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Quickly order, pay, reload your Starbucks Card and earn free drinks or food.
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The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to order ahead for pickup, scan and pay in-store and customize your favorites. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll earn Stars towards free drinks and food on your purchases.

Mobile Order & Pay
Customize and place your order, then pick up from a nearby participating store without waiting in line.

Pay in Store
Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S.

Earn Stars & Redeem Rewards
Join Starbucks® Rewards and unlock exclusive benefits while earning Stars with almost every purchase. Redeem Stars for free drinks, food and more. Starbucks® Rewards members can look forward to a birthday treat plus complimentary coffee and tea refills.*

Earn Stars even quicker with Double Star Days, Bonus Star challenges and Member exclusive games. No matter how you pay, you can earn Stars on your order. Up to 3 Stars/$1 with Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, 2 Stars/$1 with a Starbucks Card, and 1 Star/$1 with cash, credit/debit and PayPal. Some restrictions apply.

Send a Gift
Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card. It’s easy to redeem a digital card from email or in the Starbucks® app.

Manage Starbucks Cards
Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards.

Find a Store
See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip.

Tip Your Barista
Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S.

*At participating stores. Restrictions apply. See for details.


We made some changes to make things run smoothly.


42 comentarios en "Starbucks MOD 2022"

  1. App is okay. Convenient for finding locations when away from home. Beware the birthday drink though. If you’re trying to use it, and your phone goes away from the app for any reason, when you go back, it’s gone. No way to retrieve it. I certainly don’t expect a free birthday drink, but when it’s offered and I’m there to get it, then it just goes away with no help from the baristas or anything other than to just pay it can be pretty frustrating.

  2. J T dice:

    Hate how often it updates and it requires you to!! I don’t have a lot of memory on my phone so I have to either not use the app or delete important apps 😔 & it last updated 1/20/23 & it’s 2/14 & wants another update 😡😡. Also, I hate how some locations will often show sold out of almost everything but if you go, they aren’t, they just wanted to turn mobile orders off. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that if they’re still open and actually have the item, they need to fix that.

  3. 12/22: Used to see when items were out of stock in the menu. Now you only see if they’re out of stock when you go to check out. Major loss of efficiency. SB is going backwards. New glitch. You can see the items but the app went let you order. Constantly receiving message “please try again or order from another store”. Overall when this app works – it is awesome. But when it doesn’t woosah!!

  4. Abby dice:

    Still better than ordering in-person if you have a few extra minutes in your commute. You can’t order ahead of time to reduce wait times. There’s no way to cancel/refund an order and the app is inaccurate with in-stock tumblers. I tried to refund part of my order in-store and wasn’t able to. It’s not a huge deal – wanted a new cup anyway, but the product design shown on the app isn’t the same as the options they had. The SKUs/part #’s scanned as the same product but were different designs.

  5. I’m wondering where the stirred/upside down option under “customize” my drink went? Very frustrating. I have an Android phone. My friend with an iPhone has the capability, but me with my z flip3 and my friend with her Google phone, we don’t have the option anymore. Please bring it back. I tried to do this through the “contact us” option and the person was completely confused at first and thought I was having trouble finding a store. Told me it would be fixed in an hour. That was 2 days ago.

  6. Doesn’t auto adjust location. You have to manually change it. I’ve had my order go to the wrong location on multiple occasions. Sometimes the barristas will accommodate, other times they won’t. Please allow the location to adjust to where you are or have a better system for adjusting orders incase they go to the wrong spot. Otherwise the app is convenient with fair deals.

  7. Changing my rating. Wish it could be zero stars. App keeps locking me out. I can’t order. I can’t get in. I can’t use the app at all. It forces my old phone number to be on it. Former review with 5 stars-sometimes I forget my gift cards and this app is always super helpful. and there have been times where I’m out of town and I have the app and it’s so helpful. I love that it shows me every transaction and that when I call in they can look at the count while I look at it at the same time.

  8. It fine, if it feels like working, which is increasingly rare. Open crApp, select location, CRASH! Every. Single. Time. This has been occuring off and on for months. It’s up to date, and continues to get worse with each update. It’s never been fixed. Just get a gold card, it never crashes.

  9. When it’s working right, it’s great, but after this most recent update, 9 out 10 times that I open it, my Starbucks app crashes before I can choose my location. It makes it really frustrating to order ahead and often makes me just choose to go somewhere else for coffee. *I’ve made sure it’s updated, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and restarted my phone and it still does it.

  10. Great app except for one HUGE flaw. When placing an order it is nearly impossible to tell it what store you want to pick up at. It seems obvious that it would automatically offer the last couple stores you ordered from, or perhaps the stores you’ve saved as favorites . . . But no, it insists on forcing you to turn on location/GPS, then (as in, every single time) fails to find any of the 5-10 nearby stores, so that you have to resort to manually typing in your location and choosing a store from there. This process is completely infuriating and takes 1-2 minutes to complete, when it should be literally one single click on your most recent or favorite store. I keep thinking “updates” to the app will solve this glaring problem, but it’s been going on for years now, with seemingly no effort to fix it.

  11. It’s a major disappointment to have lost the widget. It was much quicker and more efficient. I could see my balance at a glance, and start orders on the go. Now, if I try to long press the app button, or open the app, I have to wait several moments before anything comes up, which, if you’re standing in line at the store is pretty inconvenient. The new rewards system is much more complicated and less intuitive. What made the rewards system so good was that it was clear and easy. Not so much now.

  12. Very convenient app. Makes it easy to go in and grab my drink without waiting in line. I also enjoy the little challenges and games to win extra stars. My favorite feature is the “favorited” drinks that you customize because it saves it for you and you don’t have to go through all the steps each time to customize your drinks nor do you have to hold up a line asking for things a certain way and risk having it incorrect because the barista noted it wrong.

  13. Great app! There are a couple of things that might make it that much better. 1) Because of my commute, I get my order ready before I leave the house. When I get close to work, I hit the place my order button. Since the update, I’ve had problems with the order dissapearing and not showing any items. I end up not going because the lines are too long and traffic is too heavy to place another order. 2) It would be nice to see an adjustment on the calorie count when customizing your drink.

  14. The most recent update killed the app. I can’t log back in and continue to get system error messages that the troubleshooting steps don’t fix. The major perk of the app was being able to mobile order and since I can’t even log in, there is really zero purpose for the app. Hopefully it is updated soon! Especially since it’s the time of year for gift cards.

  15. This apps works fine until it doesn’t. Several times I need to reinstall it so I get my card back, or to get my previous orders, or the get the app to find a store in CA. This is one of those apps to make u save some time. But every time it fails (which happens every update) it frustrates you. I those days I can’t have my coffee because I was counting on this app and it let me down.

  16. Super convenient way to save! The only critique that I have would be that all purchases should count towards savings and should not require the reloading of a Starbucks card via the app. It would be great if you were able to link your actual credit or debit card. Also if you could scan your receipts if you were missing a purchase to gain points rather than just allowing that purchase to go to waste.

  17. the app itself is intuitive and easy to navigate, ordering is simple enough and gives you all the options you need to customize your purchase. the only hiccup I’ve found is the app occasionally becomes unresponsive despite connecting to different networks to see if it’s on my end, it is not; although, this does not happen often. Overall I think this is a good way to order for someone that wants to come and go as soon as possible, or if you dislike human interaction then this does just fine.

  18. The app works fine with the exception of it sometimes has trouble finding locations nearest to me even though my GPS is on and set for highest accuracy. But what I don’t like about it is it wants me to preload either a gift card or a credit card. I would prefer to pay as I go. And another semi-related annoyance is the Starbucks rewards plan sucks. It’s confusing, it’s difficult to determine how many stars are needed to get a reward item, and the stars disappear from your account if you don’t use them within a certain period of time.

  19. Useful app. Helps to avoid long lines. Easy to order and customize drinks, at least the ones I usually buy. However, the map/ store location finding feature could stand some improvement. Why not have “favorite” stores appear on the page without having to turn on GPS or entering the names or adresses of the store. 90% of the time, people frequent the same locations. We only need to “find a store” when traveling somewhere unfamiliar.

  20. It’s nice to be able to order ahead and have your drink ready when you get there; however, the purchasing system is very manipulative. There is no option for paying for individual purchases, you must buy at least a $25 digital gift card, and keep it funded (at least $25 per refill) if you want to order anything through the app. This is a super shady way to strong arm customer loyalty

  21. Been using it for so many years and it still works seamlessly. Accurate store locations’ information especially during the COVID-19 era when you don’t see the store show up in the app, it’s not opened. Another thing I like is the how quickly and accurate the reward stars are reflected. If I can have one request, it would be the ability to see which payment method or credit card I uploaded with. The history shows the upload amount and timing but would like to be able to see from which account.

  22. Easy to find your way around. Very informative in terms of how Rewards work and how to redeem them. Using the app to pay for a pick-up order or at the store is efficient and easy. Want to add money to your “card”? No problem – and you can set it for a one-time reload or auto-reloads. Overall, it’s a well-functioning app that takes having a rewards card up a couple notches.

  23. Would be a useful app if I could actually use it. I can’t place an order through it, can’t add a card or load money. I always get an error that says “Something went wrong on our end. Things should be back to normal soon. Try again later.” Things never go back to normal. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling, changing my password, changing my time zone and addresses (all through the website, because the app won’t let me do any of that either). Nothing works.

  24. I love going to Starbucks so having the app makes things easier when on the go. Though there has been several connection issues. Had to remove and reinstall the app a couple of times. Then having to receive the welcome messages all over again is annoying after reinstalling. Had issues with it accepting my password when i know it’s correct when I’m trying to add funds. It would be cool to order secret menu items from the app. Besides that, i love the app!!!

  25. Store selection is very inconvenient. When I need to pick a store for an order, I get a map of the USA centered on the Kansas/Colorado/Texas border. Then if I scroll to the east and zoom, it shows my location in NY and a lot of stores, and also brings up the tab where I can pick one my favorite stores. But since you have my location, you should start zoomed on it. And anyway, always let me pick a favorite, regardless of the map.

  26. Freida dice:

    Nearly impossible to select the right location. I could be directly in front of one store, and the “nearby” locator will default to a location on the other side of town. Most towns have multiple stores, many on the same main road and sometimes in the same complex. You can’t cancel either, so the options are to go far out of your way for coffee or just eat the cost, all because they refuse to have the app show the actual nearest location.

  27. Overall, the app is very smooth and usable. One small issue is that there is only one type of notifications called “Order Status and Promotions”. This should really be split into 2 separate classes. As it stands I can’t turn off promotion notifications (which I don’t want) without also turning off order status notifications (which I do want).

  28. Horrible design. Not user friendly at all. It is literally faster for me to drive to the store, park, go inside ,wait in line, order, and receive drinks than it is for me to find and customize a drink, let alone 2. Also the inability to pay with just a card, but needing to buy a Starbucks card, is ridiculous And the need to download the app to “see the full menu” is truly a horrible idea.

  29. failure to fix problems. some how the app is having trouble tracking the stars need to stay gold for another year!! I recommend that everyone check that before you find that you lose your gold status!! I have collected more than enough to keep mine but it not being shown as being tracked on the app!! every time I have contacted customer service, nothing is done to fix the problem!!

  30. Crashes a lot and freezes on main screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I missed out on my birthday drink because of the apps misbehavior. It’s really buggy and needs a fix asap. A company as big as you are it should be an easy and immediate fix. Please do something soon. I love your coffee so I’ll always be back, but those bonuses with ordering ahead and points on the app are what also keeps a lot of people coming back.

  31. Even with the update, the app still has too many issues on android. I’m constantly having to reinstall it or clear all app data. It will say stores are sold out of items, theres no network connection, or it won’t find my nearest store. It’s nice when it works but frustrating when it doesn’t… especially when you’ve already loaded money onto your card and then it won’t allow you to make a purchase! And please bring the widget back, that was the one thing I never had issues with!!

  32. The app could be good if it worked properly. My app continuously billed me $25 with each single coffee purchase of $6, after I selected the auto recharge option. Menu functionality is not used friendly. Difficult to navigate and reorder of previous purchases. I order the same coffee everyday. This should have an option to select a favorite menu item and add it to the cart. Too many ads on front page instead of just letting me order my daily coffee and get to work.

  33. It is user friendly, and the rewards are quick and easy to earn. Rewards can be used for items you will want to buy in the future regardless of what you usually order. Only struggle was figuring out how to combine gift card balances because you can’t split a mobile order bettween two gift cards. But, after looking a bit, I figured out how to combine cards to pay for an order. Overall, one of the top best rewards apps for restaurants.

  34. Love being able to place orders through the app. I just wish the locations/baristas had the capability to communicate to the customer if they run out of something after the order is placed, but before you arrive. This way the order can be altered. Also wish they could refund if they run out of something and you don’t want something else as a replacement. Please add a way for customers to communicate with corporate as well. You have some really awesome baristas at some of your locations!

  35. For some reason everytime I re-download this app (which is super annoying!), it stays stuck on the same balance, same reward amount and never shows my history! I have had to download it like 3 times now to try and refresh it, but THAT never works!! I give up! I never know my balance anymore. I can still use the app to get my points, but I dont know if I have a free one unless I look at my email. This has been happening for a solid year too! Which as much as starbucks charges we all know they have PLENTY money to fix this issue. Apparently convenience for their repeat customers isn’t a top priority. Smh

  36. This app makes ordering coffee extremely easy, plus you can completely cut the line inside. You just walk in and pick up your goods without standing in line. It’s also nice because you can customize your drinks just the way you like it! Adding money is just as easy too, just connect a card and choose how much to reload and that’s it. Great app. Even if you don’t drink Starbucks that often, give this a shot or two!

  37. “We made some changes to make things run smoothly.” ?? No mention of removing the widget? [This is not as bad. See developer response below. However, I liked the ability to see my balance from the widget. That function no longer exists] Otherwise, the app is not too bad. App is slow to load, but that could be in part due to the wifi always needing to have the welcome page load before it will work. It would be nice if the app automatically loaded the page on the background to get the wifi working.

  38. Super convenient! Easily made highly custom orders in advance without having to hold up the line. Paying in advance or scanning to pay cuts down on unnecessary contact during this pandemic. The only thing I could think to add is a text box in the customization menu, since not every option is available on every drink.

  39. Luna Lily dice:

    Love the app! It is super easy to use and I use it every time so I can customize drinks. When I order at the drive thru they always get it wrong.. so having it on the app is great. And customer service through the app is great as well. Anytime I’ve had an issue with a drink they refunded me for it. Only had one bad experience with it out of many. Also love being able to use my stars towards things easily through the app.

  40. I love that most times, I can order ahead, swing by and quickly pick it up. I do wish they would fix the options for customization. Not everything shows up as an option to customize, so I do have to wait a while in line or just skip coffee at times. I also skip my coffee most times when I can’t order mobile at a location. Other than lack of custom options, the app is easy to reload and use, and who doesn’t like free coffee? 😄

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