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Engage and empower your team with the Legion Mobile app.
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Engage and empower your team with the Legion Mobile app. In just a few taps, team members can keep you updated on their work preferences and availability, and Legion ensures that they are factored in the schedule. Notify team members when work schedules become available. Send targeted shift offers to available team members in real-time, drive team participation and ownership while fulfilling open shifts and callouts.


Thanks for using Legion Workforce Engagement! We are constantly improving the app based on your feedback. This release provides a number of usability improvements and bug fixes:
- This release fixes the issue where the clockins was not happening when geo fencing is enabled.


40 comentarios en "Legion Workforce Engagement MOD"

  1. It’s a great app usually and i love it however recently it wouldn’t let me log in. It was as if my account wasn’t there. That was fixed but now it keep logging me out due to “invalid login session”. I’ve tried emailing them and can’t get a response back but hopefully it’s fixed soon as this is used for my scheduling for work and it’s extremely inconvenient to have to log in every time I open the app.

  2. Still doesn’t work right. Touch on your shift, says you’re working alone. Other employees aren’t listed. Used to be, it would show who you’re working with and when their shift starts and ends. Trying to send feedback, in the app, only turns on Bluetooth. No way to send any feedback

  3. Got logged in once, while registering account. Haven’t been able to login since. Just cycles backwards to the first login screen, to put my email in again, after putting in my employee ID, initials, and password. Tried clearing cache & data, and finally just uninstalling & reinstalling, all to no avail. Was hoping to see my work schedule with this. It’s also crashing a lot. I’ll change my review, if I get a response and it works to fix it.

  4. The app is cool. It is very similar, yet different to how Macy’s does their work schedule. Macy’s did it on the website. This is the app version of that. I feel like it could have more features, options, and other stuff to look at. Also, it is VERY HARD to choose your preferred hours on here! Even the slightest movement will throw it way off! Even when you don’t want to change your hours! Fix this!!!

  5. The app works fine when it works, but there’s no way to contact the devs. Their email is defunct. My issue is listed below 👇 I’ve been trying to use the app to check my hours this week and have not been able to due to a bug in the code. It logged me out and won’t let me log back in without “updating the app”. The app is fully updated, uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t fix the issue, and restarting my phone didn’t work either. This is one of the only ways for me to check my schedule.

  6. The new update has completely locked me out. When I go to log in it tells me I need to update. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 4 times. I also tried downloading it to my husbands phone to see if my phone was the problem. That didn’t work either. I hope this bug can be fixed soon. I loved the prior version it was a great way to keep track of my schedule and see any changes the boss made in real time.

  7. I was under the impression that this would be fully functional from home just like at store. It’s does not allow us to make schedules or adjust schedules from the app. The training on computer when logging in sucked. Very dissapointing from a store managers perspective! This was all advertised to be much better than it actually turned out to be.

  8. Valerie M dice:

    Disappointed. It’s great for just knowing what you work that day, but anything beyond that its just not capable of. Very, very basic. Managers should be able to edit the schedule and approve punches from the app. That would be amazing and that would actually be a worthwhile app. This is just as basic as having a picture of the schedule on your phone. It’s would also be awesome if you could see the whole schedule at a glance instead of going day by day

  9. The app itself is ok, when it works. But i have not gotten any notifications in quite some time so i have no idea when people are requesting shift swaps or days off until i log onto the computer. Some features are nice like the calendar sync, some barely work like shift preferences, and some are just buggy. But im happy to at least be able to see my schedule at a glance while home

  10. Apps not bad, but not great either. Really only capable of checking your schedule, swapping or or assigning a shift on an already made schedule. The profile option in the menu does nothing when clicked, and it has an option to sync your shifts, in the settings, to your Callander but doesn’t work. Very limited managers functionality, probably better if saving the we page to your home screen.

  11. It’s a very good app, however, there are a few bugs I’ve spotted. The Work and Location preferences have trouble loading, and the preferred shift length range found in the location preferences is way to wide, displaying 0-1000 hours. You can only have 24 hours in a day, so this makes no sense.

  12. S Futch dice:

    7/24 Thankyou for responding and for the fix! I can use the app now and hope to get good use of it! I like being able to see who’s working each day but I dont know when the new work schedule will be available in the app- it is posted at the store already. Cannot get off ‘let’s personalize your account’ screen, shows work address but no way to go any farther. Tried uninstall and reinstall.

  13. Infuriating. I log in and it says lets customize your profile enter in everything. Then click the arrow to go to second page and it’s just a circle spinning nothing else. This has to be one of the worst apps Ive ever used. I’m trying to see my work schedule but the app doesn’t work. 🙁

  14. The app runs fine, it is accurate, but it is missing ALOT of basic features. “Manager view” is a joke, it’s basically the same as employee view (can’t approve timesheets, edit timesheets, etc…) Also… There needs to be a way to see the entire schedule for the week. Not just day by day when I work. If I want to see who works tomorrow morning, I should be able to see that in the app….. A very basic essential that is missing….

  15. Worst app ever!! The preferences don’t work so you can’t pick up shifts from other stores. The notifications don’t work and half the time you can’t even log on because it freezes up. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times already and haven’t even had it a month!

  16. Unnecessary updates changed log In. Changed what information is shown and severely limit what information you can find. Since you can not scroll left 95% of what you need may or may not be hidden off screen. Took and easy to use app and made it useless. All screens shown are for old version.

  17. Since the update it keeps telling me invalid session. I have to then relog in with all kinds of information just to see my schedule then it won’t let me continue to open it up . Please don’t tell me to contact yall I sent a message and they keep telling me have my managers look into the issue with stuff when clearly it’s an app issue and it seems I’m not the only one ..

  18. Changed phone service, so I had to change my email and phone number once I did that, it locked me out, now I am unable to connect my schedule with legion the support help is no help at all… Refuse to even give you any information and refuses to try and help figure out what the problem is. I am sure but the update did not fix any issues, I believe it makes them worse.

  19. The app logs out everytime I close it now. Recently started doing this. Shouldnt have to log in everytime i look at the app. Also I do not get notifications from my staff anymore becasue it is logged out. Everyone that I work with is saying the same. Please fix this.

  20. Works great! Much prefer this style of scheduling than any other program I’ve used so far. It’s a little finicky when lengthening slthe days you want but it’s a real minor issue. Genuinely a program more companies should aspire to use.

  21. Legion is a great app ! I use it everyday for work. It’s great for scheduling and seeing my timesheet. Very helpful tool and so far no glitches or problems. I’d give it 6 stars of I could !!

  22. There is an entire feature that doesn’t show up on my phone. The notification tab doesn’t show up so if my boss makes a comment or a note I never see it when everyone else at work does. I’ve emailed so many times and get the same response everytime to contact my boss like what are they gonna do they can’t fix bugs and missing features

  23. Before at a job I would get confused in the mass of emails for job schedules which lost me a job. This app concisely and incredibly showcases my schedule in a easy and free way. Absolutely outstanding.

  24. This new build doesn’t include our timesheets for us to actually keep track of our clock ins/outs to see where we’re at with our weekly hours on a daily. The only difference i saw was that it shows your vacation balance. I went back to the old build…

  25. I loved this app until a few days ago when I suddenly couldn’t find my timesheet. I liked being able to see when I clocked in and out and be able to calculate my check and make sure I was getting the right hours in and now it won’t let me do that. Anyway to get that back? I’ve looked on everything in the app and I can’t find my timesheet anywhere anymore. Very annoying. Please fix it so I can see it again.

  26. It doesn’t include schedule for other dg, if you are working there. It only include schedule for ” home store”. The cover shift thing request, once submitted doesn’t show up for co-workers to look at. Latest update, removed “timesheet” from my app…..

  27. Unable to use, when you login from employer page just get an error message. App has never worked for me or any of my team. Update as of Aug 2022 still cannot access company SSO, I don’t know if it’s just because we’re in California it has never worked and nobody that I’ve talked to in Cali has this work. Still have no response here

  28. K D dice:

    I am the only person at my store that cannot view their time sheet. It’s not that I can’t click on it or nothing shows up. I don’t have one. My phone is a Samsung galaxy s10e and the ‘time sheet’ button just doesn’t exist for me. I have no way at all of verifying that I’m being paid correctly for my time worked and I’ve been here since March.

  29. Brennan D dice:

    It’s ok but I think they should make an update to where store managers can edit schedules and time punches from it anywhere. That would take one more thing off our shoulders if we have the ability to do it from where ever we are.

  30. Tc ABAM dice:

    Legion needs connections to be able to clock in or at least give management or corporate to options to have employees clock in since Legion holds schedules also make clock in a Geo location based type of system that would be awesome. But everything else I like the app

  31. This app is hot garbage on some phones, particularly older ones. It shut down my phone and locked in a schedule that I cannot complete. Heavily discourage anyone from putting this application onto their personal device

  32. Dumb Face dice:

    These so called latest “updates” have been removing things from me for a while. Small features, such as the name of our Job Position underneath me and my coworkers when fully viewing a days scheduled shifts, to not even showing icons on the menu before it, but now I am restricted from seeing my timesheet or even if someone offers a shift swap either.

  33. Emily M dice:

    What Exactly is getting updated? I updated although the only changes I see are smaller text and its to light in color; it’s difficult to read. Make a setting to fix that so users can adjust the text size and contrast. I don’t see any other changes. If I had known, I wouldn’t have updated.

  34. Dylan dice:

    The work side works and is accessible unfortunately Dollar General doesn’t let me comment on the news portion to ask questions. Like all vendors with Dollar General this service is no different is 3rd rate. I have to reach out to someone in the Philippines just to get a question answered.

  35. I absolutely like this app it keeps me updated continuously on my job schedules it is a great app for employers and employees alike,its in real time so you know when to be at your job,and your days off as well excellent job on this app.

  36. It’s very nice to request shift swaps at the press of a button. It’s also very nice to see my scheduled shifts easily

  37. J R dice:

    Can someone please tell me why it keeps logging me out and saying invalid session, it’s really annoying 🙄, this needs to be fixed wish I give give zero stars have had more issues with this app then any other app

  38. I love that I can view old work schedules, date’s and time. Very easy to navigate!!

  39. Is so bad. I have everything fine, and suddenly disappeared everything and I can see my schedule and I can not sign in, and is not the first time. This is so disappointed

  40. Everytime i even try to log in it keeps crashing on me. (Edit) its still doing the same this over and over the most disappointing app i ever used can’t get in if i wanted to now using the laptop hopefully this will work but still disappointed if google had a zero stars out of ten i would give it that

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