Dexcom G6 Simulator MODDED

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Dexcom G6 Simulator App
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Dexcom G6 Simulator app highlights features from the Dexcom G6 CGM System.

The simulator displays samples of CGM scenarios, trends, and various setup features associated with the Dexcom G6 CGM App.

This app is for simulation purposes only and contains no live CGM data.


Bug Fixes and General Enhancements


4 comentarios en "Dexcom G6 Simulator MODDED"

  1. A Google user dice:

    I used the receiver provided by Dexcom initially and later added the app for Android. It was ok for awhile and remained accurate relative to the receiver. I would have continued to use the app in tandem with the receiver but ran into an unrelated problem when changing the sensor and new transmitter. I deleted the app intentionally to resolve the problem and realized the app isn’t that useful to me. When you get a signal alert both phone and receiver sound. Drains battery quickly. Won’t use it.

  2. martin monge dice:

    Look, everyone griping about this simulator app (and the actual G6 app). It’s not the app, nor your phone. There was an Android OS update in December. I think that turfed the compatibility w/ the G6 app. The phones are listed as compatible because they are. The OS running them isn’t (technically) & therefore won’t let us download it. Dexcom needs to deal with the issue. C’mon Dexcom… we’re waiting.

  3. alex albillar dice:

    unbelievable like all other reviews, I need an app that monitors my blood and can send it to followers on the follow app too. I do not need a tutorial manual on how to use the real useable app, which is what this is.. This is a disgrace! I don’t understand what dexcom is thinking, but I think giving them a call or writing them every email in the world is necessary for them to make an app that works on all phones so it can save more peoples lives!! I wish I could write more, but the word limit..

  4. Frank Lopez dice:

    @DEXCOM I am a new user, the G6 system does not work on my Android OS 12. When I go on your site, says my Note 10+ needs os 9 – 11. I can’t use the app, which is one of the biggest reasons I switched from medtronics. Could you provide an ETA as to when an update will be available?

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