Base on Google's AOSP project. Added some nice features.
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Base on Google’s AOSP project. Very clean and simple. Support Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow,
and Nougat. Added some nice features.

Key features:

• A-Z apps list, with fast scrolling and quick searching of apps on your device and the Play Store.
• App Suggestions bring the app you’re looking for to the top of your A-Z list.
• Support open Calendar in the top right corner for your current location.
• Improve App search bar, you do not have to start searching from the first character.

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Migrating to AndroidX.


40 comentarios en "Launcher"

  1. Loving it. My phone is much more valuable now, with this launcher (which has the exact behavior I want). The thing is, I don’t like software that save states/information without pressing a save button. I also hate search engines performing a search before the user hits the enter key. I must say that this launcher acts exactly how I like it. If I go to Apps Screen and scroll down, and then I go back again to the same Apps Screen after I close it, the scroll bar is set to default (up). Good job!

  2. Simple, clean and fast, but missing a few key features. I can’t customize the home screen grid, and the widgets do not clip to the grid. Needs improvements, but otherwise quite good.

  3. Joel Pena dice:

    This is a really nice, clean launcher that fits with my Android 4.4 phone. Only problem is, when I rotate the home screen, I see a small, uneven Google icon off to the left side, even when I turn off the search icon. Can you fix this issue? Otherwise, a great launcher.

  4. This launcher sure is great but I think it’d be better to choose between Google logo & search bar widget on home screen. Menu background would be great if we can customize it to either some transparency level or dark type instead of that white sheet. For some Reason I can’t send folder shortcuts to desktop which I think I should check on other devices too.

  5. Reason 1. My tablet has Launcher3 pre-installed. I don’t like the feature that this launcher can’t be uninstalled from my tablet. Reason 2. Also, there is a Google search widget fixed permanently on the top of the home screen which is not helpful. There should be an option to remove and /or change the location of the Google search widget on the home screen. For these reasons I am rating this app 1 star.

  6. This is the default launchwr on my phone (ulefone). It isn’t bad, but it interferes with the recent apps function on ALL other launchers. If I could remove the Google bar, I wouldn’t mind using this one. It does not have that many features, but isn’t bad other than the 2 big issues.

  7. I like this launcher because it is not battery intensive. It organizes my app drawer beautifully;. However, I do not like the fact that I cannot change the background of my app drawer ! I would like to make the background of my app drawer clear instead of an opaque white color that I find quite hideous.the white background label lean to the app drawer is just disgusting. If you were to provide the option to have a dark mode or make the app drawer see-through, this launcher would get 5 stars!

  8. The app doesn’t support few of the demanding functions of a home screen, yet, a very satisfactory response on what it has/does. Missing functions like > Circular Sliding Screen. > Homescreen Layout Grids > Icon Corners and Icons’ sizes functionality. > Direct Dial and Direct Message widgets don’t work for me. (Vivo V17 pro)

  9. Small and fast. One problem, after sending my device to sleep the date is set to Jan 1, 2015 and doesn’t update. A restart fixes this, but still it is somewhat annoying. I also miss the option to remove the date widget. (Android 7.1.2)

  10. Nice for the first look: it is clean, fast and can add widgets, so it is a very good start! However the widgets does not refresh on Android 10, and the resize functionality only works when I drop the widget. Keep up the good work!

  11. Overall good, but I can’t get my constant request to make it default to happen. I get asked which launched to use several times a day. Samsung default annoys me because I prefer to scroll up NOT across. But I have surrendered. Something about learning to accept the things I can’t change.

  12. Really great!!! Found this launcher when looking to update the native launcher of my phone (Mate36 pro). The native launcher doesn’t have the launcher icone to access the applications list (I had to open them passing by the phone setting>applications.), and it was also malfunctionning.

  13. THIS APP HAS TAKEN OVER MY PHONE. Installed from who knows where, I suddenly have two extra “UFO” unlock screens after my regular unlock, and when I tap the tile button, I see “Launcher3” with a captured view of my desktop. I cannot force quit the app, it is clearly malicious and I will have to factory reset my phone.

  14. What’s here works perfectly, but it is kinda barebones. It could use some more features like changing icon packs or using a horizontal app layout. Otherwise, it’s still a pretty good app.

  15. At first it was working fine but after a few minutes it started glitching. When i dragged an app to move it, it multiplied itself and then it crashed i closed the app and even after reinstalling and rebooting the same problem still occurs. Otherwise the app is fine.

  16. my phone came with this launcher3 app. I had no idea what it was untill a while back when I started getting a message saying that ; unfortunatly Launcher has stopped. That’s when I found out that launcher has been opening my home page apps when I start up my phone. Now, I can’t open ANY apps and I have to find google to to make a phone call. l don’t have any way to get a hold of my contacts list other than using the ok Google to get the contats list for me I don’t know what to do,download anotheR

  17. Thank you Jason, this launcher has transformed my Lenovo Tab 2 A10_70, I love the way it uses the whole screen, intuitive, simple settings and it doesn’t seem to use any more system resources than the terrible default launcher. This is excellent software, Lenovo should hire you ☺

  18. Laucher3 works on phones but has problems on my VoysgerIII. Would like to be able to optionally remove the giant G widget for the Google App. To many lanchers hardwire this widget. I rarely use the Google App and don’t like my lancher pages clutered with it.

  19. Like it’s simplicity, but it needs to have some modes like dark mode or something; Icon size should be an option on this launcher if it could.

  20. So I kept getting an annoying message saying “Unfortunately, Launcher3 has stopped.” And I was like okay, but it sent that message EVERY 5 SECONDS!! So I uninstalled it, but it kept saying that, even though I don’t have it on my tablet anymore! I am so frustrated right now. How can I make it stop??

  21. Great application of a launcher. Simple yet powerful. Love it so much that even when I changed my phone, I was still running after it in Google play store. I hope it gets add ons like sizing the icons and grids.

  22. Launcher<3 hasn't been updated In years you could at least come back and add adaptive icon pack support, Google news feed support and other modern Android updates to it

  23. I gave this launcher a second chance, and so far, I like it. My current phone had the original, unmodified Launcher3 pre-installed and I was horrified! Thank you for making a better Launcher3…

  24. Nil C dice:

    Without this application my Android phone is not working. Don’t know how its works. Phone is getting hanged otherwise an error message occurs on the screen. Hence unable to use other applications.

  25. Keeps popping up that this app keeps stopping and I can’t uninstall it and updating it doesn’t work either! Frankly pretty angry because I can’t use my tablet.

  26. This launcher was amazing and it’s short and simple interface is makes me feel comfortable about my device…that’s cool..easy to work with it and i love it..i would like to request,,if you can add some features it’ll be more favourable launcher ever😊❤️

  27. Most of the 1 star reviews are from people who don’t know the difference between their launcher and this launcher. This is a tweaked version of the launcher included in the Android Open Source Project. The other is your phone manufacturer launcher that is based on the AOSP launcher. Please don’t make reviews like this, this is not the same thing as Launcher3. This is Launcher<3, for crying out loud.

  28. Way better than the factory launcher that came with this phone, a Hyundai E553, called Quickstep, it doesn’t even have widgets. Options are scarce, but it does the job, at least I could hide the Google Search bar and place a digital clock widget in its place

  29. Easy clean and simple. No much frills or fuzz. Like the earlier Android Lollipop versions. Love it.

  30. It’s working amazingly good. No problem at all seems simple and effective doesn’t block the view of my beautiful wallpaper. Can customize. Must + should + would say thank you

  31. I love it. This is Evie launcher stripped down to a beautifully functional, ever so slightly customizable, nearly nonexistent memory footprint piece of developmental art.

  32. Synthy dice:

    Nice Launcher – fast and clean. BUT: Uninstall of applications does not work. Good to make it better to works. It is very annoying to go in Apps section to uninstall.

  33. Perfect. Would be better if you could simply swipe up to access all apps.

  34. After weeks of searching and trying apps here and there, finally landed on an app I really wanted to have. working on 7 inch tab with proper icon scale and, pure AOSP Android accented, and with minimal customisation since I ain’t a fan of too many modifications Exactly what i was looking for, Five stars to the Dev 👍

  35. I use a Redmi 9 (global) and, when I hold some icon and grab to the uninstall option it dosen’t work. It would be good to fix this issue. Despite that, this launcher keeps being my favorite one.

  36. O went to to the settings. And then to the apps and notificarions. Then it said, it automarixally Diabled itself. Feom my phone. So now my phpne barely gets any signals or. Connections and bars. I will probably not give this app. Even, a1star rattings. There are so many SCAMMERs out there. Be mindful. Of what you so online, folks.

  37. Looks good on an HTC. Easy enough to navigate. Could get better at customization but it’s perfectly fine as it is.

  38. Some very suspicious looking reviews here. This app wouldn’t download properly. When it did download, it didn’t work and kept crashing.

  39. Realy like this app but it keeps crashing please fix. Happy to give 5* if it stops crashing. I down loaded this because oridginal kept crashing.

  40. Great job, would just love to have the option of removing Google search bar from the homepage. But Google should at least use your idea of it being a circle.

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