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Google News is a personalized news aggregator that organizes and highlights what’s happening in the world so you can discover more about the stories that matter to you.

With Google News, you’ll find:

YOUR BRIEFING: It can be nearly impossible to keep up with every story you care about, Your Briefing makes it easy to stay in the know about what’s important and relevant in your world. It updates throughout the day to bring you the top local, national, and world headlines, plus personalized news tailored to your interests.

LOCAL NEWS: Explore your community through stories and articles from news outlets in your local area. Customize and choose multiple locations so you can know what’s happening near you or wherever home is.

FULL COVERAGE: Dive deeper into a story with multiple perspectives. The Full Coverage feature organizes everything online about a story, surfacing and highlighting coverage from different outlets and mediums. With just a tap, you’ll uncover how the story is unfolding and how everyone is reporting on it.

STORIES FOR YOU: The For You section delivers personalized news related to your interests. Take control and customize the articles you see by following the topics and sources you care about.

ACCESS FROM ANY DEVICE: Google News is designed to meet the needs of users with different phones and levels of connection. When your connection isn’t strong or you need to save data, Google News will continue to work smoothly by slimming down the size of images and downloading less data. Articles can be downloaded over Wi-Fi to save for later when you are offline.

Do you prefer to access your news on your Laptop or Desktop? Pair the Google News mobile app with our Desktop website,, so you can stay up to date and access the news no matter what device you’re on.


· Bug fixes and performance improvements


44 comentarios en "Google News – Daily Headlines MODDED 2022"

  1. SlyMisanthrope dice:

    Constantly shows articles related to subjects I have no interest in despite my preference selections and constantly hiding or blocking articles, subjects, and sources. Now the option to “see less stories like this” is totally gone and I am blocking major news sources, and still I am shown things I know I have told the app not to show. The options to edit the news feed are symbolic and worthless. If you truly want to tailor a news feed I presume there are better options.

  2. Rick Osborn dice:

    I have used this app on my phone for quite a few years, but I have drifted away from it and gone back to my laptop for news surfing. The number and presentation of advertisements inbedded has become way too annoying. It used to be I could just scroll the ad off of screen and continue reading, but now there are at least 2 ads per page and more often than not it’s a damn video. Microsoft News has gone the same route, so I stopped using that one too. Damn shame.

  3. Jay Preston dice:

    I get my news from this every day. It’s really good. However, there needs to be some things added. For instance, having the ability to filter out all news from specific individuals or family’s. I would love to never get any news about the Kardashians or anyone in their orbit. The response to this from support was basic. I have used the hide sources and topics but it doesn’t work. I still see their garbage. Make your settings actually work, that would be great…

  4. Rahul Mehra dice:

    While the app itself is great, I get my news from the Widget, it is deplorable. Half the time it doesn’t show any data and there other half there it keeps flashing and blinking in its effort to show content. This has been the case from the very first time the app was launched, till date the same problem persists. Wake up Google!

  5. Pretty good way to be in touch with current events, either in the United States or abroad. Seems to be very ad heavy, so it might just be my experience that needs to be adjusted. (Lots of poor, non-relevant ad content) Perhaps with more use, it will change to how and what I want to look for. For now, 4/5 but could easily get better with daily use and algorithm tuning.

  6. No option for changing font size. Too small to read on certain screen sizes. Also, you can’t zoom in. The same problem in the article pages after you click. This is far more serious. One plus point — the dev replied to this review really quickly. It surprised me. Not sure if that was an automated response nor will they actually consume my review and fix the issue though. Still, there are many Google app developers who don’t even bother with reviews so it looks like the News team is better.

  7. App freezes a lot and won’t open stories. Pretty useless at this point. Heard from developers. I do not want to have to turn off my phone or restart every time I want to read the news. I clear the cache, but I read 2 stories and it won’t open the next one. I have deleted and reinstalled the app but it only resolved it for a short while. It is not a problem on my Apple device. Only a provlem in Android. Not acceptable.

  8. Never seems to refresh. I can open the news article and read it; think, logically it should go away. It doesn’t. I have had the same news article showing up continuously on my news feed for 2 weeks every single day without fail. Even when I have marked it as do not show or even trying to block that news service, the same article on that service keeps showing up. What do I have to do in order to get current events in a news feed from someone who’s supposed to be a global leader in information?

  9. App crashes just sitting idle, or minimizes itself, which triggers the app to refresh the articles causing me to lose what I was reading. Used to love this app for it’s news, but now it either closes itself out, or minimizes itself out which as stated in my review, refreshes the articles causing me to lose my place. Stop wasting money and time fixing the wrong things or making it look better, and fix the actual bugs. No one cares about how pretty an app looks just as long as it works correctly.

  10. Each revision I look forward to seeing this app get better but it never does. No matter how many times a day I check it, it’s constantly showing different old news and old sales and old weather. I don’t need to know what’ open on Christmas Eve the day after Christmas. I don’t need last weekend’s weather forecast on Monday. I don’t need great flash sales 2+ days too late. And no matter how many times I block a topic it shows more versions of it. Clearing cache isn’t a solution. Nothing is

  11. App crashes a lot now, and each time it hangs I can’t exit the app or go back home on the phone. When it does go back home it changes the phone’s wallpaper to pink, scary! Then I have to change the wallpaper of the phone back to what it was, not funny! Other times I have to switch off the device, it’s uninstalled and will remain that way until a useful update patches it.

  12. The app works just as it supposed to and it looks great it’s easy to understand easy to navigate. My only gripe with it is it has no read aloud mode or an option to add that on. Ever since my Google Assistant stop letting me listen to today’s news and the audio format. I’ve been wondering why it stopped working and where did it go?

  13. The last month and a half has shown so many more ads and is disruptive to the point where the app slows to a crawl if I’m scrolling and then crashes completely, making it unusable. Prior to that, this was the only news aggregator I used. I’m going to take a break from this app and try something else.

  14. This app is extremely slow and glitchy on my Samsung a10e. If I open a news article, the app tries to re open the same article again like 5-6 times after I am done reading it! The same link just opens up over and over and over despite having moved on to other articles elsewhere. The Google news experience in Chrome works flawlessly, but the app is awful.

  15. noah levy dice:

    Have to find a different news app. It’s extraordinarily frustrating that Google news opens articles within the Google news app making it very difficult to open the article or page in the sources native app. Also, any link you click when the article is opened within the Google app cannot be opened in another browser tab – it will always open the original story in a new browser page. If you read a lot or save pages for reading later you will be very frustrated with this app.

  16. Dave Hart dice:

    Great! except for the tiny print. All too often, the article text is nearly impossible for my aging eyes to clearly read. This has been reported on the Google News support forum repeatedly since 2018, and the response tends to be that it’s a problem with the original article publisher. Yet using the view original web page option, the text is very often if not always larger. It appears Google News is forcing a different text size than the original web page it’s drawing upon.

  17. Z Nino dice:

    Ads interfere with content. Every article contains a paragraph that is missing the beginning. Can’t figure out what information or how much is being covered. Closing the ad does not help, just leaves a blank space Update: I left Google News in search of something better. Although I have not found perfection, at least I’ve found apps that don’t let Google ads ruin everything, apps that don’t flip out when I change screen orientation. Google News+YouTube is problematic? No thanks Google.

  18. Difficult to use. Over time, the embedded adverts are becoming more and more intrusive to the point that I cannot find the news content. Additionally, the ad content that is served up is absolutely garbage and has nothing to do with my profile or preferences. Instead of constantly hitting the 3-dot menu to open in the browser, I’m finding a different source for my news. Goodbye.

  19. Zia RDS dice:

    Can you please add “save for later” and “more like this” buttons? Sometimes I don’t have time to read right that second but it captures my interest, only for all the stories I hearted to go missing after the auto-refresh. There’s a bookmark article button, but that’s only if you click into the story. I appreciate getting to dismiss what I don’t like, but the algorithm isn’t swift enough to understand what I DO like, at least not now. A “more” button would be easier. Thank you.

  20. Mia H dice:

    2 things really annoy me about this app. 1 – that it closes if you go to another app. So you can start reading an article, go to messages to respond to a text, then you have to re-find the article and re-find where you left off 2 – that it doesn’t let you block specific news sites. I don’t support Fox news and don’t ever want to read their articles. However, sometimes you miss the site name bc it’s in small print. I don’t want them to get a single click.

  21. Doesn’t remember what you picked (never show this source, show this more, show that less, etc) half the time. (Maybe more) or it simply doesn’t listen to your preferences, i find that the feed constantly needs tweaking to become useful. News sources often only show you a few pieces before demanding a membership. You can block those sources from appearing, but good luck having this app retain that choice.

  22. Kevin S dice:

    Please Google allow us the option to open links with another browser. I love this app and it’s nearly perfect. But there is no ad blocking when I click on a story and it ruins the experience. Google Discover has the option to open links in the browser of our choice, please make this a feature for Google News as well!

  23. Update: Yep, you fixed it with today’s (July 7) update! Works fine again. Thanks Google! Today’s (June 6, 2022) update has rendered the app useless. It crashes instantly upon opening and says: “Unfortunately, Google News stopped.” And it continues to run and crash in the background. Needs fixed. Good app until this. Will update review when fixed.

  24. Has been a good app for me until recently. After a recent update, the app refreshes while I am scrolling through looking at articles. The refresh throws the reader back to the top. Unbelievably frustrating. Useless if I can’t get past the first couple pages of articles. Thanks for the “feature” Google. But I hate it. And have switched to Microsoft News. At least it works.

  25. Used the old news and weather app everyday. When I was forced to switch to this new app yesterday, I installed and deleted it the same day. Old app showed just the headlines, allowed me to scroll through the days headlines quickly and efficiently. Also, easily told me where the news article was from. I was able to find news that interested me quickly and efficiently. The new app has full page pictures with every article. This takes 10x the time to scroll through and it isn’t easy to figure out what the article is about. Absolutely hate this new version. But like most “upgrades” it will never go back so I am off to find a new source of news.

  26. Really poor upgrade from the old News and Weather app. Can no longer customize the Headlines section, you are forced to depends Google’s “For You” algorithm. No settings are transferred from the old app, including subscription information. You’ll have to fill that out again, and it didn’t even work for me when I did. Weather takes a click to see now. All in all a remarkably lazy effort. Will be using News as long as I can.

  27. I’ve used the previous iteration of the app, News and Weather, for the past 7 years. The thing I used the most was the widget, it was perfect. This new one sucks. It only shows 1 news item at a time on the widget instead of showing a while list like the old one. I had the old widget resized to cover an entire screen on my phone and I could scroll and browse dozens of articles. With the new one it just shows one story with buttons to scroll through one at a time. This makes it impossible to see news highlights at a glance. If they fix the widget, it’ll be 5 stars. Until then, it’s useless since I can just see the news in the Google app.

  28. I used to check News all the time (when it was Newstand) and found the variety of articles interesting. Bit with the latest updates, trying to use the app is an exercise in frustration. The content is still there, but the feed refreshes every few seconds and returns me to the beginning of the article list while I’m trying to scroll down to see what I want to read. I have to keep starting over. It’s more trouble than it’s worth now.

  29. The app is good, however it has a few deficiencies, such as the fact that when I am watching a video included in an article, if I rotate my screen, it will reload, usually playing the whole ad again as well (which is almost stealing, since by then I’ve seen it twice). The widget that comes with the app is just a little bit sad too. Will probably move to a different app.

  30. Incredibly buggy. Feels like it’s still in alpha, not even beta yet. Google’s “simplified view” for web pages is NOT user friendly — it forces a small font that’s difficult to read, and when you zoom, you can’t drag, so you have to zoom out and back till you can focus on what you actually want to see. Most embedded videos don’t even work — however the ads do :- . This app is not ready for prime time.

  31. Overall I enjoy the app. video playback implementation could use a lot of work in the news articles that contain video. most of the time I struggle to get the video to play full screen, and then if you rotate your device the video stops playing and it goes to the top of the news article. Then if you press play trying to pick up where you left off the video starts over often with another ad.

  32. Terrible. First of all, the stories often freeze while I’m scrolling through them, making it take forever to read them. I often don’t make it all the way through. It seems to freeze mostly as it’s loading an ad that I’m trying to scroll past, so I end up stuck on a blank, unloaded ad that I won’t be reading anyway. Even worse, if I rotate the phone, it reloads the entire news story and restarts at the top, so I lose my place. (It’s easy to do this accidentally if I move across the room to, say, take something off the stove. It happens all the time.) On top of that, some the news sites limit me to maybe 3 stories a month, and when I rotate the phone and it reloads the page, that counts as another story. I can reach my limit on a single story. Overall, it’s a very poorly thought-out and poorly written app.

  33. I hate this new update. Essentially it’s the Newstand app which is algorithm based and not Google News & Weather. Your local weather is not available forcing you to get another app for that feature. But that’s not even all that’s wrong with this change. It’s how the app functions with the news feed. You don’t get the full site experience with being able to read or comment on the article on some of them. You get booted out of the app when switching to view it on the web so that you can get all the features. That makes the app force close for not being able to have funny functioning within the app itself in the first place. Then you have to start to read your feed again from scratch, losing the place where you left off. There’s no fluidity anymore and based on the articles you read in the feed, it then pushes more articles of something you may have read on a whim and totally unrelated to the section you initially chose to read about. The layout is more complicated and they had to have an update to offer a dark theme, really?

  34. I’m so disappointed with this new version compared to the previous app . Worse, I can no longer use the previous app (Google News & Weather). The new one is too distracting with large pictures, overlaid captions and movement. I often find I can’t even read the captions over the images because of contrast issues. Instead of making me want to read the news it’s repelling me. But maybe that’s healthier;-)

  35. I have used this app for a long time and loved it until recently. I could get a range of topics and news sources all in one place. It now resets or reloads the news stories frequently, so I read a few then I’m jumped back to the top story again. Annoying and frustrating compounded by the fact that as I scroll down to where I was when it jumped the story that I wanted to read is gone. Hope this is just a temporary thing and not a “new feature,” so I can go back to giving it more stars again.

  36. I can’t stand this app. I don’t want video links dominating the news. Almost 100% of the notifications don’t work (by the time I click on them, it takes me an empty list of “recent notifications”, and provides no way to get to the story). The embedded browser is obnoxious and behaves awfully; I just had one instance where I clicked on a story, and it just brought me to list of other articles by the same publisher. Where is the story whose headline I actually clicked on?

  37. I have two complaints. First, if it had an option to remove or minimize the pictures I would raise my rating by one star. I find that reading is much more effective than looking at pictures and would prefer that my reading be slowed or distracted by pictures that I do not want to look at. Second, I am really interested in the news. Fresh news is always better so continual feed about stuff that I have read in the past is counter productive to my idea of what news is.

  38. I’m not happy with the transition from Google news and weather to Google news. The Google news and weather app seems like there is less user control over the stories on my feed. Google is selecting which stories are shown based on their algorithm. There are also issues with the wrong image showing up for a story. It seems like my input isn’t really taken into account. For instance I have been choosing ”see fewer stories like this” for certain topics and they continue to appear.

  39. This app sucks compared to the old news and weather app. It doesn’t fit in the same space, it takes up so much more room. I don’t want to see all kinds of pictures, I just want headlines, like the old app and have the ability to click what I want to read. It gets worse, I’m trying to read something and it moves off the screen by itself. It also just refreshes by itself. You’re reading something and about to click it to read more and then it refreshes and it’s gone. Why try to make this all cute and animated? I just want the news!

  40. They’ve really put a lot of work into the interface and quality of the app which, to be honest, wasn’t very good in the past. It seems much more deliberate and with a much greater investment of thought in how it attempts to deliver the news in a “context” relavant format, as opposed to how it once felt as if Google was treating it as an afterthought just to have a cursory presence in newsreader apps. Much, much better, I o.

  41. This new news app is beautiful but very slow and the pictures are so big that it can only fit a couple headlines on the screen, which is stupid. I go to the news to READ not look at pictures. The old news and weather was better because it was efficient both how it loaded quickly and how the information was laid out on the screen. This one is fluffy doo doo.

  42. The pictures move and you can’t turn it off. This distracts the eye from the text where the information is and causes me to scroll so whatever was associated with it is no longer on the screen. The headlines are no longer the focus. Large pictures over small headlines shows the web designer clearly was more interested in displaying graphics than the actual news I was looking to read. There is no longer a drop-down that let’s you read the first few sentences of an article. This app is far inferior to the previous iteration. I still check to see if they bring that back every day. They went from doing everything right to making an app that’s just like all the other news app I don’t use. Very frustrating to no longer be able to comfortably get my news from Google.

  43. The Google news app is really frustrating. The content refreshes while I’m scrolling which changes the positions of articles in the feed. This behavior makes it almost impossible to find and read an article because by the time I’ve examined the headlines of a few articles they have all shuffled around or have disappeared. (this all occurs 1-2 times every couple minutes). I don’t know what’s wrong with the app, but it’s not really usable. please fix this.

  44. A significant step backwards from the old Google News that was retired on Oct 8, 2018. This new version uses ARTIFICIAL intelligence instead of MY intelligence to determine what I read. I don’t mind that except, they completely control what I now read. Topics that used to be available to me before are no longer available in the new version and Google now decides what qualify as topics. And if you’re lucky to have a topic that does qualify, you now have to navigate through the menu to get there. If you have a saved Favorite (I presume Google’s intent of the topics you no longer can save), you will miss breaking news on that since you have to explicitly visit the Favorites tab to see it (again, requiring navigating through the menu system to get there). Just another example of Google changing (or eliminating) a perfectly good service. The new Google News has a nice UI but the old Google News was perfect in nearly every respect in terms of topics and locations that were of interest to a reader.

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