Angelo and Deemon MODDED 2022


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Classic point-and-click adventure. Enjoy Hell! We made it just for you.
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Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest is a classic point and click adventure game inspired by the best works of LucasArts and Double Fine Productions!

A lightning strike ignites a breathtaking chain of events, and a blogger follows the Grim Reaper to Hell.

Angelo’s channel suffers from a lack of likes and views. He needs them. At any cost. Deciding to record his journey to another world with the Grim Reaper, he hopes he can create the most trending, most liked, most hyped video of all time.

Unfortunately for Angelo, that world is Hell. And it’s inhabited by people with more than a few problems, who will need his help.

Make a visit to the Devil himself! But be careful because… well…you’ll see.

In Hell, Angelo won’t be traveling alone. Even a blogger needs a sidekick.

What you can expect:
• Expressive and somehow slightly familiar characters
• A helluva great looking game with lots of levels, but no pixel art!
• Addictive and mind-blowing puzzles. This game makes you think (unlike other games)!
• Not pixel art graphics! (in case you missed the line above)
• Funny dialogue. A cocktail of humor and philosophy; delivered in snappy soundbites!
• Too many cocktails are harmful, so our lines are sophisticated. Making you smile and think at the same time by using only a few words (like now)
• You won’t forget these characters’ lines, even if you try. Each character has their own issues. (Who doesn’t have issues, right?)
• WARNING!!! There is a chance you’ll like it in Hell and won’t be scared anymore


Portuguese localization


4 comentarios en "Angelo and Deemon MODDED 2022"

  1. C Danger dice:

    The conversations between the characters are confusing and the intended mission goals are muddled. This kind of game is supposed to be silly with ridiculous solutions to problems but the language between the development and final production makes the obstacles unclear and the attempted humor just annoying. The controls for a point and click game have a ‘traditional’ style that this game lacks. It creates frustrating repetitive interactions.

  2. nate half dice:

    Its enticing enough to want next episode but will say has loading issues, during gameplay between actions it loads a few seconds and in a point n click it feels like a century escecially when its after Every action. But problems aside its well drawn, not the most funny but hit or miss but most of all an intriguing take on hell that makes you want to keep going. As far as puzzles go, if nostalgic fo those 90’s nonesensical solutions than you’ll find some here but not so much to go mad. Try it!

  3. Lauren Auty dice:

    Theres a lot to love about this game and it has great promise. The set up andstory are funny and enjoyable. Does take me back to monkey island which I loved. Yet further into the game the puzzles loose their finesse the solutions become random without using the hint system or mixing everything in your inventory with everything else. For example the ice cube puzzle and mobile phone thread. Saying that a few tweaks and this could be a really great game

  4. sam dax dice:

    Looks good but there’s no logic in many of the puzzles and gets more and more random as it goes on. Frankly I’d be surprised if anyone managed to finish the game without using the walkthrough extensively. Great idea, poor execution.

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