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With the State Farm® mobile app, you can manage your insurance and other products, request roadside assistance, file and track claims, and much more. Just another way we’re here to help life go right.®

View and manage your insurance policies.
• Quickly pay your insurance bill – even with Google Pay
• View your auto insurance ID card and add it to G-Pay
• View your insurance policies and coverage details

Here to help when you have a claim.
• File a vehicle, property or vehicle glass claim
• Track the status of your claim
• Get assistance with tire changes, dead batteries, stuck vehicles and more
• Search for repair facilities

But wait, there’s more!
• View details of your investment products
• Personalized reminders and notifications when you login
• FAQs available in the app when you need them
• Learn about our other products


• It’s faster and easier to review updates to our legal and privacy terms. Changes are listed out and described in simpler ways.
• You can review the updated terms, but you’re not required to accept them every time there’s a change.


40 comentarios en "State Farm® 2022"

  1. I will give it 3 stars, but it can be improved. My car has hands free bluetooth for the phone so when I enable bluetooth the app will say I’m on the phone. The other is leave a place for comments. I live in the country and had a deer run out in front of me. The app will say hard braking don’t follow to close to other drivers in their comment section. The other is about speed. This app goes through Google Maps and a lot of the speed limits on the roads in my area are incorrect.

  2. Dave M dice:

    I’m a little surprised that I’m reviewing an insurance app, but it’s really well done. I just opened the app to pay two auto insurance bills and was done in less than 30 seconds. Easy one-tap interface, super smooth. I haven’t used the rest of the app, but this part wowed me. So much faster than logging in to the website or paying by mail. Also, the digital insurance cards are handy and the fingerprint login is convenient. Nice job!

  3. This app is extremely glitchy. I keep getting a “We’re having technical issues” messages, renders this app as useless. The only thing it’s good for is looking up the insurance card. *Update from 1 to 4 stars* The app seems to be improved and is less glitchy. They also have some added features like safety recall look up and maintenance lookup, which adds real value to the app.

  4. Before I wrote a bad review, and I’m here to make it right. I am now able to log into my account and now it is working; it has made paying my car payment a whole lot easier. I like the insurance card features, it makes it a fairly decent app. It even can track your speed and give you discounts based on your driving style, so pay attention to apps location permissions if you want or don’t want that feature.

  5. UPDATED : The capability to load pictures or documents for an existing claim was eliminated on the internet site (not sure why since it worked). The website directs you to use the mobile app to upload documents. The interface on the mobile app is not intuitive. Under the Claims tab you are provided with a “Claim Status” message. The secret is to click on the message, which provides several menu choices, including “Files and Photos”. This gives you a list of claim documents and a link to add documents.

  6. While they keep adding features, which is great, the most recent update or two has caused the app to move significantly slower than before. When I tried to view/change my policy, it took a couple tries and a few minutes for an error message to come up, and then finally worked when I tried it a third time.

  7. G. D. dice:

    This app sucks. Every month I have to change my password because it does not recognize it….even though I verify it with the screen shot I took of my password. It’s ridiculous. Same with their drive safe app that doesn’t work. Getting to where I am ready just to change companies to one that is user friendly. It would be nice if I did not have to keep updating the app every month to log in. Just leave it alone.

  8. Every month, I have difficulties logging into this app. Why? My passwords have changed often. I started keeping a list of dates for password changes when paying online. This repetitive issue must be addressed by technical support immediately! I do not have time to call each and every month about the same hideous problem. Involvement by senior management is highly recommended. Horrible app!

  9. It was working just fine. Good thing I went to the app randomly one day instead of needing it during an emergency. The app locked me out because it needed an update. Then it locked me out of the updated version because it decided I needed a password change. Then it didn’t send my password change link to my email so I gave up and uninstalled it. App people need to think. For instance, this app is used for needed services including roadside and emergency. If you do stupid stuff like lock someone out because they haven’t opened the app recently, then make them update it and change their password then your app isn’t useful for it’s intended purpose. It should be accessible regardless and give warning that the user needs to perform maintenance tasks soon but still make the app useable for the moment. But don’t listen to me. Nobody ever does anyway. I’ll keep my paper cards and customer service phone number handy rather than wrestle with the app.

  10. Great app. able to do everything timely how i want. can see all valuable information needed. only thing is the credit card portion of the app keeps telling me “no transactions found” when i have a balance and know i have to pay it off. i end up having to call to pay. A slight bug im sure would be easy to fix. Until then I guess ill have to keep calling to pay. Sigh

  11. I consistently have issues logging in on the app. Everytime I call the number it gives me for support, I get an empty line with no one talking until the phone hangs up. I will be looking for someone else to go through for my auto and home insurance due to these issues. I can never login to the app to get my ID cards or see my bill. This app is terrible.

  12. To be honest this app has been terrible. I have been trying to get a quote with 100% interest to buy the insurance. After filling out all the details the app is showing unable to quote and is displaying a list of agents in my area. I used the option to email them, text them, and even called them and left voice-mail. NO RESPONSE AT ALL. Then I moved to Geico, All-State and Progressive. All three are taking to the payment screen. I have decided to buy one from them. UNINSTALLING.

  13. b n dice:

    Ive had problems trying to pay my bills online and ended up being late on a payment because it wouldnt go thru. Its an ok app but needs improvments. Many months later, still the same issue and they have hidden fees on their credit cards and its hard to build your points with this cause its like a slow slow climb. You pay pay pay but your rewards you get back are almost next to nothing.

  14. This app is horrible. I’ve tried 6 times to create an account and every time I get to the log in screen I enter UN and password and says invalid. Reset the password 3 times via text to their link and it doesn’t work at all. I can sign in online with the same credentials but not the app. It keeps telling me “invalid username or password” I’ve checked it a dozen times now. Deleting this app.

  15. Jordan dice:

    They’ve changed the lay out too much. Its not as user friendly in my opinion. Its a lot of guess work to find any information you would find pertinent. Like when the next payment is scheduled, that use to be the first thing you saw. Now, the “my documents” area doesn’t let me find my most up to date info. I don’t feel like I should have to call my agent to help get me info the app is used for. The way you can access your registration is different too, not as quick to pull up any more.

  16. When I first started using this app I was dinged for going 9 miles over the limit, even though i has my ASL (Automatic Speed Limiter) set to go no more than 8 miles over the limit. I changed it to go no more than 7 miles over the limit. So now we are good on speeding events recorded. Now since I’ve eliminated the chance of speeding, I get dinged for everything else. Braking too hard or accelerating too fast. SMH. This app has me paranoid to drive. HATE IT!!!

  17. The app is better than it used to be. However, the banking products lack the ability to set up automatic payments other than “pay the minimum” or “pay balance”. This is the only credit card that I have to MANUALLY set up each payment and this has to be repeated every 3 months for the credit card and monthly for my auto loan payment. There used be a 6 month calendar lead but this has changed. I used to work in agency and our clients would constantly complain. What a hassle.

  18. I think the app is pretty useful, esp the option to use the ID card without signing into the app. however it is annoying and frustrating that I cant use the card when it needs to be updated. trying to access the card and being forced to update it where I didn’t have good service was not a great experience.

  19. Bex dice:

    Meh. it’s fine for looking at costs and saying when I have a bill due. When I try to “View or Change Policy,” in my auto insurance, I always get an error stating, “Sorry, an unknown technical error has occured. Please try again later.” It’s been doing it for days, and this is not the first incident. I’ve tried with/without WiFi. I usually end up calling or logging in on a desktop to get the information I’m looking for. This has not been giving me the convenience of an app when needed most.

  20. Just switched to State Farm last week and have been trying to login in with the app. Everytime I get the “Please enter a valid email and password” message. But if I login on the web it works fine. This seems to be an very common issue among Android users. *Edit* the app seems to be working well for now so I changed my rating.

  21. takes too too long to log in and get to over view / payment screen .plus, I believe on weekends says it has technical difficulties, meaning it won’t accept a payment, but does not say so., baadd. also, it has a feature that you can pay your bill without logging on, still the same hassle, not as described. might as well go back to writing checks every month. As an update, I still can’t get a confirmation number.

  22. Horrible app. Barely lets me log in let alone do anything. This experience has caused me to start to look for a different insurance company. For instance. I tried for 35 minutes to enter in the security verification code they sent me and every single time some “error occurred” I literally wrote the code down and triple checked it each time. And that’s just one issue.

  23. This app is convenient overall. The claim tracking needs work. Once it got to the estimation phase, instead of showing that I had an estimate that was being evaluated, it said that it was scheduled for repairs. Once it was evaluated as a total loss, it wasn’t reflected anywhere in the app, instead it showed that the repairs were expected to be completed on the date it was declared to be totalled. It also need to be easier to provide feedback on the app directly.

  24. After my original review I was contacted by the developer who told me that this option is available on the map. I guess I missed it. Hopefully I won’t need roadside assistance soon, but this is good to know. Thanks. Original review: App is getting better/easier to use but one big improvement that could be made to roadside assistance would be to allow the option of typing in an address rather than tap the destination on a map. If I break down in an unfamiliar city and need a tow to a place where I’ve never been, it might be difficult to locate the destination on a map.

  25. This app has a tendency to go off during the night because the phone can not find the car. Very irritating. Also when you are.trying to follow speed limits there is a much greater danger now to get in a collision…especially rear ended which has happened numerous times. Also with other apps running it shows up on their monitor and dings me that I am on my phone which I am not. I have never used my phone while driving. As long as I get my discount and lower rates I will play the game for/with th

  26. Very easy to schedule monthly auto-billing, pay a bill when I want, see my digital insurance card, contact/message my agent, see my discounts and bill, open Save Drive app, and request immediate road side service. The app has been excellent in all of these instances, and I’ve used them all. Very helpful – I actually really like this app; I know I can rely on it on the road and at home.

  27. Karen P dice:

    Claims functionality should be improved. There is no easy way to contact the claims advisor except by calling the main number. There should be a way to communicate via the app or txt msg. This is 2023, phone calls should not be the only way to communicate. There is an email, but its just an auto response and no one ever sees the message unless I call them about it. It is also way to easy to go into a photo estimate mode without anyway to back out of it.

  28. Great app! Provides the information that we need. What I would like to have, since I use Android Auto, is the ability to display my insurance cards on the infotainment screen when the car is stopped. Example: during a traffic stop or an accident it would be helpful.

  29. Finally has a smooth interface and I can actually do stuff without it sending me to a web page to sign in again. Still exploring what it has and learning how to get when I need to. Just wish it would allow for better notifications and sync with Drive Safe app so I don’t have to keep bouncing through so many.

  30. Rob dice:

    last summer the app had to be updated before I could use it anymore. I read the update and it wanted permission to view my text messages all my social media and any financials all of my photos which is just not right I had to change my email and install the app on a phone that’s linked to nothing. talk to State farm twice they told me they would get back to me but never did.

  31. I have six vehicle policies with State farm and every month the price changes. every time I go in and look at the coverages they are different. The coverage is I request when I open a policy change to have increased coverages at a higher cost without my approval. I am having to go in and tell my agent to change it back month by month and then they revert all over again. I don’t know if State farm is doing this to defraud their customers or if their computer systems are malfunctioning.

  32. Easy installation and it’s an extremely accurate nifty little thing. If you trust your driving skills this is the tool for you! My trips are all accurately tracked and discounts are transparent….so I have no quarrels whatsover!

  33. first off I already <3 state farm. My local reps are very friendly and always ready to help. I prefer going in and sitting down to talk and pay my bills and catch up on company and policy changes but when life catches up or it's after hours this app has it all. You can pay bills, view insurance cards, make changes and I've never once had a problem with this app crashing or not loading even when I'm way out in the country. 10/10 or 5 stars you get the picture.

  34. I keep getting technical issues. Changed my password and everything thinking that’s what it was but it keeps wanting me to call technical support. I really only use the app when needing to make a payment but when I do it often crashes. It’s much easier to just call your local State farm agent to pay over the phone, than use the app 🤣

  35. It’s only been a little over a month since I switched from Farmers to State Farm and so far so good. I was paying 200 a month with Farmers and after switching, I have the same coverage and it only cost me $75 a month with state farm. The app is easy to use and as of right now I couldn’t be happier with State Farm insurance. I highly recommend!

  36. Eric Rose dice:

    Y’all really saying sorry I feel this way?? I was abandoned on the side of the road in the freezing cold and I could not get roadside assistance even though I pay for it. My problem with your app is that it is State Farm so nothing actually works on It. You can schedule roadside, but they won’t fix anything, try to charge you, and then in my case, threaten you and then call back on a private number. So yes, I have a problem with the app and I “feel” cold, threatened, and harassed. Thanks for nil

  37. This app is garbage and the people that work for this company are incompetent. How is it possible that I give them all the information and nobody inputs it into my account. They still had me living at my old home address from 2 years ago. I got homeowner’s insurance on the new home that I’ve been paying on, yet they don’t have me living there. I keep trying to scan my ID into this app and it doesn’t change, Somehow my old id is still in this app.

  38. Andrea R dice:

    The State Farm App makes everything easier and much better than having a bunch of papers to worry about keeping track of! Everything I need is conveniently organized and right at the tip of my fingers 24-7! You can even request a tow truck or roadside assistance and even begin to file a claim!

  39. Jen Beck dice:

    For past several days it only lets me log in on data (gives connection error on wifi, home and work). Called SF and was told app is fine and was unable to help further. I haven’t been able to find a solution that works. Clearing cache, data, uninstalling, restarting phone, changing DNS preferences etc ..

  40. This is a well-designed, snappy little app! I appreciate the ease of use and the many conveniences that are offered. Intuitive interface. Easy, convenient login with PIN and biometric support. Clear delineation of bills and payments due. Quick access insurance cards. Dark mode! Great job!

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