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We are Manta – the webcomics and manga app with tons of captivating, binge-worthy stories for you to discover. An enchanting webtoon story awaits you. Are you ready to dive in?

With our manga app, you can binge-read top trending webcomics to your heart’s content. Each webtoon transports you to a different world. Transcend the moment and discover the fascinations, allure and intrigue that lie within each of our comic books, all perfect for binging. Our manga library is filled with mystique, wonder and enchantment; the story you love is waiting for you, any time, anywhere.

Love stories, adventure, and everything in between – every manga reader knows that the best stories should go uninterrupted. That’s we have no pay-per-episode and no ads. We never disrupt anything in the heat of the moment – ever.

Enter enchanting manga comics like never before, filled with captivating storylines and stunning comic book graphics. Whether you’re a seasoned manga reader or new to webcomics, Manta has something for you. Open a story book and unlock your wildest fantasies with a manga app that satiates your thirst for adventure, wonder, curiosity, passion and much more.

Whether webcomics or webtoons, you’ll never run out of episodes to binge on. We make reading manhwa and manga fun, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our comic books carry you into a world of endless discovery. What magical story awaits you?


Steamy Manga Reader – Stories Without Interruptions
• Electrify your every day with exclusive stories and original titles you can’t read anywhere else
• Read manga with no pay-per-episodes. Binge nonstop without any interruptions
• Webcomic selections picked just for you – choosing your next story is now easier than ever
• Story book love or thrilling mystery adventure? Choose from various genres that fit every mood
• Comics loved by millions of manhwa and manga book readers – indulge in exclusive, top-trending comics
• Virtual comic book reader with free daily passes you can use to access new stories and keep up to date with your favorites every day

Webcomics – Discover Your Perfect Webtoon
• Discover the world of Anatol in our enchanting manga love story, “Under the Oak Tree”
• If you want something exclusive, you’ll love our Manta Original story, “Finding Camellia”
• Looking for love stories that are a little more steamy? Check out “Totem’s Realm”, and “The Losing Streak”
• For more magic, jump into “The Beau and the Beast”, “Follow the Bread Crumbs”, and “The Golden Forest” comic books

The Story Doesn’t End Here. Access More Steamy Webtoons
Unlock your wildest fantasies and join Manta Unlimited for the ultimate binging experience:
• Fastest updates – no need to wait to read the latest updates
• Endless manhwa and manga library – read all of the stories that we have to offer
• Comic book reader with everyday updates – stay engaged with stories you can come back to every day
Discover a vast world of breathtaking comics right at your fingertips – all for just $3.99 a month.

Dive into our webtoon and comic book titles guaranteed to have you hooked:
• The Emperor’s Mask
• Love Jinx
• North x Northwest
• Before It’s Too Late
• No Love Zone
• Give to the Heart
• Shape of Sympathy
• Timing
• Luna
• A Nonsense Relationship
• The New Recruit
• The Demon Queen Has a Death Wish
• Cat and Dog
• In Your Dream
• Suddenly a Lady
• Love of Cloud and Rain
• The Good Life
• Semantic Error
• And so much more!

Your favorite webtoons and a vast virtual comic book library are always at your fingertips with Manta. Immerse yourself in stories filled with wonder and fantasy today.

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Manta Ray's New Year Resolution #1: Learn Spanish - check!
We've added the Spanish language to our app! Make sure to update to the latest version and enjoy~


40 comentarios en "Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels MODDED 2022"

  1. I absolutely ADORE this app. Within the first cpl days after downloading it, I paid for a subscription. I ended up staying up to three or four in the morning many times, and I even stayed up all night at one point to finish a story. I will stare at the gorgeous art for several moments very often, and the stories I have read are so freaking amazing. Downloading Manta has been super rewarding, and I really enjoy the subscription instead of coins/tickets. I highly recommend giving it a try!

  2. Sofika dice:

    I love this app! whenever I have the chance to read I always use this app!I really recommend it and I see some people say it’s hard to use on a Chromebook but if u have a touch screen Chromebook you can flip it into an ipad and move it where the top is smaller like a phone and the screen will move and it will be much easier to use!and if ur a fan of romance and etc book there’s really great options and that’s all I have to say!

  3. I believe it would be more useful to pay a 5-10 dollar fee for the whole app. Some people cannot do monthly purchases. I think it is good selection and a good app for reading manga. The pricing is a bit unreasonable. Not many will pay 5 dollars a month for 12 months. Thats 60 dollars. Its to pricey and should have a fee to instal the app not a monthly.

  4. Honestly one of the best choices I’ve ever made for my love of reading was downloading the app. although you do have to pay it’s minimal really and you get so much value for your money. I’ve been using it for a year and they always have great quality books and always something new that I can look forward to! I love paying just one flat fee rather than per chapter like some other apps as I gets way too expensive. I also love that there are no different tiers or Premium Plus type system in place.

  5. Compared to the other apps I was looking at, this app is great! You get at least half of the story for free at first, but of course you have to wait to read the newest chapters. I’ve been using this for about 2 years now, and I haven’t regretted it. They did unfortunately raise the price for the subscription, but since I subscribed before the change, they still charge me $3.99 which is very lovely 🙂 I’m glad they don’t use coins, you pay for the subscription and you get access to EVERYTHING!

  6. This is my favorite! It isn’t free, but for under $5 a month it’s unlimited reading and no ads. And will spend my entire day reading. It’s easily way less than I’ll spend to read one series on other platforms. The selection isn’t huge, but it’s constantly growing. I’ve been reading heavily for months and haven’t run out of content yet. There are no wait until free options or daily passes, but I hardly ever have the patience to wait. I really wish there were more apps like this!

  7. Bad Man dice:

    The monthly pricing is reasonable. The selection available is good in my opinion. Still usable for free as well for most series. No zooming on chapters and no social features are let downs. Recently they dropped a lot of series from the catalogue. Manta is also increasing subscription pricing which loses some more value on top. Makes the future of your readings seem more uncertain

  8. This is a very good webcomic app. The selection of comics is great across different genres. I also like the use of plot tags, such as “modern setting”, “nice guy”, and “campus life”. The unlimited plan is also one of the best deals I’ve seen for this type of app; perfect for binging. My first main complaint is lack of a more proper search/browse feature, especially in implementing genres and the plot tags. My other is that scrolling when reading a comic is a bit sluggish and jittery.

  9. I paid for the unlimited reading option and it was totally worth it! I like to binge a series when I first find it, so not having to worry if I have enough coins or points or whatever helps a lot. I would’ve given 5 stars but the selection is still kinda average. They don’t have the hugest library. They are working on getting more titles though so I think it’s worth a download.

  10. Similar to others is I shouldn’t have to pay a monthly subscription to finish a story, especially when it was offered by the fast pass but then suddenly changed to needing the monthly subscription. It is so stupid that I have to pay real money. Webtoon is free, simple to use, has a free pass, and you only have to pay coins which are offered and all you have to do is save. I get its to respect the author but y’all need to respect the readers too.

  11. While most of the series here are of good quality and the app is decent, I find it REALLY annoying to always have to start at the beginning of an episode and scroll to where I left off. Other webtoon apps remember the place the reader left off at. Why does Manta not do this? If you fix this I will re-rate, I took stars off for that particular problem.

  12. I will always take a subscription over endless micro transactions, that is truly my favorite part of Manta and it is absolutely worth it if you’re an avid comic reader. I have loved the endless content with no ads. The app is stable and the content rolls in every day. I only wish there were a more complex search, but this is a very minor complaint. Ilu manta!

  13. It’s okay. It would be nice if they had a yearly subscription or a single lifetime subscription fee. Webtoon is more friendly towards people who can’t afford to spend money on monthly fees. Yes it’s only $4 a month on Manta but it adds up over time and if you binge read enough then your eventually paying for nothing. The app is choppy at times and crashes as well. I’ve read their replies to other reviews and they keep saying it is a misunderstanding and wish the people would just try unlimited.

  14. Kay-Kay dice:

    Manta has a very smooth reading experience, and some of the best manhwas available right now, including Under the Oak Tree and The Golden Forest. Seems like they also allow artists frequent hiatuses to recover, which is good. My only complaints are that there isn’t a huge selection to choose from, and there’s no platform for discussing content with other readers in the app.

  15. I really like the stories and I dont mind waiting to read them, but I don’t have money to spend on this app so if an alternative to paying for a subscription could be met, like watching an ad to unlock one of the episodes you’d normally have to pay for would be amazing because I really want to be able to finish the stories I’ve started reading. Although it’ll be more likely that I just uninstall the app, because I know they won’t change this.

  16. I dont mind waiting to unlock chapters, but it’s annoying to then have to pay for stories just to finish them. If they are being shown as a story that gives your a free pass to read that should be for the whole story not 90% of it. Once I get to the point where I have to pay, I’m most likely just going to uninstall the app and leave all my stories unfinished. I understand you wanna give readers the best experience but I would be fine watching an ad just to read the chapter at this point.

  17. Screen is just black all my other apps run fine The only reason I’m giving it a one stars because I wanted to be fixed fast. I have a subscription kind of no point in paying if I can’t even read anything. Edit: problem was fixed really at fast. Very happy with this app again kind of wants me to keep my subscription even more just because how fast they fixed it except for having it sit there for a while before they did.

  18. I did do the paid version for a while, but the problem for me was that the stories have the shortest chapters in existance, the best stories only post 2/3 times a month and they never END. These stories just go on and on and on. No resolution, no endpoint in sight. I dont want to spend a year or more following a comic. I would like it better if they only posted finished stories, and the paid option gave full access. Edit to reply: Not nearly enough finished stories.

  19. I really love the Comics on this app. I even have a Mouthly Subscription. But even seen the recent update. I been having some trouble with the app load the home page and also my saved list. I first tried restarting my phone it didn’t work. I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the app. But still not getting the app to load all the way and it won’t even let me sign back in. Is there going to be another update soon. Cus I would like the problem yo be fixed.

  20. April K dice:

    I finally started paying for unlimited and I’m never going back. I hate subscription services but do not regret this one. It’s honest, fair pricing. You pay $5/month and get unlimited access to every story on the platform. Unlike Webtoon which uses micro-transactions (which could rack up to $10+ dollars for each story). Love this app!

  21. I have been dealing with a lot issues with this app. Recently, I wanted to delete this app since I not as active as much anymore and I wanted to save some data. Though dealing with the account and trying to delete the account and canceling subscription has been trouble some. Please don’t get the app if you want to deal with comics not fully shown, pay for the comics you desire to read, etc. Etc. But it’s still your choice if you want to download the app.

  22. bobfox dice:

    It’s a great app for the price. However, you can definitely tell it’s very underdeveloped. There is no good way to go back to see all the series you completed, no comments, no “like” — you can only “favorite” which essentially just saves it to your library. No option to download series for offline reading, and a very minimalistic sorting function. They have a fairly limited selection, but they have been adding to it.

  23. I’m actually very impressed with the ui. It’s very clean and easy to navigate. The sub price is affordable, and I can see this becoming a favorite. However, the cropping is an issue. Every comic I have opened is missing the right 1/3rd of the strip. I know the app isn’t optimized for tablets, but that’s a strange oversight in the first place. And there’s no warning for users ahead of time. It makes comics unreadable. I’ll keep an eye on the updates, but in its current state? Not worth the $$

  24. I LOVE the subscription based model and I do like the titles included, BUT!!: The load times are impossible. Compared to using the web browser and the iOS app, this one sucks big time. If anything I’d like the option to view on a web browser. Also agree with needing a search bar and a favorites tab, it’s very hard to find the titles I follow when I want to read the newest update. Very basic features that should be included in all the reader apps.

  25. Lauren G dice:

    Well designed app but missing a few essential features like the ability to search and categories like “Completed.” The low monthly subscription fee for an unlimited amount of episodes (not having to ration coins or watch ads for episodes is nice!) is greatly appreciated. 4 stars as the app is almost there, but not quite. The library isn’t as big right now, but they are building it up. All in all, a great find for a low monthly price.

  26. J A dice:

    The Unlimited option is literally the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a web comics app. I can pay one monthly fee without having to buy coins or spend on individual chapters. Literally the best thing ever! Please never get rid of it! Besides having a great unlimited option, the content is absolutely amazing. A wide variety of genres and stores. I read a lot of romance ones and they have a great selection.

  27. I’m impressed. It’s a good reading app. It’s not full of ads, which is nice. There’s a good selection of stories that are either free or one episode free every 24 hours. The layout is nice and I really like that it’s basically dark-mode so it’s easy on the eyes at night. I’ve tried apps that somehow mix up the page order in the chapter, but this one is very professional and well-done so no problems with that. Really glad I find this app!

  28. Stories are great and the payment options are incredibly innovative… If they actually worked. I paid the monthly plan a week or so ago. It’s supposed to last a month right? Well the app keeps asking me to sign in whenever I open it. It keeps losing my place in the comics I’ve read. Now it says I haven’t paid the subscription and wants me to pay again. I have since cancelled my subscription. It’s a shame. Would’ve been a nice app otherwise.

  29. Pros: Honestly, I love the cheap monthly subscription to read unlimited episodes. Totally worth it. This is the only app I’ll use because of it. I don’t have the time and patience to deal with the other apps that require coins or doing things to “unlock” episodes. Cons: Definitely need way more comics (but I guess it’s still a newer app?) Also, give options to change the view when reading, be able to zoom in and out maybe?

  30. I love reading everything on here bit it’s just missing one crucial feature: the ability to download an entire series for offline reading. Similar to how you download a full Playlist for offline use even if it’s for a few days only and then it can auto delete. But I can’t save for offline reading and it’s a bummer. I had a 6 hour flight and would have downloaded a 64 chapter series to binge but could not. Please add this feature your readers would love it. It’s the best part.

  31. The app is great! I love all the comics and it has a wide variety to choose from. I have the subscription and it’s a nice way to kill time. My only issue, and why I gave it 3 stars, is that ever since the 1/25 update my app loads extremely slowly. Before the update, I’d start the app and immediately be at the main menu, after the update I have to wait half an hour to even choose a comic to read if I’m lucky. I’ve re-installed several times already too…

  32. The stories on here are amazing and personally I’m fine with getting a free pass every 24 hours. But in the description it says meant for binging. So that’s a bit misleading. As well the scrolling on the app is a bit funky and could be smoother. But I think the worst thing overall is if you want to not spend money and read comics for free you can do it up to a certain point until there locked and have to pay. It’s only $4 a month which is a good price. But it’s not free to read. Otherwise great

  33. Grace Kim dice:

    It has a good amount of interesting comics but I’m sad that I have to pay actual money if I want to finish a story. Unlike webtoon where everything is free. Even for the daily pass on webtoon it’s free. If you want to read faster you just have to save up coins and it’s really easy to save up coins since they have a lot of promotional ways for you to get them. If only there was a different way to daily pass on manta without having to pay…

  34. Update: It would also be helpful to add a review section for each story. ——— Great app. I love the stories that are available, and they can be addicting to read. The artwork is also good. The subscription isn’t expensive and is worth the money. There’s no ads yet from my experience, which is AMAZING. I wish there was an option to download episodes to read offline like on an airplane

  35. I love the app and the fact that I can keep reading the stories I love without coins or points and the content is great!! My only complaint is that as I’m reading, sometimes the panels won’t load and pressing the reload button doesn’t help. I just get black checkered panels. Not sure what to do about that. Closing the app and opening it again doesn’t work either. Last time it happened, I came back to the story after a few days and it was okay again. But I don’t want to have to wait that long

  36. I’ve been on this app for a while and I’m disappointed that almost all of the free stories I’ve grown attached to have switched from being free to being free with the daily pass or paid. Its like the longer I’m on it the less is available for free. I know 4 dollars for a subscription doesn’t sound like much but if you have 10 other subscriptions it adds up fast. On the positive side it’s not filled with adds even if you aren’t logged in and the stories are engaging.

  37. oh no dice:

    I usually don’t write reviews, but I’m pleasantly surprised so far. Though I have yet to upgrade to premium, I’m glad to see an easier pay system for readers. Paying per month rather than chapters is a lot more convenient. The only flaws with the app so far is the lack of a better search system, especially when looking for more specific genres. Its also confusing to add stuff to my list. Either way, really like the app! I can definitley see myself paying once there is more content.

  38. Victoria dice:

    I love this app for its comics, and I’d love to rate it higher, but suddenly it stopped working! I’ve tried reloading it, restarting my phone, reinstalling it, using different wifi. I can’t log in, it’s just blank. It was working fine this morning. I was about to subscribe for more content, but if this is going to happen and I can’t reach the content I paid for I better not!!

  39. Three stars simply because they have a wonderful collection of comics that I personally can say are very addicting. However this has to be the most unreliable app I’ve had on any of my phones, dating back into the Samsung S6 and S7. Constant crashing, will not load whether I have wifi connection or 4g data, scrolling starts shaking before crashing, so you can’t even hurry and read the chapter you’re on before it just shuts down. This is bad.

  40. There are excellent graphic novels on here. With the very affordable monthly subscription, you can read as much as you want. I do wish there was a way to follow or support the authors/artists more directly from the app. Also, this app triggers Wi-Fi security *at work* and gets blocked, probably because of some toons with explicit content, and I wish that wasn’t so. (Means I have to use data. Boo.) Anyway, this is as close to perfect, from a user perspective, as one can get.

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