Hidden Object: Coastal Hill MODDED


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Solve mystery games and seek n find objects hidden in a twilight town!
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This adventure game goes beyond other mystery hidden object games. Ready to solve the town mystery? You will seek and find objects hidden on picturesque locations, play puzzles unique for the genre, renovate an old haunted mansion, and make your own character!

🏠 RENOVATE A HOUSE You try on the role of a home designer and renovate an old mystery mansion, while you seek and find hidden objects. This manor is a perfect place for you to settle down and play hidden mystery games. You need a house to live in as you progress through the levels and chapters and beat hidden object levels. You won’t believe what a mystery house can hide. Are you ready to solve the mystery and play mansion games like no other?

🧍 CREATE YOUR AVATAR You will create your own game character: choose haircuts, blouses, skirts, boots, and accessories. Find the object to your taste! Carefully selected clothes and outfits give you power-ups and bonuses to have more mystery object games during the session. You can save up energy, increase the amount of coins and experience. Certain unique customization items are unlocked only while the seasonal event is on. So make sure to engage in hidden object search as often as you can to unravel unsolved detective mystery.

🔎 EXPLORE GREAT LOCATIONS Play hidden object games on more than 40 high quality scenes. You solve hidden puzzles in 12 modes: from differences in picture to find pairs. They are created to diversify item searching experience. Addicting scenes feature zoom in and zoom out option, as well as 6 hints to help find hidden objects. Experience an adventure game like no other as you unlock picturesque locations and seek and find hidden items!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS Finding games has never been so fun! Start your own guild, invite and chat with friends and compete against players for prizes while finding objects. Each contest has a leaderboard. The top 3 guilds receive prizes for completing hidden puzzles and other adventure quests. Interact with your guild members, choose strategy to reach the top before the tournament ends and everyone find objects in a picture. You will play a variety of unique search and find puzzle games for adults. These riddles will tease your brain for all it’s worth. And don’t forget: the more hidden object games you play, the more points you receive.

🕵️ A MYSTERY STORYLINE Coastal Hill has always been a restful spot. You don’t remember how you got in this hidden city: the locations look so familiar… You play mind-bending hidden mystery puzzles and interact with characters to uncover the town mysteries. Solve it – hours of mysterious gameplay and a great adventure plot complete with twists await! Each character has an intriguing personality full of dark secrets… Solve the mystery before its too late!

Hidden Object Games: Detective Mystery of the City has amazing animations and unique achievements: some are easy to get like in other detective games, and some require great skill!

If you have any questions on how to play detective mystery hidden object adventure games and unsolved puzzles, feel free to contact developers at [email protected] or use in-game chat.

Join us on Facebook and stay informed on updates, events, and hints to seek and find hidden objects better.

What’s happened to the characters in Coastal Hill? Start this puzzle adventure game now and find out the city mystery in these hidden object games. Investigation has begun! Will you solve the mystery?


Dear friend, in this update we’ve added:

- the "Bay" lottery drawing fixed;
- display of cups adding improved;
- game stability improved.

Let us know your thoughts about this update by emailing us at [email protected] or leaving a review here in the store.


4 comentarios en "Hidden Object: Coastal Hill MODDED"

  1. Kristin Dean dice:

    Nice hidden objects game, levels aren’t too hard, puzzle room is a nice addition. Unfortunately I’m uninstalling due to consistently having to unlock previously unlocked locations. Too much time/energy wasted summoning monsters, farming weapons, and crafting the “key” just to have to wait for more energy to actually play the unlocked location.

  2. Kelly Flanigan dice:

    I’m loving this game! It plays like a lot of other HO games but there’s so much more to it. The story flows and the areas to search are all different. There’s the mini games area as well which gives a different way to complete tasks. If I have 1 complaint it would be that as you level up and play scenes the amount of energy is consumed really quick. Other than that, I have had no issues with playing.

  3. M. Rackley dice:

    Haven’t played much yet. So far l like it. Better than most where there is too much dialogue. Just want to find objects and can zoom is great, not too difficult yet, we’ll see:)UPDATE AFTER 5 days…so far still the best of this type, no annoying ads, or lengthy stories to follow, plenty of scenes to play, and as of now plenty of time to solve. Other aspects within game. If you want to purchase anything, very reasonably priced. Hope this 5 star review can stay there! Give it a try!

  4. Jennifer Bradford dice:

    I was really loving this game BUT for the past 2 days every time I go to the sunken ship level I get a white loading circle in the middle of the screen with my time ticking down and I can’t click on anything I can’t even pause it or exit the level and forced to close the entire game just to get out of that level.I have to play that level to complete a quest and I have wasted a lot of energy trying to get it to work. So I’m uninstalling I may try again some other time.

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