Weather Home: Local Forecast 2022


Live local weather forecast, radar, storm tracker & alerts on your home screen
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Unlock a new phone experience with our launcher and weather widget 🌌

Benefits of Daily Weather Home:

📲 Customizable weather focused home screen/launcher with a variety of available icon packs and wallpapers

📅 Full screen weather widget with daily and weekly weather outlooks

🌡️ Detailed, clean daily weather planner and temperatures

🔓 Unlock powerful voice enabled search that supports all major search engines

Daily Weather Home is the fastest, most accurate weather tool available for Android. With rich, interactive maps, minute by minute updates, and over 43,000 available zip codes, Daily Weather Home offers the hyper-local precision forecast you need to be ready to take on any weather condition, from a high UV index sunny day, to a sudden arctic blast.

Offering fast, one-swipe access, Daily Weather Home raises the bar for extreme and severe weather preparedness, giving you a superior, hi-resolution view of the conditions most likely to affect you. And with optimized one-touch voice search, you’ll never be far away from the information you need.

Key Features:

🧹 Uncluttered, efficient user experience: Get to your local weather, fast. Receive timely weather alerts, <15 min updates, and enhanced forecast precision.

⛈️ HiDef Radar shows you severe local weather before it hits

🌐 Instant Weather Search: Whether by voice or text, DWH 2018 was built to optimize your search experience. Enjoy fast, intuitive, and accurate search.

🏃 Fast, Hyper-Local Radar: Access HD radar images and daily weather forecasts with minimal load times. DWH 2018’s lightweight architecture ensures you won’t spend time waiting for important images to load.

⚡ Daily Weather Home takes all the best weather information and combines it with easy access to your favorite apps and lightning fast search.


Daily Weather Home delivers an intelligent Android experience that will make your daily life better. It's 100% FREE and loaded with potential for more features in coming updates! Let us know what you think. We hope you love Daily Weather Home.

Daily Weather Home: The Fastest, Most Accurate Weather App Available.


☁️ Track weather conditions ☁️
⚠️ Get weather alerts ⚠️
☂️ Receive hourly weather updates ☂️
💨 Wind and pressure report 💨
🌅 Sunrise and sunset time 🌅
✨ New and fresh looks ✨


4 comentarios en "Weather Home: Local Forecast 2022"

  1. Theodore Krzyk dice:

    The main problem with this app as was referenced by other users, is it takes over your phone, removes your icons, and basically puts a UI layer between you the operating system. Once installed, I can not delete it. I HATE IT!! When you create and app you should ALWAYS create an easy way to uninstall it. I totally agree with another commenter in that this feels like Malware!!

  2. Kaye Megan Luecke dice:

    This was like walking into a nightmare. I am tech savvy and it still took me 10 minutes to figure out how to uninstall this app. I couldn’t do it from settings. I should have read the reviews before installing it. It changed my entire layout, homescreen, and access to the native Google app. It pushed its own app which was filled with ads and tabloids.

  3. Randy Rusten dice:

    This app took over my phone and completely changed the look and feel of the interface. It wouldn’t let me delete it so ended up having to do a hard factory reset. This is not a legitimate weather app but rather soft malware! Beware before downloading.

  4. tina denmark dice:

    OMG Nightmare!!! boyfriend reviewing. She just got this new phone. Not sure how this app got on here, unless it was pre-installed option, and next thing it’s taken over entire phone. Took a lot of searching to figure out how to get rid of, because you can’t just uninstall. Thanks to Tony Nicklow for listing steps. settings –> apps –> choose default apps –> Home app – click on this and can change back to default One UI home. After this, you’ll then see the app to uninstall. What a mess!

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