Botanicula MODDED 2022

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Humor-filled indie adventure game.
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Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites.

– Relaxed game perfect for hard core gamers, their partners, families and seniors.
– More than 150 detailed locations to explore.
– Hundreds of funny animations.
– Incredible amount of hidden bonuses.
– Award winning music by Dva.


bug fixing
improved level loading


40 comentarios en "Botanicula MODDED 2022"

  1. So I truly enjoyed the game and story, but I also was legitimately frustrated with how many 90s-era “logic” puzzles there were. Often there were no hints to what you needed to do next, and I found myself looking up a couple parts because I was stuck for quite a while. The game was still lovely in its own weird way, and I’m glad I played it. Just…kinda annoyed at having no hints for some of the steps.

  2. I got this because I enjoyed Machinarium, but this game is just bizarre. The controls aren’t great on mobile and the “puzzles” are really just guessing randomly until something works, not much logic to it. The visuals are nice I suppose. Overall I really don’t get all the positive reviews. Really just boring and frustrating and I won’t be finishing it, glad I got it for just $1.

  3. I love this game. The only thing is the cloud storage stopped loading the game twice. I tried all the things suggested ( getting rid of the cache in game plus in Google play services, etc.)Restarted phone. Then I even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. It worked great until I got to the last part. Then the cloud loader froze on the last leaf as it was loading! Love the game though! Looking forward to more games with longer play time or more levels! One of the best ever games!!

  4. I’ve played this game over and over and had many hours of fun playing it too (as did my kid 🙂 ). However, after reinstalling it again this morning, the game crashed when I wanted to go to ‘the ants’. Restarting the game doesn’t help either, the loading process just stalls. Is there a solution to this? Edit: I’ve deleted the game’s cache, but sadly the problem still persists.

  5. Such a sweet game! The monsters weren’t too scary, but those little potato creatures when you’re trying to collect the birds were super eerie! Loved the soundtrack, wish the fading was a bit more immediate when entering and exiting rooms. Some parts were quite tricky like other reviewers said, and I did need to look up a walkthrough. However it didn’t take away any loveliness from the storyline and the ending was genuinely heart-warming. Thank you to the developers for such a wholesome game!

  6. I always end up in love with games from this company. Love the graphics, the colors, the puzzles, the story, literally everything. Very nice game, a lot of collectibles and balanced difficulty, did get stuck a few times but with some thinking I could advance and that’s very good in my book = not too easy but not too hard either. As always, perfect.

  7. Funny, interesting at times, the duck part was good. I had just finished samorost 3 which was great and I also loved machinarium which I played a long time ago. I was a bit underwhelmed with this. Nevertheless, it was a quality game, with the amanita signature elements (attention to sounds and music and weird humour). The animations at the end of part 8 onwards were a bit zoomed and to the right of my screen, I have a redmi note 8 pro. Overall a trusted team, I buy their games happily.

  8. Awesome game. Art direction is incredible and the puzzles are fun. Music is great too! I recommend headphones but keep in mind you might some puzzles require trial and error and there are parts where that results is repeated sound effects. Can get just a little too tough in places but those are few and far between. Amanita are friggin’ great!

  9. This adorable quest of five little guys working together to save their home was so much fun.

  10. Cool game with great graphics. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand what to do.

  11. Roy Smits dice:

    Great game, but after many playing hours, it won’t start anymore. I reported this, but there is zero support from the developers. The only solution is to delete the game data and starting the game from scratch. However, restoring saved games beyond the starting level does not work. Also, playing from scratch triggers the same issue. Thus the game can’t be restarted after you close it. The game is now unplayable. (Edited after developer response.) Please fix it, developers.

  12. It won’t load with the recent update

  13. I truly loved everything about this game. The artwork was unique and appealing. The game play was intuitive and smooth. All of the puzzles were challenging, able to be solved without hints, which is good because I didn’t find any hints. The story was heart-warming and positive. I can’t brag enough!!

  14. I love every game made by these developers. The puzzles are fun and thought provoking, the visuals are incredible, the music matches the theme, and the attention to detail is perfection. Thank you to the developers for creating a masterpiece!

  15. Great game until the game broke. In the root maze I got to a section with a bunch of planets around the perimeter of the maze with what I guess is a meteor in the center. The game froze. So I quit the game and reloaded. Now the game won’t boot up. It freezes on the “cloud save sync” screen right before the last leaf on the branch. I tried clearing the cache and its still broken. I don’t want to start the whole game over. Is there a way to fix this? Such a disappointment.

  16. E Xray dice:

    If you like point and click puzzles, Amanita is making the best ones that are not strictly 90s Lucas Arts With An Inventory styled. I buy their new ones without hesitation, I’ve paid multiple times on different platforms for every one of their games because they’re so replayable, they’re just the best.

  17. Unique, fascinating, humorous and beautiful strategy game. Figure out, step by step, how to help the creatures survive the spidery monsters destroying their tree. Very long gameplay, every task different from the last.

  18. Storyline very interesting and entertaining. Puzzles not to hard. Gameplay simple and not complicated. Humorous and delightful characters. Music fits the game. Does not cost an arm and leg. I am looking forward to second edition.

  19. I believe there are cutscenes between the playable parts, as I can hear what sounds like a soundtrack to such, but all I see is a black screen wan arrow in the top right hand corner. Help! I feel like I’m missing a big chunk of the gamestoryaction! I’m on a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21+

  20. K Graves dice:

    I loved that most of the puzzles made sense even without hints. It was cute, well thought out, engaging and fun. And I felt invested in the characters. Only trouble was in the maze and trying to keep track of where I’ve been and what has already been tried. But, that’s on me.

  21. This game is an absolute joy to play. The graphics and characters more than make up for the basic “friends on a quest to save the world” plot. Some tasks can be tricky to figure out, but a quick Google search will bring up plenty of walk-throughs if you get seriously stuck.

  22. My son and I have been working through Aminata’s collection. This game is cute but the puzzles are definitely more random than Machinarium. You spend a lot of time clicking on things until you find something that works. Not as interesting as Machinarium or as cute as Cuchel. Skip it.

  23. I love Amanita Design games with my all-time favorite being Machinarium. So I bought this game and one other one offered by them, but they don’t work on my Chromebook (Machinarium works fine). Emailed the developer and after several weeks they finally replied that they don’t support running this game on a Chromebook (even though Chromebooks run Android apps and Machinarium works perfectly). Android Nougat is Android Nougat. It shouldn’t be available for me to download if it doesn’t work.

  24. The best of all Amanita work so far. The objectives are clear, puzzle are killer, yet, guides you just enough so that you can figure most of them out by then. The visual are great! Need a tablet to fully enjoy them though. That’s just the nature of phones these days, we are just gonna learn to accept some things (I don’t want my phone to be any bigger than a Galaxy Note please!). That’s NOT a critic though!Just an observation. But, if you hate Amanita games back then, it won’t change your mind.

  25. Erin Daly dice:

    I have loved this game ever since it first came out, and now enjoying it again with my son 🍂🪵🪨🌻

  26. Decent game, not as good as machinarium. but game locked up loading last level and now can’t progress. Don’t really want to uninstall and replay the whole thing again.

  27. Absolutely AMAZING, entirely my vibe lol. The only reason it’s 4 stars is cause it won’t go past the cloud save load thing. It’s only been not working for this afternoon, I hope it starts working again cause it’s literally my favorite game I’ve ever played🙏🏻

  28. I love this game for years and bought it many times the only thing is I want to play it on ps5 and ps4 and nintendo and Xbox 1 I want it most on ps5 to get all achievements and make it 10$on ps5 and put your other games on all and one more thing make the characters in the game (the main 5) a fortnite back bling it would be awesome hope you read this and think about what I said Bye 🙂

  29. One of the most beautiful games I have ever played, on any platform. Love the gameplay — switching characters. Love the way you’re thrown in and figure it out as you go. Absolutely wonderful.

  30. Game is breathtakingly beautiful but unfortunately it doesn’t work on brand new and updated Android (Samsung s10). It crashes on a screen with little spider (Part 2). I’ve tried to reinstall it but with no luck.

  31. The game is pretty good, but the current version seems to be broken. It freezes when loading cloud saves… Update: the game is still broken. I sent an email to the support and no answer so far. The game really seems to be good, but the support is pretty bad so far.

  32. I want to rate this game higher as loved it on steam. No full screen support is a bummer though I don’t like the big black bars on the sides. Checked the full screen apps menu to try and force it, the game doesn’t show up in that menu

  33. Really, Really like it. But can’t make the firefly in chapter 6 from the three pears Appear. kind of annoying. Want to complete it with all the cards.

  34. It was good but why didn’t you build in hints like in the other games? Got very frustrated and had to find walkthroughs a couple of times simply because I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

  35. Hi, I deleted the cloud save and game is working again but I have to start over unfortunately. Can you please implement timeout for loading cloud save? At least show an error and force cloud save sync option in such case.

  36. I love the games of Amanita Design…so unique so challenging with every new game better graphics and great story👌👌👌 I already played Machinarium, Samorost 1/2/3, Botanicula still playing. Respect for the creators of those games💪

  37. Eva dice:

    Amazing! I love everything about it! Fantastic art and music, fun characters and story, and challenging adventures!

  38. doesnt load on latest phone and os. I have tried reinstalling and also restarting phone as suggested by developer which did not help. it does work on my old phone with old os. developer you need to update the app for new phones and new os!

  39. For god’s sake, give me SOME IDEA of how to play at the beginning. This trend of offering no instructions on how to play is the most annoying, pretentious nonsense I wish would end yesterday. I play games for the peaceful distraction, not to jab at my phone screen fruitlessly while wondering how the hell anyone thought this garbage would be fun. The game looks lovely. I would love to play it if someone could bother to slap together a single tutorial.

  40. It is so weird and cool. I got it for my 4 year old. We played it together. Entertains us both. He is 5 and can play through it all ALMOST in 1 day. Love it. Still cute after beating it 3 times.

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