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40 comentarios en "Tappytoon Comics & Novels MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s a great platform to support your favorite series! Love the ability to earn points for free, and there are many high quality comics available!! Love that they also have comics from different publishers like NetComics. The only minor negative thing I have to say is that the video ads no longer refresh as smoothly anymore as in the past, in fact it takes a very long time even after refreshing the app.

  2. I would give this a 2.5 because when ever a page does not load you can’t refresh it like other apps so you have to exit out of the episode and it doesn’t book mark where you left off so you have to go through the whole episode waiting for all the pages to load. It gets infuriating after you’ve done it like five times and it still does it. Other than that it an ok app with a few good selections of comics. I would change my rating to a 4 if they change it.

  3. The App itself is great. I have not had any load issues or glitches. I do hate the endless ads. For all the ads you get, the number of points used should be half for subscribers. How about watch an ad for another episode? There has to be more perks for my subscription. We should not have to buy more points. How about more points? 4400(14 episodes), is barely lasts 2 weeks if you are reading alot of titles. The extra 930 is great if you catch it, but it is only an additional 3 episodes. IJS

  4. I love the stories and the illustrations. However, it’s too expensive to advance and it takes too long to build up the coins to have enough to read the chapters because you only get 10 coins with every video. Granted you get 30 videos an hour, it’s still too expensive and it still takes too long to build the coins. It’d be better if the videos gave more than 10 coins each… UPDATE: I’ve watched at least 6 ads to get the coins that I should be getting after the video, and it’s NOT counting them.

  5. Loading on low data plans is awful on this app. Unlike other web comic apps, if a picture doesn’t load, you can’t reload the image, you have to reset the app and hope for the best. I’ve now tried to read a couple different things to no success. Honestly, Manta and Webtoon are better. Both work well with low data and I know Webtoon let’s you reload specific images that didn’t show up the first time.

  6. This app is great and I have found a lot of favorite comics on here that are fun to read and are very enjoyable. The only issue I’m having with the app is the free points by watching ads. It stopped working after I got 40 points from it. I don’t know the issue, so if I could get some help on that, that would be great. Overall good app! Would recommend downloading.

  7. User since 2019 The service has since been overtaken by competitiors in terms of quantity, but nonetheless i still come to tappy due to having a decent number of my all time favorites. However the price has slowly increased and it is getting quite expensive so i no longer read stories that are just for passing the time like i used to. The novel section is quite nice but i wish there was a marking somewhere in the chapter for which chapters of the comic (and vice versa) are portrayed

  8. Finally – continuous read throughs! I started using this app after my regular app took so long for updates and the episodes were incredibly short. Someone recommended using this app and I am so glad they did. I can finally read through a whole story. The art is magnificent, but it is the story that I am most interested in. They have great choices in genres and I can disregard any that I don’t like. I’m happy that I changed apps!

  9. Ren Clear dice:

    All the artstyles are gorgeous and each story has something different to offer even if some start with the same premise, each author really takes the time to make a comprehensive yet enjoyable story. I can no longer log in properly. I’ve tried so many ways to log in and I still can’t get to my accounts, rather the app seems to be bringing to more accounts, I can’t type in my Gmail and it’s making it more of an issue. So I can’t reach the comics I’ve already made so much progress through. Help.

  10. The Comics and Novels seem pretty great, Art is Beautiful! All though, it is mostly just a ‘pay to read’ app. It takes way too long to get the points to unlock more, It’s good, but I don’t think such low points for watching ads or paying for more, works for most people including me. Please, if you could, change it.

  11. Love the content. I read a lot of time-to-free. Hard to find a way to contact customer service. So, let’s hope they read their reviews! Update 8/26/22 The problem I mentioned in my initial review was corrected! (Able to edit the Time Till Free list.) However, there still isn’t a way to report issues easily. Tappytoon needs to improve their ads for points system- not enough ads, slow to load ads. (Tapas has a better system. I used your system to recommend improvements to them a year ago.)

  12. Interface is pretty typical, not too hard to navigate, but also not very interesting or appealing. A lot of good content, but so much of it can be found elsewhere. I’m not very enticed by their exclusives. Also, their ad system is unreliable and usually not worth it, largely bc their premium currency is one of the more annoying and less valuable ones. And my greatest annoyance: the read for free system. The unlock is timed. I’m a binger, and don’t spend every day reading updates. I prefer Tapas.

  13. This app sucks. First of all there’s a really small selection of comics I actually enjoy and when I do find one I enjoy I can only read 3 chapters of it before I have to pay for it. One comic allows me to read one chapter a day and would be amazing if all the comics were like that. The only other way to get points other than paying money is doing offers and watching ads, but watching 30 ads isn’t something I want to do just to read a chapter that takes 2 minutes to read. It seems like a waste.

  14. Heather dice:

    Love the stories and art, but there’s a need for better editing. I often find typos, and many of the novels have typos and awkwardly translated sentences. Not sure why other users complain about prices when it’s very cheap. Update: new update for subscription hides the daily updates list, needs to be clicked to see the entire list. Counterintuitive UI, regret purchasing a sub and will be canceling it. Still finding way too many typos for paid comics.

  15. Welp. I’m not happy I updated. Looks like I can’t see which series have been completed without opening each one and checking the status. I enjoy completed series because I don’t end up forgetting everything during a hiatus. I had the app open and was looking at what was completed in different genres, when the pop-up for the update came up. Should’ve let it be.

  16. The stories are food and can be read completely free, but are next to impossible to find. They changed their entire interface just recently, but it’s very information packed and hard to navigate. You CAN find new things and explore, but it can be overwhelming and confusing.

  17. Alexandra dice:

    I mean the app is fine and is functional. Lots of good stories which is the main thing. BUT it has flaws, especially if you compare it to Tapas. Tapas lets you unlock a free chapter a day on many series and from then on they just stay unlocked, unlike the unlocked for 48 hours here. This lets you unlock 1 a day without actually reading then you can go back and binge read. Or, you know, go back to check for details you may have forgotten from the story.

  18. The stories here are great, however, cost for reading is extremely high. Twice now I have been over charged, so there are glitches that can happen during payment. The worst glitch was when I payed $4.99, and was charged for that, and immediately charged another $100 without my approval. No refund. They offer free chapters for some novels that open every 24 hours, but that has a glitch as well. Free chapters will randomly stop, where you get the notification for a free chapter, but can’t open it.

  19. juni buni dice:

    They are high quality comics, some of them rated for 16+, and its very nice to be able to read them on this app as it is easy to use and I think the prices for accessing the comics are pretty fair. You can read a couple full comics if you spend like 15 dollars up front, which is pricier than some apps but still they give you a lot of different ways to read and earn points. I think this app is a fair deal and has a great selection.

  20. After a few hours, and some investment towards a few comics. It’s kinda inserting that I have to either pay to get points or do something to “earn” them.. I would rather have a monthly subscription that is like maybe $5.00 minimum, to 10.00 max. I believe this would be much better. Although I haven’t ran into ads. It’s still quite nice.

  21. The app force updated itself at some point, and ever since it’s been giving me random “Something’s wrong with your connection, try again later” every time I try to buy a chapter or buy points. Nor is the join now for the club working at all. I’ve uninstalled and re installed, cleared cache, restart my phone, this is getting ridiculous. It’s not my connection either, I’ve been in my own home and others with full bars. Full data. Nothing. As well as got rid of the daily button which was pointless.

  22. Mari Yoon dice:

    I like that this app has a lot more of a selection than the naver webtoons. however aside from the first few ch, you have to unlock every other subsequent. which isn’t really that big of a deal because they have a system where you can download&try new games or watch ads for credits to unlock a chapter. Great right? Not really, because it bugs out half the time&you spend more time waiting for these ads to load. It’s generous in the sense that you have the potential to save pts, but doesn’t load.

  23. The app itself is surprisingly well made, never crashes on my older tablet and is fast to load comics. But that’s where the positives end. The point system is extremely expensive and the selection of comics is a lot more limited than most competitors, who also offer tons more free content. The pricing scheme here seems to work out to as much or more than just buying physical copies.

  24. It’s a fantastic app that is user-friendly for new readers. Many of the comics are often worth the purchase. If not knowing that, many future readers, especially those who prefer to remain frugal while reading the stories, may not be able to enjoy the stories as well. Another issue would have to be translation from webcomics that originated from other countries. There have been more than a few that need more work in translating and made certain stories hard to follow sometimes.

  25. Oh boy, this app is more frustrating than Tapas. Don’t get me wrong, despite not having used this for very long (about 30min to an hour) I love it a lot! I mean, I only really read one webcomic but the experience was quite enjoyable! However, the only thing I have a problem with is the watching ads to earn points. Idk if it’s because of me or the app but the ads will sometimes not load up and it takes a really long time for them to load. 🙁 Other than that tho, it’s great, I reccomend!

  26. Emmy D. dice:

    Expensive as all get out. I fully support paying artists for their work, but this is just a lot of money and no good way to earn tickets/points. The stories are fine and I appreciate I’m not being inundated with ads but I would rather have adverts and a lower cost. The one I’m reading now has 90 chapters which ends up being 30 dollars. I would rather just read a regular book or a webtoon that’s free/low cost. Beautiful app tho, great functionality

  27. Lia Thao dice:

    This is absolutely some kind of scam or something because to be honest I am disappointed. I really do love reading the comics , these are very excellent genres and it varies on but I could only read the free chapters. The tokens are just so disappointing, the ads are lies or a glitch, can’t buy the tokens because I can’t afford, the games options is a no. There are too many shortages. It sucks that you have to pay for tokens to get access to the rest of the comic.

  28. K H dice:

    Don’t waste your money and time, stick to webtoon. Costs way too much money and the comics aren’t even as good as webtoon. This app is also causing issues for other apps; because of this, translations of other comics are having a hard time translating and posting. Webtoon is 100% free if you don’t read ahead, has barely any ads, and great comics. Again, don’t waste your time.

  29. Sucks that the app charges so much, if you do it gradually it doesn’t look like you are spending much but if you read several different stories using tokens then it adds up to a huge cost. It’s kinda like betting where you don’t realize how much you are spending. It would be nice if you could watch adds or earn tokens by completing surveys like other apps that way the artist is still supported. I still prefer Webtoon which is free & has equally good comics. There were a few on here that I was looking forward to reading…. Two stars instead of one because the app itself is smooth with a good design as well containing beautiful comics with a good plot. Definitely has great artists & writers, just the system is messed up.

  30. I really liked this app at first, but when I started experiencing issues with watching the videos for free points to unlock chapters, my love for it lessened a bit. I would watch the video and it skips adding the points. 4, 5 videos in a row and still, no points added. They have a few bugs with it still, that’s for sure. Tried updating it. Didn’t work. So who knows.

  31. E G dice:

    The comics are great, story lines and art are definitely high quality, there is a wide range of variety, and the interface is definitely user-friendly, that is why you find yourself reading one after the other. The only downside is how expensive these all are, $4.99 plus tax for 41 in-app tokens, and each chapter is worth 3 tokens, unless there is a special where a certain amount of chapters is on sale for 2 tokens. This is far more expensive than reading comics in other platforms.

  32. Mayli Arc dice:

    The comics are good from the two chapters Ive been able to read so far. I’d like to continue reading but its almost impossible unless you pay and I feel it’s a bit overpriced for what you get. I have no problem watching ads but the problem is, I watched about 7 ads and it only gave me 10 points as opposed to the ~70 I should have received. I figured out that I need to refresh the app after each ad I watch in order to get the points but then I am able to only watch about 5 ads a day this way

  33. ash m dice:

    Good comics, but super expensive to be able to read more than a few chapters at a time. You get points by videos (too much time for too little points) or by downloading other games with a ton of conditions that you have to meet. There are daily free chapters but the series included are limited. Wish the site had a monthly subscription or something that would be more affordable than the current system. I understand supporting the site/ the artists, but there has to be a better solution.

  34. Good app but other comic apps have ways to earn “tokens”. Or whatever payment system they use. Or they offer some free content. Not so here. With this app, there are a couple of episodes that are free on each comic and then all the remaining story would have to be paid for. It’s $10 or more per story. I agree the artists need compensation. Having a way to earn tokens by watching ads or completing offers would make it more versatile. There are just better apps out there with that option.

  35. Although I’m glad that we could get points for free offers, you get a small amount of points, compared to the difficulty of the task. I mean, you get like 5,000 points for doing A LOT of lessons for the game “Obey Me!”. It’s very infuriating, the app Tapas has the same concept, but you get a good amount of rewards. It’s very annoying how you need 300 points for a chapter, and 3 tokens for the same one. Not all of us have the money and time to spend on this app.

  36. I read the first few chapters free and enjoyed it. That’s when my issue started. In order to keep going I had to buy tokens. Paying and supporting the artist isn’t an issue for me but when you calculate the overall cost per chapter it runs roughly $0.28 to $0.37, depending on which token package you get. With that in mind, it’s hard to determine cost if the comic isn’t complete and you don’t know how many total chapters there will be. Wish you could pay a set price for a complete story instead

  37. Good stories and app format is great and easy to navigate. The only disappointment is that they are very slow to update and post new chapters. I have been able to find the same stories else where that have been 20 chapters ahead of the ones Tappytoon post and the other websites have them for free. I still use tappytoon as well because of the accuracy of translations. Yet I do wish they kept up with the raws and had a few more options in romance that isn’t just BL. Would still recommend.

  38. Leah dice:

    I’ve only been interested in one series so far but I’ve loved it. The lady and the beast. It is pay to read, however there is a way to redeem points without spending money, and thats through downloading other apps and playing games. I’ve loved reading it and hated having to work to read it but overall I’m very happy with the service. I just wish the chapters were cheaper and we recieved incentives regularly. 3 stars due to the price and inconvenience of recieving points

  39. I love the stories, I understand why they want you to pay but I feel that you shouldn’t have to pay for all the chapters except a couple. I think it would be better if you either just charged one price to read all of the story or had a way for you to get tokens or points more often without paying. Like other apps do, by making you watch ads for tokens or points so people can enjoy the comics without emptying their wallets. to get up to date with the comic I like I’ll have to sprend around $100.

  40. Sara S dice:

    The only thing bad about this app is that the images don’t load from top to bottom when you open a new episode, so you have to remember not to look at your screen until it’s 100% done loading or else you might see spoilers. I really wish they’d fix it. But translation quality and series selection is really great!

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