Onet Paradise: connect 2 tiles MOD


Relaxing onet onnect deluxe puzzle. Find and Match two tiles with up to 3 lines.
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Onet Paradise is a relaxing matching puzzle game based on Mahjong, also known as Shisen Sho, Pao Pao or Connect 2.

How to play ONET
(similar-to-Mahjong rules)
– Find and connect two identical images with 3 or less straight lines.
– Match and remove all tile pairs from a board to complete a level.

If you enjoy Match-3, Mahjong, Sudoku or “I spy” games, you will love Onet Paradise.

– Three game modes
– Relaxing and challenging gameplay types
– Classic and brand new Onet levels
– Fresh and sunny tropical island game: yummy fruits, sparkling jewels…
– Easy to play
– No lives or energy limits – play at your own pace
– Super small size of the build (less than 10 Mb)
– Leaderboards to compete with other players
– Can play offline


1. Levels mode
– you need to remove all the tiles from the boards to win a level;
– level failed in case no moves available on the screen;

2. Marathon mode
– you need to remove all the tiles from the screen to reach next level;
– there are no time or move limits;
– game over in case no moves available on the screen;
– you can earn extra lives by filling the score bar.

3. Time mode
– you need to remove all the tiles from the screen to reach next level;
– 60 seconds time limit;
– game over when time runs out;
– you earn bonus time by matching tiles;


*Please remember the main rule of Onet*
Find TWO identical TILES that can be connected with THREE or less straight LINES!


Here is a technical update for Onet Paradise.
This version is built on the updated engine, contains up to date libraries and SDK. We also fixed some minor issues and increased performance of the app.
Thanks a lot for playing! Hope you'll enjoy our game.


40 comentarios en "Onet Paradise: connect 2 tiles MOD"

  1. At first, I liked this app. The 30 sec ads were annoying but I can deal with it by simply backing out of the app and restarting it. But I discovered that if you do that when playing in Timed Mode, the game does not start back up properly. 2 things are wrong. 1-the images don’t populate on the play board. 2-the game doesn’t advance to the next level even though the prior level was completed successfully. Seems like this is a bug or possibly forcing players to watch the ads? No thanks!

  2. Great game. Would like to see more variety instead of the same items over and over. But the different way you present the puzzles is different from most other games. I like that. I’m still giving this game a 5 because it can’t be easy to design games. Thank you developers and everyone who is involved making this game.

  3. Love the game play and the strategy behind the plays. It was time I upped my game to something more challenging. September 3 reinstalled the game Beautiful and challenging. I can’t stay away from these kind of games. It’s just that some of the tiles are so small and the timer runs out before you’re halfway. But this game’s a good one.

  4. Not a bad little time waster. Tiles could be a wee bit larger for these tired old eyes. More than just the one tile set might be a good idea for those of us who get board easily with the one set. A stepper set of tunes would help with the over-all feel of the game seeing how you are in paradise (?) Calypso or Don Ho might do the trick. Keep up the good work and continue moving forward. You are headed in the right direction.

  5. The creators of this game initially give you solvable puzzles. Then at a certain level, absolutely unsolvable, unless you purchase tokens, or watch endless 30 seconds ads. They literally set you up to require actions from you that put money in their pocket. I don’t expect a totally free ride. Their revenue must come from somewhere. But at a certain level you spend more of your time watching ads, than playing the game! It’s TOO MUCH. Their greed is obvious.

  6. Do Not Download!!! This app lets you go so far with matching the pairs and then it will say there are no more moves when there are. I had six tiles left and it said no more moves when they were all laid out where you could connect each one. This happened many times. I got mad so I deleted the game.

  7. I.I’m a great player and I love your game and the look and sounds. But if I can’t get past level 10 there’s 3PROBLEM. You gotta allow shuffles and you are very greedy with your “pair hints.” I aint6gonna watch a full ad every time I should have been able to shuffle. Too bad. You had it goin’ ON! Stingies. Gotta delete you and it KILLS ME!

  8. Harder Than It Looks This game is fun. I thought it would be a simple matching game. Nah, you think you have a match only to find out nope guess again. You have to take your time to see the pairing’s, but once you the game will flow. It’s almost like you get a rythm going when you get into it. I look forward to finishing my day just so I can play some more. 😉 My only cavit is a small one; every so often the game ends with “No More Moves” but yet, I think I see a few I could still make. Hmm…

  9. The untimed version is good would love to be able to accumulate points. The two other versions are frustrating because you have to start over every time.

  10. I find it difficult that this version of an Onet game will not allow me to match two characters that are on the top or bottom of the game screen. If there is a different way to do this please tell me. Also, why do I have to go to a different screen to find a shuffle button?? Thank you. It is a nice game.

  11. Very good, I bought Onet Paradise w/~No Ads straight away because I was so happy with this developer’s brilliant FREE SOLITAIRE Without Ads and I wanted to see if they had anything else..they do, this is it! It’s very cool too. Bright Happy Tropical theme, no bloat, no need to go online or register. It’s tidy and slick and another success….if you like Klondike Solitaire this dev makes THE BEST bar none (and it’s free/no ads) Great game, much fun.👍🤝

  12. I enjoy the bit of complexity about this match game, and how it switches up routes after each win. Not to challenging but keeps you interested. Would like to be able to change tile subject.

  13. The game forces you to watch an ad in order to succeed to the next level in Leisure Mode. If no ads are available to watch then the game shuts down and starts you all over. A violation of 1st/5th amendment.

  14. Seldom give 5 stars but a great truly free offline game. You can avoid spend if online though by watch , or like I do, connect and take an eye break . Ha,ha! That way shuffles are free and play continues. So far really enjoying the fun interplay with out too much invested.

  15. I gave a BAD review already, seems it got taken down! recap; √ game is good . X Ads are ridiculously Loooooong X There are way too many Ads. X You say the game is FREE but when you install it you get read the Privacy Policy & Terms Conditions, they say that just by d/l it I allow Tracking and Stealing all my data. You also say u don’t share user info, but EULA & TC say that you have NO control over what third parties do with users data that you share with them. Data got this way = THEFT.

  16. I love this game along with many other Onet games. This one is challenging but not so difficult you can’t pass the level. It’s fun as well as challenging… Thanks for the entertainment…

  17. Very annoying game, i have ever played . there is no adds so that not possible 2 continue the game . in time mode after 3 levels, again same repeats. Hence am uninstalling the game.

  18. Took a while but really like game now. Hard to put down at times. Leisure mode is just what I need. Really helpful in improving my concentration 🤗.

  19. Risma Nur dice:

    Reshuffle game on the crushing palette make me stressed, bcs we should watch more ads but didn’t work to reshuffle sometimes. So I should restart that level again and again. How poor I am.

  20. Just started but so far I like it very much! Runs smoothly and is doesn’t bother you with a bunch of ads. The graphics are cute too

  21. Game is fun however it would be nice if u got a chance to mess up once and given another chance. I can’t get past level 62!!!! Frustrating as hell to the point I clear the whole thing n start over🙄

  22. Great game, very few ad interruptions. Several options for style of play. Doesn’t glitch like other versions I’ve played.

  23. I just started playing and enjoy it immensely. Still playing and enjoying! You guys could teach the developers of “Onnect” a few things! Thanks for a great game.

  24. It was fun at first. Then, the board started moving like a conveyor belt. N tokens started clearing off by themselves. IT WAS SO IRRITATING!

  25. I know that changes happen. My issue is putting a time limit on the game that I play is unacceptable. I play that game for fun only. No timers on game. When I am at a doctor’s appointment this game helps pass the time on waiting to be seen. Thank You, God Bless You. Sandy

  26. When i play it, Sometimes the game just freeze and empty, only the background appears. So i have to get out from the game & back again. Please fix it

  27. It’s challenging and difficult at times but inspired me to keep doing my best to pass the next level and that’s worthy my time.

  28. An amazingly enjoyable game. Simple yet constantly challenging. I love it more than I imagined I would. I play it every day. 6 months later and I still play every day. A great game. Very soothing.

  29. I think I’m addicted lol. Great game. Sure ads are there but they really don’t bother me. Easy on the battery to. Thanks developers. I needed a new thing to do at home during Covid-19! 😊

  30. Well its the shuffle it does it then the game is over i dont get it. I could win alot of the games but wont let me finish. So iam on the fence right now. But ill play it until i get tired of it.

  31. I love this game! More challenging than you’d think. To shorten the long ads would be my only suggestion.

  32. Thuy Tran dice:

    This game is better version than other similar format games. It changes rules which is more challenging, makes the game more interesting to play.

  33. I can’t get the display to is stuck in horizontal. I only use my phone in vertical. Hand too small for horizontal. will have to uninstall.

  34. WAY TOO MANY ADS! I’m not paying to have them removed. 30 second ads are too long to sit thru. I’m deleting this game.

  35. Irene D dice:

    By game 3 I had a limited no of moves, but the game doesn’t tell you how many moves you have. And then far too many 30 second ads. Uninstalled

  36. Easy to play. I’m already over 1000 levels. Actually doesn’t get harder as you go. Good mix of movement of tiles. It’s very relaxing to play. Very enjoyable. Don’t know how far it will go but I’ll keep going.

  37. Love the game…wish it showed me my score at the end of the round. I wish the the would show up fewer games back. All in all great fun!!!

  38. Really enjoy playing this game helps with concentration and mrmory l. Just annoying when you have to wait for new levels to appear

  39. very fun game great to spend some time

  40. Was on a higher level, than got reset down to 1 again! Ads seem to be increasing in frequency.

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