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Reddit is the place where people come together to have the most authentic and interesting conversations on the internet—Where gaming communities, nostalgic internet forums, bloggers, meme-makers, and fandoms mingle alongside video streamers, support groups, news junkies, armchair experts, seasoned professionals, and artists and creators of all types.

With over 100,000 communities about every topic you could think of (and a few you’d probably never think of if it wasn’t for the creativity of strangers on the internet), Reddit is the place where you can dive into anything and connect with people on any topic.

A few things you’ll find on Reddit…

■ Thousands of communities
Whether you’re into breaking news, sports, TV fan theories, or a never-ending stream of the internet’s cutest animals, there’s a community on Reddit for you.
■ Laughs, lols, and plenty of ridiculousness
Lose track of vast amounts of time as you find memes, bananas for scale, bread stapled to trees, cat videos, and more of the absurd and oddly absorbing.
■ Discussions that will draw you in
The real action is always in the comments. Reddit’s discussion threads are where community members jump in to provide commentary, humor, and insight.
■ Answers to questions you’re too afraid to ask in public
Recipes, street fashion, career help, fitness plans, and more—find ideas and inspiration for whatever you want to do.
■ Live video streams, chats, and talks
Want to know what people are doing right now? Streaming videos, live chats, and live audio conversations give you a variety of ways to connect with people in the moment.
■ Crowd-sourced points of view on just about everything
Product reviewers, music critics, sports fans, or doge enthusiasts—find people that obsess and care about whatever it is you’re interested in.
■ Anonymous profiles so you can do you
On Reddit, you (not your job, number of friends, or social status) define who you are.
■ Lots and lots of cats

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60 comentarios en "Reddit MOD"

  1. Ky Md dice:

    So many bugs. The amount of times I have to restart the app to stop a video playing in the background that I can’t see or stop is ridiculous. And occasionally I can’t put my screen in landscape mode, which occurs only in the reddit app. Seems like the people behind the scenes are amateurs who can’t solve small problems that other media platforms have fixed years ago.

  2. It’s a good app, just annoyed that I can no longer read reddit posts on the web. It has to force me to the app or force people to make an account. Also, recently, for some reason, when I save an image, it will send it to a different folder and the image will be 0 bytes. It saves as a dead image. I move it to a different folder but it just won’t recognize it as a file. I have to screenshot the images now which are not the original quality.

  3. Joshua Fu dice:

    I don’t know what they did to it, but this is actually one of the worst apps I have ever used. I have to restart the app multiple times to get it to load content, clicking on posts does nothing until they unexpectedly pop up 15 minutes later, comments don’t load, media player is bad. The worst part was that it was fine about a year ago. Also the amount of stuff this app caches is crazy. It takes up insane amounts of storage space.

  4. Pics and videos rarely work. It’s not my internet,only happens with reddit. I’ll click on a nsfw picture or video to view it or on pics I want to zoom in on, and it gets stuck on the loading screen. When a video does work, it buffers so much that the video function is not usable. When it buffers, I have to restart the video and it’ll get a few seconds past where it froze last time, then freeze again (also only a reddit issue). I’ve left pics and vids to load for hours with no results.

  5. Videos and pics hosted by reddit can take long to load and some videos never play. The new way images are displayed in search results is terrible. Go back to displaying them fully in search results. When I click on a post now, it often takes 10 or more servings for it to actually open the post. If I made the mistake it clicking it multiple times, then I have to back out multiple times to get back to the homepage.

  6. App refuses to disable auto play on videos even when you turn that feature off, it’s intrusive and beyond annoying. This is what you get when you don’t offer a “opt out” option when asking people if they want to rate an app. If I want to review something I will review it, if you think you were going to annoy me over months and years to rate the app – this is what your going to get: nothing you want.

  7. Navigation has always been a bit challenging, especially when going to a comment thread from a reply notification. The latest update made it infinitely worse. Now there is some strange alternate view and once you tap the notification it seems to be impossible to get to the normal view of the comment thread without closing the app and scrolling through the sub to find the post.

  8. This app worked fine until recently. Now, it takes quite some time for anything to load and additionally opens the wrong post. Meaning if I want to read a post it opens a different post that doesn’t even appear in my feed. ETA now posts won’t open at all. I’ll open the app, click on a post, wait for minutes, nothing. I’ll click on it again. And again. And again. Nothing. This app used to be fine but unusable now. ETA The only thing that opens are the ads. Trash app b/c recent updates

  9. App runs incredibly slow, occasionally taking up to a couple minutes to open a post. Sometimes after opening a post, audio from another post will play in the background. Every once in a while, when you try to open a post, an entirely different post will open instead. These have been issues for a while so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for fixes any time soon.

  10. My go-to platform for discussions 😉👍 Update: It was five stars until the last update. Now I’m missing the Bell icon or button at the top right of the app. There’s no way for me to get notifications for now discussions without actually commenting 🙄🤦 The bell icon missing is irritating enough but all day today I’ve been unable to post using the app or my computer. It just gives me the generic something went wrong message. At the very least you could tell people what went wrong 🤦

  11. This app just KEEPS getting worse. I used it everyday all day to keep up with news and random things. Now it’s just a chore to use. The UI changes are awful. Not because they’re conceptually poor but because they function terribly. The same can be said for the video player. The hit boxes on some UI chnages are so tiny you end up tapping something several time (and I have small fingers). Don’t even get me started on load times. Even with a good conecction I can barely load a post or comment

  12. Buggy. Confusing layout. The new video player doesnt work. Load times are getting worse and worse. Viewing posts often redirects to a webpage for some reason, comments are now difficult to navigate and scrunched to a small part of the screen. This app was fine three years ago, and is now completely useless. Edit: over the last few months many of these problems have been fixed, but the app is still buggy as hell, comments wont even open, and the new layout doesn’t help. Changed from 1S to 3S

  13. No wonder people use other apps and not mobile reddit. Ad videos are loud and can’t be pause or muted unless you click them. Most of the time audio from one post plays when you’re on a completely different one. Clicking a post to read may likely open a whole different post entirely, and you can’t find the one you actually want to read. Clicking a post to open will take an unreasonable amount of time to actually open. Many other issues. Just plain awful.

  14. Extremely bloated and prone to freezing, crashing or taking you back to the top of a category when you scroll too far. The devs are also inexplicably removing features like the option to open external links in your own browser, and the changelogs are always misleading or completely uninformative. Use an alternate client even if the UI is a little less polished; this app is a tremendous headache.

  15. What a hot mess! It functions on a basic level, usually, but there are so many flaws! Goes thru periods of frequent crashes (like now), can’t search by subject, tiny font, no option for using multiple subs at once, can’t save viewing progress after restarting subs, too easy to accidently leave sub, videos glitch, and ads are huge, flashing and loud! At least make the ads unobtrusive! Edit: And now I can’t even choose whether or not to open links outside the browser! Ugh!

  16. Cody L dice:

    2022: New update doesn’t show me any of my post upvotes/replies/etc. They’re all hidden by “turning on notifications” and then behind that it says I have to opt in for emails. Even when I do turn them on there’s nothing there. Ridiculous. 2020: Videos constantly buffer half way through the video, or fail to play because its buffering. It makes this app significantly un-enjoyable. Everything else loads perfectly fine (comments, messages, etc). Its not a problem with my connection or service.

  17. Great service, very bad app. Constant freezing, buffering, or inability to generate anything. I update regularly, I also see people on reddit complaining about the same problems. I get so frustrated at most of the videos I watch not being able to finish with out buffering for minutes at a time. This is the only app on my phone with such problems. Update: after the newest app update, the application is running even slower.

  18. The most recent update removed the functionality of opening links via Android default browser. The option has been removed in Settings. Also, now when signed into the website via Firefox users are being spam-prompted to switch to the app. This interferes with scrolling on posts by resetting to the top of the page. All of this ties into greed and advertising.

  19. The new GUI is singlehandedly the worst change to ever introduce to the app, it is just so counterintuitive that it genuinely makes me wonder if it was at all tested before launch. You lose hundreds of tiny features all for a trashy, buggy, and borderline unusable video player that doesn’t even play most videos. I have to wonder if either garden gnomes made these changes, because something THIS out of touch with everything and everyone isn’t normal (nor good)

  20. Shay Ash dice:

    Mobile -Not worth it Ever since they changed the features on mobile this app has just been useless. You can no longer sort by new as an option on your home/popular page,which means it’s always old posts that never renew. It’s not even worth opening the app when you’re reading 80% same feeds as yesterday.You can go into each subreddit and scroll manually,but at that point it’s a hassle, and it always scrolls back to the top and loses your place. All the videos mostly don’t load and play either.

  21. The worst social media app. Randomly closes on it’s own over and over. Cant scroll through more than 5 or so videos before it just crashes. Gets stuck on a video you can back put of without it closing the app. Changes your settings without you touching them. Just a mess. Somehow still better than using the website and that’s a shame.

  22. They always have to go and change stuff people don’t want and inevitably mess other things up. Took away auto pause when clicking on a NSFW video so it plays automatically when I’d rather have the ability to read the comments to see if I want to watch it or not. And added a feature where if you hold your finger down to long while scrolling comments it brings the comment bar up and stops the video over and over. Fingers should be allowed to linger without it doing unwanted actions. Frustrating.

  23. Tim Hare dice:

    Irritating. I wasn’t around for the old reddit but I found myself using that instead of the “newer” site or the app. Neither the app or redesign is an actual improvement. Hard to navigate reliably except to sponsored things I really don’t want or care about. Please stop trying to guide what people want or need to talk about. Also the navigation for serial threads suck with the unique identifiers that ruins a chain or threads in the url

  24. I just deleted this app from my phone because they “fixed” a problem I wasn’t having by removing a feature from the entire app. You can no longer open external links in your web browser app, they removed the options from the advanced settings section. Now your forced when you open a link to use the reddit in app browser (powered by your installed browser app). Maybe the next “fix” will be to just remove the app from the Play Store and then they would have solved all the problems.

  25. New update is awful. Can’t see whole picture anymore. Everytime you click on something it has this giant black gradient border that blocks a good portion of the image. Also, the video player never works properly. It’s completely random on if it will work or not. And now they’ve added an annoying “more like this” feature on a post, so instead of seeing all the comments you have to look at what a bot thinks you might care about. It’s just a culmination of poor decisions at this point. Ridiculous.

  26. This app is so buggy and broken. It’s clear that the devs aren’t allowed to work on existing issues in favor of introducing new features and chasing trends from around the industry. For example, the video player has received dozens of updates, and every single one of them breaks something else. Currently, if you leave the app and return while composing a comment, the video will resume playing, sound and all. Additionally, trying to exit a video can cause you to return to the top of your feed

  27. The video player is awful. You need to be able to pause and rewind them without them going full screen. Also, swiping while they are full screen should allow you to escape full screen. This is how it was before, and how everyone wants it to be. Please change it back, it’s clunky and difficult to use. If I wanted tick tock I would install it, not reddit Edit 9/27: Now you cannot rewind videos from the main page, making the interface even worse…

  28. The new update has, without a doubt, the ABSOLUTE WORST user interface I’ve ever encountered on any social-media app. The ability to “swipe away / swipe up” a full-screen image and return to your feed has been taken away. If you attempt to close an image in anyway outside of your “back” button, you’ll be taken to a seemingly random post. Also, if a post has multiple photos, you can no longer swipe left or right while the photos are full-screen to view the other photos in the post.

  29. Wow, so I just updated the app and the developers are amazing. They really changed so many features. Now whenever I click on a post to view a video or comments, the post freezes and no longer displays anything at all. And if I do manage to click on a post multiple times, then it’ll open it in the background so when I hit the back button I have to hit it 10 times to go back. Really amazing developers, probably the best at what they do. If I could rate this app any higher, I definitely would. 1/5

  30. On release the app had a couple kinks but great potential to become something greater. It didn’t. Update after update and the UI keeps deteriorating, original conveniences are gone now, replaced with useless clutter. I’m moving to one of the several alternatives because you guys don’t know what the people want, and it looks like you don’t care either.

  31. Fun app to use and subscriptions are easier to find after the update. However, after the recent update, I try to click on a reddit post to view the comments and it doesn’t load right away. I have to click on the comments icon or the post a few times before it works. When I try to exit out, the post keeps loading repeatedly(depending on the # of times I clicked on the post). Please fix this ASAP. It is incredibly annoying and inconvenient. Thank you!

  32. Fix the video issues! Also, long press should highlight text, hiding a comment should be part of a menu and not the default action. Why would that have ever been the first choice?? I hate to complain but they just can’t get video playback to work right. It can’t be that hard, you can’t get to comments without it locking up or trying to report someone. This is the second major issue with videos over the past year.

  33. Jimmy C dice:

    It’s mostly ok, but offers less functionality than the iOS app. Videos don’t always play, whether from the home screen or once you tap on them. A solution to this seems to be to restart the app. But the app keeps track of what you already “viewed,” so in an effort to show you new things, it removes the video from your home screen that you restarted the app to view. Apps have bugs, but this is one of the biggest social media companies and the problem has been going on for at least a year.

  34. Joel Levy dice:

    After the new update, going anywhere aside from the front page or settings lands you on an empty white screen. Uninstalling didn’t work. Deleting cache and data didn’t work. Also their video player doesn’t play audio on mobile, even though it used to. They also got rid of my custom feeds. The option to create any is gone too. If this is up, it means they haven’t fixed anything.

  35. Everytime there is an update I hope that they fixed the issues with the app that cause it to load threads slowly. But it has been months and it’s still an issue. Like other reviewers have stated, you have to click on a post several times for it to finally open. And when it does open, it opens several times so you have to push the back button until it takes you back to your original page. It’s annoying that this app is so broken and even more annoying that it’s taking them this long to fix it.

  36. It’s been fun, but unfortunately whoever is in charge of updates are incapable of listening to their user base, or at the very least just flat out incompetent. You can look into posts on rare occasions, sometimes taking upwarda of 5 minutes just to pull up a poat you forgot you clicked on. Video player just doesn’t function, and it in general has slowed down to a crawl.

  37. No Run dice:

    Unreliable video player. I’m so tired of only being able to watch a few videos before they won’t play anymore. None of the video controls works, it opens like a photo. Constantly having to close the app to get videos to work again and I’m always losing my place and the video I wanted to watch in the process. Super annoying.

  38. G C dice:

    Each update seems to make this app less useful. The app is significantly slower loading and lags. The issue of videos auto playing in a thread, even with that feature turned off is still there. I don’t want to see when someone is typing in a thread or real-time upvotes of threads. That’s just useless clutter slowing the app down. It’s something that should have an option to be turn off in the settings menu.

  39. The app itself is alright at best. I frequently experience issues with load times with good connection and the devolving UI. However, my biggest and most infuriating issue lies in the mobile video player, specifically the new ‘swipe-to-navigate’ style. I can watch about ten videos consecutively before the video either completely fails to load and I see a black screen or the player completely crashes and I am taken back to the last screen I was on. This is a major usability issue, address it.

  40. Ken Rall dice:

    Just a total piece of junk since the new update. Everything is whacked out, you click a post and hear ads playing in the background? When you scroll up and down the video player stops working. I just don’t understand what happened. It is so frustrating to use the app. There are other apps you can download to use reddit that run much smoother. I would highly recommend getting one of those instead.

  41. Paul dice:

    This app just gets worse as time goes on. As a lefty, this new update to tap pictures on the right side to scroll through galleries is just awful now. The app itself is weirdly unresponsive. Tapping on posts in the feed does not open them right away. Additionally, I’ll tap on a post to open it and the app will show me some other post. When I back out, the feed will have changed and I can no longer find the post I was initially looking at.

  42. Kevin dice:

    I’ve primarily used the app for a year and it’s awful. Navigation is odd and clunky, if you let it give suggestion notifications there’s no clean way to navigate back and forward. To get back to your feed, you have to click into settings > your profile and then click the home button. Swiping back goes to the last suggestion I opened no matter the page and closes reddit if there were no suggestions before it. Clearly need a little more effort on UX and testing.

  43. This app was working great about 4 months ago, but then suddenly it changed. When tapping a thread to enter, it just doesn’t respond for a very long time. Often times this will bring you to a different post or open the same post many times. Then, once youre in the post, you have to wait for a very long time to see replies. Often times when you are scrolling through your feed, the feed seems to be out of sync with the rendering of the UI

  44. Kacey K. dice:

    App recently changed from having to swipe to see multiple pictures on a post to now having to tap the right side of the screen to go through them. As a left handed person this is a terrible setting to change especially with seemingly no way to change it back. It seems like unnecessary changes are being made instead of focusing on fixing errors and glitches.

  45. J J dice:

    Stop trying to be more like garbage Tiktok UI! Get a third party app. increasingly intrusive ads, the new video player that rarely works (video ads work great) and the new way the pic posts especially with multiple pictures is absolutely garbage. you can no longer slide to advance pics instead of clicking? sliding moves you a different post now. also, audio frequently plays from a video post after you have left that post and went on, remains until another video with sound or restarting the app.

  46. Latest update changed swiping through pictures to tapping on the right side of the screen. This makes using the app significantly worse for a lefthander like myself. Really annoying that they continue to push updates with these useless UI changes (like moving the sort feature to a harder to access place) while never fixing the fact that the app sometime refuses to load or loads the entirely wrong post altogether. Terrible app, consistently getting worse.

  47. Several months and still no fixes for loading issues. Can’t even go into individual subreddits anymore cause they refuse to load. I used to kind of be able to view subreddits by just typing in the search bar and not actually going to the sub , but that suddenly stopped working. And now the one workaround to view comments where I upvote the post and go to my history doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t know how much worse this app can get. I’m sure they’ll find a way though.

  48. A very unusuable experience. For some reason, every time I open the app its constantly offering to open stuff in the web browser instead of the app. And whenever I go to a post marked NSFW it sugvests I open it in my browser for more privacy. Very strange. You’d think that after I hit ‘no thanks’ a dozen times it would stop trying to pressure me into using the web browser version. It’s also weird that unless I am logged in, some posts are locked to the web browser instead of the app. Very weird

  49. TruckerJj dice:

    this app only gets worse as time goes on. you can’t swipe right to view the next image in an image set, or swipe up to close out of an image, and swiping down is slow. scrolling through comments while watching a video will cause the comment box thing to go over the video, you’re forced to use it if you want to view anything marked as 18+. the app also sonetimes has issues opening up links, and other times it just never loads.

  50. Tons of glitches. Often won’t load images or videos. Stuffed full of loud auto playing video ads. I’ll stick to the mobile browser experience. OH wait now you can’t use the browser as it forces you to use the app. Wish I could give negative stars. Edit: 2 years later and these problems all still exist, and add on the softcore porn ads it throws at you with no way to report them. 🙁

  51. My experience with the official reddit app can be summarized in one word. Bugs. There are countless bugs I experience daily. Most presist through every update. I will not even bother trying to list the bugs. Basic app functionality like reading comments, playing videos and browsing are all significantly hindered by the constant bugs. I have somehow gotten used to using an app with this many undressed issues, it’s literally insane. There are no redeemable traits of this app, just avoid.

  52. Every update ruins the app: can’t look at comments on videos or pictures, subreddits do not load, app crashes when trying to switch accounts. Pictures used to be fine, but now they take place in the video player and do not load the comments like they used to. Overall, slow, nothing works correctly and to open a post i need to save the link, open in my phone browser which opens to the post in-app. It is tedious and infuriating at best

  53. With each update it gets worse. Image and video viewer continues to decline in quality, which is 90% why I scroll Reddit. For the fourth time in years I’m looking into alternative apps because I’ve lost faith in the engineering team’s design + feature development and if I find something I like this time, I’m not redownloading this app.

  54. Garbage, the videos do not stop playing. You can scroll in the comment section and it will think you’re scrolling on the previous page you were on and then feed you the audio from that video. Furthermore it will won’t let you read a title sandwiched between two videos. It will play the video above or below. Incredibly annoying. It’s turning into tiktok and I can feel my attention span dropping as I view the horrible content. Also terrible userbase and moderators. You will not find balance here.

  55. Aj dice:

    Autoplaying ads is an instant 1 star from me. I don’t mind ads most of the time as long as they’re not intrusive, but as of recently, I’ve been getting screen filling video ads that autoplay with sound on, despite having autoplay set to “never” and the layout on classic mode. The ads before were tolerable, even if they were annoying with how they’re made to mislead into clicking them , but now, they’re annoying.

  56. Kevin B. dice:

    The video player always seems to hopelessly buggy. Also, I’ve recently noticed that if I have a thread open and switch to a different app on my phone, and then switch back to reddit, it will start playing the audio from an video advertisement that was on the previous page. It’s unbelievably annoying. Sometimes the app will just completely freeze and show this buggy blank screen with a bunch of weird tags like “QUARANTINED” among others.

  57. The app categorically fails to allow you to reliably browse Reddit. Regardless of the strength of your connection (WiFi or mobile), the app fails to allow you to reliably access video/image content, even when that content is hosted by Reddit itself. On the occasions when you are able to temporarily see/watch image/gif/video content, the app will frequently fail to reload/restart/finish that content, so you’re frequently wondering whether there’s more you never saw. Overall, disgraceful.

  58. I’ve been using this app for years and the past few updates have made it significantly less user-friendly. With newest update, when you tap on an image you can no longer see the full picture. Instead, the bottom of the image is shadowed and overlaid with the title and upvote/downvote buttons, and there’s no way to them. You also can’t zoom in or scroll horizontally to view multiple images in the same post. If it’s not changed back to how it was before, I probably won’t be using the app anymore.

  59. After scrolling for a while I cannot play videos any longer. It’s like they are frozen. I can restart the app but after a few minutes the same keeps happening. Incredibly frustrating. This has been going on for months. When I am reading a thread sometimes the sound of a video from another thread will play too. Updates never seen to help.

  60. Whoa! Why all the invasive permissions (invasive data collecting, selling my data to 3rd parties, unnecessary permissions, not encrypting messages)?🤨 I was kind of liking it until I saw that. I don’t think so. It’s time for me to jump out quick. The only one who should have that kind of personal information and control over my phone is Me. All that just to read and answer some q & a is NOT Necessary. Fix that, and I may think about coming back and giving you a better rating.

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