Royal Farm MODDED 2022


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Build a beautiful farm and a magical town for fairytale characters
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You are in the magical land of Royal Farm! And you are the most welcome guest here!

Royal Farm is much more than just a farming game – it’s a fairy tale world filled with characters and stories familiar to each of us since childhood. And this world is endless, so the palette of fairy tales will never run out!

Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Esmeralda, Gingerbread Man, Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and other beloved characters are waiting for you in the game!

Interact with fairy tale characters completing their orders, develop your farm and build a magical city for them.

Make friends to help each other and join guilds to compete in Dragon Races. Use friendship codes to add new friends and take your chance to win a Leprechaun’s prize!

The world of Royal Farm is big. Beautiful and mysterious places are waiting for you in its deepest corners – try to explore them all!

The atmosphere of a fairy tale and magic combines with a convenient farming process, entertaining tasks and regular events, making Royal Farm your favorite farming game of all time!

Install Royal Farm and start your fabulous adventure right now!



At Royal Farm farming is enjoyable and easy.

You will find cows, hens, sheep and other charming domestic animals in the game. Feed and take care of them, so they will bring you the best produce to sell. Grow various plants, vegetables and berries in your beautiful orchards and gardens. Develop beautiful agricultural buildings and factories and improve your goods.


Build a magical city for the fairy tale citizens. Build houses for them, collect character cards and get valuable rewards after completing travelers’ orders.


There are important and interesting places in this fairy tale land. They will help you to develop the gameplay and improve your farm.

Find useful items at the Archibald’s shop, complete orders and get coins and game experience at the Tavern, send loaded ships and trade at the Market, spin the Wheel of Fortune to receive Leprechaun’s gift and get rare and valuable objects at the Dragon treasury.


Find a huge number of bright decorations to improve your fabulous town. Try a unique mechanic changing the appearance of the elements on the map and allowing you to create a custom look for your farm.


Wonderful adventures happen every day in the magical world of the Royal Farm. Immerse yourself in the world of amazing stories, interesting tasks and an atmosphere of friendship and romance!

Participate in themed seasons, events and quests from a special Journal. Complete tasks or take part in events and receive useful and unique rewards, such as decorations, tools, cards and more.


In Royal Farm, players can help each other with completing the orders and unite in guilds to achieve common goals and receive valuable rewards. Guilds take part in the Dragon Races and compete with other players from all over the world for valuable prizes and unforgettable experiences.


Royal Farm is a completely free app. However, some in-game items can be purchased with real money. You can switch off this option in your device settings.

The game uses the social mechanics of the Facebook network.

Royal Farm supports over 15 languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

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Meet the most wonderful Royal Farm update!
- Dive into fairy tale in the new Season of wonders. Collect enchanted apples and get fabulous rewards including magic hut, mysterious tower and staines glass statue.
- New recipes: olive oil at the gravy boat and mirror at the glassblower’s.


4 comentarios en "Royal Farm MODDED 2022"

  1. Linda Durnin dice:

    It’s a ok game, lots to do, lots of orders to make, but it does take time. Can’t progress really fast. Wish we could get farm plots quicker so we can keep up with what’s needs grown. Or open new land quicker to make room for everything. Uninstalled due to lake of fun and too much to do, takes way to long to make stuff for all the orders this game has.

  2. Thaddeus Robert dice:

    I like this game! But I know how to make the game even better: 1) There must be another way to transfer progress, other than linking the game to Facebook. I don’t have Facebook and I spend too much time not being able to save my game progress. 2) You need to add the ability to replace what is in the queue. 3) Add the ability to sell and buy items to upgrade the warehouse and barn on the market, as done in Hay Day. Thanks

  3. Amberly Ellis dice:

    Probably my favorite game to date! Vibrant colors, adorable characters, and there’s never a shortage of things to do. If I had to complain, it would be that we aren’t given the option to watch ads for extra coins, gems, items etc. like other games. It’s also a pain that you have to have “reputation” just to get certain factories. There are some I can’t get simply because of that, so I’m unable to fill some orders because I can’t make the required items. Fix those, and the game is perfect!

  4. Enya Broc dice:

    This is a great app! Problem though, the customers snag items from the ship. During a dragon race, the item completed was locked into the tally. But with the ship, it is not. So if the item is popular with the other customers, they snag the item first. I am very frustrated by this. The app and the graphics are great. It just needs a way to designate who gets the item and who will wait. I really enjoy the game. Thanks.

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