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Comics and Novels full of color, character, and charm!

Enjoy the best new comics, novels and exclusive webtoons on Tappytoon™!
Tappytoon is the official, trusted place to read hit exclusive series from top creators.
Be the first to access the latest chapters of action comics such as Solo Leveling, Dungeon Reset and A Returner’s Magic Should be Special, and fantasy comics like The Adventures of a Demon King’s Daughter and Daughter of the Emperor.

Catch up on romantic bestsellers Light & Shadow and The Abandoned Empress, or webnovel adaptations Who Made Me a Princess and What it Takes to be a Villainess. If Boy’s Love is more your game, find the latest updates of comics DEAR. DOOR, ENNEAD, Cherry Blossoms After Winter and How to Snag an Alpha only on Tappytoon.

► Official updates of exclusive comics and novels
We love diving into a good story and we know you do, too. Tappytoon is the official place for comics, webtoons, manhwa, and graphic novels you won’t find anywhere else.
► Not quite ready to binge?
Explore with free chapters and no sign up until you’re ready. And when you are, signing up will grant you access to exclusive deals available only at Tappytoon.
► Unlock chapters with points
Support artists, authors, and creators by purchasing and earning easy points. Access your unlocked chapters again any time with an account.
► New chapters every day
Our webtoon collection spans from action and fantasy to comedy, romance, and BL/GL. And don’t forget to check out our webnovel adaptations like Who Made Me a Princess and Dungeon Reset.
► Time Till Free
Log in everyday to unlock a free chapter just for you.*
► Free tickets to try a new comic
Claim tickets to unlock even more chapters of comics, novels and webtoons that you might have missed.
► Never miss a chapter
Subscribe to your favorites and we’ll always let you know when a new chapter becomes available.
► Premium and original art
Quality art, top-notch stories all at your fingertips. Just scroll to read!

* Time Till Free is available only on select eligible comics/chapters. Eligibility may change at Tappytoon’s discretion.

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At Tappytoon, we love great stories and we know you do too. By enjoying your favorites officially on Tappytoon, your support helps these creators continue to share engaging stories in the best possible way. Thanks for joining us!

• Comics are only available in English, French, German language at this time.
• Novels (webnovels) are only available in English language at this time.

All content on Tappytoon is serviced in official partnership with the respective publishers, creators and artists. © Tappytoon™ – All rights reserved.


• enhancements and bug fixes
• New: Sort & Filter in Daily, Genre, Library sections
• Novels are here! Read the original stories and exclusive hits, now on Tappytoon! Popular webnovels in one familiar place along with your favorite comics. Look out for all the new novel series we know you'll love.


4 comentarios en "Tappytoon Comics & Novels 2022"

  1. Lynn Dragons dice:

    Overall the Tappytoon app is great to use, there are times when it has it’s glitches, but they are minor and easy to take care of. The stories they have are really good as well. Depending on how you choose to read the stories with the point system it can possibly get a little expensive which is the only downside to it, but not enough for me to give a low review because the stories so far that I’ve read have been good.

  2. Zoe Hill dice:

    For the most part this is a good comic app. However, I’ve had problems with my account where I tried logging back in with the same email and it made me create a new account. So now I have two accounts (on same email), and on one I’ve purchased a lot of episodes for different comics and the other only a few. Now its annoying having to try and switch between the two to get the one I want and trying to use my points on the right account. In other words, it’s just really disappointing.

  3. Blue Smith dice:

    This is probably one of my most uses apps to read comics on, even though I don’t read a lot of series here. Honestly speaking, I think the prices are fair, and it’s easy to obtain free coins as well. Pricing wise, I bought maybe, two of the 40,000 or so coin bundles between a couple of months and I was able to purchase practically all of the series(both versions!)I read with plenty of spare coins to boot! It was so worth it to shell out a little extra cash if you can!

  4. Taylor Silvers dice:

    So, this app uses a point system in which you can watch videos and they give out free points on certain occasions as well as the “offer” section literally comes through play a game from the list fulfil a task the next time you log on your points are there, they have a great selection as well only draw back is sometimes while reading the app crashes but restart the app and it’s all fine.

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