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Experience a fresh way to manage money with Mint budgeting app. Reach your financial goals with personalized insights and custom budgets. Use Mint as a subscription manager and track your money spending —all for free. See your monthly bills, create budgets, grow savings, & build stronger financial habits. Get the #1 personal finance and free budgeting app now*.

Mint is the free money manager and financial tracker budgeting app that brings together all of your finances. Plan ahead! From account balances and budget planners to tracking expenses and debt payments, all your money management is now in one place.
Track transactions & account balances
Monitor your monthly expenses
Control spending with our money spending tracker
Receive bill reminders
Connect your cash, credit cards, loans, track investments etc with just one tap!

Mint is your personal finance manager and bill tracker – it helps you track expenses, transactions, monthly budgets, account balances, subscriptions, expenses and taxes. We calculate your net worth and spending trends and help you with your budget plan. We’ll help manage subscriptions and notify you when prices go up.

Take a deep dive into your accounts and uncover new ways to use this savings app and reach your money goals. Alerts will improve your budgeting & spending habits. Use our money tracker to get a quick view of your finances, account balances, credit score, bills and more.

Make every dollar count with our free budget app. Get a smart expense budget based on your spending on day 1. Mint provides budgeting tips & advice to help you save for your financial goals. Plus, keep tabs on your balances with our budget tracker. We’re here to make expense tracking simple.

Track bills and your financial goals alongside your account balances. Get monthly bill reminders to end late fees. Plus, you can track expenses to help you reach your financial goals sooner.

Set custom financial goals in our budgeting app and get actionable tips tailored to you. With our money management advice and budget calculator, you can see and celebrate your progress. Mint is your refund tracker that checks your status when you file with Turbotax.

If investing in crypto is part of your financial strategy you can connect your account in Mint to see your full financial portfolio. Supported by the platforms; Binance, Blockfi, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, GEMINI, Kraken, Paypal and Robinhood.

Apply for home loans with our partner, Rocket Mortgage. We’ll pre-fill your app with Mint data so you can easily apply for a new mortgage or refinance. Plus, get money-saving offers from our partners. This includes credit cards, investment savings, loans, & more.

We’re serious about keeping your account safe and are constantly improving our security measures. See more here:

*based on all-time app downloads

Mint is part of a suite of financial tools that include TurboTax®, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Self-Employed™, and ProConnect™.

To learn how Intuit works to protect your privacy, please visit

By installing or using Mint, you agree to our Terms:

Mint currently connects to US and Canadian financial institutions only.


- Added support for savings goals
- Bug fixes and improvements.


40 comentarios en "Mint: Budget & Track Bills 2022"

  1. I want to like this app. Really I do. I used to use it all the time, but now it has so many syncing issues that it’s not functional. Trying to add major banking accounts prompts for “how do you want to receive your code” pop-ups that don’t show any options. Accounts that previously were synced stop syncing, and don’t update without going into the app several times to try to force a sync. I need accurate information in a timely manner, not information that hasn’t updated in days.

  2. I really wish this app were better. It has a lot of potential, but the UI is outdated and cluttered, it’s difficult to navigate, and the account connections can be finicky. PayPal gives a hard time with most other apps as well, but I still need to sign back into my PayPal account every other day or so to pull transactions. I hope to see a major overhaul sometime soon.

  3. This app and website used to be amazing, now it’s been updated over time into a cluttered mess. I liked to use it to keep track of transactions across all my credit cards and keep an eye on investment accounts. Unfortunately now it lumps all the investment account trades into all my other transactions so it’s impossible to sort through my transactions to recategorize things as needed. I wish it would just go back to how it used to be, there was no need to reinvent itself into something worse.

  4. Good but lacks features. You have to go to a web browser either on your phone or your computer to do half of the useful things that Mint does. Something simple like categorizing things while they are pending. Plus so many others. Please please update the app with all of the features or I’m going to have to move to another service. If they update with all the features available in the app, I will update to 5 stats because otherwise, it’s great

  5. Celia dice:

    phenomenal, straightforward, aesthetically pleasing (wish you could change color layout, but whatever), and extremely helpful. the only thing I wish was different is that there isn’t an option to say a bill is on autopay, so you have to manually mark every bill paid. that’s literally my only critique. that, and maybe enabling the deletion of premade expense subcategories so it’s easier to scroll through when you’re looking for one. 🤷🏻💕

  6. I have used the free version for over a year. It’s very simple and covers all the bases. I do a zero dollar budget style. I love adjusting the categories and seeing how it affects my overall budget right away. The savings goal is in a different part and it automatically is included.

  7. Aron Hess dice:

    This used to be powerful in its simplicity, intuitive and easy to use. Now all its features are scattered around, difficult to find or figure out how to use. For instance, I want to see all transactions in a specific category; I finally found where the categories are, but it’s only the the main category, I searched for a long time to find where I can sort by the sub-categories and I still havent found it.

  8. I love this app, very handy to see all my accounts in one place especially the ability to sync my bill dates with my Google Calendar – I’ve wanted this feature for so long. My only suggestion is if there was a calendar tab in the app to be able to see all the expenses and bills on a timeline view, would be great.

  9. Update: 12/2022 The issue below fixed itself. Now transactions for a certain visa card are not downloading or showing. I had to manually add transactions for the last 2 months on my most active card. I have been using this app for a long time and have enjoyed the updates. A recent update has broke the effectiveness and usefulness of the app. One of my credit cards is showing the transactions as a deposit rather than a draft. This effectively eliminates any use I could have with the app.

  10. Jessie dice:

    There’s a few glitches in the system, but overall the app works pretty decent. It takes a day to update my bank accounts so, I only have an update amount the next day instead of same day. The budgeting portion for my credit card payments, doesn’t always take my payments. It kinda picks & chooses when it want to work. Keeping me on track for bill due dates & when I’ve been charged fees or went over budget are pretty spot on & quite helpful for me. I always know when the next bill is due.

  11. Accounts not accurate, duplicates and missing accounts. Over the past year, my accounts have stopped syncing and when I attempt to reconnect, I just keep getting the same error. And the accounts that are listed, have incorrect due dates, balances, payments not recorded, it’s chaos. I’ve tried deleting accounts and adding them back to get them up to date, and it’s useless. I used to be able to rely on this app as a one stop place to see what bills were coming due, but it’s garbage now.

  12. D B dice:

    When it updates your accounts it’s not as current as you’d like. It does well to automatically categorize your transactions though, better than all the other Budget Apps. You will still need to find tune but after you get it tuned, it stays pretty accurate and up-to-date. Needs a better bill listing and tracking feature aside from the account tracking.

  13. Was a good app until it stopped connecting to my bank and I realized how difficult it was to get support. Changed my rating to 1 star. Deleting the app I’ve used for years since I can’t get any support. Update: sat through the terrible help chat and was still unable to get my financial institution to link even though it was working for years prior. Eventually got an email saying that the issue was fixed. Spoiler, it wasn’t. If I could start putting negative stars I would.

  14. The app has gotten so much worse to the point of near uselessness! There are constant missing transactions, I am talking dozens! It only seems to show the current months and loses significant data for precious months, and even for the current months it’s missing several transactions. The trends and budgets are entirely unusable because of this. Also, the auto categorization does not work at all, I set the rule so many times and it still doesn’t pick up the categorization.

  15. Overall experience is great. Fantastic app to keep track of your finances in one place. Few bank connections have problem with refreshing data. For those banks I had to delete and then add accounts back again. Not sure if it is a problem with the Mint service or the bank itself. I highly recommend this app and service.

  16. Candra dice:

    Once you have your passwords and can link your accounts this is a great app to help you consolidate and manage your money in one place. I love it! It let’s you set goals and then tells you how much you’ll need to save to accomplish that goal by the date you’ve set, which is a great way to let you see if that is feasible for you or not. The only annoyance I have is for whatever reason it won’t let me connect my Progressive account. I keep getting a try again later error but it never works.

  17. App has improved since I last used five years ago. The two major advantages it has over Rocket Money which has been my preferred so far is a) speed b) smart categorization of transactions. It is annoying that it won’t list the credit card name and last 4 digit next to each transaction. I own a lot of credit cards and so far that has been the major reason why I’m still using both.

  18. Turns out that this is trash. Almost everything is wrong except for some bank info, which I could just track from my banking website. What I’m most disappointed in is the subscription tracking. It’s not just incomplete, it also seems to just make stuff up. It says I have subs to Help and Unimart, which I’ve never even heard of. ZERO information is given about them and you cannot interact with or edit anything it puts in the subscription list. You’re about better off with an excel spreadsheet.

  19. On the mobile app It would be nice if the pie chart was more interactive like the desktop version. For example if you could click on the pie chart to further breakdown restaurants from groceries etc instead of lumping it all together that would be nice ( Like the desktop version can do). The Desktop version can show pie chart separating groceries from restaurants but not mobile app. This is my biggest complaint about the mobile app.

  20. There’s no way to prevent duplicate entries (such as bills or transactions) from affecting my monthly budget, I can’t add personal loans, it cannot “find” my subscriptions from my transaction history (streaming services, etc), and the app keeps disconnecting from my bank account. This is a very poorly implemented budgeting app. I expected better from Intuit.

  21. Sooooo annoying to delete the app if you don’t want it. You have to log on to desk top, the instructions are not clear, you can’t navigate the chat and work within the app so the conversation exits. (I got the app because I don’t have time or the desire to sit at my desk top. I multitask. Customer service cannot delete the app for you like many other applicantions allow. It’s annoying. I do not recommend.) Also there’s no way to setup categories with desired amounts for spending. It just tracks

  22. The UI is a bit too rigid and some things that you have to go the website to do have an inconsistent experience from the app. Also there seems to always connectivity issues with certain financial institutions that are never really well documented or understood so it’s challenging to actually fix them. Also stop recommending accounts that we can’t actually connect to.

  23. Been using this app for a few years now and it’s been so helpful. I don’t know why there are many bad reviews saying there are a lot of problems. I have had no issues with this app except for maybe once my 401k was not syncing but then shortly after it was normal. No app is perfect but for the majority of time using this app, it has been just fine and a great help in budgeting. Not many ads or anything, just a nice simple budgeting app that is great. No complaints. Thanks guys!

  24. They took the time to remake the UI to be all pretty and reorganized (read: have to dig deeper to find things), yet did not take the time to fix some long-standing bugs like the “every few months” budgeting double-counting ((m-1)/m) of the total value… Rendering that feature useless. There are plenty more. It is very clear that no one on their development staff actually uses the software features.

  25. The security feature is worse than previous versions. I just downloaded the most current version on my new droid. When clicking on “security” in the drop down menu, there is no option for a four digit unlock passcode. It was an option in previous versions. Now I have to completely sign out when I leave the app or my info can be accessed just by opening the app. Still a very good app, but it became much less convenient.

  26. I used to use this app, but my phone didn’t have space for it so I went a while without it and just checked the desktop version occasionally. I recently got a new phone with more space and was hoping to jump back into this. The UI is not very intuitive, and I have no idea how to edit my budget to accurately reflect my needs anymore. It’s rather convoluted. I need simplicity and clarity with my budget.

  27. nlboise dice:

    This app has access to all your personal accounts, but also connects to your tax information through turbotax, so if you are interested in that it is a good app. The biggest frustration is that there is no yearly budget for one-time things like car repairs and travel. It would be nice if they created separate budgets for those that are not monthly.

  28. Aj Schmid dice:

    Updates broke the app. I have been using this app for years and it was perfect. A few months ago it stopped working. I have to hit the finger print three times before it signs me in and if i want to go to any other page other than the home page, it asks for my finger print three more times, and then just gives up and takes me back to my home page. I get constant email updates and those links dont work either. Roll it back to a previous version because it is now unusable.

  29. Doran dice:

    Nice features, but inconsistent. Rules are nice–except name and category are required, so dept. stores & the like always have to be adjusted. Doesn’t work half the time anyway, so I spend a lot of time editing. It alerts of bills months in advance, which makes it hard to keep track of what’s actually due *now*. It often fails to recognize recurring bills, and has weird behavior with custom entry bills and counts them twice sometimes. Overall, decent app, but needs improvements.

  30. This used to be a good app. Updates have oversimplified functionality to the point of being nearly useless. The app counts my credit card payment as an expense after already counting the transactions on the card so spending trends are meaningless without manually changing transactions. Also, I have to log in to my accounts every time I want to sync. Guess it’s time to go back to manually tracking expenses. The focus clearly shifted from user experience to pushing ads for credit cards.

  31. Great App – Not without it’s annoyances. This app is the only app out of all the top budgeting apps that properly connects to all my accounts. It has a minimal clean interface. There are some annoyances when organizing your budget. You have to wait until a transaction is fully processed to change the category it’s categorized in and sometimes they pile up and I can forget what the transaction was for. There also is a little bugs that have remained unfixed like when splitting transactions.

  32. I used to love and recommend this app, but the redesign a while back really made a mess of things, made it frustrating and more cumbersome to use, and they still haven’t fixed that or other failings. And of course they don’t make it easy to disconnect their tracking of all your financial accounts! I’ve quit using it, but took one more peak, and it’s still a train wreck. Now I’m just trying to get them to let go of my account info, and not having much success so far. Really disappointing!

  33. I loved this app, the calendar integration was stellar. But the subscriptions tab is literally useless and having zero control over what’s in there is frustrating and one of my accounts will show up, I can view transactions, everything is up to date, and yet the payment date won’t show in my bills or calendar. It says last payment is in May and this effects my planning.

  34. Great App easy to use. I give a 3 star rating for 1 reason. The budgeting tool only allows a calendar month rather than being able to customize a time frame that is equivalent to 1 month. For example, income is paid monthly on the 15th of every month. Therefore a budgeted month from say Aug 15th through Sep 15th would be much more favorable. This doesn’t feel like a complicated fix. If that were available, I would give 4 or 5 stars.

  35. Accounts don’t sync regularly and when they do transactions are missing. Their help center is non-existent and when you do try to contact them you are redirected to their website home page. Every update makes the app worse and takes away features. Update: Now it won’t sync my credit card, even though it says it is up to date. This app is worthless.

  36. Mike S. dice:

    Pretty useful for tracking your monthly spending. I like that you can be granular with setting the budget. However, It won’t let me add notes to “pending” transactions. The auto categorization is not perfect and adding a note on a pending transaction as I review it at the end of the day would be very helpful.

  37. Mike Cap dice:

    The Good: Keeps all of my financial information in one place. Helps track payments like when property taxes are due etc. The BAD: I downgraded to 4 stars because this new version makes the budgets seem like an afterthought. No budgets view with the widget. To view budgets scroll down to “Where are my budgets” and then click “Show me”, then click the month, then click Income or Expense. In my opinion budgets are too buried and inconvenient to get to. I would like budgets elevated.

  38. I’ve used & (mostly) loved this app for years, otherwise it would have 1 star right now. It says all my accounts are updated. But they are not. That is SO much worse than refusing to update the accounts. I was under the impression my accounts were up to date because they say they are. However when I actually logged into my bank account & 4 different credit card accounts, the accounts were NOT actually up to date. How can I trust the app again? That is a total failure!

  39. Not real impressed so far. I keep getting third party offers shoved in my face, the app has a rather excessive load time, and I’m not presented with meaningful information, not to mention its a completely different experience from the desktop web app. Give me some options to customize the views, I want to see information that I think important not what YOU think is important.

  40. . dice:

    I am seriously researching alternatives because having to reset all the settings every time they update the app is driving me crazy. No, I don’t want to set rules. Stop asking every time the app is updated. And having to mark accounts as duplicate every time they mess that up is panic-inducing as suddenly utilities are more than doubled because each transaction is duplicated since my spouse and I have a joint account and separate savings accounts. The joint account shows up twice.

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