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40 comentarios en "Shonen Jump Manga & Comics MODDED 2022"

  1. Mario dice:

    Needs a setting where you can automatically swipe to the next chapter. Also a way to pin your latest read. I hate having to scroll down every time I want to continue reading. Even better, when you click on continue reading, it automatically takes you to the last read page rather than the entire manga ‘s homepage. The quality of the images are terrible when I zoom in on my phone the quality degrades to a point where it is an eyesore because of pixelation. The manga is great, the app not so much

  2. (originally 3 stars) 2nd review, after the update, they added syncing which is an amazing feature, I can go back and forth between PC and mobile which feels great. Now we just need to work on that zoom, it’s not dynamic, it’s either zoom out fully or zoom in fully, and it feels janky. This app has come a long way for sure. The UI could also use a severe uplift 🙂

  3. There seems to be a bug around dark mode. It just randomly turns off after reading a chapter so I get blasted with the brightness of an all white background in the middle of the night. Also some issues….um…going back to the chapter list when you finish a chapter? Sometimes it goes back to where you were so you can easily select the next chapter. Sometimes it takes me back to the start, or just some other random chapter from before…. really annoying when you are like 400 chapters into it..

  4. Very good for reading and has a friendly, simple UI. Only problem i have is how often it “resets” and gets rid of manga progress or ‘read/grayed out’ chapters. As well as the reminder on how to read manga, I wish I showed up once and not again, just to appear because I wanted to go back a page.

  5. Cheap, easy to read, high quality digital versions of high-quality manga. My only complaint is that some titles available with a Jump subscription are unavailable on the app and must be viewed on the website where the reader isn’t as nice (I assume this is Apple’s fault), but in terms of functionality, this app is a 10/10. Highly recommended for any shonen manga fan.

  6. Not sure why this app has such great reviews. The selection of manga is awesome and the quality is great.. However, The reading experience is very clunky and annoying. After finishing a chapter, It redirects you back to the chapter selection page to click the next one. Sometimes if you swipe too quickly, it’ll bring you back to the entire chapter list and you have to scroll back down again. The app would be great if I could just immediately go to the next chapter without clicking on it!

  7. It works but reading the chapters is super annoying. It’s not a seemless experience and is very clunky. A lot of the time I swipe to go to the next chapter only to hit something and end up somewhere, and I have to hit back and then click the small button to move onto the next chapter. It also doesn’t easily clarify what chapters you’ve read.

  8. Insanely good value if you get the subscription! The UI is a little clunky sometimes, with some friction points, but it’s a good app for the most part. My only complaint is that I wish there was a way to read these on my ereader? I can understand why they don’t want to allow the chapters to be downloaded as files for transfer, though

  9. This app is solid. Insane value on the subscription if you use it. I had previously commented that there was no syncing between devices, but they just updated that and it works great! Would still love to see that functionality between Mobile and Web because that doesn’t seem to be there, but overall definitely worth 5 stars!

  10. Clunky reading experience; You’d think that *the* Shounan Jump would have one of the best manga reading apps, but no. You can’t see your reading history. You get a splash page between chapters, which breaks immersion. Feels like eating a snack every hour instead of three meals a day. You get a warning that you’re reading the wrong way if you swipe backwards on the first page; can’t just go back one page. Overall UI looks cheap and unfinished, like an intern made it in 2008 in highschool. Clunky.

  11. The content is excellent and the subscription is a great deal. Unfortunately the app needs some work. Pinch to zoom is completely dysfunctional to the point where it might as well not exist and confoundingly your reading history is tied to the device, not the account. So if you want to read on, say, a tablet at home and your phone at school, you’ll have to track your progress yourself because the app only remembers the last chapter you read on device.

  12. ChuCannon dice:

    I honestly can’t believe this app even exists. It’s such an amazing deal, I subscribed almost immediately after downloading and haven’t looked back since. Only downside is that the app is a little barebones are there are some features I wish it had (like zooming into panels can be a little awkward sometimes). But otherwise, it’s perfect.

  13. Very odd that there isn’t a smooth transition to read the next chapter nor a more organized look at what’s new and what I’m reading. The pop up notifications only talk about two or less new chapters and skimp or others. Notifications for manga an individual follows would be way more helpful. Cater to the consumer so they keep coming back to this app.

  14. the price of the membership is great. but here are the problems (1) the biggest problem for me is that the quality of the photos is not always amazing some of the manga have bad quality. (2) the app looks and feel empty, the design is outdated. And you have no controls ( for example, you can’t change the view to be scroll down instead of flipping the page).(3) where is gintama, there is some missing shonen Jump mangas.

  15. It’s great, when it works, but half the time, it malfunctions; it’ll suddenly freeze or crash, it’ll keep me signed in but deny me accesses to the content as though I weren’t, etc. Additionally, there’s no function for syncing across multiple devices nor even between the app and the website. I have to make a mental note if where I am when I leave my computer so that I can continue reading from my phone. Lastly, the bookmark feature is only useful for the current chapter, which is pointless.

  16. A LOT OF POTENTIAL. But also a lot of issues. The catalog of manga you can actually read is decent, but I think I and many others were lead to believe that Jump’s ENTIRE catalog was going to be available. More definitely need to be added. In my experience, the process of actually reading is pretty good. The scans are good quality and swiping between pages feels good. The app itself is not polished though and is missing features like bookmarking. This service needs work and time to improve.

  17. Would be great with tweaks, but is missing essential features that are offered at even the lowest of 3rd party sites/apps. There is no “favorites” option where you can easily access and keep track of manga you read. You have to just remember what chapter you read previously, so if you read multiple manga at a time, it’s easy to lose track. There’s no search function. you have to find whatever manga you want to read through an alphabetical list. Plus they limit downloads even when you pay.

  18. The app is great! I have already been recommending it to all of my friends. I would love it if some small quality of life changes were made. Like for example, it would be super convenient to be able to add manga to a list that you’re currently reading so they are easy to find. Also to be able to remove them from the list if you lose interest or dont like the manga. Besides that, its awesome. Manga read well and look amazing. Thanks for an awesome app!!

  19. This app is good and I love their new subscription model, but the app itself needs to change to go along with that new model. The current design of the app does not lend itself well to stop and go reading. If you get halfway through a chapter and leave the app for a while, when you go back, there’s no way to remember what chapter it was. This needs a quick “continue reading” option. Also the downloads need to be organized better. They’re not even chronological. It’s sloppy.

  20. As a subscriber for years, starting with the last few years of physical magazine, I’m sad to see the magazine itself disappear. While the new app is a improvement over the previous version, I feel the service itself has gone backwards. I believe this service would still benefit greatly from a one-click bulk download or stream of the new weeks chapters. Something that would function like the old curated magazine would be convenient and likely increase the readership of something brand new.

  21. Great that it has all the newest titles. But I always have trouble loading the pages. Sometimes when I finish a chapter it won’t load the next screen so I constantly have to quit the app to reset my place. It takes 3 minutes to load a page that you read in 2 seconds so it’s really annoying. I even paid for premium because I wanted to start new manga but using this app is a struggle.

  22. It works, but not as good as it’s less legit competitors. I really want to support Shonen Jump, but the app doesn’t allow my preferred reading style. (can’t change page turning options or set it to scroll to next page). Landscape orientation also forces you into a two page screen. Tachiyomi is still the way to go. I will still buy a membership just to support them, but I really hope they improve the app. It doesn’t even allow my tablet to install it. The chapters are always one week behind less legit releases. However, the app and membership is an extremely good value if you don’t mind the restrictive reading style. It’s a good app, give it a try.

  23. JayStar dice:

    The subscription is an absolutely amazing deal, would absolutely go up to 5 stars if they were to just add a few features and changes. It feels weird that there isn’t a favorite feature, so you can’t add manga to it for if you want to read it later. I don’t like that in order to download chapters, you HAVE to select every chapter individually, instead of being able to mass select chapters. The zooming when reading is really awkward. Also, add the ability to view 2-page spread art at once

  24. I want to give this app 5 stars because of how great the catalog is and how affordable it is however, if we are talking about the app itself, my experience has been terrible. there is constant crashing, there is no way to track where you were if you stopped reading for a period, so you are bound to be accidentally spoiled on something. downloading expiring a week is also suboptimal. Being able to only download one chapter at a time is also an issue.

  25. The app works on my old basic tablet, so that’s good. Cons have been well stated: inelegant UI where you can’t bookmark or create a favorites category. No separation between the included in the subscription issues and volumes you have to buy to read. But the pros? you still get SO MANY comics for two bucks a month. Thousand of included issues, hundreds of volumes. I’m finally reading series that have been on my list for years and it’ll be over a year before I’m caught up.

  26. This is a great service! the fee for membership is scant, and it offers an immense library of great comics. and even with the free version, anybody is able to catch the latest chapter of the big thing. I’d give it 5 stars, if not for the foibles of the app itself, which feels somewhat stiff and offers little convenience or quality of life. zooming in on pages can be difficult, and closing the app and reopening always takes it to the home screen, but these are just nitpicks

  27. The subscription service is cool and I love the idea, but the actual manga reader in the app is lacking a lot. Would really like a way to keep a list of manga I’m reading, and customization for the reader party of the app. Like scrolling instead of just one page at a time or other ways to make it feel better to read on a phone. I love Shonen Jump, but I’m not sure huge fan of their app…. Yet….

  28. The selection of Manga is great and being able to read so many chapters for such a small subscription fee is fantastic!… The app itself however needs major work. Not having a way to track/bookmark how far ive read by series is very inconvenient. A search function would help a lot too! With as much manga as there is available on this app, these features are pretty much a necessity! If these were implemented to make navigation easier then this would be an easy 4-5 stars for me!

  29. It’s a great app, and one worth paying the subscription for. I’d love to give it 5 stars, but there’s an annoying “feature”: if you swipe the pages incorrectly on the first page of the manga, a pop-up appears and covers the text telling you that you’re going the wrong way. This becomes even more annoying when you move to the next chapter and want to double-check what the last chapter ended on, just to be attacked by this annoying pop-up. There’s no way to turn this “feature” off, either.

  30. I have a subscription on an iOS device, and after signing in to the Google app, it allows me to use my subscription here too. However, the Google app isn’t as good as the iOS one, which tracks the series you’ve read and creates a separate list on the home screen so you can easily see which series have been updated and what you last read. Although the subscription transferred after sign-in, my reading history didn’t. I will increase my rating if they can sync accounts across all devices.

  31. Specter dice:

    This app has considerably improved since my last review. Favorite list has been added, UI is still small but it’s a mobile UI. Loads up fast, reading is a breeze. My only disappointment with it is that when you tap back from a title in your favorites list it takes you back to the main menu instead of back to your favorites lists so you have to tap the favorites list again to go back to it and repeat the process if you select another title and go back.

  32. The contents is great, the temporary downloads are handy. The subscription is very cheap for the amount of contents it gives you. But the app itself is, incredibly unreliable. Sometimes it works great, no issues. But most of the time it is horribly slow. Literally minutes to open a previously downloaded chapter. Minutes to load up the main page. Why? who knows. Just a broken app.

  33. The app itself is great but they have a fairly common issue with canceling subs in that there’s no option to. The manage subscription option in the app leads you to the subscription section of the play store, but the app does not appear for myself or several of my friends as an option to cancel, yet every month it takes my money. The app is great, it lets you keep up to date with series you love and also read a ton of older stuff but this issue is a big deal for me.

  34. Severely lacking in features. No bookmarking, “continue reading” does not persist between devices meaning all progress is lost on a new phone, no way to remove anything from your “continue reading” if you don’t like it, search is only A-Z (no sorting by genre, artist, included in subscription, etc). Price is good but I’d easily pay a few bucks more for a proper app with these features.

  35. The selection speaks for itself, but the user experience is pretty bad. Barefoot any options for customizing the reader, no way to browse by genre, and god forbid you try and scroll from right to left because it’ll give you a pop up every time you so much as brush your screen in the wrong direction. All in all though not unusable, you just can’t reliably find a new manga to read unless you use an outside source.

  36. Wes Iliff dice:

    I’ve been a subscriber for years, and the new manga available is amazing. I’ve been trumpeting it on every platform available… but come this update, I can’t recommend it anymore. There is no search function, no way to add a favorite, no way to bookmark, no way to show you’ve read a chapter. There’s a giant backlog and no good way to read through it. These are basic functions in every reader app, including Crunchyroll. I want this to succeed, but for me, it’s unusable right now.

  37. Easy to navigate but it doesn’t track what you’ve already read and the reader is sorely lacking in customization for example the only option in landscape mode is 2 page spread. That doesn’t fly on phones. I’d much prefer to pay a little for the best experience but a lot of scanlation apps are more fully featured.

  38. The selection is great, but the reader does not work very well. I can’t control the zoom function very well as its too sensitive. When going to the next page the reader zooms all the way out causing me to have to struggle with the zoom function every page. Edit: Three years since then and the zoom functiom still doesn’t work.

  39. Been using this app for years and it it the best way to experience manga in English. The apps lay out is pretty bare bones, but it makes up for it in it’s reader, which is maybe the best comic reader for at the moment. That said, there are several titles that can’t be accessed on the app due to age restrictions that can’t be changed from what I can tell. Not deal breaking, but there are several great titles that won’t get a shot due to this.

  40. This app is probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to read manga from Jump. But it’s the fact that user friendly options that should have been there from the start, aren’t there (ex: a read list, download all option a home screen that is a tad more organized, options like changing the reading direct from right to left to something like scroll or left to right). Just little things the really broke it. As much as it hurts my wallet, I’ll just buy the volumes one at a time until this changes

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