The Sign – Interactive Ghost Horror MODDED

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Best Creepy Ghost Thriller - Interactive Game in a Realistic Messenger
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Imagine there’s a video full of nightmarish and shocking pictures. As soon as you’ve seen it, your phone rings and a voice whispers “You have 7 days left …”

Does that RING a bell? We bring the triumph of the creepy video cassette from the 90s to the present! When evil enters your smartphone, your life will turn into a horror trip!


Your classmate and good friend Gabriela has been acting strangely for a week and has been keeping to herself more and more.
Just when you were about to contact her parents, she gets in touch and shares her mysterious story: Exactly 7 days ago, she saw a creepy video and then received a call saying that she was going to die TODAY …

While you and the other students from your course don’t believe the story, the video suddenly starts on your mobile phone – and the real horror begins!
You let evil into your life and the lives of your loved ones. Soon the question arises: is there really a curse on the video?

Follow the clues hidden in pictures, chat messages, documents and in the video.
Solve the dark secret and save the lives of your family and friends.

What secret does the mysterious video hide?
Who is the mysterious ghost woman?
And who is not who he claims to be?

Now it’s up to you!

Your decisions affect the course and end of the interactive horror thriller story.
YOU alone decide how the story and your relationship with the different characters develop.
It’s up to you to collect clues, solve puzzles and ultimately stop evil!
But be careful, because you can’t trust everyone …

In “The Sign”, you can decide for yourself how you want to interact with the people in your life. By selecting your gender and sharing your name, you can enjoy a customized gaming experience.
The messages you choose will affect the relationships with all the characters and the development of the story.

“The Sign” is like a thrilling ride in the ghost train, full of mysterious clues, puzzles and creepy effects. It’s up to you to fight for the life of your friends and family! You will receive and send chat messages that directly affect the course of this interactive horror game.
The scary story is accompanied by pictures, voice messages, video calls, mini-games, videos and newspaper reports created especially for the game.

“The Sign” is released in episodes
“The Sign” is released in episodes, so while you’re playing we’re already working on the next part of the story.
Therefore, we’re especially looking forward to your feedback and suggestions, which you can send to the following e-mail: [email protected].

This episode and all upcoming ones of the Horror Chat Thriller are completely free to play!
Optional in-app purchases can speed up the course of the story and the game.


You can now also play The Sign in French!


4 comentarios en "The Sign – Interactive Ghost Horror MODDED"

  1. Brianna Richter dice:

    So far pretty interesting! Wish that there were different choices at times but it usually gets a good mix of one or the other side and then in the middle. Only just barely started but definitely still going! I will have a better idea how I like once I get a little further in! Hate the writing speed though! Even though I have it all the way up still seems fairly slow at times

  2. Angela Therese dice:

    I mean it’s already been said before. The story is really fun! And I’d absolutely play more similar games and am hoping the creater makes more!! The mini games take too long. The sheer number and the fact that at least half of the time it’s literally impossible to finish them without buying coins or watching a ridiculous amount of ads makes me want to strangle this game sometimes.

  3. Suzette Vázquez dice:

    Between the ability to see all media and the bics to play games it’s a huge moneygrab. I thought people were kidding about the mini games beings impossible to pass without spending or watching several ads, but it’s absolutely true. The amount of one color blocks needed to finish a game will often not show up in the entire level so it is literally impossible to pass it (I’ve counted them!). The story itself is slow and not very original. It’s just ok.

  4. Beth Place dice:

    Just started playing so can’t say for sure what to rate it yet, I’ll edit this later. So far, it seems fun and interesting but really hate that you have to buy a multimedia pack to see videos, photos, and have better chat dialogue, but suppose they gotta make money too and as far as prices go for the whole game $9.99 is a fair price for all it includes even if I wish it wasn’t necessary, lol. 😅

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