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vet-Anatomy: Atlas of veterinary anatomy
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vet-Anatomy is an atlas of veterinary anatomy based on veterinary medical imaging. This atlas was created on the same framework as the award-winning e-Anatomy which is one of the most popular medical atlases of human anatomy, particularly known in the radiology field.

vet-Anatomy focuses in animal anatomy. It was designed in partnership with Dr. Susanne AEB Boroffka, ECVDI graduate, PhD, vet-Anatomy includes interactive and detailed radiological anatomy modules containing veterinary medical images (x-ray, CT and MRI). The images are labeled in 10 languages including the Latin Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria.
(More details on:

– Scroll through image sets by dragging your finger
– Zoom in and out
– Tap labels to display anatomical structures
– Select anatomical labels by category
– Easily locate anatomical structures thanks to the index search
– Multiple screen orientations
– Switch languages at the touch of a button

The PRICE of the application including access to all modules is 89.99 € per year. This subscription also gives you access to vet-Anatomy on IMAIOS website.
You will enjoy of all updates and new modules of different species during your subscription period.

The SIZE of the application is 750 Mb and WIFI connection is required to download images.

About module activation.
IMAIOS vet-Anatomy has two methods of activation for our different users:
1) IMAIOS members who have vet-Anatomy access provided by their university or library, may use their user account to enjoy full access to all modules. However, an internet connection is periodically required to verify their user account.
2) New users are invited to subscribe to vet-Anatomy. All modules and features will be active for a limited period of time. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed so that they can enjoy continuous access to vet-Anatomy.
Additional auto-renewable subscription Information:
– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
– Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s account settings on the Play Store after purchase.
– No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

The screenshots are part of the full vet-Anatomy application with all modules enabled.


Fixes :
-Numerous small bugs


40 comentarios en "vet-Anatomy MOD 2022"

  1. I have several veterinary anatomy apps and this is my favorite. I love being able to search a specific muscle and see it in several different ways! Sometimes I have trouble navigating, accidently scrolling several pictures away when trying to move the picture or zoom in, but otherwise great! **Edit: apparently you can turn off the scroll, that fixed my navigation issue! Also just learned about the practice feature where the labels are blank so you can test yourself. Great app just got better!

  2. An amazing App that I use frequently when reporting advanced imaging. The layout of the app is good and selecting specific regions to label makes it less cluttered. I hope they continue to upgrade the information and include more labels in the dog MRI brain section. An equine distal limb MRI anatomy will also be an excellent addition.

  3. Okay to study with, but there are much more useful and free tools online. Dont waste your money here. Charging for pictures is a bit ridiculous. Would much rather deal with a banner ad constantly on the bottom of the screen.

  4. *edit: still one star because I contact with you as you wrote, you did reply me with a question and when I replied, you do anything and I still need polish subtitles on structures. So nothing is changed. I will gave you 5 star rate when you will add polish subtitles next to each photo. It’s really strange that I can choose polish in whole app but I can’t choose polish to read the structures. Please do something with that.

  5. After downloading app data for 15 minutes, only a couple of the modules are free. Most require a subscription of $12.99 a month to view. What I can see without purchasing is great, looks accurate.

  6. I am impressed. I am currently in vet tech school and wish I found this earlier. The images are crystal clear and as far as I can tell the labeling and medical term is correct. However, it’s a bit pricey if your a college student but if you can, its worth it

  7. Thought I was getting more than I got. 90% of the app is NOT free, but what IS offered is in good quality and very informative. But really look at google. I’m not paying 25$ for something I can get for free. Disappointing. Got this app for vet school and sad I couldn’t use it more but I really and truly don’t recommend you downloading it..

  8. I would have bought the premium version, but there isn’t the ITALIAN language in the options. I’m disappointed, I really needed it and I understand English, but I need to study anatomy in Italian. I hope you will add that language so I can buy it. Sorry for the two stars, but I cannot give you more than that.

  9. Don’t bother unless you’re going to get the premium version. Most of the images and things are locked behind premium, can’t even search without it.

  10. Excellent app , both language and picture description. I so much like the app and it should be necessary that all science students should have it.

  11. diagrams are bady organized and information is incomplete. ex. only included about 1/3 of the vessels and no nerves. Superficial vc deep muscles not addressed, etc.

  12. open app message pops up “you arent connected to wifi. you must downliad 317mb of images before you can continue.” cancel OR continue anyway I selected cancel. I got this app to try to diagnose my dogs swollen like legs. And to just better understand his anatomy. Id rather spend my data on backing up the pictures I take of my actual dog !! This app was a complete waste of time.

  13. Offputting. The angles you see the info you need is on a weird area your looking at the dogs underbelly, the face or butt. Its hard to see value

  14. Added content to download in the app is a very good way of deceiving people. Download at your own risk. I think the content might be worth it but let people know what they’re getting into

  15. After downloading the apps a message says that the app require 431 MBs of pictures to download after downloading the pictures all the animal anatomies are locked and require premium version to use them

  16. K dice:

    Doesn’t contain everything. And even the things that are available, most of them are premium. Useless for me.

  17. App is very useful for veterinary students, but some information is missing

  18. Great app, it would be amazing if it was translated to Dutch.

  19. My child really wants to be a vet and this has helped her out massively it definitely deserves a 5 star

  20. It’s very helpful and easily understandable

  21. I need to see the premium parts, but i can’t pay cause i live in Iran….. it’s too bad!

  22. Every thing in this app need to be subscribed . I will search on youtube to see a free bone ☺️☺️

  23. I love it proud to have it in my phone Thank you guys out did it well! 💯% it’s good and safe appreciate

  24. I love helping dogs i have 9 dogs myself and sometimes they get hurt and you know you want to know whats wrong ”right” and my mom wants me to understand how to get a job and what you love more than help what you love more and i picked helping dogs im pretching over here someone do it with me!! 😅😅

  25. Thank you we do need more info esp for the visceral organs

  26. Very interesting, love it, specially if you a dog lover.

  27. Nono Nono dice:

    I need horse anatomy & Arthrology, please add it !!!

  28. Very nice…How can I change to premium?!

  29. Thank you….it is very good for veterinary knowledge

  30. It stilldownloading picture and later fail

  31. This application is legit and very useful to vet students

  32. Sara Shah dice:

    Pest option for my exam

  33. Looks nice compared to others

  34. I’m 13 years old and when I grow up I want to be a vet and I want to know everything a vet needs to know and I’m really good with animals

  35. it would be wonderfull if it had horse as well

  36. M CH dice:

    It’s good but it’s just weird for me

  37. All contain are good enought

  38. You would be better off looking this stuff up on Google then using this app.

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