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Turn your phone into a portable document scanner with OCR text recognition!
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Looking for portable scanner?

iScanner is a #1 advanced scanning tool to create ideal-looking documents by scanning on the go fast and easily. iScanner allows for working and studying anywhere effortlessly, even if you don’t have access to a laptop or a scanner.

Ad-free and secure!

Our smart scanner app is a must-have for those who work remotely or on the go and anyone starting their business or studying. Digitize the files you need – contracts, tax forms, tickets, receipts, handwritten notes, assignments – and export them as the most common file formats with our scanner and PDF reader app!

– Get document borders detected and adjusted automatically with our powerful scanner
– Recognize text in 20+ languages

– Edit scans using color correction
– Sign the scans manually or add a signature from an image
– Cover or blur text you don’t need to be seen and mark up documents
– Add text over the forms or autofill documents using custom templates
– Use the scanner file manager with folders and drag & drop
– Protect confidential scans by locking folders and files with PIN
– Merge several documents into one or split a file by pages
– Add watermarks right in the scanner app

• DOCUMENTS – scan multipage PDF documents on the go
• ID-CARD & PASSPORT – create scans of personal documents
• MATH – solve math problems and complex equations
• COUNT – count similar objects automatically
• QR CODE – read any QR code with the scanner camera

iScanner: Making your documents better than they are!

We’d love to hear from you! Please help us make our PDF scanner app even better. You can also get in touch with us at


Thanks for staying with us! In this version, you’ll find:
— Bug fixes and performance improvements

We love getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your reviews so we can keep making the app even better.


40 comentarios en "iScanner – PDF Scanner App MODDED"

  1. Been using this scanner for work for years – I scan a lot of sheet music and whatnot. I use both the iPad (iOS) app and the phone (Android) app. The prefer making scans on my iPad, because of the big screen, but the phone app is great in a sinch. This app has helped me go paperless and switch to a digital format for my voice studio. I can easily share documents with students or save them to Google Docs or OneDrive. I love it and highly recommend it!

  2. This app was pretty good and I’ve been using it for almost a year now because of online school. However, the amount of ads have slowly increased and now the only way you can have multiple scans on one file is if you buy the premium version. This change is recent (within the past day, as I was able to scan 12 pages just fine on friday) and extremely inconvenient, as my work is a lot more than just one page. I suggest finding a different app if what you need to scan is anything like my situation.

  3. Brad V dice:

    I was hoping this worked. I really needed something to o count different objects. It would’ve been invaluable and I would’ve paid good money for this app. But once again Google isn’t doesn’t work like the ads. I took the pic then had to manually set the borders then it still got it wrong. If it can’t count to 4 it definitely can’t be depended on for a larger concentration of objects. Hope you do make an app that is accurate. I look forward to future attempts. Good luck

  4. Controls, cropping, and ease of use are very nice. However, getting a random ad that you can’t close, even after waiting and/ or clicking the ad, is very annoying. I need to close the app entirely in order to get out of the ad. I will adjust the rating once this is fixed.

  5. LOOK NO FURTHER!!! I love this app! Super super easy user friendly. I just open the app, add document via camera (or camera roll) and it has a manual or automatic mode which is my very favorite part. it detects the borders of your document and scans it clear and perfect for you, then you can crop, edit, sign, whatever you need. Then I can save it, send it, upload it, email, print it WHATEVER YOU NEED as BOTH a .jpeg OR a PDF OR both!!! FOR FREE.

  6. I have had this app for about a year now and it has been a complete life saver during the pandemic. It is honestly an amazingly well made app that works better than any real-hardware scammer I’ve used. Unfortunately the free version was recently downgraded and the amount of ads increased. I tried out a few other apps with similar functionality and they had even more ads. So, I came back and purchased a year subscription. $20/year for the best scanner I’ve ever used is pretty fair imo

  7. Great Free scanner. Let’s you combine many pictures into one scan. Most of my teachers prefer one pdf. It has really nice processing of images so if you set frame your scans it will do the rest. Make sure that the paper is in a neat stack and just do front and back. It takes what would take 20 to 30 minutes of scanning with my printer to a scan that can take less than 5 minutes.

  8. Used to be completely free, but I guess when there’s a global pandemic and college kids gotta scan work, there’s an easy buck to be made. Wasn’t a fan of finding out that I have to now (after almost a year and a half use) pay to scan more than one page for a document while I was in the middle of scanning my exam. I’m off to find a new app to use 👎🏻.

  9. I didn’t want to start the 3 days free trial, so I closed that window and started as ad supported or whatever it is called. The first time I wanted to test a feature (the count) it asked me again to subscribe, without an option to cancel it. I understand the need to be paid, but at least tell us from the beginning if a feature can be used in the free version, don’t let us go through all the steps and then present a nice paywall. I am very disappointed and won’t use this app.

  10. The ad shows how the app measures a door in real-time. I didn’t found that action, and the counting function is only available if you buy a subscription, although the subscription includes a couple of days of free trial. I like the design.

  11. Mitchel D dice:

    Too many adds, you need to pay and it’s too much. The features didn’t work well if they did at all. The app was laggy, and I’m on a flagship phone. In glad I didn’t pay for this app because it is very bad.

  12. Misleading. Ad shows this app being used to scan a room for a blueprint type of document. There is no option (that I could find) to use this in that way. Plz correct me if I’m wrong.

  13. Great features, a variety of them. Thanks a lot for contributing to getting rid of the human habit of using paper. One paper less every now and then is an asset. I have a dream: a paperless society to free up space that paper take up a big part in occupying. Second step could easily be jumped into after that; less furniture that will make way to great empty, vacant space to move in easily, freely and happily. Good luck. Good luck

  14. Bojan T. dice:

    You need to pay for the full verssion gor it to be useful. You cant even export your file without paying a yearly or monthly fee of $12.

  15. To be honest the advertising is the worst I have seen so far as they show the use of the count mechanism in the ad and, of course they did this, in the actual app, you have to pay to use it. I really don’t understand why you put something in an ad and make people have to pay for that key item. Just make it free with ads honestly it would be better than me wasting time on this review. Bad app avoid

  16. Trial froze then stopped working instead of letting me sign in. Android subscriptions manager still shows it is active!

  17. Count function doesn’t work from gallery pictures. Camera in it sucks. Orc sucks, there a lot better apps for the value. Tried free trial of this but cancelled it immediately after noticing how useless this is. I would continue paying for it if they’re actually actively developing this and fixes these things. Orc is a little bit difficult to fix, but if they’re actively developing it shouldn’t be issue to fix it.

  18. Gennie S dice:

    No matter how good I take the picture, they always showed crooked and cut off. I even took the pictures from my camera and imported to not avail. Would not recommend 😕 sorry

  19. Very bad app , it take long time to process and when the screen off all the page lost and we want to repeat the process of taking image very bad I didn’t suggest this one

  20. Best document scanning app for documents on the Go. If you have not used it. You are really missing out. Why wait? You are missing out.

  21. Requires credit card and subscription plan before use. Starts with 3-day free trial. Did not work for scanning handwritten documents.

  22. Just got it today and loving it! I paid $20 subscription for the whole year and started taking pics of my documents. Even with natural light and ring light, my docs are kinda blurred. I know there is a fix to this so I played some edits…ohhhh. Contrast did the job! Whoot whoot. I love it that you can just add pages to any document. Okay, this is what I need right now and byebye Canon Scanner. Btw, I have a Samsung S9+ phone. Camera is pretty good. Scans are not as 100% as clear, but FAST!

  23. Better than expected 👍. Today while adding my signature and company stamp, I had to removethem once again for some draf editing pupose. What I found is that between adding and removing the signature files, the editing option doesn’t show on some of the screens where the options should be visible. One signature file got deleted while performing the same removing procedures. The signatures should had never been deleted without specific and independent command to delete them.

  24. Requires a subscription before it will work. Says you can cancel during the first 3 days so they call it a free trial, but you’ll have to sign up for the subscription first. Save yourself from deception. Just avoid this app and save yourself from the hassle of trying to cancel it.

  25. Seems like it would be cool. But. I don’t like automatic subscription trials. Or paid trials. I’ll never really know.

  26. I am unable to edit pdf already available in my device. Kindly fix this issue asap. I am your paid subscriber so i dnt expect these issues from this application.

  27. Medusa dice:

    This is absolutely appalling. As I tell all apps with a subscription, especially these ones, don’t do it. You’d get more people paying for a lifetime subscription especially school age people who don’t even have jobs yet, and they’d be the ones most likely to use this. This is in need of a different system.

  28. seth dice:

    They try to scum you with “trial”. I downloaded just to try it and I can’t because the subscription is must… 1star is more than you deserve.

  29. rey dice:

    I dont see any reason why would they want to collect personal data from a scanning application, hence its a big no no for me.

  30. There isn’t a free trial When using the basic features you are promot to buy premium version each time. Why should have buy before try. I don’t recommend this app based on the bait and switch advertising. Poor marketing practice and strategy.

  31. Ornella B dice:

    I’ll use it only once because it’s asking me for my bank details right before the trial. And it’s not even that great result. Bye bye

  32. Very good. Almost 98% seem like original. Tq IScanner..

  33. Even free trial is not working well. Apps is not proven useful. Will not recommended.

  34. Simple and easy to use. This app has helped me to scan my resume, add signature and stamp. This is a cost-cutting app which maximizes your output. The result is second to none.

  35. DO NOT waste your time/money with this app. Not only are you required to purchase a yearly subscription to use the app, but after a while this app will stop working, not allowing you access to it and you will not be able to recover any files you’ve scanned. On top of that, customer service is absolutely horrible. After going back and forth with many emails with a computer (not even a real person) nothing gets fixed. Unsubscribed. Uninstalled. There are higher rates apps..

  36. This app would be good if it was truly free like the description suggests.Even a free trial offers most of the functions, if not all, but this has too many limitations that prevent most from truly evaluating the app, especially the ocr. The scanning quality is not adequate. I can use the built in camera app on my S10+, and it will do most of what this app does, and much smoother, and much better quality, and i won’t get a sore arm while waiting for it to finish scanning. I’m going to uninstall

  37. The videos make the count feature look more impressive than it is. I took a picture of a stack of dice, similar to the brick example and it could not count the depth of the dice, only what it could see. Good idea, but needs improvement to be useful. The rest of the app features are built in to my default camera app on my Samsung phone, except the math scanner.

  38. Scam! If you truly think it’s a quality app, then let people try it without signing up.

  39. Free trial shoud NOT require bank account info, and should NOT automatically become paid. That is malicious and predatory design.

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