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Welcome to the PragerU mobile app—your go-to resource for reliable, truthful information about politics, culture, economics, history, and Judeo-Christian values—with thousands of entertaining, educational videos, all at the tip of your fingers and 100% free.

From educational 5-Minute Videos and short documentaries to daily podcasts and cartoons made just for kids, PragerU helps people of all ages think and live better.

Big Tech is actively censoring PragerU content on social media platforms. Algorithms force-feed content to you and your children. Big Tech companies don’t allow you to choose what you can and cannot see. Get peace of mind and take complete control over what you and your family watch, anytime, anywhere with the PragerU app.

Access the entire PragerU library, create and manage playlists, save favorites, and share them with friends.

Plus, you’ll find exclusive, never-before-seen footage from PragerU events featuring Dennis Prager, Jordan Peterson, Christopher Rufo, CEO Marissa Streit, and more, available only on the PragerU app!

App Features Include:
– Exclusive, never-before-seen content
– High-quality, ad-free streaming experience
– Create custom playlists
– Save favorites and return to recently viewed videos
– Kids mode offers parental control with age-appropriate restrictions
– Access all PragerU shows, podcasts, and PragerU Kids—absolutely free


We're always striving to make improvements to the PragerU mobile app to bring you the best experience.

In this last release we:
- enabled deep linking from a variety of sources
- made minor bug fixes


40 comentarios en "PragerU FULL"

  1. I love the content and the way everything is laid out. It would be five stars except for two issues. 1. It would be nice if I could go back and finish a previous video picking up where I left off instead of having to restart if I happen to close the app 2. It seems to be having some pretty major glitches during videos. Sometimes its fine but often it glitches through the video making it very hard to follow the point. If these things get fixed it will be 5 stars from me.

  2. Ham Eggs dice:

    Excellent 👍👌app! Easy on the 👀 eyes. I have no problems using the app. Works perfect on Wi-Fi or through your cell 📲📱 provider. Works great on old phones that I’ve tested as old as 7 years or as new as 2 months. 😃

  3. M Malone dice:

    This app stops to buffer every few seconds while playing kids videos. Buffering takes a long time. Too frustrating to watch a program.

  4. Please allow playing videos at a lower resolution. Will help in countries/areas with less efficient internet tech. Keep up the good work. My rating is for the app for the above reason, not for the content.

  5. Great app and great content for anyone, kids can enjoy as well . Real topics for real people

  6. I think everyone on the left needs to get this app to hear how the right attempts to make what sometimes extremist views seem logical with good production values.

  7. The characters of our great leaders are so well drawn that I frequently choke back tears. Have you thought of making a feature length film narrated by your wonderful authors? I have the same problems navigating the short videos that others mention, but for patriotism, it’s five stars, Baby!

  8. Jimmy Roo dice:

    An ad claimed to have a list of facts. Not seeing this. The ad even showed the list. The app is also simply lacking. There’s not much content, no way to contact the creators, the children’s book “work hard” is just one maze and one picture to color. For people as diligent as the prageru team, this shouldn’t have been published until there was more. I’m actually really surprised. But it makes sure to leave a link to put Prageru in your will/estate . . . Really? The audacity.

  9. The videos stop and start constantly. I watch videos from other platforms without an issue. The videos on the Android PragerU app seem to have an issue.

  10. Great app and content! The big issue I’m experiencing is video and audio synchronization when playing at faster speeds.

  11. Information that would be hard to get in one place anywhere else. Wish I could find the settings to stop auto play.

  12. This is probably the best vídeo app ever. The quality of the videos, the speed, the design. It’s simply top notch.

  13. This is an app that seems to be either loved or hated. As for me; I love it. Dennis Prager is daily trying to overcome all the common NON sense and reawaken those who have lost touch with good ol’ common sense. The bad actors, who are in the minority of redeeming thought, have been given too much attention and tolerance. The slippery slopes they bring are at dangerous levels now and this app brings a voice of wisdom and “snap out of it”. The function of the app? That’s more for another time.

  14. I have to keep the app open in order to keep casting episodes to TV. Otherwise, app closes, casting ends. Not good.

  15. Adam High dice:

    Much of the content is outright lies and propaganda masquerading as facts. The app does not run well and I frequently have had issues with playback.

  16. Great app, runs incredibly smooth. Literally the ONLY thing preventing a 5 star rating is the lack of transcript / citations on the app. The website provides both for nearly every video so I can go find them, but for whatever reason they were not included as part of the app. Please add them!

  17. Larry Bsd dice:

    Help me to help me before on my PDF files you gave me lost photos and videos I don’t know what I’m doing today I’m having trouble understanding some of the ads just sending me

  18. Nothing against pragerU, I’m a big fan. But they need to fix this app. My youtube app plays 1080p videos without buffering at all but on this app I can’t even watch a video for 5 seconds without it buffering, even on the lowest quality. The audio continues to play when you close the app, and you cannot pause it through the notification tab like how most apps would.

  19. For those of you having trouble with the app saying you’re missing browser software, I have a fix. I installed Firefox (because I normally use Chrome) and when I opened the app, it gave me an option of which browser to use. If you use Firefox already, just pick a browser you don’t use, install it, when you open you app,, choose your preferred browser to get to the browser choice, then log in. You can remove the extra browser after. The app itself is informative

  20. I love the idea of not being under YouTube censorship, but this app certainly needs work. There’s no settings that allow you to choose streaming over WiFi only, which categories to get notified… and it would be nice if at some point they could fix the back button not working to exit the app (thru multiple updates now). UPDATE 2020: The Back button issue still isn’t fixed. Still no way to only stream over WiFi. Not sure what actually DID get fixed in latest release.

  21. Love it! All great content and knowledge from various speakers and walks-of-life. Just maybe have a feature that allows toggling watching the next video automatically so that I can choose whether to continue watching the videos in the list or stopping to add the video to favourites, sharing, etc.

  22. Love this app. Love the content. Love the organization. Truth and knowledge are always good things. If they add a button or menu item to close the app or back out of it using the back key I will immediately come and give it 5 stars. I do not like using my home button to exit apps unless it is something I want to be left running in background.

  23. I love this app and I love PragerU. The app is super user-friendly and has several great features. I can easily share videos, find old favorites even if I don’t remember the title, and watch new ones that appear at the top of the homepage. The videos are short, well-done, interesting, and given by experts in the field on which they are speaking. I highly recommend PragerU and their excellent app!

  24. It is wonderful to learn from a honest group. Dennis is great at explaining things and sharing family experiences with. He is a exceptional example for young and old people who want sage advice.

  25. Love the content, but video player needs improvement. Constantly within the first few seconds of all videos, the video cuts out and I have to rewind to completely hear what was said. It’s worse during longer videos as it happens more frequently. I’m at the point where it’s much more pleasant to watch via the site. Please fix this.

  26. PragerU is awesome, love the Candace Owens show but the videos are huge and kill my mobile data. Wish there were a quality/bitrate selector, a pre-download or even an audio only option. I like to listen in the car on my way to and from work and obviously don’t need the video then. Update: just noticed that this option is there, not sure how long it’s been there but I love it!

  27. so glad you guys made this app. I’m an avid prageru fan and watcher. one issue I am constantly having, is when I rotate my phone for full screen, the video will stay small and jump back and forth from the horizontal to vertical orientation, never actually going to full screen and not stopping switching between the orientations until I close the app down. it does this for every video I try to watch in the playlists specifically and on most single videos. please fix it so more people can learn

  28. I don’t have any problems w this app. Love the content! -2019 Update:1/8/20 haven’t been able to play vids in days on the app but when PragerU texts me a new vid I can play it from that link. Going to try to delete/reinstall the app… Nope, it didn’t work. App seems to load/open fine but when I first tap a video, to play, I get the ‘circles’ but after that first time there’s just no response. Help!!

  29. I greatly enjoy Mr. Prager. His unusually highly intelligent, clear and concise manner while speaking the truth in all ways is both enjoyable and educational. As a Marine Colonel and a retired professor of physics who constantly keeps up with all manner of world events, having spent so much time in so many countries, it is refreshing to hear an honest, factual, third person summary of what I had learned in bits and pieces from so many different sources.

  30. I love the videos! One problem with the app though, it often loads the screen with sideways orientaion even when my phone is upright. The only way to avoid this problem is to open the app when the phone is %100 straight up. Also, when it loads sideways and I turn the screen then it loads the information the wrong way so it doesnt fit on the screen

  31. The content is excellent, but three out of three videos I attempted to watch stopped in the middle and the app closed. Never got to finish them. I’d like to watch more videos if you can fix the app.

  32. Can’t log in. Why do I need to do that anyway? Worthless, considering that it just takes you to a website that is readily available through your browser. And that goes for all apps of this sort (news, movies, etc.). See if there is a website first. Who needs another stupid, buggy app- with updates and other grief, that takes up space, when you can just go to the site with a browser and get the same (if not better) thing?

  33. I love PragerU, but the app needs to be improved. Mostly the media player is not very good. No adjustable speed. Doesn’t go to full screen automatically or give a setting to make that happen. Works like a browser media player which for me are the worst ones.

  34. Just downloaded Dr Komisar from compuserve in 93 when the excitement of bitmap car image downloads left you looking forward to when..

  35. This app has come a long ways in almost a year. It’s pretty polished and runs well. The video player is simplistic without any real options, but the videos run well.

  36. Disappointed! Same thing happened to me that happened to other people. I signed up and was directed to the internet created an account and gave me the option to log in through the app, but after being directed back to the app when logging in I was directed back to the internet where I had to log in AGAIN for a 3rd time and given the option to be sent back to the app or continue online but when choosing to continue the page wouldn’t even load!!! I had high expectations for this app & was let down

  37. I do like Prager, but the app is terrible for playing videos, performance is horrible. Trying to enter fullscreen causes it to freeze up, to the point where i can’t turn my phone off. Tweaking this app could happen easily and would greatly help it. For now though, I can’t have it on my phone.

  38. The material of Prager U is fantastic, unfortunately I am unable to use the controls in the video player. I cannot pause, skip ahead or skip back during video play on my Samsung Galaxy A5. The app could be 5 star if this issue was fixed.

  39. Problem with app. I have chosen favorite 5 minute videos for tweeting. When I choose a favorite after 5 seconds it switches to a different 5 minute video. This happens 5 out of six times. Please fix. Using samsung galaxy tablet s5e model sm t720 with android. Using latest update. No updates for your app showing on play store.

  40. This app is great. You have access to many videos including interviews, fireside chats, and others. You can watch the videos that YouTube deleted. There is a search bar, so you can look for certain videos and topics. You can even keep listening to it when you exit the app. The videos are so informative. You need this app! ☆☆☆☆☆

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