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Play mini-games, grow your collection and build YOUR world!
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Introducing the brand new, OFFICIAL Hatchimals app! Hatchtopia Life is a creative world builder like no other!

Start by finding a spot to build a Hatchi Home and assign a Hatchimal to live there. Decorate your world on the inside and out. Build your Hatchtopia and design your environment – just like a virtual play set! Dream big and build a Hatchtopia that is entirely unique!

* Hatch Factor: Seize your moment in the spotlight in this fresh take on a classic Memory Game!
* Friendship Farm: Tilt your device to catch all the yummy fruits but try to avoid the rotten ones!

*Bakey Cakery is here!
– Create cupcakes for Hatchimals that match their tastes!
– Earn coins faster using the Bakery Cakery!
– Become a shop keeper and decorate your cafe your way!

Did you find an egg-shaped code in your Hatchtopia Life plush toy? Use this to unlock awesome stuff in the app like a new egg to hatch, a bundle of goodies, and an exciting Hatchy Home! Who will you hatch next!?

Want to build your Hatchtopia even faster? There’s a shop in Hatchtopia with 5+ houses, 15+ characters, 42+ items of clothing and 119+ more items are available for purchase.

To build your dream Hatchtopia, you will need Hatchi Coins! Play mini-games, complete achievements and give your Hatchimals an amazing home to earn more Hatchi Coins! Earn coins and gems by playing mini games and building your Hatchtopia. Buy the physical plush toy at participating retailers and use the code to earn even more rewards!

HFF! Get in on the excitement of Chapter 1 by scanning and sharing your Friend Codes with your besties! Friend Codes come with a physical toy purchase but can also be purchased digitally as an in-app purchase! Once you exchange Friend Codes and redeem them in-app with a friend, you can show off your favorite character, deliver gifts and send stickers & messages!

Visit our official site: http://www.hatchimals.com
Contact Customer Care: https://www.spinmaster.com/customer-care-form.php

* This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. You can turn off this feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
* Hatchtopia Life plush toys, including codes you can scan, are available at major retailers everywhere. Using your physical code in the app will enhance the app experience. This can also be purchased digitally as an in-app purchase.
* Hatchtopia Life does not use any third party advertising.
* Some features require an active internet connection.
* We take safety & privacy concerns very seriously. Visit out privacy policy here: https://spinmaster.helpshift.com/a/hatchtopia-life/?p=web&s=privacy-policy&f=privacy-policy&l=en

This app supports devices running Android 4.4 and above with more than 2GB of RAM
Updates may affect compatibility.


All Special Items in the store are now unlocked all year round!
- New Wilder Wings Accessories! Glam up your Hatchimals with wings!
- New Wilder Wings codes to unlock new items!
- Lots of bug fixes to keep you playing!


40 comentarios en "Hatchimals Hatchtopia Life MOD"

  1. I took the advice of developer, reinstalled game, thought the issue of crashing was fixed, but it unfortunately persists. It also seems to be directly related to decorating. I played for a while with no issues, but as soon as I decorated my area, whatever I click to do afterward, crashes game w/error code 0. I really like this game but I’m so frustrated. And it seems to only save at intervals so when I close it and play later, it hadn’t saved the last of my activity from my previous time playing

  2. 1. Graphics: Adorable. If you unlock the second island, you lose ability to use the edging of first island. 2. Gameplay: Smooth and fairly easy for children. Max level is 30, can be achieved in a week. 3. Goals: Many require friends or gems. Some would cost $50 (real $) or more to actually do. A social aspect & too high of in game purchases targets adults not children. 4. Achievements: Much like goals. Not sure where rewards go after max level. 5. Rewards: Wheel-Lame not worth it Daily- Ehhh

  3. Completely unplayable– I can get as far as trying to choose a username before I encounter an error. Sent an email to the listed dev contact a week ago and have gotten nothing back. If you’re going to kill an app, at least leave a note in the app store description and stop advertising it on your toys and website.

  4. This used to work on a Chromebook. Now I get messages that it is “not compatible” when installing. Kinda frustrating when you can’t even install the app for the kids. Contacted support and they said “you can install through Play Store”. Thanks! Big Help! (Eye roll…) The Play Store states not compatible. It used to be…

  5. it’s an adorable game that im loving playing with my daughter but i’m frustrated that at this point (level 16) I have still not been able to earn a second hatchimal. I should at least be able to earn more hatchimals without buying anything at some point! I really appreciate that the in game purchases do not pop up during game play. I am really enjoying it but not loving losing the “surprise collecting” aspect that I feel is a large part of the hatchimals brand.

  6. At first couldn’t find the app on my daughters tablet so had to do it on my phone but I have downloaded it only get as far as choosing a name as then it comes up with an error telling me to close the app and re open done that several times even uninstall and reinstall , still don’t work, is there something you can do as my daughter very disappointed.

  7. I was having a glitch with the spin wheel in game. Contacted support. They told me to uninstall and reinstall the game. I didnt think it was a good idea but did it anyway because they said it would help. But now I cant reinstall the game on my phone. So I lost my world and the money I have put into the game. I’ve reach out often in the last 3 weeks for help and I haven’t gotten any. I was purchasing the eggs at stores to get codes and playing the game. Now I’ve lost it all.

  8. Super cute and easy to use! Love the fruit catching minigame and the cute decorations. It looks like more features will be available when the plush it out to buy but you can still play it without that.

  9. LA S dice:

    Spent $90 on Hatchtopia plush, playing since March. Codes didn’t work, huge hassle getting support. Now lost many premium items I bought or earned in game due to update bug. Game has many bugs, is cute concept but current pandemic situation means little support and I have lost money and time playing. Best avoid this game until situation can be properly addressed. Update, bug fix update helped a little, they are trying.

  10. Since the last update the game has slowed massively, you can no longer get any eggs (level 34) not for weekly rewards, not for scoring over 1000 in the games, the wheels that offer a 66% chance of an egg every 3 days have yet to reward one, my daughter loved the game but the update has really reduced her eggcitement, to upgrade the map size requires a wait time of 10 days at level 15 or you can pay £500 to do it now. The in app currency is easy to spend and costs a lot

  11. S Mac dice:

    Oh dear. My daughter has been playing this game for awhile now, level 21 player, now all of a sudden our won’t update or open. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, same issue happened. Hope she didn’t lose all her progress!

  12. Blitayix dice:

    Can’t play When I opened the game and picked my name there was an error code, I tried again and the error code still appears. I was excited to try this game because I collect hatchimals and all that. It’s literally unplayable

  13. This game is fun, cute and a great choice for little girls ages 3 & up. (9/19/21) — since writing this review the game always glitches and it is hard to get spinmaster to respond to you. Cute game if they could get through the kinks.

  14. I love this game! But I’ve had to restart twice already… I worked so hard on my last island and now I had to restart… TOT

  15. It’s a very cute game with all the hatchamals, but after a while it gets very boaring and dull. The games get repetitive and everything else is slow.

  16. Just downloaded this for my daughter as we got her the Xmas calendar and I have opened it twice and at the start it comes up saying oops something happened please close and reopen. Please fix!!!! My daughter loves hatchimals and would love this to help keep track of what ones she has

  17. Works great on my Galaxy 10+, but am really disappointed to find it isn’t available on my daughter’s Samsung TabA 8 inch. Any plans of updating to allow more devices?!!! She’ll be super disappointed she still has to ask for mommy’s phone to play the game she loves. I sent an email regarding this matter as well.

  18. This is like one of my most favorite games ever! The hatchimals are soon cute but I always get the same ones when I hatch a egg I would like it more if it wore easier to get different hatchimals. Anyway thanks for making this game and I love the toys to! I hope all you get thus game!

  19. App at first looked adorable. Downloaded it. Cute names, although it tells me to install it again, I really love hatchimals, please fix it because it’s a waste of time! 🙁 Good luck fixing it :(.

  20. I got a hatchtopia life egg for my daughter for Christmas, we downloaded the app and we can’t get past the choosing a name without getting an error code. Very disappointed little girl that was looking forward to playing with her gift and can’t.

  21. I love it!!!! But sometimes it says its not working and I just want to play it! Oh and can you please make more episodes for Hatchimals Adventures in Hatchtopia and the stuffed animal of each Hatchimal but made in USA. Thank you!

  22. Just started the app for my child and entered the code in in the toy and boom instant error code not even 5min of owning the product and now won’t let me reenter the code because it says it’s been entered. So now my child is very upset that the toy they got they can’t use in the app like it suppose to.

  23. My 6 year old loves this game. We have been locked out for weeks since the last update though. All suggested fixes don’t work and daughter is crushed. Spinmaster please fix! Thanks, Kelly

  24. My daughter enjoys playing this app that came along with the hatchimal. The support has been responsive too when we had issues. Thanks again!

  25. Can’t load game after lots of money spent and time . My daughter has had this game for about > months• she has spent a lot of money to get things for her hatchimals and time building her town and now all the sudden the game won’t even open and app developers don’t write back. Hatchimals is a very large and lucrative company you would think they would treat their customers better. We will be done purchasing and supporting their business all around

  26. I bought hatchimals but when i scan the code, it says it couldn’t add, to try reopening the app and scan again. I reopened and scanned but then it says my codes were already redeemed but they werent applied to my game

  27. I gave it a 4 because the premium wheel takes too long untill we can spin it again. Please make it shorter so we can play more. Now there was and error pls fix it.

  28. App won’t load – downloaded it, chose character name but when you press ‘go’ it keeps saying there is an error (error code 0) and won’t load.

  29. It did look like a cute game but when i got to the username part it wont work it keeps saying error contract to the owner of the game or restart and i really want to play but its not working so please fix it

  30. Elsie Tan dice:

    I did not even get to play. I downloaded this, and got into it, and all I got was errors and loading. Don’t recommend to ppl with bad internet. I downloaded this when I got a code for this game, but I never got to play. Please fix this problem.

  31. Joe Davis dice:

    Crashes when i try to start the app. Does not work. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ on Android 12.

  32. You seriously need to update this app ,the giggling tree can’t upgrade anymore ,no more land to keep building because you can’t upgrade the tree anymore ,it’s getting annoying

  33. A device with 2GB Ram is not compatible. I have a device with exactly 2gb ram. Can you please lower the RAM requirements to 2gb or higher instead of greater than 2gb?!

  34. I cant even log in it just keeps saying “Oops an error occurred” not only that but it KEEPS ON HAPPENING! Its basically saying “Oops sorry we dont want you to play the game”

  35. Absolutely livid… Bought 4 of these for my girls.. Not only can the app not be installed on their tablets.. I put it on my phone and tried putting the codes in and more than HALF the codes dont work.. That’s absolutely insane…

  36. Can’t load game because it says my version is outdated. But I don’t have option to update. About ready to delete and will have to deal with a very unhappy little girl. NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR APP RIGHT NOW!!! FIX IT!! Giving 1 star till fixed!!

  37. I love the game and the toys, I have lots of Hatchimals and I love them all so much! I recommend this game and the show Hatchimals Adventures in Hatchtopia, the show is very cute and funny that is why I love it and is my favorite show! All the characters are so cute, they are all my favorite eggspecially Puppit because she is a puppy, but I love them all! I hope more people watch the show!

  38. Worked great for a couple days now gets stuck loading even after reinstall. Very frustrating for my 4 year old which accompanied her Pixie Rider.

  39. When I downloaded the app it kept on saying oh o something isn’t right I closed the app and it still doesn’t work. Terrible experience.

  40. Doesn’t work scanned 3 codes successfully got a egg but couldn’t get past putting it in its habitat just kept reloading every time I dragged the house to where it said I should put it 🤷‍♀️

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