focus on something. It does just what it says it does, and it’s really easy to use. I just wish the voices were more, bearable 😅. But I will be giving it five stars

  29. Simple. Super helpful. I love the exercise options. A gamechanger for me. I set reminders and it helps me slow down and re calibrate for my life.

  30. Some fitness trackers have breathing as part of their app, but mine doesn’t, so I was glad to find this. The reminder notification keeps me doing this twice a day.

  31. Love the app. Easy to use, functional, and very well designed. I Would appreciate the ability to set different bell tones for in, out, and hold, but that is a minor quibble.

  32. Super helpful, I’m so glad an app like this is easily accessible because it’s helped me a lot during stressful times so far and the fact that it’s free is great! Would absolutely keep supporting this financially when I have the means but until then please keep going!

  33. Simple to use and does its job well. 5 stars for me would be if I could listen to music at the same time (the breathing exercises interrupts music), and if I could manage my history (remove sessions). Also, please add the ability to pause sessions.

  34. Shyam N dice:

    Very good app, Please add more background sounds cool breeze, wind sounds, improved birds sounds, flute sounds. etc,. And a random background selector option. Thanks in advance.

  35. C. B. dice:

    Fantastic. Free. Easy to use. Pleasant design. Great voices (maybe the French one is a bit awkward sometimes but nothing too bad). No ads. Please keep it up!

  36. Marg dice:

    Have had only for a short while. I like that it has a reminder and can set own breathing cycles as well. Have been able to set before my usual times that anxiety hits preventing so far a panic attack..

  37. Great app! Easy to set up with a choice of voice and background sound. It’s helpful to practice measured breathing and not be distracted by counting.

  38. Lisa F dice:

    Very relaxing app. The voice is very calming and soothing. I started feeling a difference in my energy and focus after doing this a few weeks. The key is to be consistent.

  39. I’ve been looking for an app like this. It’s a great app but the breathing sessions are too short.. I would like to be able to do the exercises for 10,15,20 minutes. If that can be accomplished then I will rate it 5 stars.

  40. I am very glad to have found this app. Easy to use, the audio guidance is great. I wish I could adjust the background sound’s volume but as it is is also enjoyable. I intend to keep on using it every day

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