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Download Klook to find the best things to do for wherever you are or wherever you’re going.

A World of Possibilities
There’s over 100,000 activities waiting for you on Klook. From amazing staycation deals to immersive cultural experiences, we’re here to help you find your world of joy.

Trusted & Top-rated Activities
Explore handpicked experiences and get local insights for hundreds of destinations. When you’re on Klook, you’re seeing the best of every place in the palm of your hands.

Experiences Made Easy
Book seamlessly with speedy confirmation and enjoy skip-the-line tickets on selected activities. Whether it’s chasing waves in Bali, tasting wine in Melbourne or finding out what’s new in your area, you’re just a few taps away from booking whatever makes you happy.

And a Whole Lot More
You can use the Klook app to:
– Stream live videos with exclusive deals on Klook Live! (selected countries/regions only)
– Redeem your tickets and vouchers or download them for easy offline access
– Enjoy flexible booking and free cancellation across thousands of activities
– Save your bucket-list activities to your wishlist and book later
– Choose from trains, buses, cars and even ferries to get around
– Get movie ticket discounts and bundles at cinemas near you
– Use your SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to book and get exclusive deals (For eligible Singaporeans only)

Find us and say hello!
– Official website: www.klook.com
– Facebook: @klookglobal
– Twitter: @klooktravel
– Instagram: @klooktravel

We’re always improving our app, and we’d love to know what you think. Leave a review or get in touch at [email protected]


New: About Klook credits
- At Klook, we're here to keep the good times rolling: We've decided that your Klook credits will never expire as long as you make a booking every 12 months.

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40 comentarios en "Klook: Travel, Leisure, Hotels MODDED"

  1. I have deleted my previous negative review as there was a bit of confusion on both sides. Buying a discounted Eurail pass on Klook is legit however when I received the 2 passes in email it was a 12 character string with an underscore in the middle. I was trying to activate the pass with that code and it was only after some trial and error that I worked out it is two separate 6 string characters for each pass. The confirmation email had no information about this but it is all resolved now!

  2. Needed transport from airport. We ended up at the completely wrong address which is only 15 miles vs the trip of 86 miles I booked. Confirmation email showed correct information though the data exchange between klook and third party got somehow screwed up… Likely need to 250 GBP via uber to get to my destination. Received feedback from the developer, see below. Ended up in chat session and as expected with little motivation to provide a refund so far. No response to my email as well.

  3. I’ve used klook website pre pandemic and i have no issues then even without the app. The email contains everything so an app was not needed. NOW, I booked through online website for 2 rapid tests. Email confirmartion said MUST dload app and really the emails didnt contain ANYTHING so dloading was the only option. App dloaded and voila, NO VOUCHER of my 2 bookings is found.

  4. We are from Vietnam. We booked a tour to visit Con Dao. We are quited dissapointed about their customer service. We didn’t receive any call from Klook to pick us up at the day we book the tour. We must figure it out by ourselves that they cancel it due to the bad weather without any confirmation from then. We tried to contact them via many channels but didn’t receive any response or sorry from them

  5. Vic Ho dice:

    Great idea and a useful service. However app and website has bugs and the experience is less than ideal when it comes to applying promo codes and checking out. And customer service uses the same old tactic of keeping you waiting until the chat expires or leaving the chat immediately after I responded that I will keep waiting for a satisfactory response.

  6. R B dice:

    Very Frustrating and Disappointing move from Klook who only benefited them! Bought a ticket from them and inform them immediately that the ticket bought was a mistake as we wanted Tarongga Zoo instead of Sydney Zoo. I responded to all of their emails immediately and when the ticket expired they emailed me that they cannot to anything! This is daylight robbing, we could have used the ticket or ask anyone to used not just to wasted it! Really disappointing!!

  7. Booked a private airport transfer, no one picked us up. The driver told us that he is not going to pick us up because the coordinator said so. Didnt inform us at all. Caused us stress, inconvinience and made elderly people run at the airport because they were the last passengers to onboard due to the delay. Almost missed the flight, imagined if it happens it would cost us $5000 for 5 tickets. Reached out to customer service and their answer is to give me 10% discount, what a joke!!!!

  8. Yash Heda dice:

    I booked two tickets for couple to go together. After sometime got email that they confirmed one ticket and option to cancel or change time for another one. When I asked to cancel both, got refund only for one. Edit: If your customer service would be even remotely as prompt as on play store, it would be great. You gave me common slot to reschedule both tickets and I replied yes within an hr but then there was no reply for 15hrs until I followed up & guess what even that slot was gone.

  9. Horrible experience. All their vouchers are invalid. None of them work. We reached Disneyland Paris only to find the voucher they gave us were fake. What a scam. When you try to chat no one responds. When they do they asked me to wait for email response. Are you kidding me? We are at the park with an invalid voucher and you expect me to wait for an email from you. No other way to contact them. Total scam. Avoid at all costs.

  10. I booked for 3 am, got the booking details at 3:15 after calling Hertz myself and the driver finally picked me up at 3:25 a full 25 minutes after pick up time (and actually almost at drop off time). This happened only after i had to follow up with both klook and Hertz. Don’t book with them in general. You’re better off booking directly with the organiser because klook service is horrible. Also when I posted a review on their app they removed the review and deleted the booking details. Scam.

  11. IT’S A FRAUD APP. OUR ENTIRE TRIP WAS COMPLETELY DESTROYED BECAUSE OF KLOOK. I booked an airport transfer in Paris but the cab never came to pick us up. Then I booked Paris Attraction Bundle including Disneyland. Everywhere, we were told the ticket is invalid. We had to pay additional amount everywhere for the tickets and some we just missed entirely. I’m looking for refund for all the bookings I made and there is literally no resolution provided for this. NEVER BOOK ANYTHING ON KLOOK.

  12. Wow! This was a great travel application. I have known this application because of some YouTuber who endorses it and they never failed me with the expectations I have with this application. It is a total game-changer to the travels. You will also gain credit points once you’ve successful book from them, discounts are great also. It has all the things you maybe looking for and the choices might not be extensive but it was great overall. For recommendation, focus on updating the choices of package

  13. Wen Yan dice:

    This app really doesnt want you to use promo codes for discount. I tried using a promo code and it kept showing me a screen to send a verification code to my number but no code was sent to me at all. Tried to do the next day, but still no code came in. When I deselect the option for promo codes, I could then pay for the activity. What a scam.

  14. Not recommend use klook for booking I had book cruises in klook and that is shown availability on that specific date I want. After that the seller get to me thru personal Whatsapp claimed that the boat under maintenance so it seem like force me upgrade the plan by add on if not make a cancellation by writing email to klook. So funny that I want to cancel the booking reason is the boat under maintenance. Why not is the seller cancel my booking instead of I have to write an email for cancelation?

  15. Aw CY dice:

    Interface not very user friendly and especially for SG-MY bus coaches when price update, it always cause error when trying to purchase. I am not sure how tech team works on this

  16. It was a easy book apps, yet the system make mistake by opened booking on the day that sunway lagoon close. Asked for refund almost a week but i have to wait more more and no action or solution came.

  17. Honestly, app itself is good. But the purchase experience and after sale service not really that satisfy, cant solve my issue. Uninstalled after this.

  18. Thank you Klook Team for helping resolve this issue and arranging my refunds. This issue was very different, beyond my control. It was pure call of Klook Team to accept or reject the request depending upon their customer centricity policy, I am happy to share that Klook is turned out to be one of the best in terms of taking call for customers in this case. Special mention for Ms Celine T for rounds of communication and helping showcase the details of my case to relevant teams and do follow u

  19. The worst hotel experience ever!!! Asking me to cancel the order 3 days after the hotel confirmation received. WHY SHOULD I BOOK?? Customer service all like non-sense robot, keep BSing instead of trouble shooting. (p.s. I have stayed more than 300 hotels in over 50 countries, KLOOK must be the worst travel agent in my life!!!!)

  20. Not recommended. The app really not user friendly, wasting my money and my time purchasing and end up encountered issue upon redemption

  21. Very bad Customer service, Not precise on the way things are mentioned on each package, I bought a travel insurance and where I can’t change location. Only Post buying the insurance it says we have start nd end in that location. I’m still trying to sort that out but no help.

  22. They set up the system to lure you into buying tickets, this is just because they think the customers will fall for it and they can get our money. If something happens, they can just throw “no cancellation” to our face. They treated us like we are such trash that is invaluable to them. I have always used their service, but from now on, they will not get a dime from me. So please do not use their service. The only thing you will get from them is disappointment. They are unethical and fraudulent

  23. Terrible experience with Klook. Booked a cruise trip in Dec 2021, and was advertised that Pre-cruise Gratuities ($315) was included. Yet, 2 days before the trip, Klook sent an email that due to “technical issues” the Gratuities ($315) was not paid and will have to paid before boarding. Updates: Klook has refunded the gratuities in Klook credits. Not the ideal solution, but at least a reasonable solution.

  24. The chat service is not working. Been trying to contact them. No one to contact from their company. Cancelled the trip because the information is confusing.

  25. Disappointed by the app. Booked and confirmed reservation only to find out there was a price disparity of $198.

  26. If I could rate 0 I definitely will. I have booked a Staycation package with klook. However I have met with unforseen circumstances where I have to push back twice and Klook was not able assist with either rebooking or refund. I would say book at your own risk and pray that unforeseen situation doesn’t happen because you will not get anything back or enjoy what you have paid for! I have also contacted them via ig. However no response at all. Bad CS

  27. David Goh dice:

    This app has def spiraled downhill. The app’s system is old and is lacking as compared to other booking apps. The customer service also lacks as compared to other booking apps where issues are fixed almost immediately, however klook CS will only reply “ok” and “yes” but no issues are solved and this just repeats. You can see for yourself this app has 2stars review rating as compared to the other booking apps with a 4star rating.

  28. After booking in klook there won’t be any cancelation and refund. I lost my money just because I was little late to enter ski dubai. Klook support is very poor, you cannot contact them during emergency. I don’t want to suggest it to anyone after having bad experience.

  29. They took my money and promise me booking within 24 hrs and no results, Now they again promise for more 24 hours but no results after 48 hoursand still they said they will book. I ask them to cancel my booking and give refund and compensation on immediate bases they took hours to process and now they are saying money stuck at bank processing please followup with your bank now. They are rudely closing the chat without listening to your problem and responding and chat app worst works.

  30. Klook is the most unprofessional. They will cancel your booking on the very last minute. It happened to me a few times. The price and availability of the bookings on line is not updated so when you book they will usually cancel it even if it’s last minute especially if the mechant’s price had gone up even the slightest price change will still be cancelled. Please be aware of this. I really had a few bad experience with Klook and won’t book again. 50% of my bookings were cancelled by Klook.

  31. The worst customer service ever I have encountered. Booked a helicop tour in Dubai but the service provider neglected safety measurement issue and didn’t fullfiled the package as I paid for. Customer service totally doesn’t care and no follow up. Left myself alone deal with dubai side. I requested klook team to follow up and have been waited for 10 days+ 8 days (the day I booked and attended for the tour)and no follow up. Not recommended them surely. When things happened, no one gonna help you.

  32. Keith Foo dice:

    Despite turning off all notifications in the app settings, I’m still getting spam notifications for promotions. I had to turn notifications off from the android settings. The developers clearly do not respect users’ wishes.

  33. Karthik R dice:

    money laundering. fraud app. it says instant confimation, but once you make the payment, it goes to pending security verification with the message – Thanks for booking with Klook! Our secure payment gateway is going through random checks and your order was selected for further verification. We would appreciate if you could send us the following documents in order to perform the verification:

  34. You better go for pick picketing! Due to application! issue my booking shown incorrect date, when I reported to klook they refused to refund the money. Guys please don’t use this app for any bookings, better go directly with the booking platform so at least they own the responsibility and do something favourable for you. If you go with Klook, both parties will not take the accountability and you will end up loosing your money. I know you will reply i have provided inaccurate date :), fraud app!

  35. I don’t know how this company unreliable on your booking, they wait 48hrs and telling you that your booking didn’t went through.. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  36. The app is a convenient way to search for and make purchases on-the-go. However, there has been a bug with the recent update. A product that was already added to the wishlist does not have the heart button coloured once you return to its page. When you first tap on the heart to add it, it becomes coloured. But once you navigate to other pages and back to that same page, the heart is no longer shaded. Your wishlist still contains whatever item you added previously, but this bug makes it hard to keep track of items that you are interested in without constantly going back to your wishlist.

  37. Customer service is utter garbage. I had a tour bought on this app, and had a hotel pickup with the reservation. I changed the time of the tour, and suddenly the hotel pickup option is gone. I didn’t realize this until the day before the trip, and tried contacting customer service, to which they replied that I should get in touch with the tour company. At 4 am in the morning. On the day of the tour that is 6 hours away. Ended up missing the tour because of this miscommunication, and lost about 200$. Thanks so much, Klook! Never using this app again. Just more convenient to order from tour companies directly, so I could get some actual customer service.

  38. Truly the best app in this category. Super friendly navigation with clean layout. I am just amazed by the user journey in getting around the app. All the information I need, you’ve provided, links, maps, big pictures!! I would give you guys 5 stars if you can offer the following two features: 1. Ability to insert membership number to collect points for hotel spending on dining, accommodations etc 2. More discount and more deals

  39. Edit: klook make the effort to contact me via email and offer compensation to me. They willing to do after sales service which increase my confidence level in using Klook to book my next trip again. Thank you klook for that.

  40. Very easy to use, had excellent instructions to follow. Had zero problems with all the booked activities I did. The cost of the acivities was good. The app is great as all the activities are right there on the app and the variety is good as well. Will definetly be using it again in the near future for next trip. Thanks for making it easy!

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