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Hand selected metal radio brought to you by DJs that you already know and trust.
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With DJs like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, Gimme Metal is the ultimate streaming music service for the true metal fan. As the only online music service designed exclusively for the metal community, Gimme Metal delivers listeners the best metal from the past, present and up and coming acts from all over the card-carrying metalhead world. Gimme Metal believes in the passion of the metal community, not music algorithms. That’s why every song played on Gimme Metal is hand selected by the musicians, music journalists, producers, labels and tastemakers you already know and trust. Tune in and you’re sure to discover something new and brutal.

You can access thousands of hours of our original programming through The Vault by joining the Gimme Brigade*. Listen to all our past shows wherever you are, whenever you want, hosted by the best metal DJs in the world who play the music they love and telling you why they love it. You’ll hear stories straight from the artists that made the music, toured around the world, and lived the life. Plus when you join, you’ll get special merch and a 15% discount in the Gimme Radio store for as long as you are a member.

Speaking of which, we keep the world’s first metal-only streaming service up and running by selling vinyl and other cool merch. Hear something you love? Easily add it to your record collection with the click of a button. Have a question or comment about what you’re hearing? Ask it through Gimme Live, our community feature that connects metalheads from all over the world.

Through world-class DJs, programming and a unique community platform, Gimme Metal is the only online music service designed exclusively for the metal community. If you’re a fan of heavy metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, crossover, hardcore punk, crustcore, metalcore, or thrash metal, Gimme Metal was created for you.


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4 comentarios en "Gimme Metal: Free Metal Music MOD"

  1. Josh Fippen dice:

    This is a free service that actually and reliably delivers great music. It offers premium services such as the metal album subscription, which is actually not a bad idea! I’m a lifelong headbanger, having discovered the music (and the good people who make it as well as those who listen to it) in myvteenage years in the 80s. The Gimme Metal app plays thru my car radio whenever I drive. If you love the sound of metal, you owe it to yourself to download this app! Support metal music!!

  2. Fake Name dice:

    i thought this was supposed to be a contender for other music streaming apps. it’s just a bunch of useless podcasts jumbled together in a poorly designed and confusing ui layout. not to mention there’s a constant pop-up window for their premium service that takes up nearly half of the screen and you cannot get rid of it. uninstalled!

  3. Roy Archbold dice:

    Great app. There are plenty of different DJs playing what inspires them from 70s rock to the blackest of metal and all around and in between. I used to turn to metal and other genre magazines to discover new bands and genres, but now I don’t have the time for it so this app exposes me to all kinds of new sounds while at home, walking, or at the gym. Commercial radio just plain sucks. The paid subscription lets you play programs on demand but just streaming live for free is great too.

  4. LeRoy Byrd dice:

    The good: interesting selection of metal and shows that isn’t available elsewhere. The bad: Only 2 live streams and sometimes they run the same show. Very limited selection at times. This would only rate 3 stars if there was another Metal streaming service. Also, feels like a work in progress. Hopefully it will improve in time. Could easily be 5 stars if they put in the effort to make it so.

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