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Welcome to POCKET COMICS™, a world of stories in the palm of your hands.
We are home to an ever-expanding collection of premium comics created by storytellers from around the world.
Indulge in our vast library of bite-sized webcomics, and find YOUR STORY today!

A constant supply of comics from all over the world

Whether you crave your daily fix of heartwarming narratives, enjoy action-packed adventures, or need to find a binge-worthy story, there’s something for everyone.
Our library covers all genres of beautifully drawn webcomics – juicy romance, captivating fantasy, thrilling drama, epic action, and many more.
We have an endless collection of sublime stories and engaging plotlines sourced globally, as well as a vast range of Original comics exclusive to our platform, just for your entertainment!
With new episodes updated each day, and new comics released each week, there’s always a new story for you to discover.

A curated platform for officially licensed webcomics.

Our publishing partners, in-house producers, and platform editors are dedicated not only to bringing the best stories to the platform, but also curating tailored premium content for you!
Dive into the latest episodes of viral sensations such as “Solo Leveling”, “Flower and the Beast“, and “-50kg Cinderella”. Indulge in hit exclusives such as “Lady to Queen”, “Girl Jock Empress”, and “Sacrificed”. Read up on manga sensations, “The Way of the Househusband” and “ReLIFE”, each with anime and live-action adaptations on streaming platforms.

A hub made for both readers and storytellers.

Get started with free episodes, use daily tickets and wait for rentals to continue reading, and purchase coins to access the latest chapters!
Our weekly sales, missions, and constant events will keep you reading, and to top it all off, we even have an offerwall for you to earn coins for free!
Unlock more episodes to directly support our official publishing partners, creators, and artists!


* We changed our Comic Home UI.
* We changed the menu button designs for the Main page.
* We've added the small icons for our Recent tab. Now you can see NEW / UP icons on your Library Page!
* You can now mute individual comments.
* We've added new notification settings.
* Minor bug fixes and UI improvements.


42 comentarios en "POCKET COMICS: Premium Webtoon MODDED 2022"

  1. Great stories. UI needs to be fixed. The app is constantly freezing, takes a long time to load and sometimes will stop loading the comics while reading them. Not only does the app itself have issues but it causes my phone to malfunction at times too. Sometimes while using the app it will suddenly freeze, then close, and then my phone will either turn off or completely shut down. When this happens no matter what buttons I press, nothing will work for a couple minutes before going back to normal.

  2. G K dice:

    The stories are great. It would be even better if the app would actually let me read them! Any time I open a chapter to a story it stops letting me scroll and freezes my whole phone and I have to restart everything, and when I’m finally able to get back into the app it starts the chapter over. And the process continues. Doesn’t matter what the story is this happens. I’ve looked at my phone’s hardware and storage and everything. It’s definitely the app. Fix it! Please and thank you!

  3. Not as good as the website. The app runs well for me, I’ve had no problems there. I like the way things are separated too – it makes finding what your interested in pretty easy. However, you can’t access the adult books from this app. You can only find them and read them on the website. They don’t even show up in your library except on the website. For someone like me who enjoys those types of books, it’s extremely inconvenient.

  4. Great app. Honestly love the stories, but the biggest thing about is the app issues. It freezes, sometimes it takes me back to the last chapter of the last book I was reading right when I’m in the middle of reading something else. Another thing? Turn the gauge off if the book can’t be read for fee or with ads because of new/recent chapters. Don’t get people’s hopes up.

  5. I really like some of the comics on here, but.. I am trying to read some of the free ones (where the gauge fills up) and even though the gauge is full it won’t let you read the next episode, you have to have coins for it. This is after reading 20 episodes using the gauge system, so it’s really disappointing to start getting invested in a comic and then have the issue of coins even though that specific one is advertised as “free”.

  6. Meg dice:

    Some really good stories, but a LOT of negatives. The ad feature doesn’t work correctly and will crash the app/phone. The refresh button will appear and never leave the screen unless you close the app. NOTHING is free except 5 chapters of each story. You have to pay for every chapter after that. You can only use the ad feature once a story. Webtoon does it better where you can pay ahead to read more early. Even other story apps have a monthly subscription fee for all stories. Not worth it.

  7. Great stories. Just fix the app. It freezes, asks to be refreshed often and the refresh button still keeps popping back up soon after pressing it. Then the pages won’t load so I have to exit the app and reopen it and go back to the story. Oh and when I tried leaving a comment about the issue it did not let me post it on the story I was reading. While we on about comments, it would be great if the comment section could be more interactive and readers could communicate with each other.

  8. Bonny Lea dice:

    The content is fine. There are a couple series I really like. But I am annoyed that they “offer” the option to earn free coins, yet their free coin zone doesn’t work. So I end up spending more than I want. As a result, I now only subscribe to one comic at a time, and only pay for that one… which, I think, kind of defeats the purpose of the app (to get you interested in more of their content.) One more note: you have to have a strong cell or wifi signal, as it won’t load properly otherwise.

  9. Neon Liu dice:

    Overall, the comics are great! I do enjoy reading them but I can’t binge on any series. You get the first few episodes free and the rest you have to pay for! (With coins/tickets which you have to buy!) There are some comics that you can read for free by watching an ad, but you only get to watch one ad a day!! Honestly, if they fixed this system the app would have a lot more good reviews. I think I’ll stick to Webtoon.

  10. ZTE Phone dice:

    I love the stories. I really want to keep reading them, but more often than not the app crashes and makes my phone freeze up. The stories are great, but I need to prctect my phone. This last crash made my phone go to a really scary screen that said something about no installed software on device? A restart made it go back to normal, but I don’t want to lose my phone over an faulty app. Please fix the crashes! Edit: No I cannot do that because I deleted the app before I lost my phone to it.

  11. Sage dice:

    So far the experience with this app has been fine, except for one thing. I’ll be in the middle of reading a chapter and suddenly the entire thing will reload and send me back to the homepage, where I have to reopen the comic and restart the chapter. I’ve tried closing the app and coming back later, and even powered off my phone completely and then turned it back on, but it does the same thing, sometimes multiple times. It’s really annoying and frustrating.

  12. There are some really good comics on the app (lots of trash looking ones too, but it’s not like you have to read all of them), but the app sucks. It will crash when reading a chapter regularly (at least once every time I pull out the app). Occasionally the crash crashes the entire phone too, where you can’t exit the app or even shut the phone off. Disappointing.

  13. I really like the stories on here and its plenty accessible when looking for your favorites, but I hate that I can’t read some stories and certain chapters without paying. I’ve read the first few chapters or some cases dozens but I have to pay for it from there. It’d be better if you could earn the coins to read it or if they would be accessible after a certain amount of time from its posting.

  14. Good content but over priced. The loading time is 24 hours for free comics but if you pay for them (like me) it can get very expensive. 50 coins is 5 dollars, which equals 10 episodes which sounds great BUT content length is very short. If the chapters were longer, that would be different! As it is though, a chapter only takes about a minute to read so it’s not worth the money.

  15. The stories provided are great. However, I am constantly having issues with episodes loading. Episodes constantly are freezing or needing to be reloaded part way through. I click the refresh button several times and nothing happens. More times than not I have to completely close the app and reload the episode from the beginning. At fist I figured it was a connection or internet issue, but I have 3 other comic apps that I use to read Manga and I never have this issue with any of those.

  16. Everything I have read is wonderful but of course sometimes I get a little impatient only getting one ticket a day and having to pick what one to unlock out of all the interesting ones to pick from, and I dont know if it’s just my phone but it always glitches and scrolls all the way to the bottom it gets really annoying. Most of the story’s are interesting so I cant give to bad of a rating.

  17. 1to4They recently changed things to make it better. Originally, you get 3 episodes free then you are charged for the rest or you have to watch an ad to read. They have worked hard to become more user friendly though. They’ve made a lot of free content now and switched to giving you a free coin a day which means you can actually finish a book now (before you couldn’t read the ending without paying). I am pleasantly surprised with their changes. There are some good reads too, I have like over 20.

  18. Extremely deceiving, over all the art was great, but the advertisement which originally made me download the app was deceiving, I was able to read 2 parts before it restricted me from reading more by everything changing to “available soon” and in order to read the last 10 or so episodes it was going to make me purchase them. I have no problem supporting a small creator but the way the advertising was it made it seem like a WAY different experience.

  19. This app has great comics and interesting storylines and such but oh God. Twice has it made my phone freeze and not turn on. Everytime I open the app it works good for the first three mins and then it starts to freeze up and doesn’t let my phone turn off even when I’ve pressed the off button 5 times. Not only twice, it’s don’t this multiple times. Also, everytime I open it to the last comic I read, it takes me back like to a random panel in the previous chapter.

  20. Decent stories but it feels like it skips panels a lot of the time. One minute one thing is happening then the next panel is something completely unrelated. Randomly prompts you go refresh your page and even if you’re on the same chapter, none of the panels you were just reading are there and are replaced with new ones. Very confusing, messy and expensive.

  21. Tee White dice:

    I love the comics but when I complete a reward 8 times out 10 I never get the reward. Even though some of the task are simple like download, open the app, and play for bit. I know I did not have these apps before and that I completed the reward task. It is really frustrating. The only reason I give it a two stars is because the comics are so good and intresting.

  22. Everything about this app is good: the intentions, the design, the stories. Except for the wait time. I would use this app basically everyday if it were for the long wait time! I have a busy schedule and most times don’t have enough time to sit down and read ONE CHAPTER and then forget everything about it by the time the next chapter is unlocked! I am tempted to delete the app because it doesn’t appeal to me anymore because the frustration the wait causes. It definitely takes away interest.q

  23. I really like the content for a lot of the stories but my main problem with the app is just how poorly it actually works. It almost never wants to load and continues to give me messages about checking my internet connection when that’s clearly not the case. If your phone goes in sleep mode while reading. You’ll have to reload the chapter by backing out and coming back to where you left off. It’s just not a well made app and it’s a much higher cash grab than so many other web comics out there.

  24. Sky Marie dice:

    Nothing loads!! It doesn’t matter where in the world I am, how strong my signal is, or what wifi network I’m connected to. Every time I open the app, it tells me to check my connection and leaves me with a black screen. Searching for titles leaves me with 0 results. When I do manage to open a story, it will only load a quarter of the chapter I’m reading, then I have to keep closing the app over and over to get it to finish loading. Incredibly frustrating and I’m about to drop this app.

  25. would rate 4-5 stars if they ever fix the issue where you have to close and reopen the app after your screen falls asleep. especially since this app does not save your progress through the chapter. this app is better than many of it’s competitors for how it monetizes though, I think with a better user experience, this would be one of the best webcomic apps.

  26. This app is good if you want to read a lot of great stories for free. You get one chapter from each story every day for a short ad, you get a pass daily to use to read another chapter from any story of your choosing, and you can do small “challenges” like reading episodes from different books that gets you another free pass. All in all, a good download. It’d be five stars if it had a sort of chat system, but I still really like this app.

  27. This app has a lot of good stories and they’ve gotten easier to earn coins to read them though I still think it’s ridiculous that there’s no real way you can read a whole series for free. Or even use the tickets. Current complaint is if you click the help page it’s blank and there’s no way to get help. Same with getting alerts there are notifications and it’s still blank. Frustrating

  28. Kai S dice:

    So slow. I have just downloaded this app, and no matter whether I am using WiFi or data the scrolling is delayed when reading comics. The scrolling can also be very jumpy. I also dislike how it loads the comic bit by bit as I read, so most of the time the panel never shows up and I have to close the app and restart. Webtoon is much better developed.

  29. Cassie dice:

    I really like the selection of stories and the art is beautiful for them, however the coin situation leaves a lot to be desired. There should definitely be more ways to read more of the stories without your wallet. It costs 5 coins to unlock a chapter after the free point, which is about 4-5 chapters in. While they do give you 1 free pass & 20 coin welcome bonus, it goes quick. They also allow you to unlock one chapter with an ad, but I’d be willing to watch more than 1 ad to read my stories.

  30. The app works well, and the function of it is generally satisfactory. However, two things of note. First, when I chain-smoke comics, the back button takes me back through the ones I read instead of taking me directly back to the list of episodes. Second, I wish I could like the comics for the author’s benefit and also interact with other readers by leaving comments like many other forums allow.

  31. I don’t like that I have to rate this so low. The comics that I’ve seen so far are great, with good quality and interesting stories. The issue is what it takes to be able to read them. On a comic that has 45 chapters (one of which is a short prologue), you can read the first 3 sections. After that you have to use coins or use one with an ad. I have no problem with the ad option except that you can only use it once a day. I wouldn’t mind to watch ads before each one so that I could keep reading.

  32. I love the stories I can find and read the artists are amazing but the app itself sucks. Constantly need to close and reopen to fully load a chapter and if you see an ad for a story in fb and want to read it you can’t search for it , their search tool never has results .. if you click on the ad it never opens in the app just in a web browser and then it doesn’t pull up the story you saw unless you log in again which Google won’t allow .

  33. So Many Fun Comics!! The only downside is when you reach close to the end of the Comic Series you either have to wait a certain amount of days to read the next one, but for others it won’t show that and you have to pay for coins to finish it for ex- The Maid and the Vampire and Bloody Sweet are good examples of Great Comics but you have to pay to read the rest.

  34. Jolean dice:

    There are multiple things that I really dislike about this app, ima say this one when you read a comic for free an add pops up and it teleports you to the bottom of the page where the ad is, now this is really frustrating because an ad pops up like every few seconds and I always get teleported to the bottom of the page and I have to scroll all the way up back to the part I was on (oml if the chapter is a long one) and I have to close my eyes so I don’t spoil what’s going to happen next

  35. it’s honestly really good and has a ton of great stories, but after ready for a while it started to freak out and wouldn’t let me use my tickets or watch an ad to read a chapter when the gauge was full. Bit it gives lots of opportunities to make more coins on other games which is pretty cool.

  36. Rachel P. dice:

    I’m really disappointed in their free-to-read procedures. I haven’t been able to come current on any comic because as soon as you get to a place where you’re hooked, you have to purchase coins if you want to continue. It would be cheaper to just buy a finished comic or graphic novel off Amazon. Webtoon is so much better. I’ve actually finished comics over there AND purchased tokens. Only gave 2 stars because the stories are good. Just wish I knew how they continued or concluded. 🤷‍♀️

  37. I’m not digging this thing where the app doesn’t work unless you’re using WiFi or a full data connection. I have three bars and every other app is working fine, but Pocket Comics says my connection is unstable. Otherwise there’s a good mix of comics, not just sex-crazy reverse harem (but there’s plenty of that, if that’s what you like, too)

  38. I have decided to change my review from 1 star to 3 because they have address the pay to play issue. Before you had to complete ridiculous tasks in order to read more than two comic issues a day. Now they have decided to make far easier tasks that you can complete in a day as opposed to months. Also the fact you can read two a day for free IS better than the other apps.

  39. J R dice:

    I really like this apps usability and how much there is to choose from. The only thing I don’t like is how I can only read 1-2 chapters a day for free for most books, and end up having to shell out real money if I want to read more. Any heavy reader knows you can easily finish about 3 physical manga books in one sitting. That’s a lot of chapters of these online books. It’s my choice to do so, but I wish there was a way to earn more coins without having to buy something or download a shady app.

  40. The prices are fair. (I think a free episode each day is perfectly reasonable.) It gives me something else to look forward to when I’m taking a break at work. The stories I’ve been reading are the perfect mix of adorable, dramatic romance… The art is beautiful as well. Definitely worth the wait and/or purchases!

  41. Really good comics, one of the best collections maybe. It does have some issues, you get one ‘episode’ for each series free every day plus one more episode if you watch an add, but I’ve had quite a few issues with the adds not loading. Also I recently found some comics take 2 days for you to have one free episode, I personally feel that’s a little ridiculous but I will say a lot of the comics are definitely worth the troubles. There’s a lot of villainess reincarnation titles I really enjoy.

  42. Very cool app! Thank you for offering all these webtoons and manga in English!! The app has some great UI. However, there are a few errors with the summaries for certain series and that should be fixed ASAP. Also consider expanding your service to other European countries. Otherwise, the service is good and they give you 100 free coins and a ticket for signing up!

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