Gaia: Streaming Consciousness MODDED 2022

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Conscious TV: yoga & meditation, spiritual healing, metaphysics, ancient origins
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4.3.13 (3106)PR
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Gaia is your guide to conscious life. We’re dedicated to finding and creating informative films, original shows, practices, and documentaries that aren’t available through mainstream media. We look to elevate your awareness through enlightening content covering personal transformation, ancient origins, alternative medicine, and much more. Gaia is your window into a new way of viewing the world.

Gaia is the premier streaming platform where the world’s top thought leaders and teachers share knowledge and expertise to empower your conscious awakening. Seek your truth with our library of 8,000+ videos, films, documentaries, series, and live events aimed at answering life’s biggest questions, ranging from metaphysics, shamanism, and even ancient origins of lost civilizations.

Stream videos on personal transformation, yoga, meditation, and more with Gaia as your guide to holistic mental health and spirituality. Use our videos to discover new perspectives today. Gaia is a complete resource for personal transformation, mindful living, and universal consciousness.

Whether you want to enjoy a mindful daily yoga practice, practice deep meditation, or you’re seeking truth through metaphysics, fuel the pursuit of your highest potential with Gaia.


– Discover ancient history, metaphysics, yoga, meditation, alternative health and more
– Explore videos according to your taste and let your conscious journey begin
– Enjoy exclusive content and videos that push the boundaries of tradition and encourage different ways of viewing the world
– Challenge what you know about life from ufos, to zodiac signs, to the ancient origins of man
– Learn more about spirituality and explore the world of astral projection, tarot cards, and hypnosis

– Join thought leaders in exploring topics like lucid dreaming, spiritual healing, and aura health
– Dive into a vast library of content that will have you questioning what you know about the world
– Ponder the mysteries of metaphysics, extraterrestrial life, astrology, and more
– Navigate the intricacies of topics such as plant medicine, hypnosis, and energy healing

– Access the world’s best teachers and spiritual luminaries to guide you on your self care path
– Enjoy exercises for personal growth, from yoga nidra, meditation, mindful breathing, and more
– Navigate the world’s largest conscious media network for a deep mental, physical, and spiritual connection
– Learn the anxiety relief benefits of intermittent fasting, unblocking chakras and other holistic health techniques

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**Android 5.0 or newer required.


We're constantly making updates and improvements to our app in order to provide the best experience possible for browsing, discovering and watching our library of over 8000 videos


40 comentarios en "Gaia: Streaming Consciousness MODDED 2022"

  1. The content is amazing and unique. The app itself, however, could use some improvement. Perhaps the biggest comment i have is that the videos restart to the beginning if i have to jump out of the app and back in. It would be nice to allow the app the run in the background, longer than the 30 seconds. Also, i would suggest a different way of organizing the amazing amount of content, so that the user can navigate and find things faster. Nonetheless, it’s overall amazing. Thank you!

  2. I’ve enjoyed the content in this app but can’t turn off auto-play on videos. There’s a setting for this but it doesn’t actually do anything. Support says I should get the option at the end of each video (not helpful if listening while falling asleep) and instructed me to uninstall and reinstall the app which simply lost me all my downloaded and favorited tracks. For an app that has a lot of nighttime meditations not being able to control autoplay is a killer. Not acceptable.

  3. M Hall dice:

    Wonderful information and amazing guests and interviews. I just love Gaia but unfortunately it rarely plays a whole episode without cutting off on my Samsung fold 4. I downloaded a few shows to watch on the plane and it wouldn’t play. I wish they would fix how buggy this app behaves. It is the same issues on my iPad. When I watch on TV there is rarely a problem it is just when streaming on phone and ipad.

  4. the content is great, but the app itself needs some work. videos stop loading after a few episodes. full screen locks the video in position so i can’t flip or rotate the video. audio only mode stops working after about 5 mins and i have to reopen the app for it to keep playing. other than that its a pretty alright service

  5. Steph dice:

    Content is amazing and I’m willing to pay to watch it however it’s terribly hard to navigate. It takes forever to find what I’m looking for and then when I do it takes even more time to find where I left off, and I have to close and re-open the app alot, each time having to renavigate to where I was and then start at the beginning. It also goes back to the beginning everytime I put it in full screen mode and again if minimize it having to rebuffer with each, sometimes I just give up

  6. I absolutely love Gaia, and am so, so grateful for all the wisdom they’re making available. The app is helpful, definitely some good features. It has a few bugs however, at least on my moto Z2. Sometimes when i go through a low service area, i get a pop-up message that there was an error. When i get back into service, the audio resumes, but the message stays up on the screen. When i acknowledge it, it goes back to the intro screen for that episode… A few things like that.

  7. This app has a lot of room for improvement. For instance, if I’m watching episodes of a series, done only 5-15 minutes long, I have to recast it to my TV with each episode instead of it staying in cast. Also, during a 2 hour film I had to recast it several times, any time it buffered it stopped casting. Fixing this issue will help a lot! Being able to cast the app and not just individual content would be the fix. The content is great. Very informative and interesting. Longer episodes of some things would be great, or instead of doing 5 minute episodes put them together into a 45 minute or hour program. I’m in the trial program at the moment, and I don’t think I’ll pay 9.99 a month until these issues are fixed. It has great potential to rival regular TV and apps such as Hulu or Netflix, but it still had a ways to go to get there. Content gets 5 stars but the app itself only 3 stars from me.

  8. I think the wealth of information and content on Gaia is absolutely fantastic. The only reason I gave 4 and not 5 stars, is that the app crashes constantly. Particularly with the background playback feature that allows you to listen while doing other things on your phone. I assume that’s due to it being a new feature, and bugs still being identified and fixed. However it does also crash frequently while simply searching or scrolling, and occasionally during normal video playback.

  9. The series that are on the app provides great information. But the performance of the mobile app is trash. It constantly glitches and crashes. You are supposed to be able to have the app run in the background while are not viewing it but that is a hit or miss but mainly it’s a miss. But before anyone thinks it’s my mobile network that is causing the issue that is not true. Even while at home on the wifi it crashes. I’ve ran cache cleaning on the app and my phone still I have the same issue.

  10. I love the idea of Gaia and all the contents! However, there are some errors with the app. I listen while at work so being able to hit pause and play on my headphones is important for the hands on work that i do. I’m sometimes able to pause it, but it will never resume play. Also, when get the video going and shut my phone screen off theres a few seconds of delay before the audio resumes.

  11. A rich source of content. I’ve found its value is way beyond the cost and I feel blessed to be able to plug into such a source for inspiration and education. This is ALL still very true. But the videos are constantly crashing or having trouble playing and it’s actually more than inconvenient when you are in the middle of an intense yoga session and the video keeps crashing….. I literally can’t use the android app… The vids crash every time.

  12. I love the programming content. Enjoying all the programs. So much information and interesting content. Learning new things and from different perspectives. I am having trouble with the interface. I find that it has various bugs. Many times the video shuts off or freezes. Sometimes the audio and video are not synchronized. The major problem though is the fact that I can’t really use the material I download unless I have internet which kind of defeats the purpose.

  13. Content is perfect. Your program sucks. While listening a dialog box comes up that says something like “this content can’t play on your device”, which is wrong. It plays very well so there is no need for that annoannoying dialog box. When I press ok on that box, everything scrambles then it takes me a long time to find the video that I was watching. Youtube and Vimeo programers are able to play a series, one after another, in proper order. Is it possible that you need to hire them? Frustrated

  14. Fantastic Customer Service! I love all of the content, but I do not like that I must close all of the way out instead of a pause. Also two major problems I’ve had with the app. For several days in a row videos would abruptly stop and I couldnt watch anything more than a few seconds. That bug seemed to be fixed. However now, nothing will open or even make it past Gaia headline. Pretty bummed because I rely on the mobile app often.

  15. The absolute best. Totally replaced TV with this wholesome content. The app conveniently switches to audio when you close out the app, so you can continue listening without wasting battery life or being distracted if you’re tackling something else while listening. It takes a couple weeks to learn what shows work and what shows don’t. I use the thumbs up and down ratings as a guide. If it gets over 92% thumbs up, there’s a good chance you’ll love it.

  16. The subject matter is great. The app, not so much. I downloaded a bunch of shows to my phone to listen while driving or walking. The app often just stops playing in the middle of a show. When I go back to the playlist and tap on the icon, the show starts over from the very beginning. It does this multiple times per show! Very frustrating. If they fix this bug they’ll get a better rating.

  17. The playback on my Samsung is rather annoying. Whenever I pause a video and then minimize the app, try to access another app, etc., the video immediately starts playing again. Basically, I can’t pause the video and go into another app because every single time, the video starts playing again. I end up having to close the app entirely in order to keep that from happening, then re-open it when I want to start watching it again.

  18. Great series, top notch presentations. Wish the screen had the option to go full screen. Wish, ironically, that it was more intuitive: so i pick a series and it seemed like it didnt remember exactly where i was, it didnt keep me in the series, when i came back the next day, i had to search and select. Should be all about the series im in and keep me there so i can binge if i want to, minimize your other series suggestions, and really make it possible to go full screen.

  19. Gaia content is a wide variety of esoteric subjects which includes videos for yoga, meditation, paranormal, natural health, etc. The application works well for the most part on the Android platform. Once in awhile I run into buffering on certain series/movies and the video closes and tells me to try later. Luckily this doesn’t happen often. You also have the option of downloading content to your device for viewing offline, although it’s a bit tricky finding where to find them once downloaded.

  20. The app itself needs a lot of fine tuning. I can appreciate that I’m able to use it on my phone and fire stick with the features it has. But this is not a will designed app when compared to other similars that basically search and play stored videos. Some examples: I don’t always want to watch in full screen landscape mode, let me choose to go full screen. It freezes and needs to be backef out of and restarted often. If the screen is on and i pause when the screen turns off play resumes.

  21. I love the content. App wise on my phone, only issue I have is when I pause it, and my phone goes dark, it pops the show back on but in the background… strange. And on my Roku, if I set a sleep timer on the TV, the Gaia app doesn’t shut off, like the other apps do, and continues to stream shows and movies while the TV is off, annoyingly wasteful and also strange.

  22. So much information. So helpful on so many levels. The content and the variety of the content is so refreshing and informative. The app on the other hand has a few bugs. Currently it is refusing to cast to any other screens. It connects and shows the gaia logo on the TV but it won’t load. My tiny screen will have to do but i just want to share all that I’ve found and learned from this streaming services content. I can’t seem to get enough.

  23. Worth downloading. There are some issues, though: the app doesn’t always give me the option to see my offline playlist when I’m offline. I’d have to log out two times in order for the offline playlist option to appear. If Gaia is meant to continue audio when I turn off my screen (like an audio podcast), then the audio last about a few minutes, then the episode reset to the beginning. Even if I pause the video, turn off my screen, and return to the screen, the video resets to the beginning.

  24. I REALLy love the content- but when I am watching there is always a square box with a star in it, in the middle of my program. Also if you click a content it doesn’t play, and I’ve had some issues getting it to resume where I left off or fast forward… so it won’t resume then won’t let me fast forward so I have to rewatch the entire program. PLeASE fix these things this app will be amazing!!! Content rocks please keep up adding more its amazing.

  25. This app is not ready for prime time yet. Casting to the TV doesn’t work well. Video repeatedly changes quality despite having a 100mbps connection. More frustratingly, everytime it changes video quality, it jumps forward or backwards a few seconds in a video. This is extremely frustrating when it happens a dozen times in a 1 hr video. Needs performance improvements to be worth the subscription fee. I don’t have these issues with any other video content apps.

  26. While I LOVE the content, I barely use this service because all of their apps crash every one minute or so. You cannot even get through a 20 minute show without having to restart 10 times. This is the case in this app as well as their Roku and FireTV apps. It’s absolutely unacceptable for the cost of this service. If the apps were improved I would 100% re-subscribe.

  27. This app is amazing and worth every penny. For anyone who is interested in mindfulness content, this is a must have! The only downside to this app is that with mobile use the full screen function is fixed to one horizontal view and does not work with samsung’s auto rotate feature. Not a huge concern but a small easy fix that should be looked into.

  28. I want to put 5 stars. I love the content. However the constant stopping needs to be worked on. I use Hulu and Netflix and x box live and have never had an issue with connection. I have the fastest internet that you can get due to online game play so I know it’s not coming from my connection. If that issue can be worked on then this deserves 5 stars for sure!!

  29. This app is just garbage. So just to start I had this app 2 years ago and even then it was plagued with the same problems that it has now. Downloading shows, should be a pretty straightforward process, it isn’t. It won’t play the downloaded show. I know this because if I turn off wifi or drive into a no service area it says I’m offline and won’t let me view the video, but will play the audio in the background. Wish I could write more but the play store limits you. Would not recommend app.

  30. Michael C dice:

    Pay attention to your account before the free trial ends! I loved the programming but ended up canceling due to my plan being changed. I signed up for the $11.99/month plan which I checked 3 times before hitting submit. Two days before my free trial was about to end I checked my account and I had been switched to the $99/annually plan. This would have been auto debited in 2 days. No one else had access to my account. This could have only been done by Gaia, hence the 3 stars. Very disappointing.

  31. The content on the channel are excellent. There’s something for everyone; however, the app needs some improvements. It drains my battery (I’m using a Note 20 Ultra), and it would be great to continue to play videos while the screen is off. In addition, videos that I download do not play unless my phone is connected to the internet. What’s the point of downloading to watch offline if you have to be online to watch offline content? That doesn’t make sense. Nevertheless, I’m grateful.

  32. absolutely love the content, however, one issue. You really need a play entire series button. I will be binge-watching a series when I have some down time that I’m not doing other things and I have to go back into the series again to find the next episodes. otherwise, love the app. the accessibility for the fire TV is lacking. the Android app works absolutely great with the screen reader!

  33. Love the documentaries, talks, and yoga classes. But, it stops and crashes after just 5-10 minutes of streaming time. I would have to close it and open it up again to continue watching. And I have stopped using this app altogether for my personal at-home yoga practice because of the constant interruptions that disrupt my flow. I hsve also uninstalled and reinstalled the app countless times but it still has the same issues. I will just go back to using the browser. -___-

  34. I love the content. I would like to be able to cast to my T.V. though. Apparently can only di with Apple TV, through web browser, or Roku. Fortunately I have a Roku, but haven’t connected it yet. Also, the screen on the Android phone will only view in vertical and just one horizontal position….seems like it should view in either horizontal position.

  35. Great content, horrible app. I’ve been using Gaia for almost 2 years and they still have yet to fix their streaming glitches, free apps that requires no subscription play better then this app. I have an error message about 1 min into every episode I try to watch I have to go out and back to replay and it does this the whole time. It still glitches even on my new phone. Also it’d be nice if the screen auto rotated. Still got a lot of work to do.

  36. I really enjoy the Gaia program. But the app platform could be much better. It is very “sticky”. And it seems very glitchy. I have to use my phone a lot currently for videos and I have to give up and watch YouTube sometimes because the video is sometimes, seemingly always buffering. It is also more difficult to find the videos that I want to play later. So Gaia, I really love all of the videos and plan to keep my subscription but please work on the app to make it a smoother experience.

  37. I really do enjoy the content of the different videos that I watch. I pay $12 a month for the service. My rating would be a lot higher if I didn’t have so many issues with the server loading content. Or videos playing without buffering so often. I use an LG Stylo 5 and I’m on Boost Networks so the service isn’t always perfect but it does the same thing even when I have 4G LTE with five bars. I also feel like it’s hard to navigate sometimes. Please fix this and I will change it to five stars.

  38. Just use the web browser. I’ve had this app on 3 devices for android including my new S20 and when playing videos from the app, it ALWAYS freezes and closes at least once every video and I’ve had this problem for YEARS. I thought maybe it was my device, but I’m still having the same playback issue on a flagship device. So yeah, ditch the app and just open in your web browser and save yourself the headache. Btw, I don’t have any playback issue when using the web browser.

  39. The highest concentration of meaningful content anywhere, ever, period. The app itself is a little wonky. It crashes way too much. Is especially frustrating when you’re trying to get in a state. The content on Gaia is 6 out of 5 stars, so I’ll round to a combined 5 stars for both. Edit 6/9 I just have to knock some stars off. Streaming videos is so fraught with issues that it’s basically impossible to enjoy the content. Works fine with wifi, but not so much when on data regardless of signal.

  40. Although there is some kind of problem with this app not recognizing the fact you are already logged in when seeking support. It is very good for searching, reviewing, and saving programs for later use or even casting to display. And I would love it if y’all could somehow integrate a past episodes tab or an archive feature to access the tons of videos and such from season’s past. There is so much I need to catch up on… And am having extreme difficulty trying to find these past season’s…

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