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Join the millions of people using the app every day to stay on top of global financial markets. Track your favorite stocks on the go and stay informed with personalized alerts and global financial news. is a leading Android app for traders and investors. It offers a set of financial informational tools like stock alerts, breaking news, portfolio, watchlist, economic calendar and more.

Live quotes and charts for over 100,000 financial instruments, traded on over 70 global exchanges.
Track major global indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq as well as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, futures and options.

Live updates on global economic events customized to your personal interests.
Our real-time Economic Calendar is used by top traders and investors to track market-moving events as they are announced, making it easy to track market impact.

Add your favorite financial instruments and their holdings to your portfolio and follow your most important stocks.
Build your own customized watchlist and keep track of stock quotes, commodities, indices, ETFs and bonds – all synced with your account. Your personal Watchlist can be accessed anytime from your menu, providing you with real-time prices, and the Holdings Portfolio shows you your total assets value 24/7.

Our Alerts system allows you to receive customizable alerts for any instrument, economic event or new analysis articles. For all 100,000 financial instruments, you can set up notifications for a specific price, change by %, or Volume. All pushed by request, and synced with the website.

Breaking news, videos, updates and analysis on global financial markets, as well as technology, politics and business.
Be the first to read the latest on stocks, currencies, commodities, and global economy.
Stay on on top of stock market news!

Quick access to all of our world-class tools, including Economic Calendar, Earnings Calendar, Technical Summary, Currency Converter, Market Quotes, advanced charts and more.

Sign-in and continue where you left off by syncing your portfolio and personal alerts between all of your devices.

Join our growing community of traders and investors and share articles to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Follow up-to-the-second commodity prices, including Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Crude Oil, Brent Oil, and Natural Gas.

Track stock market leaders: Apple Inc. (AAPL), Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL), BHP Billiton, Bank of America Corporation (BAC), Tesla (TSLA), General Electric Company (GE), Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO), American Express Company (AXP), Telstra Corporation (TLS), Amazon (AMZN), Rio Tinto, Scentre (SCG), Nike (NKE), ANZ Banking Group, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), Netflix (NFLX), and many more.

Follow data from all major stock market indices, including:
■ U.S: Dow Jones, S&P 500, NYSE, NASDAQ, SmallCap 2000
■ Americas: Merval, Bovespa, RUSSELL 2000, IPC, IPSA
■ Europe: CAC 40, FTSE MIB, IBEX 35, ATX, BEL 20, DAX, BSE Sofia, PX
■ Asia-Pacific: CNX Nifty, Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index (SSEC), Hang Seng, KOSPI, ASX – and many more.
■ Africa: BSE Domestic Company, Kenya NSE 20, Semdex, Moroccan All Shares, South Africa 40
■ Middle East: Bahrain All Share, EGX 30, Amman SE General, Kuwait Main, TA 35

Real time data on bonds, including US Yield Bonds, Euro Bund, UK Gilt, Euro BTP and more.


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• This version focuses on bug fixes for a better, smoother experience.

• Introducing Stock Options data, providing comprehensive insights on major stocks worldwide and their corresponding contracts.

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40 comentarios en " Stock Market MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the app, but navigation needs a bit more thought. For example, I know there are easier ways to check stock prices, but I often times manually enter the ticker symbol – and often times I go several tickers deep. The problem is that I cannot navigate back to the homepage without hitting the back button repeatedly. Needs to be a direct route to homepage at all places within app.

  2. It’s a great app, but don’t bother paying extra for the ad-free subscription. It was great at first, but then every month the ads would reappear and I’d have to contact the developer to fix it. Then this month, they never responded to 3 attempts to get their help. I’ve cancelled my subscription to the pay version, but the free version is still ok if you don’t mind annoying ads everywhere.

  3. Billy G dice:

    I actually really liked this app until recently. UI is good. Charts are excellent. But the ads. There’s a limit to how many surprise pop-ups a person can take. I am all for ads, but allowing ads to continuously pop up back-to-back, immediately a new one after the first one closes? Where each ad covers the whole screen and is shown so unexpectedly to ensure the likelihood of the user clicking on the ad? This app was fine before when the ads weren’t this obnoxiously intrusive.

  4. Best app I’ve found for my limited purposes. I use the free version to track indices and a few stocks as well as to check the occasional news story. Most important part for me is the widget that lets me monitor a list of symbols on my home screen without having to fire up the app. (Though occasionally the widget doesn’t seem to want to refresh without a nudge.) The level of advertising is perfectly acceptable to keep the product free, though as some others have noted, there seem to be more scammy/junk ads appearing these days. That probably has more to do with their ad network provider than with the app. The articles are sometimes interesting and useful–just avoid the comment streams, which are populated by nothing but trolls and zealots both left and right–nothing useful there. Would be great if the company offered a lower-price paid version that removed ads and didn’t offer as many of the advanced features. For my purposes, $60/year is too steep, but I’d definitely pay $20.

  5. Z P dice:

    Used to be great. So this is my go-to investing app and have always been very happy with the layout and functions. The latest update shoves even more ads onto the top of the app interface and removes the crypto selection tab at the bottom, as the ios version had done some time ago. Really too bad the app is now more annoying than useful as it used to be the best out there. I’ll be looking for an alternative.

  6. Good app. Would be nice to be able to reorganize the items in my widget list. After the update from Sept 25, 2019, the app and widget would not load. I removed and reinstalled the app. I keept getting an error message that says: “For initial set the app requires an active internet connection” My assumption was that this is a server side issue. An error message saying unable to reach the server or that the server is down would be better. After waiting a few hours, the issue resolved itself.

  7. Love the app and widget overall. However, it would be nice to be able to include more than 8 holdings on the widget. Either allow a scrollbar to view more, or be able to have multiple widgets on different screens with different portfolios (currently you can have more but only one portfolio will show across all of them). Also I have trouble finding articles in the app that I’ve been notified of once they’ve cleared on my notifications bar. Would be helpful to have a section for these in the app.

  8. Tentons dice:

    Once a useful app, the full screen advertisements have really gotten out of hand. Disappointing and have switched to using the Fidelity app which provides the same features I was looking for without the ads. Just because the app is FREE doesn’t justify full screen advertisements. There are plenty of free apps that are able to deliver advertising in a less obtrusive manner.

  9. The app is mostly just like the desktop displaying news and charts nicely. It has a lot of ads if you don’t purchase the ad-free version on the desktop. It will confuse some users, where if you buy the ad-free on desktop online, you will get ad-free on all platforms. But if you buy on the app, you will only get ad-free for mobile. Good thing I didn’t make that mistake. But it’s a bad set up and user will be penalized if app users not careful.

  10. Yeah, this app is the real deal. Ease of use 10/10, the devs here really understand the nuances of using an app. It doesn’t feel “corporatized,” or stuck in the mid-90s running XP SP1. Fast, clean, and yet still powerful make those an absolute must-have for an investor with a diverse portfolio. As always, diversity is key to a solid investment plan. Great job devs!

  11. Dave dice:

    The only widget I have that can do realtime LSE plus has commodities. The news is good too. The fullscreen ad every time you want to open a stock from the widget is a bit much. Just have an ad at the bottom or top of the app like everyone else does. The main drawback is you can only add 1 widget with max 8 symbols. If you add a second widget they both display the same watchlist. If you change the watchlist in one, it changes in the other too. Would also be nice if they had a 1×1 or 1×2 widget to allow a single stock to be shown on your home screen without taking up too much space. Widget is a bit slow to refresh but not too bad. I think with some improvements to the widget functionality this could be my one and only app, but right now I have to use 2 to be able to have 2 watchlists.

  12. Joe Lee dice:

    I can’t get past some of the initial ads. Have to relaunch and hope to get an ad that I can close. This wasn’t an issue before. It seems to only do it on the Google ads. And then you have the nerves to send a cookie cutter response that says open up a case and submit a picture when tons of ppl are having this same issue.

  13. This is my favorite app to check all the major and minor markets across all aspects of investing/trading. Everything is available and with little to no delay. I can easily find/search for almost anything I chose. However, I do not see an option chain, or anything relating to options. Perhaps I have not discovered it yet, because the app is immense! However, if they are not yet available, adding options would bring me to give a wholehearted 5 star rating. I LOVE this app for all investing!!

  14. Basil S. dice:

    Excellent “syncretism” of all major financial markets in the world, from stock exchanges to comodities, forex, and crypto. Congratulations on creating the best integrated markets app! Widget is unreliable, as buttons stopped working. Also, it should be possible to display more than eight “favorites” with a scroll function for longer lists when displayed as a widget.

  15. Used to run well but now on my Galaxy S6, which I realize is old, I’m running into problems when I try to update, add or delete stocks in my portfolio. The app often crashes and requires a restart when in that area. As I said, it used to be a very stable product but it no longer likes to play very well with my S6. I have to start looking for a different investment tool. Wrote feedback to the designers and I did receive a response but the response seemed totally irrelevant to my problem.

  16. This is a very good financial app. The charts in real time are super impressive. They have crypto charts, futures and all the other trading vehicles in real time. They have great articles and good watchlist set ups. When compared to other free financial apps this is one of the best I’ve come across. Highly recommend for anyone invested in the markets.

  17. I keep getting a stupid quicken loan app when I open the app with NO OPTION TO EXIT IT. No matter how many times I try to open and close it, it is the same ad. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. Not only that but the exit button is often very small for the past 6 months I’ve used it and I end up clicking the ads

  18. Great! …when it works. For some reason for the past 2 weeks this app wants to quickly close after I open it for about 10-15 seconds… please fix. This is a great app and I would hate to have to uninstall it because of this dumb problem. EDIT: The new update seems to have fixed things! I am glad because I like this app a lot and use it for much of the technical analysis that I perform before my trades. Great interface overall!

  19. I’m using two account for finances/investments and phone account for security reasons. I’ve purchased annual Ad-free version and Pro subscription. Worked well for a while, but ads start appearing again. And there’s no way to change primary email or add alternative email for the app account. Disappointed. Subscription waisted.

  20. Easy to follow my portfolio and the market in general. Good selection of market news. I use the app many times a day. Works perfectly. Easy to navigate the charts and has the settings I need.

  21. Daniel T dice:

    the app behaves as it have no enough memory. scrolling through the portfolio is very sluggish. so I tried re installing the app. still very slow. but on a different device. it behaves smoothly.

  22. Very Informative and updating app for make profits in trading. But one thing is that their notification system are no good enough. For example, i make alert on initial jobless claims and interest rate but i don’t get notifications.

  23. Really disappointed. I subscribed the pro expecting that I had access to all the content and then it seems that is a pro+ version and an insights version as well. Found it very misleading and really shameful that they have a shady upselling strategy. In the next day to the subscription I said I wanted what the pro+ version had when I subscribed and that I wanted to refunded, but they promptly answered that in their terms of service is mentioned that there are no refunds. Clearly not caring.

  24. Good app to track portfolios and get price alerts. I find it easy to use and with a clean interface in the ads free subscription. However, should improve in some areas: – alerts management screen should group alerts per symbol for easier navigating – random data gaps on stock symbols (e.g. ex dividend dates, earnings dates) – unclear subscription system (clrealy explain what tiers are available, what’s available in each tier and cost)

  25. Super complete app, full of features and intel. Really good app as long as you don’t have any issues with it. Aweful tech support. Don’t trust them with your money!

  26. PS Yew dice:

    Hi, subscribed pro version in the afternoon. At night change back to free version. Sent email but no response after an auto reply. Frustrating for getting this kind of service. Please refund if not able to solve the issue. Thanks.

  27. g mo dice:

    Disgraceful advertising to get me to install this app. This shameless advertising says to me all I need to know about the operators of this app. The advert claims, I will be throwing money away by not installing this app. So, if I install this app, 100% the app will make me money, of course it won’t. Do not trust these charlatans. After getting their reply, where did I claim they were a broker? I didn’t. I referred to an advert that made me install their app. 0 stars.

  28. M J dice:

    There are lot of defects in the app. Eg UI is breaking while opening any stock details page; Incorrect ‘Previous close’ amount value is displayed; Few stocks details are not shown. @reply: Sent you the screenshots over an email.

  29. m a s dice:

    There is a problem and that is, for example, when we are browsing the comments of a currency pair and we switch to another application and then return to the Investing application, we cannot read the rest of the comments and we have to open the comments section again. In fact, the last state of the application is not preserved when switching between other applications.

  30. It is not possible to add any comments today or report spam. All I get is the annoying, “Something went wrong..”. And 4 months later the issue still is not fixed. And I already wrote 4 emails to your Zendesk support detailing the many issues I am encountering. NADA. NADA. *** I’m SO glad I’m not a paid subscriber to your app. ***

  31. Ahmed dice:

    I recently noticed the application is getting longer time to be established. Anybody else is noticing this issue? At first, I suspected the issue was from my phone so, I installed the app on my second phone, however the issue is still the same. So I guess the issue is from the application itself. Try to solve it. Thanks

  32. Pro+ subscriber. Overall like the service but have to deduct 2 stars for the app because the app does not show dividends on ETFs. Can see them on the web, but in the app nothing, no tab for it, not even a single mention in the overview.

  33. Terrible service. Just a scam. Bought shares on their news and lost money. Also they had written that 2 days before the trial period ends i will be notified. Got no notification and was charged for subscription. Terrible, horrible, disturbing and many many more bitter feelings. Don’t have words to describe how bad taste it left

  34. it’s very useful app i have been using it from 2 years it is kind of expensive but worth it.. but from some weeks i have been facing some issues like related to alerts.. it is showing me on my notifications but not in the app where u go on alerts feed!!

  35. Anthony dice:

    All of a sudden I am getting an intro ad in Japanese and I can not close it out to access the app. EDIT update – I ended up uninstalling and installing and it fixed my issue

  36. I purchased the Pro version for a year 2 days ago, but the app has not been upgraded yet, I contacted the customer service and received an email to resolve the issue within 24 hours but nothing have been done since then . My request # 586667

  37. The app says that “my primary portfolio is full. Create a new one or remove some quotes ” But the app doesn’t allow to remove. So I am stacked here. Please fix it, thx

  38. mansur K dice:

    Have made the payment on 29th July and still unable to access the paid features and worst they are not even providing any customer care number where we can connect. Just FAQs which are useless.

  39. Sk Sharma dice:

    Nice experience with the application, an easy to learn 👌 So many improvements may be made to facilitate the viewers. I’m an ex engineer Indian Railways. A great 👍 app is it.

  40. Widget added to home page not at all working. Some issue with that. This is most useful feature.. for widget purpose i’m using other apps now..

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