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40 comentarios en "DailyWire+ MODDED 2022"

  1. App has used up all of our data two months in a row…about 20 GB in 3 weeks, then 8 GB in 6 days after our phone’s monthly renewal. And this second time was with my husband being very careful and only using data while in the car. Something does not work properly with the app for it to do that, as we’ve never had a problem with any app like this before. App itself doesn’t work very well. For instance, it turns itself from full screen to partial screen on its own. The video playback is glitchy.

  2. This app sucks. It is a data Hog if you watch anything you are stuck with the picture quality they have chosen. Can’t change video speeds. Can’t switch between video and audio only without backing out to a different part of the app and starting over. Hard to find anything in the app. I see stuff from the DW on YouTube all the time that I can’t find in the app. There is a bunch of content that can only be viewed and not listened in audio only. The app won’t remember video you have watched.

  3. It’s nice to be able to get the benefits of the ap for the daily wire. However, it’s a bit rough around the edges. There’s always something that is broken. Today it won’t load! The website works. Deleted cache wasn’t enough. Reinstall worked. There’s a big black bar covering the bottom of full screen video. The home screen takes forever to load sometimes. Navigation is a bit confusing. For a while I was choosing YouTube just cause I knew how to find Ben’s vids. Remove the exit app confirmation!

  4. Ed J dice:

    Pretty good app. Only inconvenience is that you can’t cast the overall app to a TV like most apps that allow casting. Instead you have to cast each individual video that you want to watch, and then when that video is finished, the app disconnects from the TV. Also, there is no cast option for audio. I’d like to play The Morning Wire through my WiFi speakers, or at least be able to download the episodes.

  5. I would give this app 5 stars, but the video player really needs some work. The auto rotate is far too sensitive, and I constantly have put videos back into fullscreen. In addition to that, full screen mode often cuts off bits of the frame even though there is room on the screen. These sorts of things really take away from the immersion.

  6. Like the content, but there’s now a black bar at the bottom of the screen when you watch videos full screen. Has an arrow like it’s a back button on the left, but doesn’t function and just blocks the bottom of whatever you’re watching. If you enjoy subtitles, well, this bar is at the best place to block them. Hope this gets fixed sooner than later because the content is great.

  7. Needs improvement. Like everyone else, I love the content. But I had to go back to spotify for my regular podcasts because the app doesn’t keep track of where I stop so I spend a lot of my time scanning through trying to figure out where I left off. It does sometimes tell me I haven’t finished an episode, but that’s one I actually did and no matter how many times I play it through to the end it still says I’m not done with it.

  8. USMCMama dice:

    Although I love all of the content, the app needs improvements especially for paid subscription. There is now a black bar with a non-functioning arrow covering the bottom of the screen while trying to watch videos. When I’m reading comments after clicking “read more” it starts reloading or refreshing and I lose my place. Very frustrating.

  9. Just updated the app, now it won’t run on my phone. Joy. Update. Another update was released that fixed the issue. I still would like to see video settings such as limiting resolution when streaming and buffer size. Also another bug I frequently encounter is the comments randomly refreshing which can be frustrating. Upgraded from 1 to 3 stars, as the app is now usable again.

  10. One of the best designed apps for a conservative platform so far. Would be 5 stars but for one problem. When trying to view videos in landscape orientation, the gray bar with the back arrow remains on screen, covering up the bottom of the video. The bar didn’t use to show up in landscape view and seemed to start happening around the time you rebranded to DW+. Not a deal breaker but pretty annoying and ugly. If this is fixed I wouldn’t have any other complaints. The app does everything it needs.

  11. Tyrell C dice:

    Love the content, but the app itself is sub-standard. Video plays, then sound cuts out while the video continues. Update 12/28. App now requires me to sign in every day… It’s kind of a hassle. Video still has issues with sound. On latest version. Update: now the app randomly closes, out podcasts stop playing. Sometimes the podcast playlists are empty. Please update this buggy app! Update 7-11-22: Two updates in the last week, and it still crashes in the middle of a podcast.

  12. I enjoy the content but there have been multiple updates to the app over the past week, and more bugs have now popped up than before. Very long loading screens, navigation bars that stay displayed over videos so you can’t see subtitles or the bottom of the screen, freezing issues, etc. The biggest annoyance is that navigation bar not going away though. This was not a problem before the updates. I contacted DailyWire support and they haven’t answered at all

  13. MeinMO dice:

    I HATE this app!!! It has always been glitchy and very user unfriendly, but since updating a few days ago it is completely useless. I’ve reinstalled several times with no luck. When I go to watch a podcast it finally takes me to the screen with the play button (which it wasn’t originally doing after the update), but the play button is now gone. It’s just a picture.

  14. I upgraded the android app to the latest version as the older version of prompted me. After the upgrade the app stopped working. I had to reinstall the app several times before it finally worked. I have been using the app for a year and a half and it worked fairly reliably to this point. I rely on the Daily Wire, PJ Media, and other sources for the latest information and news.

  15. If you’re watching a video or listening to a podcast over wifi, stop/pause it, and come back later to resume… 90% chance it acts like you never watched/listened to anything and makes you start over. Seems to behave better over cell network, but on wifi it’s bad. Likes to say “no internet connection” frequently, even though I have zero problems with any other apps or devices.

  16. Chad dice:

    Wish there was the option for subtitles on “All” of the videos. At the moment it only seems to be available for the movies. I think there needs to be a clearer and more direct way to find the content you’re looking for. Most content is found by tapping the upper left hand corner, making the tabs at the bottom seem irrelevant. For most people that makes it hard to locate your movies and specials that otherwise seem to not be available on the app.

  17. Content is excellent, app needs improvement. Please add an option to allow for the downloading of episodes of podcasts. The app is much less useful to me without this feature, as I usually like to listen in my car or otherwise watch on the go, away from a WiFi connection.

  18. Bryan dice:

    Lowered to 1. Most recent update crashes Great content, awful app Needs: Dark mode, save stories/bookmark, adjust font size I haven’t really found a reason to use this app and really don’t like it. I want to read the stories and such but the inability to change settings and tailor even my basic reading experience kills this pretty hard. See above for immediate fixes. Having paid for a subscription and getting this experience is a let down immediately, but I believe the dev team will fix it.

  19. The app wasn’t perfect to begin with but it worked good enough for my satisfaction and had some convenience as well, but as of the day I write this an update was released and now I can’t even open the app. It just closes immediately and gives me an error message. I tried reinstalling and same thing. So its basically worthless to me until that gets fixed, which is extremely frustrating since I am a paying subscriber..

  20. John Galt dice:

    Update: The app now seems to remember your place in a video, but the seek bar is still too small to drag with a finger. I’m not sure if the notification spam was fixed since I blocked dozens of notifications last year. Playback stutters frequently if your Wi-Fi isn’t absolutely perfect, and it’s still a pain to jump to today’s video from a particular host. I pay for this app, but the YouTube app still does everything better. I get fewer ads on YouTube than I get drip-outs in the DW app.

  21. The app itself, and the website for that matter, are pretty sub par. Largely, I love the content submitted, but as far as functionallity, I have some notes. First, it seems both the website, and the app, have a hard time realizing that I am indeed a member to the capacity required to experience certain content, it seems to eventually sort itself out, but it is frustrating when it happens. Second, I would very much like to be able to download content, in order to save my data while in the car.

  22. I like the content. My favorite is the Morning Wire. The only issue is I can’t have it play in the background. I have to leave the phone on the screen and then I have to make sure to touch the screen before the 10 minute screen timeout otherwise it stops and won’t play again until I select a different podcast and then go back to the one I was listening to. None of the video shows have this issue.

  23. Andrew F dice:

    This app constantly kicks you out when you want to go full screen for any video. Otherwise, it’s not too bad. Has some loading lag here and there too. Edit: I have figured out why. The font sizes, if chosen in this phone, as smaller than normal, cause something in the scaling to cause it to reset or close. Now that I have that figured out, please, for the love of people with big phones and good eyesight, help us out. We don’t want geriatric font sizes on our phones for this app to function.

  24. Pretty solid app. Loads quick enough. A few negatives: At times it will say Im logged in, but when trying to post a comment to an article, it will say I cant post as a guest. It, would be nice to have an edit option from the app as they do on the site. Auto rotate feature is annoying and being able to listen to a video while my phone is dark like Google podcasts would be nice.

  25. Great content! Problem is the app doesn’t save your location when you are watching or listening to something so you have to scan to find your place. It also doesn’t save which episodes you’ve already listened to. These should be easy to add as every other media app in existence already has these features.

  26. While it seems steps have been taken to organize the app, the critical flaw of not allowing 2x playback speed remains. I do not understand why the decision to remove 2x playback speed was made, but it makes this app the singular place to listen to Daily Wire podcasts lacking this feature. This app would otherwise get a 5 star review, because the content is great.

  27. I like the content. The app, however, locks up. It does not allow some shows (M.Walsh) to air. There is the show graphic; no video or audio. I have uninstalled, cleared cache and it still doesn’t work. I spent money for an annual subscription and can’t use the app

  28. Not available on Android TV. Makes the subscription kind of useless. Definitely won’t renew if I can’t easily use it. Even the regular app is frustrating. Trying to find a show mentioned frequently and cannot find it anywhere. The painful performance might be because of demand, but if they’re going to charge a premium price they need to deliver a better product.

  29. Megooons dice:

    So, love the content. But the app could use a bit of fixes/options. First, the app auto rotates as a feature. I am one who HATES auto rotate. So, an option to turn that function off would be appreciated. Next: PLAYBACK quality – ugh. So far the most infuriating thing. When it buffers it replays the same second 15 times before continuing. It buffers for seemingly no reason, as I have good internet/data. Otherwise, decent app. But would like these issues to be patched 🙂

  30. The content on the app is great. But there’s no way to manage push notifications. Constant bombardment of notifications. Also, maybe theres a way to cancel you subscription outside of the app, but if there is, they dont make it easy at all. Iv been navigating the site for a while now with no luck on finding a cancelation option. Only upgrade options. Same gos for the “help” option. Knowing that I can (actually) easily cancel anytime would be nice.

  31. I love the daily wire and everything they produce except for this app. If I’m listening to a show and get/make a phone call, the show goes to the beginning and I have to find where I was. I can barely use the time seeker for the videos because it can’t detect finger touches unless I guess you’re super duper accurate. And I can’t move the seeker from zero because it backs out of the app. Maybe the creators don’t use Android phones. Also it’s always loading trying to find service, with full bars.

  32. The app needs a lot of work. It is constantly saying “no internet detected” even though I am clearly connected to the internet AND have cell service. It will sometimes take hours for this issue to stop. It would also be nice if the “continue watching” section was on the top of the page. I have to scroll down a lot just to get to what I was just watching if it kicks me out. The search feature could also be better. If I search for “debunked” the main page should be the first to pop up.

  33. I love the daily wire and their content but this app sucks. It buffers constantly. The audio cuts off but the video keeps playing. It’s not the easiest to navigate but thats not the end of the world. And the mailbag doesn’t work in the app. The content is phenomenal but the app itself needs improvement. THIS REVIEW REFLECTS ON THE APP ITSEPF NOT THE CONTENT WITHIN. the content is 5 stars.

  34. I love being a Daily Wire supporter… but this app can be a nightmare. Frequent credential issues, disappearing then reappearing episodes, crashing… It can be frustrating. And unfortunately, the updates never seem to make a significant improvement. Hoping that changes soon. Also, this app is in dire need of a “download episode” feature.

  35. I enjoy what y’all do and what you stand for but the app needs work. Anytime I want to watch something, the full screen option gets buggy. I hit full screen and it switches to full screen but if I move or tilt my phone at all, the screen flips back to half. I got my setting where the screen isn’t supposed to flip from my phones movement so I believe this is on your end.

  36. I love the content especially after the inclusion of the great Dr. Jordan Peterson, but the UI is lacking. I would like to note something that is bothersome to me. It will not stay in full screen if I move my phone around even if my screen rotation is locked. I would like to see it fixed if possible. It gets pretty annoying.

  37. I subscribed for a month so I could watch What is a Woman and immediately downloaded the app. So far as I can tell, What is a Woman is not available to watch through the app, and even if it were, there’s no way to cast to a Chromecast compatible device. I don’t own a Roku or similar device and DW doesn’t have an app for Vizio smart TVs. So my only option for watching this on my TV is to hook up my laptop, which is lame. So, that’s pretty lame.

  38. Dan Fox dice:

    Love the network. Hate the app. Probably the least user friendly app they could have made. You can’t find anything you want because you’re forced to scroll instead of being able to search. No clear cut way to watch following episodes of content. Probably the most frustrating is that the app doesn’t follow Android requirements to be able to switch between data networks and mobile data on the fly. Requires a forced restart in order to switch. Also, there’s no way to leave comments.

  39. App needs some work. There needs to be a way to “Mark as complete”. I have been listening to several podcasts on Google podcasts for a while. In the DW app, all of them are listed, even after I have listened to them. There shouldbe a way to mark them as complete. Also, a cue for listening would be super helpful. I drive about two hours for work daily, and don’t want to have to pull up another podcast while driving. Thanks for great content, but the app needs some love.

  40. N B dice:

    The best news source. Fair perspectives. Although they come off right I don’t find them very slanted in day to day facts, much closer to center than legacy news sources. I must add that there are a few mechanical issues with the app. When I go to full screen it doesn’t stay there as my phone moves, it should just stay full screen. Also, I live in an area with poor signal and there is something going on with the player where it freezes up, it doesn’t work as well as others do with poor signal.

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