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GO Launcher S-💎Customize your phone with free themes & HD wallpapers!
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💎Smart version of GO Launcher is now available on Google Play!

Slim, smooth, speedy and secure experience – With an extremely smaller size you can enjoy an extremely faster launcher for modern android
Highly Personalized – 10000+ free 2D&3D themes, HD wallpapers and live stickers to customize your screens
Efficient Intelligent management – Various gestures, notification reminders and other tools help to optimize apps management

🎨Top features on GO Launcher S:
√ GO Theme: 10000+ free mobile themes for android, including 2D&3D
√ GO Wallpaper: Daily update various styles of HD wallpapers, including beauty, pets, space, flowers, landscapes from all over the world and artworks of world-class designers
√ Scroll Effects: 20+ screen and drawer animation 3D effects
√ Convenient widgets: Weather forecast, search, switches and 2018 calendar
√ Hide APP & APP Lock: Protect phone security and your privacy
√ Dr. Clean: Boost your phone speed
√ DIY Live Wallpaper: Beauty your photos with massive live animations and set as your screen wallpaper
√ Calls Identification: Identify unknown calls and block spam calls

🎨2018 Personalized App with 10000 mobile themes:
GO Launcher S is a stylish & personalized application for Android phone, which provides more than 10000 beautiful mobile themes for you. We have professional designers who create abundant stylish launcher themes with a variety of styles every week, including stars, anime, game, cartoon and so on. Screen 3D effects, App Widgets & over 100000 free HD wallpapers are ready for you to customize your home screen, menu and lock screen.

🎨Cool launcher App of your mobile phone:
With an independent developed 3D Engine, GO Launcher S provides you with extremely fast and secure operating experience with simple, smooth and awesome 3D effects, dedicated to be the world’s best partner of users who use Android mobiles in their life and work.

Your support will drive the great development of GO Launcher S.

Ad Choices
There will be ad content shown in certain scenes in our app.
For more details, visit https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices.

Contact Us
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/golauncher
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/golauncher_/
Any feedback or business cooperation,
Please do not hesitate to contact via [email protected]


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40 comentarios en "GO Launcher S – 3D Theme, Wall MOD"

  1. David H dice:

    Go has to go, to bad to. Had it used it on every phone I’ve had from the original Galaxy all the way to the 21+. Never had an issue until today, and from what I’m reading everybody is having problems with it now. Someone recommended trying the Nova Luncher and after using it, I agree. Has everything Go has plus some if you spring for the prime version. It works great, easy to use, I think it’s worth it.

  2. 🙂 Well I like it.I really do. Beautiful themes and icons. I wish there where more replacement icons though. I like to change the icons that come with the apps to match. I condense my apps into folders and put an icon to match on the folder. My screen is clutter free and looks great with these icons. Other people don’t understand what each icon means, but I know and that’s what matters. I’m very happy with it. 🤗

  3. I really like this app. It runs smoothly and has a heap of personalisation settings to make your own style. The app works really well and if you disable notifications for this app in your settings, you can stop unwanted ads desturbing your screen time. There is something I would like to change though. If you increase the phones screen resolution above HD+, the apps wallpaper miniaturises. That kind of sucks. Otherwise it is a great app.

  4. User Interface is great, designed to suit your every taste, font types with font colour has never been this cooler, you can choose extreme privacy setting without the use of passwords and patterns which make it much quicker to access you app in just one touch. I have been using it for many years and it’s the smoothest launcher theme that allows you to personalize almost everything on your menu

  5. Buyer beware, bought Go Launcher Prime Remove ad for the last time. I have supported this develper starting back in 2013. I bought just about all their apps Now that I have lost my SVIP no one seems willing to help. They don’t honor their agreements, there seem to be no party willing to enforce thier agreement. Their emails don’t work but they are happy to take your money. I don’t know how they are allowed to get away this. For the price of app they should be wiling to support it. I’m done

  6. QStrange dice:

    Remember fully themed launchers? No, because go apps had it back in the day. Every part of your device was themed using go apps. Now, most apps have been replaced offering trials and subscriptions. take away hundreds if not thousands of themes and replaced with an app that is minimal in customization. I’d pay for the older versions of all go apps like the older go contacts, locker,sms,dialer. The apps made my phone feel like me through endless themes.

  7. For as long as I have had a cell phone, I have used Go Launcher. It’s an incredible app, BUT the recent change to begin CHARGING their customers up to $12.00 pet Month is Quite a slap in the face!! A nominal amount would be acceptable, but this is Repugnant and an insult to your long time followers like myself! Suddenly, Nova Launcher is looking pretty good! I just can’t afford to pay for “pretty themes”. It’s just not worth it. I guess you’ll have to GO bye-bye. RR

  8. Apart from some small problems, it’s the best launcher that I’ve ever seen. Been using it for years! Problems I have encountered on Android 11: 1. Unnecessary empty space between home screen bottom dock and software buttons. 2. I’d like to have the option to resize homescreen and App drawer icons INDIVIDUALLY! For example, I want my homescreen icons to be 170 and app drawer to be 180. 3. Transparent App drawer background not working right. It turns to tranparent BLACK!

  9. Yes I really like the features in this app. I was looking for Google now in the process of downloading and installing this app. Whatever happened to Google now? It seemed to disappear off the grid after 2015. Or so. Google maps go and Google now launcher combined are a wonderful asset. So I found this app next to nova launcher and really liked it. Thanks guys you are all so creative and thoughtful and just smart! Have a wonderful day.

  10. I first tried Go Launcher at least 5 years ago because it looked good and had a lot of customisation options. I deleted it because it was too glitchy. Now in 2022 it’s the same. Trying to move an app to the home screen forces the launcher to glitch.

  11. I’ve had go launcher on every phone I’ve ever had cus I loved it so much I even bought the prime version. I just went to install it on my new phone and it’s forcing me to stay on the screen to pay for go launcher ex version. This is messed up making me have to pay for it twice basically. I refuse to pay for twice so if they fix this than I will install this but not until than!

  12. Not working as well as other Go Launchers on Notes. I’ve been using a GO Launcher EX (I think) for a while on my other Notes (2, 4, 8) and they worked fine. Icons, transitions, widgets, etc. Now ex seems to be buy only on Note 10, so I tried Launcher S. Seems alright, but crashes when exiting some full screen games, not sure why. Icons also don’t work from previous launcher. Other than that, works alright. Bug fix those and I’d be happier to revise.

  13. This launcher is complete, easy customizable, simple and easy to use. I Often change my launcher with the other ones, but they all are not so good, not customizable and not friendly use as the go launcher S. But lately when I download the pending process takes too long time and finally I cancelled it emotionallly. Since several weeks ago, the theme INFINITE has disappeared from the theme list, while I like such three dimensional theme very much. Please add it again now in the theme list! Thanks

  14. App forces you to use their wallpapers and you have to go around to system settings to use your own. Bought app (again from previous version, which is irritating) and can’t use all settings unless you spend on a monthly subscription. Do yourself a favor and get Nova Launcher. Less features, but no stupid subscription and way less intrusive. I’d like a refund, but more than likely won’t happen. Go Launcher used to be good, but now sucks.

  15. I bought prime. But I’m seeing more things that bother me a bit. My wallpaper seems a bit messed up or off due to something I STILL TO THIS DAY can’t figure out! And now I get notifications from the launcher as well as my phone but they don’t really ever disappear off screen. Especially the bottom phone notifiers bother the hell out of me though too!

  16. App is absolute trash and a giant scam. They make money because people forget to cancel the subscription and end up paying hundreds of dollars for an app that does nothing but drain your battery. Huge scam should be flagged and removed from google play. Another thing it puts ads on the top of your phone even when the app is closed! You’re paying $145 for an app that drains battery, and gives you ads in the middle of using your phone whether in a phone call or playing a game or can absolutely ruin it.

  17. You can’t browse inside the app to see if it’s something you’d like without it forcing you to choose a subscription. Why would I want a 3 day trial for free when I don’t even know of I’d like it? It’s crazy that you can’t browse themes nor anything else without them wanting a payment on file. This gives the impression all they want is your money. You should be able to browse without committing to a subscription regardless of if it’s free or not. I un-installed just as quick as I installed!!!!

  18. I believe this app is causing all my other apps to lag and freeze. I have used go launcher for 11 years and loved all the features, but now unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to uninstall it. One of the biggest issues now is that I can’t answer my phone, close apps, or use the keyboard on some apps unless I restart my phone. Restarting several times a day, I’m not doing to do.

  19. I have used this launcher for years and it used to be awesome. Unfortunetly, not anymore. The pop up ads and questions are out of control! And, once they pop up…you have to do something with them…you can’t just back out of them or close them…you can not do anything else with your phone until you answer their question or respond to the ad. Never using a Go product again because of this

  20. I love everything about this app: the app icon design is so pretty, and I ❤️ the customization. but I just wonder if it is abandoned/ not being updated anymore because it is a bit laggy. Or maybe it’s just that having all my apps and folders in a custom order is bound to be laggy. It’s something I been searching for for a long time.

  21. Suddenly getting ‘make this your default launcher always’ at top of home screen, regardless of which launcher I use. Was fixed for a week or so by reinstalling, but came bsck. Also, the customization button, 3 dots at bottom of the home screen are missing, and I’m sure there’s more issues. Really like this launcher, but I’m uninstalling until this is fixed. I’ve seen several other people commenting with same problem on other gomo apps but no dev reply. Let me know when it’s fixed, maybe?

  22. I’ve been using this for so long, I don’t remember what phone (s3 maybe)…since update today, it’s forcing me to choose a renewable subscription & pay for something that has been free (to remove ads)…I had to uninstall so that I wouldn’t be charged (there was no way to back out of purchasing)…I just want to be able to use it the same way as before, with 1 theme (which I didn’t even use for wallpaper)…I didn’t mind the occasional ads (didn’t even notice them)…until then I am stuck using Launcher Pro again (which I stopped using for Go Launcher)…

  23. I have used go launcher as long as I have been using Samsung Galaxy phones. All the way back to S1. I uninstalled it on my phone to search for a few system app icons I was missing. Now I can’t use it without a page that pops up instantly making you sign up for a 3 day trial and than 7.99 a month after that. I’m gonna miss how my phone looked but it’s not worth that

  24. I’m very confused of the settings/interface this launcher gives coz of too many ads. Although there are free themes to choose from, designs are too pink or black. Downloaded wallpapers are being transported to your device storage w/c is cool. They havent included themed keyboards, w/c you’ll have to dl, that’ll add up to another storage of ur phone.

  25. Scam spam or I’ll even call it malware ransomware. This version won’t let you use it unless you subscribe to premium version or at least a trial of premium where oh yes they require your credit card info. Having bought go launcher ex and prime back In the day I was disappointed by this version. Less techy people will get confused because the trial premium screen can be difficult to bypass on certain phones making it like ransomware. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!

  26. Beth Palm dice:

    I love this launcher! It took me awhile to get and understand how to get to everything to set things I wanted to. At first I did not think I was going to like it due to the fact I had to learn it. After picking up on it is became a lot easier to look for things to change them and what not. I love the different settings and the amount of different things. And they are awesome picks that they give for your phone.

  27. I like Go Launcher but there are two problems. 1. From time to time when I click the home button, my phone goes back to the factory home screen. 2. The launcher does freeze at times and slows my phone…otherwise, this a very good launcher.

  28. I really enjoy this app and l love the selection of themes, there are so many I’m like a kid in a candy store! There are a few that when I go into them it says to try again so I do exactly that and get the same message everytime. Sadly to say, it could very well be something on my end that I’m not doing correctly. Lol Either way I love the app! Thank you! 😊

  29. This damn app completely took over my phone it changed the hole setup of it and moved my apps around one thing kept popping up saying start your trial and would not get off my screen until I found the hidden x it scared me and i thought it was a virus it put wierd apps all over my phone and completely spammed me do not waste your time on this app! Even after I deleted it my phone is still not completely clear of all of the apps and it won’t even let me go to my home page do not buy this app.

  30. I’ve used GoLauncher for more than 5 years. Have issues here and there with not recognizing my paid version or still showing the pop-up that reads “pay attention to us” just to get a review. It’s annoying but I ignored it. Now, they’ve done an update and moved from Launcher Z to Launcher S. Well, it messed up all of my setup. I couldn’t find any of my apps. Couldn’t get the setup back. I’m done. Nova Launcher is working the same or better for me. Good bye GoLauncher. Fix your issues plz

  31. It changed my phone set up and I hated it and could not find “Go Dev” under settings and applications to unimstall. had to go to Google play to cancel but i guess I’m still stuck w/ it until the free trial period ends. I want my phone back the way it was and can’t get it back! who would pay a 100 bucks for this?

  32. The very first thing this piece of malware did when first launched was change my wallpaper without asking me first. The second thing it did was display a full-screen pop-up ad “offering” me an auto-renewing free trial of some poorly explained wallpaper service that I couldn’t opt out of. The third was to get uninstalled. I’m never going near this disrespectful crapware ever again and I wish bad things happen to all of the devs and their families for creating this digital abomination.

  33. Made a mistake by downloading this app through instagam link.. It locks your screen in the payment options, with a free trial after which assumingly you will automatically charged. YOU CANNOT LEAVE IT EVEN BY SWITHCING THE PHONE ON AND OFF!!! Deleted the app after choosing the “free trial” option finally enabeled me to leave the screen… Just hoping they will not charge me.. If they do it can be easily classifyed as a scam.. Avoid!!!

  34. Found the perfect wallpaper from a daily recommendation but since it’s been updated I can’t find it anywhere in the libraries. Would be great to be able to save images to phone. Lock screen customisation doesn’t work.

  35. Good and great some icons being replaced with android logo is fixed. However, it takes long time to open especialy when it is clicked back to home screen. 2) When you request for some themes to download you will be dírected to playstore whereas it is not in the playstore. Why? Can you fix them? Yes you can… Your “5stars” still waiting!

  36. All their apps were great and I loved them. Instead of having adds like they used to they make you do a trial first even though they advertise it’s free it’s really not. They would have an option to deal with ads for free or the adless and more options version for a charge and they took it away.

  37. Wonderful themes app… I love all the themes here, also no extra charge goes away.. a battery saving tip is to apply dark themes… only I guess, there could have been a search box😅… I have recommended my friends to use this too… there are various themes like,a casual one, a beautiful galaxy or unicorn one, kids one, students one, a sober type.. and so on… and unlike other apps, there are beautiful themes for the free version also, and not only in paid versions… ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤️❤️❤️

  38. No matter the number of times i change my phone, i still come back looking for Go launcher. Well, except that it stops sometimes and I’ll have to set it all over again, it’s a great app. I wish that part of stopping can be fixed though.

  39. Keeps rendering my phone USELESS when my phone powers on!! A white box pops up saying start failure and to restart or reinstall…. But neither option works… SO ONCE AGAIN … I HAVE LOST EVERYTHING!!!!! 😡😡😡

  40. I canceled my subscription before the end of 7 day free trial and still got charged for year subscription for $100. I want my refund. Still nothing from them. Beware of the 7 day free trial.

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