The Wollstonecraft Detective A MODDED 2022


Educational mystery game for kids. Learn history, study coding & solve puzzles.
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Capture clever criminals with coding, reading, puzzling and more! Kids will join a young Ada Byron (the world’s first programmer), Mary Shelley and Charles Dickens at the Wollstonecraft Detective Agency as they solve mysteries in 19th Century London. Based on the bestselling book series!

Kids can hone their detective skills as they explore over 20 thrilling mysteries. Search historical London for clues! Practice programming and use the world’s first computer to crack cases! Put puzzling skills to the test with pop quizzes and machine repairs, and explore Ada’s new Steamophone invention in AR.

Complete with clever mysteries and a fascinating historical world celebrating women in STEM, The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency is set to inspire a new generation of scientists, readers and inventors.


• Over 20 original mysteries written by the author of the Wollstonecraft book series
• 20+ hours of story-based gameplay, plus endlessly replayable content
• Four beautifully-detailed areas of London to explore
• Learn to code on Ada’s lignocratic engine (based on the world’s first computer)
• Mini Activities: Hidden Object Search, Repair Puzzles and Pop Quizzlers
• Over 100 new vocabulary words and history facts to discover and collect
• Historical content with a focus on famous female scientists of the Regency era
• Progress tracking with a detective leveling system
• Unlockable areas and achievements
• Free playable demo
• One time in-app purchase to get the full game – no subscription fees!


• Test history and vocabulary skills with Quizzlers
• Repair broken steam inventions
• Use Ada’s prototype computer to track down suspects, hideouts and more!
• Create music using Ada’s AR device


• Search famous neighbourhoods in London for clues
• Locate missing objects in beautifully detailed environments
• Talk to a colourful cast of characters for information


• Explore the fundamentals of computer science and learn how to define variables
• See how coding can solve complex problems
• Understand the principles of binary
• Learn about the world’s first computing machine
• See the history behind programming


• Play through 23 exciting mysteries
• Talk to the inhabitants of London to learn about the Regency era
• Collect new words for your dictionary
• Interview people for clues


• Investigate 19th Century London to learn about famous people, places and things
• Collect and get quizzed on historical facts
• Work directly with famous figures of the Regency era
• Solve mysteries connected to history


• Explore Ada’s machine in augmented reality
• Mix tracks to create your own music
• Unlock new music tracks


• More informants are capable of providing quests.
• Added main character dialogue that can trigger during first time user experience.
Bug Fixes
• Fixed crash occurring on specific Android devices.
• Stopped objective panel from appearing during cut-scenes.
• Fixed spawn point issues within neighborhoods.
• Fixed certain variable substitution for dialogue.


27 comentarios en "The Wollstonecraft Detective A MODDED 2022"

  1. This game is a delightful educational piece for children. It has easy mechanics for game play like a point and click adventure. The storyline is well plotted out and your progession relies on providing correct answers to problem solving different word based tasks and simple math based tasks. So far even as a adult, I have really enjoyed the plot and real life history lessons of characters of great importance. The additional money you pay to unlock the full game seems well worth it.

  2. Auto started game on installing from playstore, into storyboard. I completed first task. Second task to interview. Discovered I couldn’t zoom-out or reduce the game screen size to find the game-buttons to either Pause or Stop the game. I rebooted the game twice & both times it refused to shut-down. I uninstalled the game from mobile. Shame as lovely graphics & I do enjoy an adventure puzzle game.

  3. I know it’s for kids, I know it’s for education, but this game is really, really fun. It’s full of fun facts, has terrific design and art, quirky music and sound, and is effortlessly charming. A must buy for families with children!

  4. Easy, fast pace game for children. No problems until case #25. Not able to repair the boat. The missing pieces won’t click into place. Please fix.

  5. I really want to play the game but the environment is glitching like crazy. Anything that isn’t the sky flickers constantly.

  6. What a lovely game! However only the 1st storyline is free, thereafter you must buy it to continue. They should have been upfront about it. Still, a really super game.

  7. Deceitful, I thought this was a free mystery game but they give you a small sliver then ask for money, I attempted to see how much the full game was but it kept saying there was an error

  8. RXGXVI dice:

    Why is it glitching? I restarted and everything and it’s not my phone that’s the problem. It’s only this app that didn’t work properly. They might be some bugs.

  9. My nieces love this game and I’m happy to let them play it. It’s educational and helps them develop their logic skills. Cherry on top, it features strong role models for them and in this day and age that’s still in short supply.

  10. Was a bit buggy at the beginning, but reinstalled and now it’s totally fine. First game like this I’ve played, now I’m all caught up in it. I like the subtle humor too

  11. Only problem is that you can’t play it all unless you pay for it. This game’s concept could make for an excellent cartoon

  12. Wonderful app mind blowing game for kids . Just the problem with it is it takes a little time in bleh machine . ❤❤😀Best app for mind!

  13. I like this game cause the graphics is so nice but when you want to continue the game you must pay some money

  14. K VG dice:

    After the most recent update, the game works perfectly and it’s glorious. I would rate higher if I could.

  15. This a very bad game , don’t download , after some time u need to buy the game and without buying it u can’t continue the game

  16. It starts to glitch. Its very beautiful but u cant play it🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Fun but after some time playing it you get board

  18. Love this game! Not sure who has more fun, me or my kids!

  19. I tride to play it but 2 secs in it started to glich

  20. A well made app! Educational and fun.

  21. I tried playing this game and it just wouldnt load 1 star would NOT recommend

  22. Not just for kids! So fun!!

  23. They made you pay for the rest of the game!

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