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Smart and flexible management of all your cherished shots.
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**You must own a Synology NAS with DiskStation Manager 7.0 or above version to run this app, and be running the latest Synology Photos to get the complete set of features**

A flexible and comprehensive management tool that allows photo backup and browsing by chronological order or folder structure. Explore photos of loved ones or favorite vacation spots through automatically created albums. Group photos by themes or topics of your choice. Enjoy cherished memories in the palm of your hand.


What's New

1. Supports Sleep Time Backup to quickly back up a large number of photos on your device.
2. Supports browsing in Dark Mode (enabled by device settings).
3. Supports selecting the destination folder when uploading photos from other apps.
4. Supports automatically renaming photos by the time taken when uploading.

Bug fixed

1. Fixed an issue where the app might stop unexpectedly when it detects new folders to back up.
2. Minor bug fixed.


4 comentarios en "Synology Photos FULL"

  1. Amirhosein Gholami dice:

    It is the best alternative for the Google photos app. I have two main issues with this app that doesn’t let me to give it 5 stars. First, It only shows the pictures and videos that have already been backed up. It means it doesn’t show the recently taken photos immediately. So it can’t be used as the main photo app on your phone. Second, it uses other video players to play your videos. I like to have an embedded video player so I can go to the next picture or video without pressing the back btn.

  2. Bill Hilton dice:

    When I ran Moments, the photos that were sent to me via Messages were backed up as well as all the photos I took with my phone. It worked flawlessly. When I purchased a new Synology DS220+ with DiskStation 7, it no longer backed up photos sent to me with Messages. I’ve checked and double checked the settings several times both on my phone and on my DiskStation. It still does not backup photos sent via Messages.

  3. Darold Hassler dice:

    The new update to your Drive APP has new options to view and organize photos, but it can’t “see” into the Photos folder that this APP uses. In turn, this APP can’t see into my Drive folder to help organize those photos. I NEED a photo APP that can help me organize ALL of the photos on my NAS. Jumping between APPs is frustrating.

  4. Kyle B dice:

    “Uploaded Suspended – No Permissions” endlessly cycling forever and ever. This app CANNOT figure out how to do the simple task of uploading all my photos. Some it can. Some it completely refuses to do. What a disaster. It’s almost as if this app is specifically designed to not handle the simplest of use cases like the old DS Photo app did. All I want to do is have my entire family’s devices automatically backup pictures to a single common shared album we can all then open and view on our phones. As if we are taking polaroids and tossing them into a shoebox. It can’t even do that. Instead it backs up photos by scattering them all over folders spread across my NAS’ share structure that it creates on-the-fly. No option to just dump them into a single ALREADY EXISTING share like before. I can’t even get my old album to show up on my phone AT ALL at is is, so it wouldn’t even mean much if I could backup photos to that album. They’d just vanish from view entirely. Such a huge disappointment.

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