SELPHY Photo Layout MOD

An application to create/save layouts using images stored on your mobile device.
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Canon SELPHY Photo Layout is an application that allows you to create/save layouts of images to be printed with SELPHY using images stored on your smartphone or tablet *1.
*1: ARM-powered devices only.

[Key Features]
– Create image layouts for SELPHY
– Printing with SELPHY (Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY must be installed separately for CP1300, CP1200, CP910, and CP900.)
– Save Image Printing History

[Supported Products]
QX10, CP1500, CP1300, CP1200, CP910, CP900*

[System requirement[
Android 8.0-8.1/9.0/10/11/12

[Supported Images]

[Supported Layouts / Functions ]
CP1500, CP1300, CP1200, CP910, CP900
– Select & Print
– N-up Layout
– Bookmark layout
– Shuffle layout
– Combination layout
– ID photo layout
– Label layout
– Stamp, paint, text, and frame
– Trimming (move, scale, rotate and reverse images)
– Obtain images from Web services such as
– QR code printing (CP1500 only)
– Siri Shortcuts now supported (CP1500 only)

– Select & Print
– N-up Layout
– Border size selection
– Filter, stamp, paint, text, frame, and overcoating
– Trimming (move, scale, rotate and reverse images)
– Obtain images from Web services such as

[Supported Paper Size]
All available SELPHY-specific paper sizes for purchase *2

CP1500, CP1300, CP1200, CP910, and CP900
– Postcard Size
– L (3R) Size
– Card Size

– QX10 dedicated size (sticker)

*2: availability may differ depending on region.

[Important Notes]
– If application does not operate properly, try again after shutting down the application.
– Features and services available in this application may differ depending on the model, country or region, and environment.
– Visit your local Canon Web pages for more details.


• Photo printing with the SELPHY CP1500 is now supported.
• Easy wireless connection with the SELPHY CP1500 by QR code is now supported.
• New layouts (design overcoating, QR code printing) with the SELPHY CP1500 are now supported.


40 comentarios en "SELPHY Photo Layout MOD"

  1. Now with the most recent update when I open the only location of photos on my phone, “smartphone” it has every photo as it’s own folder, so now I can no longer see each image of each photo. It used to show the images in a grid form, easy to find what you want. This folder nonsense makes it impossible to find the specific picture I want to print. Pretty much makes this app and therefore the printer unusable. Please revert back to the old version.

  2. Pretty terrible interface. Menu buttons are lacking. Hidden trim/crop. App will not read external sd cards, only phone memory. So I have to transfer pics from external sd card to phone for app to even see it. No option to scan entire memory, have to select individual folders. Interface just sucks and needs a complete redo. I can’t believe Canon, a leading printer company, made this trash.

  3. No matter how many cool features and options, this app is completely useless because it does not give you access to your pictures in select/custom folders. It can only access one folder which appears to be the camera folder or possibly it is throwing all pictures on my phone in one folder. I have 15.000 pictures on my phone. You do the match how long it would take me scrolling to print a few select pictures. Why is this Canon app not capable of the most important picture app feature ???

  4. Richard dice:

    Seems to be a lot of negative reviews, but really this works great for the SELPHY Square I have. I’m guessing it’s a bit of user error. Photo picking could be improved by allowing a date filter (but just save images anew and they’ll be at the top of the list), and I don’t like that it seems to insist on location services being enabled given there’s no good reason for it. But otherwise I’ve printed some nice photos very easily.

  5. For picture collage it is really not a nice app. You can’t control anything. You just choose the pictures to put in the layouts and cannot adjust them afterwards. Can’t move them, make them smaller or bigger. Honestly I am very very disappointed. Plus, you can’t choose the folder you take the pictures from in tour phone so it’s all the pictures mixed up in one single painful page. Hate everything about this app so far.

  6. I wish the app snapped to edges a bit when cropping/moving the picture in the printable area. Or had a lock for not going “under” the printable area. I don’t want to micromanage every pixel to get a fit that’s correct to what i want, without wasting printable area with white sections. Also, while i do appreciate the folder view, it shouldn’t regenerate thumbnails for the entire folder every time, and some people do just want to see the camera roll. Make it an option.

  7. A time waster of an app. Expects to wait 10 to 20 times before getting connected with the printer.Loss of communication with the printer after connection is the norm. The Canon establishes its own wifi network to print, while my other HP one uses existing WiFi , so this may account for the flimsy connection. Overall, connection fails 90% of the time & is SLOW! Printing via SD Card does not give u the same functionality as the app, & often mess up the borders. Certainly expect more from Canon.

  8. Photo picker is really frustrating. It takes a ton of time to load and it’s unresponsive since it needs to handle all photos on the device, and I really don’t understand the sorting. Would love to be able to select one or multiple photos from other app and share to this app as selection method

  9. Marginal capabilities at best. Without this add-on app (in addition to the required app), the printer is useless, because Canon didn’t include any way to adjust the image for printing, so invariably tops of heads are sliced off during printing, even if it looks OK prior printing. Hey CANON! What happened to WYSIWYG?

  10. DO NOT BUY SELPHY PRINTER OR PORTSBLE CANON PRINTERS!!!! Just spent a small fortune buying the Selphy cp1300 & paper. Set up easy, and printed one print… Now it takes 20 minutes to check settings, switch printer off and on 3/4 times, close app 3/4 times, confirm setting on the 2 apps and selphy a few times to print 1 picture. Thinking it’s now working go to print another, nope have to go through 20 mins of the same!!! HORRIBLE PRODUCT AND APPS!! Why do I need 2 apps just to print to 1 device?

  11. Unfortunately for my blood pressure, I have to use a selphy printer and 2 canon apps to print pictures 2 to a page at work, even though manually doing it with an sd card and the selphy printer itself is simple and easy. Now they’ve taken away the “scale to fit” option (I believe it was called that never used it) and I have to go though each picture I put in a layout, sometimes 6-8 pictures at a time, and change the scale. I would not buy one for personal use like I had previosly thought.

  12. Please update the app. Make it so that we can search through pictures in the cellphone via folders. Right now it’s all the photos in one page and it’s very hard to find old pictures. Also please make it that it prints properly and to the right size. It doesn’t connect with the printer. I have to use Mopria app.

  13. Ben Evans dice:

    Serious lack of control, to choose a picture to print im dropped into a ‘smartphone’ folder and left to dig out the images i want to print. Then when I finally manage to slect the pictures from the clunky menu, I’m slapped with options to scribble over the print at the loss of fundamental control over cropping and placement of the picture in the frame. Uninstalled.

  14. Almost impossible to find a photo from several hundred on my phone. Why cannot the app access Google Photos and then sort them in date order? Come on Canon, get this app sorted…it would then be much more useable and user friendly. lf you try to select all files on the option list it says I do not have rights to do so!!! Really? on my phone and my photos!

  15. May Phyu dice:

    The app works, but I’m noticing that the quality of the photo is deteriorating once you select it. It’s making the pictures turn out blurry. The printer itself is cute and prints well, but if the app is only going to show blurry pics, there’s no point in getting the printer.

  16. mrs Gizzy dice:

    Works as expected. Just bought the selphy and doing a test run, was difficult at first trying to figure out to to get my pics printed but (I have a Google pixel 3a) I had to connect my Google account to photos. Printed decently fast, had to go through all the steps. Wish there was a quick photobooth option but there isn’t. Had to do “bookmark” I’m connected through wifi not direct. Quality is good Cute but for parties

  17. choosing photos is extremely troublesome, and for the backgrounds there is only black and white. i hope more backgrounds for the photos can be added and the app can access out gallery to choose photos more easily. for the bookmark function, i hope that 2 sides can be different and images can be switched around easily

  18. I would give this a better rating but you can not choose a folder to select your pictures. It’s impossible to scroll through my phones thousands of pictures to find the one i want. This one problem makes this app unusable. This is basic stuff that I wouldn’t expect in 2019. What’s going on Canon ?

  19. No updates since launch shows how much Canon cares about support. Most backwards picture selection of all the big professional company’s photo apps I have ever used. I saw, that iPhone version let’s you browse folders, but here is just infinite scrollable mess. Needs to be fixed, so I can use my Canon SELPHY 1300 properly.

  20. Since the last update I am unable to have my phone connect to the printer entirely rendering it USELESS!! Even on the same WIFI and everything, it refuses to communicate. Like the paper, ink, and printer are NOT cheap. This needs to be fixed immediately!

  21. Very poorly designed app. I registered a selphy cp 1300 with the app. Later on I wanted to use a different cp 1300. The app stores in memory the connection with the previous printer and it’s impossible to connect a new printer making it useless. Deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work.

  22. David dice:

    I’m surprised how terrible the UX is on this app. I was frustrated at the very first print, and getting more an more annoyed with every consecutive one. The simplest of actions that are commonplace in many applications are either absent or implemented horribly. Do the designers of this app not use it? Have they ever used any other photo app? I expected better of Canon.

  23. Only being able to choose from one main folder with thousands of photos makes the app a pain to use. It is almost useless and I barely use it anymore – such a shame as it could be a great asset to the printer.

  24. Like many other reviews say, choosing a photo is a nightmare as you can’t choose a folder, the app just shows all pictures it finds and the order seems chronological at first but looks random some other times so it gets harder the older the picture is

  25. Rina Si dice:

    This is such a terrible app on Android. The User interface is atrocious and it won’t let you pick pictures from albums either. I can’t believe they didn’t manage to make a better app.

  26. I expected to have the option to create 2×2″ passport photos like the selphy has built in. Unfortunately they did not implement that using the app which means instead of using a smart phone camera I have to invest in a point and shoot and an SD card.

  27. Ken Cha dice:

    Can’t change SSID. I have three CP-1300 and want to be able to direct printing to whichever CP-1300 available via direct WIFI connection. This app won’t allow it, no feature to switch. It kept the original SSID within the app and there is no way I can use different SSID.

  28. the app did not allow me to view different albums so it was very inconvenient to find specific pictures. furthermore the app lags a lot. it does a very bad job at a simple task any other editing app can do

  29. loved it when I got it, but now, you can only choose photos from your main smartphone folder. I have thousands of photos!! Annoyed , I’m pretty sure I used to be able to select other folders. I do not like the new update!

  30. Doesn’t work. Simple as that. Select photos only from phone, not from sd card, error when tapping print preview and no way to save the result to be printed from elsewhere.

  31. Easy to use. The thing that would make it great would be being able to select from specific albums instead of having to scroll thru every photo.

  32. Michiel dice:

    Works very well, the quality of the prints coming out of my SX10 are great! Pease add heic file support as I can’t print photos other people sent me in that format.

  33. J Trainor dice:

    Must have if using the Selphy printers, even if only printing solo photos…Originally was only using the Cabin Selphy App but prints were never calibrated or sized correctly…kind of a pain you still have to have that installed in order to print with this app, but this finally solves all print issues

  34. I don’t see thebpoint in this app. unless i am missing something, i find no way to adjust the picture on the page. the printer keeps cutting thebtop of the pictures so i was hoping this would let me move the photo around on thebpage or crop but it doesn’t. i don’t know why anyone would use it.

  35. Terrible UX. Selecting a Photo is a pixelated hassle, you cannot try out different layouts after selecting photos, you cannot change the photo order. Its easier to get my laptop and to use ms-paint than using this app.

  36. Not happy, very limited directory, only location it allows to obtain pictures is from smartphone?? What about Google Photos and SD card?? So pointless for me. Friends too are finding this too frustrating so now using other apps.

  37. Choosing/finding Photos is horrible. You should have a Google photos integration, so that you can search for people/locations/dates within your app or add photos directly from the Google photos app into the layout

  38. ZFold4 dice:

    Doesn’t work on Galaxy Z Fold 4 App is too slow. It’s unable to find and display images on Z Fold 4 device. It shows working… and keeps spinning.

  39. If there is an option to choose the photos from a directory or folder manually will be better than showing all photos stored in the phone at once which will take alot of time scrolling across the photos.

  40. Not sure why you changed the Selphy app. My phone is now asking for a password to use this new app. Very confusing. Don’t have a password & don”t know how to add one. Terrible idea. My nex photo printer will be another brand.

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