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Player FM is a cross-platform podcast player that refuses to compromise! No wifi? No problem! Download your favorite podcasts with Player FM and listen offline.

Enjoy an audio + video podcast experience that is elegant, powerful, and has your back! Sync play position across devices, customize themes, and manage playlists! Auto volume boost and silence skip on podcasts & your MP3 files.

Find your favorite shows and discover trending podcasts focused on education, news, business, technology, sports, comedy, music, and more! Our podcast library is updated multiple times per day, ensuring we always have the latest shows and episodes. Plus, discover free audio books, documentaries, video podcasts and interviews with our human-powered catalogue and advanced episode-level search.

What podcasts will you find here? Education (TED Talks), Productivity (Tim Ferriss), Chat (Oprah podcast), Comedy (#1 podcast by Adam Carolla), Audio drama and Audio Books (Night Vale), Stories (Serial) and other top podcasts. Dive into 20+ million free episodes from indie audio to major networks like NYT, NPR & MSNBC!

Play podcasts when it suits you!

📱 The go-to podcast app for your phone, tablet, car, watch or desktop computer
🚗 Android Auto 🔊 Chromecast ⌚ WearOS 🌐 Web

★★★★★ KEY FEATURES ★★★★★

📱💻 Seamless cloud sync Follow a podcast on one device and it will appear on another. ✔ Google login ✔ Password login ✔ Web app

🚶 Podcast offline No wifi? No worries! Commuting or relaxing, your podcast player marches on.

💾 SD card compatible Allows you to free up storage space on your device.

📦 Podcast groups Organize your shows into genres and moods.

⏲️ Sleep timer Let the podcast player fall asleep when you do.

⌚ Tech lover? Player FM integrates with many devices and platforms including Android Auto, Chromecast, WearOS, and more!


Explore a podcast paradise, designed for podcast purists!

😍 Ads free experience Focus on the content of your favorite podcast episodes without the distraction of ads

😍 Play content across several devices Sync playlists, full play history, and current episode.

😎 Playlists & bookmarks Organize with playlists and timestamped bookmarks tied to your cloud account.

😉 Compress audio Zip up your audio, while keeping it playable. A 100MB MP3 could compress to 30MB, super space saver!

😋 Turbo Fetch Get new content updates early & often. Be the first to know!

😎 Personal search Locate any episode from your subscriptions and playlists.

You’ll love our human-powered podcast catalogue 😍. News podcasts (documentaries, liberal and conservative politics, current affairs – The Daily by NYT, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, KCRW, NPR podcasts), education podcasts (TED Talks), comedy (Oprah, Conan, Adam Carolla – #1 podcast), sports (football, basketball, hockey, fitness podcasts), history (Dan Carlin), business (startups, trading, money podcasts – Freakonomics, Gary V), tech (Hardware, IT, Android & Google podcasts – Reply All), self-improvement (productivity, romance, learning – Tim Ferriss), story podcasts (audio drama, radio plays, true crime, mystery – Serial, Night Vale, Crimetown), culture (music, movies – Slate Gabfest), much more!

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Enjoy ✌️ ❤️ 🎧


Introducing the latest & GREATEST version of Player FM. We are excited to share an entirely new look with you! We kept the same spirit so you’ll still be able to find all your favorite shows.

Here’s what’s new:
- A complete overhaul of the UI 📲
- Reimagined with advanced themes 🎨
- Improvements to Android Auto support
- Several improvements to legibility, features, and return of default subscription view in response to user feedback

Thank you for continuing to support Player FM!


40 comentarios en "Free Offline Podcast Player FM MODDED 2022"

  1. Great app for listening to podcasts! I wanted something that didn’t feel so invasive and more straightforward. The episodes take a moment to load up, but it’s not a terrible wait. They also have just about every one of the shows I like, with very little ad interruption. If you want something plain and simple and easy to use, this app is it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your response but that’s not what I’m looking for. I use that function multiple times a day. I am looking for a way to select MULTIPLE episodes at one time that doesn’t involve me touching each one. I am looking for something equiv holding the shift key down on a keyboard to click your house once and select multiple files. Also, your app keeps logging me out today and putting podcasts in my subscriptions that I’ve never seen.

  3. If I leave the app open on my phone screen for too long, it’ll automatically bring up the app store page for whatever app was in the banner ad, which is annoying and feels sketchy. Started maybe a few weeks ago. EDIT: My biggest issue was sync errors, but after a bit more poking around that’s fixed now.

  4. This app is good so far but please minimize the times the premium thing pops up. And also, it would be nice if there was a button in the episodes that took you all the way to the beginning (first episode) if you are new to the series and want to start from the beginning. Or maybe a button where you left off at least. Otherwise, it’s a nice app.

  5. They killed the app with ADs. Premium service is also too expensive. I would RECOMMEND you look elsewhere. Would be nice if they charged a one time fee of $5 or something. The perfect app RUINED. There not enough features to justify the cost of premium service. I wish I could give it zero stars. They only took $10 off the premium and still too expensive. There need to be one time purchase!

  6. It automatically opens up banner ads for apps. I’ve deleted and redownloaded and cleared storage and cache. It even opens the banner ads when I’m just opening the app after it was running in the background or if I’m looking at my play later list, when there are no banners on the screen. That’s sketchy. I wonder if they get paid every time a banner ad is opened and are forcing it. I can see from other reviews that this isn’t just a problem with my device.

  7. This is thee best podcast app out there but there are 2 annoying problems with it. About 1 out of 10 times when resuming a podcast it will not pick up where I left off, but instead earlier on in the program. The other annoyance is when queuing up podcasts in play later, it will reorder the episodes. Go to manually rearrange it and it does it again. Only way I’ve found to make it play ball is to force stop the app and reopen it.

  8. STILL Basically perfect, at least for me. I have picked up podcasts from within the app, as well as by RSS feed, and the subscriptions and playback (both of which are highly configurable) have been flawless. Hard to imagine how a free podcast app, or even a paid one could be better. Unlike some apps that are “updated” into being useless garbage, PlayerFM is still something that I use everyday.

  9. Update: I’m very sad to update my review but most podcasts will not show up now. Seems this app is now one of the worst. Disappointed. Hands down this is best podcast app on Android. I finally can listen offline while on the go. Other apps were such a pain and took up space. Options are easy to change, now I can download directly to my SD card. It’s the little things that really add up. Love the setup and other features available too. There’s no other app out there that comes close. 6/5 stars.

  10. Jay dice:

    Player fm is just the best podcast app ever. Period. Nothing else compares. No ads, really nice customization settings. Been using this app for 5 years now and it’s only gotten better!! This is so refreshing compared to the dozen-plus apps I tried before that all added in mandatory ads and just ruined the experience (and they lost users because c of it). Player FM for life!! I just truly hope they never add in forced ads… otherwise I’ll be looking elsewhere again!

  11. My stuff isn’t downloading anymore. The app syncs fine and can stream, but it refuses to download by subscribtion or manually. It was working just fine a few days ago but now nothing is offline. I even tried reinstalling the app and resetting my phone. Fyi: I do not have WiFi in my area, just mobile data. I did set my subscription preferences to download everything anywhere.

  12. This app used to be five stars for me. It’s an excellent podcast player and has every feature you’d want HOWEVER every single time I open the app now it tries to get me to sign up for their premium features which I have no need for. I’m going to find a new app because all I want is to listen to podcasts and not sync across devices or whatever they are trying to offer.

  13. Update: The issue I wrote about in my original review has been fixed, so I changed my rating to 5 stars. I didn’t have the battery optimizer on when I was experiencing issues, so that wasn’t the problem. But whatever it was, it’s fixed now and podcasts are playing smoothly! Original review: Started listening to a podcast; I’m 4 minutes in and it has stopped for no reason 4 times. The whole episode has already been downloaded so I can’t imagine why this is happening, but it’s very frustrating.

  14. This use to be a great app. The only missing feature was the ability to play non MP3 files at variable speeds, and it finally got that ability a few weeks ago. However, they have also been messing with the interface and not in a good way. Each click into a subscribed feed leads to a 10 second wait for it to load. And the ability to scroll left/right from one subscription to the next doesn’t work anymore. It was very responsive before, I don’t know why they thought slower would be better.

  15. What I love: Most importantly, that it’s podcasts only, not music. That I can create collections or categories and name them how I like. That there are ads but they’re not invasive. I can download or stream. I can arrange oldest to newest or vice versa. Visually easy to use and look at. What I don’t like? The app is just sometimes glitchy and wonky. That’s annoying, but I still like the lay of the land.

  16. I really love this app and have used it for years, but something has recently changed with the auto play. It used to shuffle it’s way through my downloaded podcasts (great for variety on long bike rides) and now it either plays all of the podcasts in a series, repeats the one I’ve just listened to from the beginning, or doesn’t play anything at all. I can’t figure it out. Aside from this new confusion (which I would love to be enlightened on), I do recommend this app.

  17. The application is adequate not spectacular not too disappointing. It could improve in ways such as allowing users to have greater control over the order they want things to play. That cost 1 star. Then they pestered me to rate them. That is automatically a loss of a star. To be clear, I think that you should be able to order items that come up first, second, third, etc. This goes beyond the sort order of the list. It’s adding a play order as a separate list.

  18. I love this app and use it regularly, but one thing is really starting to annoy me and I’m going to remove it. I shutdown my phone every night, so this is not caused by the app running in the background. If I have a bluetooth headset on for phone calls, once a call ends, or if my phone plays a sound for an incoming e-mail, after that sounds completes or the call is finished, this app begins playing the next podcast. It happens multiple times per day. It is very annoying. I just want the app to sleep when not in use.

  19. The app is ok, but I found canceling to be confusing. Ultimately, I’m not 100 percent sure if it was their fault or mine, but it still required more steps than I’m used to when it comes to canceling a service – it takes, at the least, two emails. That said, a decent podcast app, one that I used as a supplement to Pocketcasts for a couple of years.

  20. It was perfect until a few days ago. I love that I can subscribe to podcasts. Maybe other players allow this also. Unfortunately, for some reason, a few days ago, the podcasts would just stop. I’ve turned off notifications (didn’t help) then went online to try to figure out the issue (didn’t help). Went to their FAQs – really didn’t help. To be clear, no issues AT ALL until a few days ago, even with notifications turned off. Trying to find a new podcast app now.

  21. By no means am I an expert on podcast players, I’ve used maybe two others. Reading reviews on other players, users gripe about ads. I can’t recall ever seeing an ad on this player, if I have, I don’t remember it. That in itself is a good thing. You can pretty much find any podcast you like. Controls are easy. Premium gives tons more options. Worth a download if you want hassle free listening.

  22. I liked the old version of this app A LOT, but updated it the other day and the new version isn’t as good. The sleep timer is more clicks away. Some shows download nearly a day after posted to the feed. I think some shows now get marked as played after only listening to a portion instead of finishing them. But most of all, i can’t escape the ads for getting “premium”. Like on every single episode of everything, there’s a “Get Premium” link at the bottom that i’m afraid i’ll accidentally click. This supposed “upgrade” has made me look for a new podcast app. Such as a shame, as i had happily used the older version for years.

  23. This latest version seems to now ignore the download over Wi-Fi settings. I just got notified that I’m almost out of data. The phone reports 2.4 GB data usage from this app in the last two weeks. Update: I attempted to send you the logs, but the mail bounced saying your mailbox is over quota. UPDATE: As usual, the developer is responsive. They identified the problem and released a fix.

  24. Great app! The only issue I am having is the app will randomly pause every few minutes during downloaded podcasts, causing me to have to stop whatever I am doing in order to start the podcast again. This issue only started a couple weeks ago and never occurred prior to then. Edit: This issue is still occurring, even after following recommended change to battery optimization.

  25. Was an awesome podcast app. Download, sort, subscribe, does it all. And if you have an issue, developers were quick to respond. Formerly a 5 star app. Downgraded to 2 stars. There’s now an ad banner that is annoyingly placed across the bottom of the screen. Directly below the app player controls. Way too easy to accidentally hit the banner when controlling playback. The huge issue for me is now this app constantly uses data due to the ads. Now I need to find a new podcast app. Any suggestions?

  26. Finally getting around to updating my review… Overall, great app with a slick UI (though it does take a little time to learn your way around). For those who want to sync podcasts across devices, $40/year honestly isn’t bad. My only issue is that randomly the bottom navigation bar will disappear, and I have to restart the app to get it back. It doesn’t happen often, and it’s an easy fix on my end, but it is a bit strange.

  27. I used to love this app, but in the last month or so, quality assurance has gone way downhill. I have had numerous issues that have went unresolved: app would crash randomly, app would not load the ‘playing’ screen where I could fast forward or rewind, it would not show my progress in the notification shade – it only showed that I had completed the podcast even when I had just started playing it. Finally, I switched to an alternative. I hope you can figure out the bugs and resolve them.

  28. I have tried nearly all of the Android podcast apps out there, and I keep coming back to Player FM. The interface is intuitive and uncluttered, yet manages to have all the functions I want available on each screen (unlike some other apps where I have to struggle to figure out how to get back to the homepage!) — and this is just in the free version period with the ability to sync between different devices, it’s clear to me that anyone who listens to multiple podcasts should at least try this app.

  29. Generally good, it’s the least annoying podcast app that I’ve found, and it has a solid amount of useful features. The one star off is because the app will randomly skip episodes (sometimes to the next on my list, sometimes to the most recent ep) when I shake or drop my phone. It’s not reproducible, I can shake the hell out of my phone and nothing will happen, but it will randomly happen while driving or walking, always when the phone is moving, even if slightly. Annoying but livable.

  30. It does what it’s supposed to do, which is pretty good, compared with other podcast apps I’ve tried. But it’s a bit buggy. The bugs don’t make it unusable. I put up with them and used it for a few years now. The most annoying bug shows up when I drag podcasts up and down my playlist. It often doesn’t replace the correctly, so my dragged podcast will show up twice, and some other podcast will now be missing. But the missing ones always come back, although not where I expected. This makes it a pain to rearrange my podcast order. But playback is very reliable, which is most important.

  31. I’m surprised I’ve never rated this app as I’ve been using it for years. It has most of the features I need, cloud based configuration, podcast browsing and suggestions, download queue, notably you don’t have to subscribe to download an episode and put it in your queue which allows you to explore and subscribe after you got a good sense for the podcast. I have not found a better player than this one.

  32. I was really enjoying this app and then all the sudden it started glitching and skipping around in the middle of a podcast it’s doing a lot now it’s super frustrating and it’s making me want to just get rid of it I wish there was a way to fix it. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it but I have the Google pixel 3. if I could fix it I definitely give him much better rating cuz I really usually enjoy it but this basically makes it unusable when it skips around in the middle of a podcast.

  33. I’ve used the app for years, across a few phones, just because it was the first one I tried. The interface has always been confusing and frustrating, it always took a few minutes to be able to find where my subscribed podcasts were, how to set up a queue of episodes, etc. The situation only got worse across redesigns. I just downloaded a new podcast app with a much more intuitive interface. Uninstalling this one now

  34. Easily the best podcast app available. So many features other apps don’t have. More info on every pod I listen to than other apps have. The notifications bar stays open even if you close the app, and let’s you continue listening while minimizing system resources used. Really well optimized! Not only that, but it’s easy on the eyes, and easy to navigate too. Highly recommend!

  35. It’s free & ok. I used this app for many years & really enjoyed it. However over the last year, updates to the app have made it frustrating to use. The Play Later feature would never play my podcasts in the proper order & would continue playing episodes of a podcast that I had not added to my Play Later list. I contacted their support & they were prompt to follow up with me, but offered no real solutions. I moved to Pocket Casts and I’m very happy now. But if you can deal with that, it’s free.

  36. Was easily a 5 star app for ages(years?) for me, but the last few updates have really seemed to bog down my cell phone’s speed with the app open. Lots of delay between picking episodes, menu selections, or even phone functions like unlocking the screen or changing the volume. I’m only knocking off one star, because I can’t be 100% percent sure that it is the app causing the issue, or an odd coincidence. Otherwise, this is the best podcast app around for me!

  37. This app is a bait and switch. They claim it’s free so I expected some advertising, but I didn’t expect the user interface to be so difficult to use that the only obvious choice is to “subscribe” to their “service”. I uninstalled it immediately. It has earned two stars because it does function, sorta. Search isn’t great, it can download and play a podcast. The app you want to install instead is Google Podcasts, which has a much cleaner design, doesn’t force you to subscribe, and helps conserve your bandwidth, by default. To avoid confusing the reader, I should point out the lack of a “skip” option or an “x” in the upper right after the first execution of the app is what I found most objectionable. When you run it the second time, you are presented with a screen that tells you to select a subscription level, and the only (undocumented) way out is to use the Android back button.

  38. If you more what you would like to listen to, it’s a good app. Otherwise, searching through the podcasts to find what you’re interested in is very painful. It only searches through the name of the podcast: not the description or even the name of each episode. With an improved search function, would be much more useful.

  39. Leo .S dice:

    I’ve experimented with a few different podcast in platforms, but this one is my favorite by far and I’ve been using it for about 2 years. The developers truly care about delivering a quality product and it shows. Updates come out frequently that constantly roll out incremental improvements in functionality and user experience. I probably listen to podcasts approximately 3 hours a day and this app performs reliably. I’ve only had a few crashes and glitches, but part of that may just be the phone. Update: developer added an awful ad banner. The best podcast app has been ruined. The “premium” subscription version price is ridiculous.

  40. One of my biggest issues with the app is that after pausing the content and either disconnecting my phone from Bluetooth or headphones, it will continue to play whatever the current podcast is. I have it occur at least 3 times a week if not more, causing me to have to go through and find a point close to where I was. When it comes to an entertainment app, this is a huge inconvenience.

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