23andMe – DNA Testing MODDED 2022


Explore your DNA! Learn about your ancestry, health, traits, and more.
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Explore your DNA with 23andMe. Discover how your DNA connects you to 2000+ geographic regions around the world. Gain insights into your health, traits, and more.

• Ancestry + Traits Service includes Ancestry Composition — covering 2000+ geographic regions — and 30+ Trait reports such as Ability to Match Musical Pitch, Cilantro Taste Aversion, and more.
 • DNA Relative Finder allows you to opt-in to connect with other 23andMe customers who share your DNA and ancestors.
 • Your Family Tree, automatically built from your DNA relationships, allows you to easily visualize how you’re all related.
• Health + Ancestry Service includes everything in Ancestry + Traits Service plus 65+ additional genetic reports such as Genetic Weight, Muscle Composition, and more.*

Both Services require purchasing a kit and submitting a saliva sample using the collection kit provided. You can log into your account to track the progress of your sample. Once you get your results, open your app to view all your reports.

In the app, you can also choose to answer survey questions and participate in 23andMe research.

Our rigorous standards ensure quality service.

• Our team of scientists and medical experts uses a robust process to develop reports and ensure validity.
• Ancestry percentages are derived from our powerful, well-tested system that provides you with ancestry estimates down to the 0.1%.

*Health + Ancestry Service is available in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, and Sweden.

Terms of service
US (https://www.23andme.com/about/tos/)
UK, IE, FI, DK, SE, NL (https://www.23andme.com/en-eu/about/tos/)
Canada (https://www.23andme.com/en-ca/about/tos/)
All other countries (https://www.23andme.com/en-int/about/tos/)


Explore all your ancestral regions in one easy-to-use map with our updates to the Ancestry Composition report.
You now have the option to provide your gender (including a non-binary option), in addition to your birth sex, during kit registration and in your account settings.
Search for your favorite 23andMe reports using the new native search functionality.
Bug fixed: This release fixes an issue where users were not able to see their data on lifestyle dashboard on app log out and a later log in.


40 comentarios en "23andMe – DNA Testing MODDED 2022"

  1. Charlee W dice:

    Unable to change the confidence percentage within the app (it stays at the default 50%). The family tree section seems a bit glitchy too, but I don’t really use it as I’ve turned off DNA relatives. Overall it’s a great app where you can see your results, traits, explore your heritage lands and take research surveys. I prefer the desktop experience, but the app is convenient. I love whipping it out when someone tells me I don’t look Italian lol

  2. It’s been amazing! I only wish it was possible to be able to send photos back and forth through the messaging section. Some people surprisingly don’t have social media accounts. Another cool added feature could be if we able to automatically get connected to relatives social media accounts instead of having to search them.

  3. The app is clean and aesthetically pleasing, however, since the last update or 2 YOU CANNOT SEND MESSAGES. It’s glitched. When I go to reply to a message, there is NO option to send. If you drag the screen around, you can see the page glitching and a send button will briefly flash. But you can’t select it. This happens in both portrait and landscape mode. It’s extremely frustrating as I’m unable to reply to a new relative. The mobile site does the same thing. Can someone address this?

  4. As a service 23andMe delivers what they promised. Their app is not very user friendly. The website is easier to use. If I am looking for DNA relatives for example and I use the back button on my tablet after viewing a profile, it takes me back to the home screen. Most of the time I lose my filter settings when i go back from viewing a profile. Sometimes places when i am not on the home screen and i press the back button I completely exit the app. It is fairly frustrating.

  5. Excellent app so far. The only issue I can find with it is that, when the process of registering the kit or giving the saliva sample is interrupted by switching apps or closing the app, the app appears to go back to the beginning. Tapping the button at the bottom of the screen takes you to the proper screen, but knowing that you can just tap the “register kit” etc buttons is something some people might not know to do. So the process of using the app to register the kit becomes a bit ambiguous.

  6. App is great. Biggest recommendation would be a back button on surveys to fix errors. Clicking through responses, it’s really easy to make the wrong selection, and since some of the surveys advance automatically and there’s no back button, there’s no way to edit a response. I wound up reporting myself as a leftie…not the end of the world, but any research based on my data looking at handedness is going to be wrong.

  7. Easy set-up! First time doing anything like this but I’ve always been curious on my background ancestry and health in the family. The apps ui is easy to navigate, only problem i had was the survey would not let you go back on the last question. So check and answer correctly! I tried to find the question but sadly I couldn’t because there is a feature to look it up but even with keywords i couldn’t get it. Other than that, i cant wait to track my results fir a new and better way of living!

  8. Great app with intuitive menus, and an overall easy to understand process. They will continuously update health information as the technology they use to analyze genetics gets better, without charging you extra (some say there’s a subscription, but I don’t see it). Great investment and I could not suggest an improvemt if I tried. Granted, it’d be nice if the price was lower so that more people have access to this information, however I feel the price is more than justified for what you receive.

  9. The user interface is easy to understand and navigate. The one issue I had was that the video explaining what happens once you mail in your kit was very slow loading so it would be nice to have a YouTube link to it as well or if they have it on their website. We are waiting for our kits to arrive at the lab now so I will leave another review with our full experience later on.

  10. this application is simple and easy to use. the graphical user interface is pleasing to the eyes and its functionality is simple so that even the most novice of application users can navigate without problems. In addition, it is also not a very large app so it doesn’t waste a bunch of space on my phone. this application also allows you to choose what kind of notifications you get and when. And best of all, it is the only free app I think I have ever downloaded which did not populate ads!

  11. Overall I really appreciate the user interface of this app and what I’m able to do. There are a few problems like text being cut off on the top or bottom and when I exit certain pages (like when I’m looking at the profile of a DNA relative) it kicks me all the way out to the main page and I have to navigate back into the relative section. Also the messaging feature is confusing and it’s almost impossible to view your past messages all in a row or to see who you have messaged and when.

  12. As a Software Engineer, the clean UI, easy navigation, detailed pages, and eye grabbing info graphics are impressive. The whole experience has been great from start to finish and my results came in much faster than the estimate. Definitely a high quality app and service. Only opportunities for improvement I see: sometimes pages need to be navigated to twice to load; part of me wishes I could review my results offline.

  13. Overall good presentation of the results. Lots of information, but it isn’t really organized intuitively. Find myself opening several things to find any information other than the core genetic history that is in the first card. Internal results are organized and interesting though. Overall fairly complete view, but just organized as a “read” rather than a “reference”.

  14. The idea of this app is great but everything I click on takes forever to load. The two green and pink balls continually spin no matter what I click on. Tried uninstalling, reinstall, and even went as far as to master reset my phone to see if that would help. Nope. Still everything takes forever. I’ll just use the website instead. Works much better than the app.

  15. I’ve how 23andMe keeps updating the app/our health reports with new information when it becomes available or just expanding on what already have already added. for example, they expanded on more about each of the main places where I came from and told me some interesting facts about the food, culture, etc. The only thing I would like to have changed is when I hit the back button on my phone it takes me all the way back to the main pages. Overall, I really enjoy it!

  16. The app takes ages to load every single screen. The family tree building is super wonky. In general the product offers good insights and they look reliable, I’m satisfied on that. But the way the expose them is not intuitive. Oh and the chat really needs some work. The user experience is poor in general, I would rather use the browser. My critique is only regarding the app, the web version is great and the product is one of the best for sure.

  17. The 23 and me app has a lot of options for exploring your personal data and reports on health and relatedness. It’s fun, and easy to use, and the views are pretty well optimized for mobile. It’s not just a simpler version of the desktop site. My only complaints are, it’s a bit slow. And the family tree quickly gets useless, a few generations back, because it can’t handle cases of consanguineous marriages, double first cousins, or other kinds of multiple relationships.

  18. The app and results are very interesting to read! I love the relative map/family tree. Unfortunately for now I’ve left it at two stars because the ‘Ancestry Composition’ tab has only given me an ‘Uh oh, something went wrong!’ error message with the option to reload with no results. That was the part I was most interested in so as of now, I’ll be leaving my review at two stars until that portion of the app shows info instead of an error. This is a fantastic app/service & I would recommend it!

  19. Receiving the sample box and mailing it back is sooo easy (be sure to tape the box just in case). Just follow the directions in the tiny booklet and mail the sample back! (Return-mailing is already paid for so you don’t have to worry about it). The app is very easy to navigate, and the surveys you can take to help you further understand your ancestral background and what similarities/differences you have with your living relatives are very easy and actually pretty fun to take. Highly recommend!

  20. In the messaging feature once you get a messge thread going, you are unable go see what you are typing, as well as barely see the send button. Once there has been a couple messages you are unable to get to the text box to even attempt to write a message, it will only stay at the top of your first message and not scroll through the message thread to get to the text box. Then you are no longer able to continue messaging and communication is lost with the other relative.

  21. Although I had to redo the test, I was sent a new one for free! The waiting game was the worst part. In the end…so much information. A lot of info was so interesting! The health risks were a big factor for me too. Variants of certain genes are critical for early detection and elimination. The factoids about earwax, bitter taste, widows peaks and physical features were really fun. I get updates often, the more info 23&Me gets from the public the more I get too!! Love it! I recommend to all!

  22. When I first sent my sample in I thought that I would be playing a guessing game as to when my results would be ready but the app keeps you up to date from the time you send in your sample to when your reports are ready. It’s also really nice and helpful having all of my reports in place and there’s so much information to process. Love all the tools and tutorials on the app and look forward to learning more!

  23. This app works fairly well and has loads of information. However, I want to point out a bug. At least on Android Q, while sending messages to connections, the keyboard completely covers the message body. I cant see what I am typing. It’s incredibly cumbersome, and would be helpful to have fixed.

  24. I like this app. Although some of the pages seem to lag a bit when loading, it’s not too bad. The health reports are okay; but some of the survey questions are a bit annoying: who really knows? [ I.E. Do I experience cramps after strenuous exercise? Sometimes I do; but not always. Usually if I stretch well, and/or take a hot bath, I don’t. That, as far as my experience has been, is not defined by genetics; but by routine, or habit. So, when I get to that type of question, I skip it.

  25. I really like the app and enjoy using it! It is easy to navigate throughout the app. It would be nice to have a feature where you can specificy friends you add aren’t related to you. Or that if you add your significant other/spouse/etc. That you can clarify that is your connection to them.

  26. Monae dice:

    The app is okay, my results were ready on the 31st, but it took until the 2nd of November for me to be able to view them on the app. Whereass, i could see them immediately on the website. The app is cute & easy to follow and has some helpful videos & things when following your samples progress. But I recommend using the website as your main & the app as a secondary

  27. Consistently updated and improved, with a relatively easy user interface. Convenient when you don’t have a computer near by, but want to check results. I haven’t had the app crash, or lag, only occasionally will it load slowly and that’s likely not an issue on their end.

  28. Overall a well-made app. It’s got lots of content I’d you enjoy a good read. It can be a little difficult to navigate at first if you don’t know where the thing you want to look is. For instance, I would like it of a link to the overview listing all DNA traits were more obvious.

  29. The app is great! They make registering your sample easy, and you can see the status of where they are at in the process while you’re waiting for your results, along with an expected result date! They have videos for the steps of the process that explain what they are doing with the sample and why, so it’s really informative! If you are considering getting a kit, definitely get the app so you can follow the process!

  30. Its a good app with lots of great information. My 1 criticism is that the messaging portion is not great. After 1 message, you can no longer see as you type and after 2 messages to the same person, your new message doesn’t show on the screen at all and you can’t scroll down to see it.

  31. So far, this app experience is great! Every day I check the status of my sample. Every day it keeps the timeline up to date. while I’m waiting on my results I can answer questions to help with research. There are many things to read and explore regarding genetics. I especially love the easy to understand language and the time and thought they put into this app. Great job! Now, for my results!

  32. Love the set up and interest-keeping format. Could be a little easier to navigate though and find specific information one is trying to find. I eventually had to do a couple searches to even learn how to figure out if I had certain variations on a couple genes. I would have never found it if I hadn’t found a guide to getting that info in a search.

  33. Very interesting app and information. It seems to not really know me or something is off. Some information it gives me, does not seem to align with my habits, likes, dislikes or tendencies. But I do like the app and learning new things about myself. And it is helping me understand that I have certain genetic issues that affect my digestion and absorption.

  34. so far the app is very easy to use and to navigate. on a different subject the USPS is getting a 1 star rating! it’s been 10 days and my sample still hasn’t reached the facility! I could have driven the sample to the facility and be back home within 3 days! i didnt think they where going to send it by carrier pidgeon!

  35. It’s a nice clean looking at with good flow. Beyond the first few times of using the app, I’m mostly interested in just seeing if any new relatives crop up. I’m not aware of much else that changes. I’m a little bug that that option is not on the front screen, but in fact take several screens to get to.

  36. My overall experience is good. I’m not sure if these questionaires should include a question to start out about whether we’ve had a recent illness that may skue the results. I had a recent reaction to a medicine, a blood thinner, that caused a brain bleed. So my ability to exercise has changed, due to a new balance issue, and Doctors fear of me falling.

  37. Kat Dead dice:

    I have just sent out my test kit. So far the app is very easy to use and not overwhelming with information, just right in its ability to give you important information and ease of use. For more of a science buff sometimes i prefere more detailed and complex info but i can give that up for a hassle free no bs app as i also like direct and to the point approaches.

  38. My results came in earlier than expected. The health results didnt want to load on the app at first but I suspect it was because you have to read tutorials before recieving some results. After visiting the webpage, and completing the tutorials, the results loaded perfectly on the app. I do love that it was so thorough about educating people about what these results mean and what they DON’T mean.

  39. I think you guys have done a great job with the app and kits. Very easy to do and use. The app walks you through everything, which is nice bc my nerves are already on edge waiting for my results. I was very intimidated at first but then everything was so well explained that it took the intimidation right away and made me feel like a badass scientist instead lol

  40. 2 issues: I get notifications of a message when I tap the notification it takes me to the home screen and the bell icon does nothing, it doesn’t work. Second issue is that shared matches don’t show the percentage of DNA shared between them. So you have to go to the website on a PC to get all the information.

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