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One tap cartoon yourself! AI photo editor face app, HD photo enhancer & aging.
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ToonTap 2023 is a powerful cartoon photo editor and profile picture maker to cartoon yourself in one tap with professional toon arts. A collection of anime face filters and cartoonify effects for photos allows you to make new cartoon profiles and toon-me pictures. With this magic photo editor toon app, it won’t be more than easier to convert your selfie into a popular cartoon character or a 3D Disney figure. Powered by stunning AI technology, you can instantly enhance photo in HD photo quality. Challenge yourself by combining sketch effects, drawing features & face swap filter for a fabulous pics art. Just one tap, you will get aesthetic artwork!

💥 Cartoon Photo Editor
Play with this photo editor to toon yourself in seconds like a pro. Choose one of your sweet selfie from the photo gallery and apply tons of caricature face app filters for a stunning 3D comic cartoon character maker. Easily Swap face into a lovely animation film character. Ready to amaze your friends on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and TikTok.

🧝‍♀️ New Profile Picture
Tired of boring and ordinary profiles? Try this new profile picture maker. Voilà your face by using big head filters and face app filters. Revitalize your life with these adorable anime avatar and cartoon portraits. Change your profiles as often as possible to match your everyday mood! If you are fond of our app, make a post and add the hashtag #cartoon profile #bighead to get your friends involved in.

✨ Photo Enhancer & HD Photo Editor
Enhance photo quality and remini your photo without pause.
-HD quality: Turn your blurry, scratched, pixelated images into HD pictures. Make your photos pixel up.
-Restore portraits: Enhance any photos you want and get the old memories back to you. Sharpen the photos out of focus in high quality with amazing eye details and skin texture.
-Colorize: Fix and colorize the old photos, like those beloved ones were alive and along with you.

👵 Amazing Aging Filter
This all-in-one face editor app offers an awesome face swap aging filter. Make me old and see what you will look like at your 70s or 80s old. Morph your selfies with our young to old age changer face filter. Enjoy this face change game with your friends by this magic aging booth effect.

💇‍♂️ Fashionable Hairstyle Changer
One tap to change your hairstyle into long hair. No need to go out, experience superb hair salon service even at home. Discover which kind of hair length suits you best!

🔧 Basic Photo Editing Tools
-Crop: Easily rotate and crop your photos to fit for any situations.
-Adjust: Adjust the photo light like contrast, warmth, highlights to make eye-catching edits.

Once you have taken this professional cartoon photo editor into use, no other photo editing apps in cartoon style could be compared. Toontap your photos with cartoonize effects and create a new profile picture. Toon me, toon yourself in a tap.


Go on creating!

🌟Bug fixes and performance improvements.
🔔Reminder: new content will be added weekly. Go grab them and get surprised!

📧For any questions, please drop in on us via [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Cartoon Photo Editor – ToonTap MODDED 2022"

  1. Very easy interface to use and to get started with. Fast, simple, useful and a lot of fun for a 69 year-old man (like me). I don’t download & install very many apps these days, and many that I do, I’m uninstalling soon after. This definitely is one that I will be keeping and willing to pay for the yearly subscription. Really good work being done with this app!!!

  2. The cartoon convertion sucks! Even though the picture I used isn’t too detailed and complicated, the cartoon convertion turns it into some messy painting! The comic, 2d, myth, beauty etc. features makes my picture look like a child’s watercolor painting! I tried it on three pics and I give up.

  3. Darla dice:

    So far I really like it! The cartoon app is fun and I’ve enjoyed ever minute of using it! Not to mention the photo enhancer makes the photos so clear! I had some pics of when I was a baby and when I was in grade school and they were kinda blurry but the photo enhancer cleared it right up! so this app is the best I’ve seen yet! That’s why I’m giving it 5 star’s! It’s well worth it! 💕🙏😊

  4. I would’ve rated it more if the ads were fewer. Someone can’t even try the other features without the “watch ads to unlock” option coming in. This is literally boring and annoying.

  5. Can’t get past the ad – I understand the need for ads. However, I cannot even try the app. As soon as I launch the app I have an ad. Can’t close ad and can’t use app.

  6. This app is really quite good and useful. Probably the easiest way of making an avatar of yourself for many applications, like in Messenger and Facebook. Some of the features rival any professional photography software out there. I’m impressed!

  7. Super Man dice:

    This app don’t do anything, I click on the button to change into a cartoon, it just copy’s the same image but it puts a watermark on it. It doesn’t make any photo’s into a cartoon image.

  8. Ugh! What is the point of downloading this app if you cannot do anything unless you sign up for a monthly subscription? Everything is locked! There are 3 out of what, 20? features you possibly can use but not without having to watch an ad first. Absolutely ridiculous.

  9. Md Rayhan dice:

    The most annoying thing is that when cropping by the app it fails to capture the entire image. This made the app completely unusable !!!!!!!

  10. koala dice:

    I’m going to say a four out of five because you can do a lot of cool stuff but they give you that cool like anime look style I would give it a five star it’s just if a lot of it wasn’t I guess purchasable it still usable he’s going to watch ads I wish I was all free

  11. It is a ripoff. You have to sign up to pay before you can try it. Then you have to hope if you don’t like it they will unsubscribe before they’re into your money. When it’s not sneaky I don’t trust them at all.

  12. sara b dice:

    Cool, but wish the free version didn’t require a 30 second commercial for any change. Oh well. They have to make their money somehow.

  13. R K dice:

    Best free toon photo editor out there. Most features can be used by watching a ad. Great app!

  14. A GREAT APP just annoying with the adds you have to watch without paying or getting a free trial but without that in the mix five stars GREAT APP

  15. Sorry to say, but our pictures came out looking like something out of a horror film!! Will be uninstalling now.

  16. Terrible app. Makes all photos more or less warped. No where near cartoon

  17. Is a simple and easy layout for cartoon editing of your photos. Only concern I have is the pixel distortion when the image is not zoomed in enough.

  18. i love the app so far it’s just annoying how like all the good ones you have to pay for but i get it it’s how you make money

  19. This app is horrible. I had to watch an add to use a new filter and after the add was over I still didn’t get the filter. if I could rate this a 0 I would.

  20. It’s really nice,,, i hope they can add some txt to edited.

  21. Easy to use & the results were amazing!

  22. Very nice app and smooth but they to open more free filters

  23. It’s good when first use but for the second time🙂 the photo used only once. Pag pangalawa ng gamit corrupted na yung picture

  24. This my second review, the team very nice great care for they apps try to make things better i really appreciate that, I do delete and reinstall, the ads work I got toon pics, but not really good quality, I’ll give 5 ⭐️ for the team, but toon itself still 1⭐️ tho

  25. I love the way it makes me look. I’ve tried it with my partner’s pictures, too. We always get a kick out of the results. And the best thing about it is you can watch an ad and get most of the cartoons for a mere 30 seconds of your time.

  26. A P dice:

    You can download this app for free but you can’t actually use it without a paid membership. I’ll stick with viola (an actual free app that does the same thing for those of you wanting an app like this but don’t want to pay)

  27. It’s a nice app. Every cartoon character turns out cool.

  28. Drop new Mario Strikers Battle League DLC Fanmade ideas for New Teammates and how to unlock the Gang from American Sniper and Company new gear for insane amount of coins and new items like guns and explosives use of a extremely hard and completely invincible and unstoppable perfect ultimate Hyperstrike

  29. This app is nice but you need to pay to download other cartoon photos that’s unfair 🥺😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😤😤😤😤

  30. really great an amusing app. An thats just using the free stuff on the app .

  31. Garbage. Lots of irritating ads

  32. All but 2 options are pay to use and it doesn’t like my curly pink hair. Turns it brownish blurry. Garbage.

  33. Love it pictures are so easy to edit

  34. This so beautiful this game but I don’t have many 💸💸 I won’t just a cartoon photo 😐

  35. This is a satisfying app it transforms people who don’t like to take pictures like so beautiful so I rate them five stars indeed but watch out for the ads

  36. It’s hard to use and you only get one filter unless you have premium I could be wrong but it’s so hard to get used to….

  37. Easy to use and good results

  38. Very good but ad is so irritating

  39. Very good app easy. I like it But 3 days free trile v. Bad😊

  40. This app is so cool I love the results the filters work so well and they are all so funny and so cute! 10/10

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