Clue: The Classic Mystery Game MOD 2022


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Detective! There are six suspects, six weapons & six rooms, but only one answer!
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THE ORIGINAL HASBRO BOARD GAME – It’s the classic murder mystery! Who did it? With what weapon? In which room? There’s a high-risk party at the mansion and every guest is a suspect. Roll the dice, become a detective and let Clue begin!

• A PREMIUM DIGITAL BOARD GAME – There are no ads, no pop-ups and no pay-to-win limits. Once you buy the app, that’s it: unlimited multiplayer fun for you and your family and nothing to stop you solving the crime!

• A BRAIN TEASER – Test your detective skills. At the start of each game, Clue will take one suspect, one weapon, and one room from the deck, and deal the rest to the players. If you ask: “was it Colonel Mustard with the Rope in the Drawing Room”, a player holding the Colonel, the Rope or the Drawing Room must show you their card. Enter every room in search of answers!

• CLUESHEET & HINT SYSTEM – Who committed murder?! Don’t risk letting the criminal escape! Use your virtual Cluesheet companion to make a note of the suspects, weapons and rooms you can eliminate. The ideal companion for every detective: Cluesheet helps you make your deductions, perfect your strategy and solve the mystery.

• SINGLE PLAYER – Put your brain to the test against a guest list of AI murder suspects, online or offline! Choose your character, choose your opponents and let no criminal escape the mansion!

• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Play Clue with your friends and find out who’s guilty on mobile, PC or Nintendo Switch! Don’t let distance stop your board game night. Play on the go, or curl up in an armchair and settle down for a night of crime and detective work, wherever you are!

• LOCAL MULTIPLAYER – Play a game of CLUE with people from all over the world or create a private multiplayer game to play with your friends and family.

• 10 ADDITIONAL THEMES – Explore ten different themed boards with the The Ultimate Detective’s Package. Listed under “Editor’s Choice” for the Most Stylish Game, our exclusive original themes are hand crafted by our studio artists.
o Tudor Mansion: The guests at this party have turned out to be a lethal combination!
o Vampire Castle: In a household where every suspect is a monster, who committed the crime?
o Egyptian Adventure: Solve the crime, from the dark tombs of pharaohs to the crumbling pyramids!
o Hollywood: In a land where life is an act, can you find the truth in the fairytale?
o Murder Express: Challenge your friends to solve a mystery based on a classic Agatha Christie novel!
o Sherlock: Become the great detective and solve a crime on the dark streets of London!
o Snowy Peaks: Old friends have been reunited. Tensions are running high, but whose grudge ran that deep?
o Tropical Mystery: Someone has rocked this boat in a big way! It’s a luxury race to the answer!
o Venetian Masquerade: Historic Venice is beautiful, but crime lurks beneath the surface!
o Wild West: From the jailhouse to the saloon, the story of Dr. Black’s end will spread far and wide. Only you can discover the truth!

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At Marmalade Game Studio we make quality, premium multiplayer board games. Play our classic games, including Monopoly and The Game of Life 2, anywhere on your mobile! Enjoy with your friends and family whether you’re together or apart. You can find the fun with people you know or players around the world. Our games are ad-free, family friendly fun. For quality time, look for the Marmalade Game Studio logo.


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40 comentarios en "Clue: The Classic Mystery Game MOD 2022"

  1. This game is very good if you want a digital version of Clue. However, my main problem is that the game always marks your notepad automatically. This is a nice feature and you can mark things yourself, but there is not an option to turn off automatic marks. The micro-transactions feel very in your face. The option to buy stuff is above the play button even. This is still a great game that functions well.

  2. I paid good money for all the extras on this game. The major issue I have is that when I play online, I have to quit games half the time because it freezes and will not advance. When I play with friends, it constantly freezes and stops advancing most times before the 3rd or 4th player gets their first turn. If a game is working smoothly and my phone receives a notification the game will freeze and will only advance after I quit the game. Im really frustrated with this expensive game.

  3. “Play with friends” option is great until an unforeseen reason the game freezes almost every time. And I don’t mean one of our phones or app. It will appear that the game is waiting on one of us after a card is shown, but we both hit “continue” after a card is shown and it just sits there, not moving on to next player. We’re both in it >$30 and that’s way to much to spend on a game. Please fix this issue so we can play together with NPCs

  4. My husband and I have downloaded this game today because we enjoyed playing this together. It is a good game design but I am disappointed with the bugs for sure. We both could not finish a game together because it would constantly freeze one of us out. We thought it our internet was just terrible until I read other reviews with the same problem. I dont mind paying for expansion and cosmetic characters but if you have to pay just to download the game it should not have bugs.

  5. Really enjoy the game BUT!!! 3 of my family members have purchased everything and we can’t play together. Of the last 5 games we’ve tried, it refuses to continue. If one gets as much as a phone call, the game will just stop progressing. This is beta level programming and you charge an incredible amount. I also want to leave notes on items I have in my hand. There’s no reason not to allow this. I want to note when I show someone something.

  6. During longer games the app will change the cards in your hands and your opponents. This makes the game pretty much unplayable. That is extremely difficult for those like myself trying to learn how to play. Online plays even a bigger joke. You can never get more than a few turns before the whole thing freezes up. I’m playing on a Galaxy s21. Don’t waste your money. The base game should be free but all the expansions paid for. There’s nothing to justify the cost of the initial game with bugs

  7. Game went downhill after updates. Will change the room you’re in between turns to make it impossible to get to where you need to be. AI players copy your every move, will team up 3:1 against you. Even medium difficulty makes it hard to win. I really loved this game, frustrating that someone had to try to “fix” something that wasn’t broken.

  8. Played 7 games, won 7 games. It’s good, but could use a system where better players are matched up with one another, like a leveling system where you can see other players’ experiences. A counter for win/lose would be nice as well. I would recommend, but I would also advise if you are mildly good at this game that you will probably get bothered by lack of competition.

  9. I also have this version of Clue for the Nintendo Switch, and it is a classic game! My only complaint is that it costs $35 to unlock all the extra boards and characters. It’s a bit much. The game comes with the default characters and board from the modern edition, but that’s enough to have lots of fun. Very happy with it anyway. BUG: if you go into your final turn with the entire notecard filled in, it hangs, and you have to quit and come back to continue. Same bug as the Switch version.

  10. If you’re a fan of board games, this app offers great value for the money. It handles all the fundamentals of Clue well. Single player games can be completed in 10-20 minutes, which makes it a good option for short periods of downtime. The AI difficulty scales gradually, and players of all skill levels should be able to set up a comfortable challenge. The UI is simple and straightforward, with no extraneous dialogue boxes and, more importantly, no ads. The note sheet is flexible, and a few basic notetaking functions are automated, which may be helpful for new players. Online matchmaking takes about a minute. Since I purchased the game in 2017, the developers have taken steps to make the app more faithful to the original. For example, they removed former DLC that allowed players to purchase advantages against the AI. The initial cast of characters is all white, but additional models are available for purchase as DLC. As the global player pool grows, it would be nice to see more diverse options added to the base set. I would also like to see more gameplay variations in the future. For example, the game uses two dice – which makes it easy to move between rooms and keep the pace of the game moving. An option to play with on die would be an fresh strategic challenge. Overall, I highly recommend this game.

  11. This game is great for the animations it does, the variety of characters you can get, the twist on the original game just by changing its rooms and weapons…. Problem is that it doesnt let me play with my friends. Every time we go in, after deciding who goes first, it just stops, and eventually will continue once everyone has disconnected and is replaced by an AI…. Edit: The support team was able to get in contact with me the same day I sent an email. And although it magically fixed itself, I am impressed with the response time and willingness to help. I can now play with my friends and I love it all!

  12. Overall, decent fun game. Would like to see an option to cut out the various animations of dice rolling, pawn movement, accusation response, and such. They significantly slow down game play, are a bit superfluous and get annoying after a while. I would like to be able to zoom in on the board and rotate it. Like the different themes, but would like to be able to choose a theme and have the associated characters pre load with it. Could use some tweaks, but good fun.

  13. I really do like the game but there are too many complaints to rate it more than 3 stars. The package to buy the other boards and characters are so expensive! And you can’t even see what you would be buying! There is a glitch in the game sometimes where the characters will just ask the same thing over and over. There needs to be a pass and play version. There needs to be some kind of reward system for winning games: maybe in game money we can use for characters and boards, etc.

  14. Great game. It’s fun and the additional paid items are just cosmetics, I couldn’t care less about. But the animations are super slow and suuuuuuuuper annoying. Why is there no option to completely turn it off? Starting each game takes a few seconds because of a useless initial animation. Each turn takes time because of the animation. Let me just play the darn game.

  15. Beyond what I had expected from a mobile version of Clue! I have been having a lot of fun and progressing through the ranks quickly. I would have to agree with others though that only being able to unlock the other characters and maps via purchase is disappointing and not as rewarding. I think adding an option to be able to unlock new characters and maps via a reward system could greatly help the game. I also would love an in game chat option. Even if its pre picked words and sayings, being able to communicate with the other players while playing would create a greater experience for fellow players. Lastly I would love to see a search option in the leaderboards for searching other players ranks. Overall though I am very happy with my experience so far with the game and would love to see the developers integrate some of the things mentioned above.

  16. I enjoy the game but when playing as a single player against the game, once I changed the computer character’s difficulty level to “hard”, the computer players began making the same guesses that I was making. Those are the games that are frustrating and it never happened until I cjanged the difficulty level. I wanted to be challenged but it’s not challenging when I’m doing all the guess work for “3 players”.

  17. It’s a great game that is intuitive to use if you’ve played Clue before. Nice graphics and I love that it doesn’t try to get too fancy with animations and popups and other unnecessary things. It feels like a nice facsimile of playing the actual board game. I would give it 5 stars except there’s a fairly big issue when it comes to joining games with friends and staying in those games. It’s easy to get locked out of a game and when that happens there is no way to rejoin and the computer takes over

  18. Little hard to get used to the mobile format at first, but it’s fun when you pick it up. Haven’t tried multiplayer, just singleplayer. It’s not really worth the money unless you have room on your device to keep it forever and will use it pretty regularly. Also, there’s a lot of characters and maps you can purchase in game, there needs to be a progression system to unlock some of these because it’s just annoying to see all these locked options with no way to get them besides paying.

  19. Love the game! It’s super fun and addicting. Had to watch a YouTube tutorial to learn how to play it though but I easily got the hang of it. Only downside is, you have to pay more to get different boards and characters. Doesn’t destroy the game or anything, just wish, the game had at least two different types of boars so you wouldn’t have to see the same board over and over again.

  20. E Reed dice:

    The classic board game was one of my favorites- it’s nice to have online and offline options. Your initial purchase unlocks the full functionality, with graphics that closely reproduce the classic board game. I wish there were more options to mark my scorecard. Optional “upgrades” unlock additional boards and characters that add visual interest, but don’t change gameplay.

  21. fpnorvil dice:

    Overall very strong game play and experience, but I dislike that all the other features have to be bought even though I’ve already paid for the app. It would also be nice If I could level up. the points won at the end aren’t clear in their range. feels like one of my free chess apps in that respect. I’d be more compelled to purchase if predetermined goals were clear beyond easy, medium, and hard.

  22. Alx V dice:

    Pros: Nice set up. Graphics are nice, easy notes. . Cons: When hosting a match with a friend and computer. There is no way to change or randomize the order. Also, no option to stop auto notations when players do not have cards to show. And easy is not easy. Additionally, Some characters are horrible and I don’t want then in my game, give an option to deselect character we don’t want to be available. When I accidentally leave game there is no way to rejoin, give a minute or so to rejoin.

  23. Lee Ries dice:

    Enjoyable game play. Very easy to get going. We played among friends online even though the app suggests playing single-player mode first for a tutorial. It’s good to know that is there if needed. The app plays just like the board game; I saw no difference at all. The note cards are easy to use, and definitely help make that successful accusation.

  24. Cassidy dice:

    It’s really good if all you want to do is play classic clue. Can customize your fav characters for extra money which is cool. Only found two problems: the game doesn’t seem to kick people for being idle for too long so you gotta suffer thru all their turns and it takes forever, then there’s the fact that I can’t figure out how to connect to Facebook since there’s no button for it anywhere but it says it’s something you can do on the “friends” tab it’s kinda odd.

  25. It was worth buying this game for the mechanics and graphic. For mechanics, I love how it automatically crosses out or ticks the box when someone has/doesn’t have the card. Makes it very easy to keep track what’s going on. The graphics is nice and I like being able to see the characters in various positions wielding the weapons. One complain is the bundle for house/theme costumes are so expensive and it’s impossible for me to buy any of them.

  26. For $4 you get the original 6 characters and original board. You can pay more for various uniquely themed boards and many different characters if you want to but it’s completely optional. This game is cross-platform online multiplayer (you can play with the Nintendo Switch version, the PC version, etc.) which is awesome! This game brings back a lot of fun memories with friends and family during board game nights many years ago. I haven’t encountered any glitches and for $4 this game’s a steal!!

  27. This is a great version of Clue. Yes, the board is a bit shorter, and you have to buy Mrss. White, but the game is the same as the physical version. My only gripes are about the artwork. The character designs are in Uncanny Valley, and they have way too much detail; The graphic design is bad because it doesnt fit the Art Deco/1930s theme. Lastly, the room designs are bad because the perspective is all wrong; everything looks slanted. They need to take cues from Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion.

  28. The overall package price is too expensive and there needs to be at least one character available for each color to be able to play not just a select few. Other than that the graphics are great the game is good the controls are good and should have at least one other game board available to at least try for a select few games then you could purchase that board if you wished. As a right now ones you’ve played with all the characters it limits what you can do without spending a lot of money it needs to be a little bit more open just for a short period of time to actually see if you want to actually spend more.

  29. I really like the game. I think all the extras are so ridiculously overpriced for what you get. I think cosmetic things should be 99 cents especially after having to pay 3.99 for the game. It would also be better if you earned xp for the games you play and as you level up you can unlock new characters or maps. That would encourage people to want to play more. Cosmetic items do not change the game in such a way that appropriately reflects their price.

  30. Love the game. Works well and it’s Clue so it’s obviously fun. However, it stinks that it costs so much money to unlock any boards/characters/ themes besides the modern version. You can’t skip animations or save some previous game settings (your character + design, your opponents’ difficulty). The detective notebook has a lot of good features but I’d like it better if it had a pop-up note feature for extra notes, too. Lastly, it doesn’t save your stats if you change phones, even with sign-in.

  31. So much fun! I really love the characters and overall for what you get it was definitely worth a money. However, I do agree with others, there should be a way to win even one new board and a few new characters, since we are buying the game. Also, I don’t think an individual character should be $3. I understand you need money, but it should go down at least $1 along with maybe 3 free characters that you can win or do challenges to get. Otherwise, loved it.

  32. I love this game! However I think I might enjoy it more if given the option to remove the animation (rolling the dice or watching characters move between rooms). Also, the amount of money being charged for different character options or boards is ridiculous and disappointing. Come on Hasbro. I’d rather pay $5 for the game than $3-something and then be pushed into spending up to THIRTY-FOUR dollars or MORE once its downloaded!!! Unbelievable. That’s more than the physical board game!

  33. Liz D dice:

    Great version of the classic game! I would like to see a few things added: 1-a way to set your default board and character for those of us who have the extras, 2-a tracking sheet that can be used when we play the actual board game in person, and 3-an option to decrease the battery usage with less-spectacular graphics. But overall, fantastic!

  34. Super fun, very similar to the classic game but with a slightly easier board! I haven’t had a chance to play the other boards yet, but just playing the regular old mansion is good enough for me! One thing I will say, like previous reviewers, I wish additional people or boards were achievable through points instead of only money. It’s super pricey to buy any of this additions considering we already paid for the game itself.

  35. I enjoy playing this game, but a few features could really improve the experience. * An option to skip the graphics, especially in solo play. Very boring having to watch the effects for the AI players each round. Also kills the battery on my phone very fast * Allow an option to reverse the mode on the notepad so for example you can keep “x” selected and click on multiple cells rather than having to reselect the character each time

  36. Would be a 5 star review EXCEPT… no way to notate who you’ve shown your own cards to. Slightly essential for advanced players who do not happen to have eidetic memory. Also, the pay wall for extras is pretty steep and sudden. Otherwise very well rendered and executed. New streamlined board layout and start points get the game moving faster without having to spend a lot of time between rooms. All in all a good experience, but could be a GREAT experience with better note taking accomodations.

  37. I really like this app, it’s pretty fun and I love clue! The only thing I’m bummed about is that you can’t earn new characters, themes, or boards, through fake money by winning or something. You have to pay for them. But the art is fun and so is the music and sound effects. I like all the different themes, but you only get the basic set from buying the app.

  38. Fun way to replay a childhood favourite. I did pay for all the costumes/boards and I thought it was worth it; the Venitian board is spectacular! That being said, the boat and train are a bit of a let down. I do find I like enough of the costumes/boards that I do not feel cheated, but I do wish I could have seen a bigger preview of each character and a preview of the board.

  39. The price is crazy, it took me 2 days to talk myself into buying this for $4 (after playing the free version and not enjoying it & then this turns out to be the same concept), then you have to pay either $7 each for the new boards or $35 to unlock everything. WHICH IS DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT, you should be able to buy them with the points you earn playing, i’ll continue to play only to get my $4 worth. I think there should also be some sort of achievements/goals other than just a leaderboard.

  40. A pay wall to get in and another to get going. The app itself costs, yet to truly experience the game you must fork up more money for boards and characters. Everything is blocky and art leaves so much to be desired. Glad I bought this on sale for $.99 because its a total waste of money. At least fix the graphics and the user experience if you want me to pay more.

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