Scary Horror Escape Room Games MODDED 2022


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Creepy adventure in escape room horror games offline. True fear of scary escape!
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Welcome to our horror escape room game! In SCARY HORROR ESCAPE ROOM GAMES you’re greeted by a suspicious man. The first thing you’re offered to do is to sign an agreement to participate in this scary escape games. Here the horror adventure and psychological thriller begins… It seems like you are in a trap of the crazy madman who made this psycho escape rooms in mystery mansion. Now it’s time to think and escape house horror, otherwise you’re dead. Well, will you open the doors? Can you escape the room?

Come and accomplish this well animated puzzle escape quest. Move through this haunted house, solve mystery puzzles, and escape room. This scary house is terrifying, we need to escape horror house as soon as possible! It’s a perfect opportunity to boost logical skills by solving mysterious puzzles to escape. High quality art, exciting plot and a lot of interesting locations made this game special among other horror escape games and thriller games. You won’t forget this creepy adventure!

“Scary Horror Escape” won’t be an easy game, it’s one of the best puzzle adventure games for sure! Get thorough dark rooms, solve riddles, find clues to end this horror mystery. Fight creepy darkness, survive these very scary games! Get rid of your true fear in this horror survival… Escape the room horror games offline for free.

• Well animated high quality art and realistic graphics
• Creepy trapped locations with open doors challenge
• For all the fans of scary horror games adventure and horror escape games!
• Horror stories atmosphere and spooky sounds
• Understandable escape room quest with clues and hints
• Search for clues & solve puzzles in escape room horror to throw the spotlight on the mystery
• Scary puzzles and riddles: math puzzles, enigmas and more!
• Translated into 15 languages to help you feel the true fear
• Ambience of horror house and addictive gameplay
• Intuitive interface for your dream puzzle escape
• Scary adventure games without internet connection

If you like SCARY HORROR ESCAPE ROOM GAMES, please check out our other escape horror games. We have many other scary horror games, detective games, escape room horror, mystery point and click adventure games. Follow the link: «More by Escape Adventure Games», play high quality escape house horror, scary escape games, room games and other horror games offline for free! Scary thriller game begins, scream louder if you want to survive, escape the room!


- Objects names added
- Bug fixes & optimization


4 comentarios en "Scary Horror Escape Room Games MODDED 2022"

  1. Tasha Rose dice:

    Very simple, a good escape room game if you’re new, but it’s a little difficult understanding what you’re supposed to do with each item you collect. Unfortunately, one of the puzzles’ answer was completely different from the clue they give. I had to look it up on a walkthrough. (Also, I played this one after I had already beaten the sequel, and they do so so so much better with the sequel! Five stars for that one!)

  2. Tommi Nunn dice:

    It was great, number 2 is better. This one only had 9 rooms and the very last I couldn’t figure out the stupid math problem at all. Made zero sense I had to look it up after trying to figure it out for 2 hours. I wish it had more rooms to figure out but that’s okay ill be waiting for number 2s new room to come out in a couple months!

  3. miranda kolodziej dice:

    There’s a lot to love about this game but also a lot of shortcomings. The concept is amazing but some of the puzzles are nonsensical or simply don’t work properly. It’s ruining the experience a bit. Especially the not working properly part. I’m at a bit of a loss because some things just aren’t registering in game. Had three different points where trying to use something took me over an hour each because it just wasn’t activating a response even though I was doing what I was supposed to.

  4. GhostKat dice:

    Very fun. Not too scary (yay), a bit of gore with some surprises! Good graphics. (But tablet/PC would be better than a cell.) Good intro to escape genre, yet still fun for us addicts. Hints are clear & easy to get if needed. 4 stars bc, on a phone, some items are so small that it’s hard to determine what they are & thus what to do with them. Also, one math problem was nonsense (39=109. Uh, no…) The ads to get hints were reasonable: 10-29 seconds. Already downloaded Scary Horror 2. 😱 🙂

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