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Royaldice is the free dice game that redefines and puts a modern twist on a classic board game! Royaldice is the perfect free-to-play game for lovers of board games, Yatzee, Scrabble, Phase 10, Farkle, and Rummy! Enjoy smooth gameplay, stunning graphics, easy navigation, and an amazing player experience in this classic board game. The perfect dice game for families, couples, and friends. Roll the dice and let’s play Royaldice together!

Download Royaldice, the free game and play a new version of the original Yatzee. Challenge your friends or other dice game players from all over the world! Royaldice, the multiplayer social game by GamePoint includes:

Fun, strategy, and a bit of luck 🍀

• In Royaldice, you have a total of 5 dice to roll each turn 🎲. Your goal is to achieve the highest score with your dice rolls to win the free dice game. Can you get a Full House, Small Straight, Large Straight, Three, Four, and Five of a kind! Get all 5 dice to be the same and you have a ROYALDICE!

Multiple active simultaneous games. Try multiple fun game modes! 🎮
• Normal: Challenge up to 3 friends or random opponents to the classic board game
• Triple: Play with a bigger scorecard (three columns)! Perfect for strategic players
• PartyMode 🎉: Compete with dozens of opponents at the same time for big rewards
• TopDown: Play Royaldice backwards, the ideal game for lucky players
• BingoMode: Inspired by Gamepoints classical game, get all the core combinations for the extra bingo points.
• Compete in Tournaments 🏆

Progress through the classical dice game and open mysterious treasure chests. What collection of new Cups and Dice will you find? Personalise your game by levelling up your collection to stand out from the crowd. Join the community and battle against those who share the same passion for dice games as you!

Join a Royal dice club and get access to their exclusive club chat. Complete Club mission for extra reward.

All GamePoint advantages ✔
• Huge Royal Jackpots and Free Coin bonus gifts 💰
• Social features,Chat, Smileys 😀
• Large and friendly community 🌍

This game does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at “real money gambling.”

Love games like backgammon dice or farkle online? You’ll find the perfect free dice game in Royaldice!


We've made improvements to ensure you receive the best gameplay experience possible. This includes:
* Added the ability to report and block other users in chat
* Various bug fixes


40 comentarios en "Royaldice MODDED"

  1. I love this game!!! However, there is one thing I would change…please add a way to turn off the music without turning off the sound effects. While playing the game, that music is distracting…it even kills me to sleep right in the middle of the to game. If you could correct that…this would indeed be a perfect game!! Thank you.

  2. Just can’t make myself go to a 5 star. I was doing really good and winning every game and my score was going up up up. All of a sudden I got put with super high scoring people and lost every single game. So I lowered my bet and win some but 79 coins does not get you much and really bad if you not win. The other thing is it is not fair if your put with players that can afford bonus rolls or that buy more diamonds etc. And you can’t.

  3. Rebekah dice:

    Such a fun game! I love all the dice & cups you can unlock! I only rated 3★ coz I think the pot should be double the entry fee & there should be an option to choose playing a bot instead of another player & also players should receive rewards for leveling up. Then it would rate 5★ for me. *Edit* I added a star coz I love the event celebrating animals with submissions of players pets added in game! 😻

  4. Connection lost. Every single game I play and connection keeps cutting off. It’s only happening with this game. Time to uninstall. I used to enjoy playing but getting monotonous

  5. I really enjoy this game but really frustrating when it gets stuck on the finding opponent section for ages n then seems to crash as it stops searching? Also doesn’t seem consistent with chests won for games?

  6. the only complaint i have is not being able to seperate the music from the sounds….i get so sick of hearing the music go over and over but i love hearing all the sounds the dice make.

  7. it cheats and scams people I spent over $10000. cad and all they ever do is make me lose they control evrything in that game and they don’t respond back and I paid for a year of svip and still getting ads which I sydden be getting ever since I dtarted to play the game I have been silenced for no reason at all when I ask them why they give me a cheap responds back and sure I met alot of friends on the gameI started playing the game back in March 2021 and I have been silence and losing every dime

  8. Absolutely love this game. Been playing for years. The updates are for the better and actually benefits the player instead of the other way around. Highly recommend.

  9. Tithi dice:

    It’s really an interesting game. I’ve become so addicted that for the past month I’ve just been playing it all day. One issue to be informed, it doesn’t load properly despite my stable connection & it happened very frequently. Sometimes clearing cache doesn’t work, thats’s why I’ve been forced to clear data again and again. It’s quite annoying that u’ve played couple of months & all your data vanishes in all of a sudden. I think the developer team should pay attention to this. Enjoy…😊

  10. Don’t waste your time. Big money players always beat you with 4+ royal dice and you can’t get 1. Finally purchased a few coins to keep playing and then lost every single game. Total rip off!!

  11. My favorite game I play it ,6 or 7 times a day. Started off be a winner then it started me loosing every time have not won a game last 15 game . I loose more then I win dice doesn’t like me.🤔☹️🙋

  12. Fun game very interesting and keeps my attention. It’s like playing Yahtzee. Yet it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone looking for something to pass time on your break at work or anytime of the day.

  13. This is crazy. I have won the last 2 games played and it says that I lost taking the coins and giving them to the loser. And now I’m out of coins. I’m done with this game😢

  14. Too little players and they keep kicking you out of the game as they wish if you are not high level. Anyone can send rude private messages, the only thing u can do is block that person. Too slow leveling up, hard to get coins. Notifications while live awards can’t be turned off, they keep bothering while playing. All in all, not a bad game but in need of improvement.

  15. Not much winning going on here. But it fills space is a fun way. My points never seem to improve much.

  16. I dropped one star just because it seems like I get way too many bronze chests. I can win a game by 200 points and I still get bronze. Silver and gold are rare. Otherwise I really enjoy the game. I also agree with another player who said they would like to be able to turn off the music without turning off the sound. That would be great.

  17. Wanted to play. Downloaded. When I tried to play it just kept getting stuck on loading screen.

  18. stingy with the wins and im not sure about the point system. sometimes it freezes. Game has to have access to my photos or it wont connect to the server. So uninstall. The point system . When the other player delays your results because they cant finish thier game. Doesnt matter. Too much of a hassel anyway. I will try it again someday maybe all the kinks will be worked out.

  19. This game has always been a favorite. However, this app is set up to make sure you’ll eventually have to pay if you want more coins to play. If you win, you only get around 30% more unless your betting over 1000, so if you lose, it’ll take around 3 wins to get your coins back which, in my experience, is not nearly as often as losing. You typically pay $1.99 for 290 coins and the lowest average bet is 50 so it goes fast. I have found that this is the only yahtzee game to play w friends realtime.

  20. M Sims dice:

    This is a really fun dice game. My favorite part is that u get to play to win different cups and dice. I like having something to work towards when I play a game. However, sometimes I can play several times a day for a few days and hardly win a few games and then I lose practically all my coins. It’s so frustrating. Also, if you want to spend money on gems, it’s ridiculously expensive. I don’t mind spending money on games but not when they’re charging ridiculous prices. I would recommend though.

  21. played this game for years with very little problems, then all of a sudden several weeks ago it wouldn’t open, all I get is a blue screen. keep reinstalling several times but still same blue screen. gutted as was my many times a day go to game.

  22. Great game i love it. Minor glitches. The only reason I do not give 5 stars has to do with the coins. You pay 10 coins (or whatever amount) and if you win, you get 15.80 coins back instead of 20 as you would expect. In every other game I have played you win double what you put in. Its a little irritating because it feels like you are loosing coins. However, I still enjoy the game and have no other complaints.

  23. I reviewed this game before as great but have since changed my point of view based on my experience! This site does not value their players. After reporting numerous connection issues my game play experience changed. I experienced 100% game loss. I played everyday multiple times a day. When they finally responded to my query, I was told that it was my internets fault as to why I’m having connection issue. Even though, I was only having connection issue with their servers. B.S excuses.

  24. I have to say I love the game and I will keep playing ▶️!!still have a great time. I don’t have much luck with it but I will try harder!!🙃

  25. Opponents constantly winning. We don’t get good enough free daily stuff, the game actually quite bad. Slow, glitchy. I’m on a Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra so it isnt the phone. It quite boring and not entertaining at all. If I could give 0 I would especially after the sarcastic response.

  26. Game deleted all of my progress lol, thanks, I’ll be deleting this now. I played for less that 24 hours and the game already lost my account. I didn’t want to give them my personal information, that the app asks for over and over. I don’t like having to give my email or link to my facebook just to save my game, sounds like a scam hardcore honestly. Game play seems very rigged, not really at random it seems. I’ll win super easy one game. Like over 100 points beating my opponent, then I’ll lose.

  27. I love the app. The game is fun and there are other incentives for more fun

  28. It’s ok kills time , a bit of a fix on the winning one day you will lose all games the next you win and on it goes that way . Watch video ad for 10 coins then have to press thank you….why I’m the one who watched the video !!

  29. It doesnt matter what platform you play on…phone, tablet or computer you always loose! I got 4 royals in 1 game and still lost!!!!! Set up so you have to buy coins to play pretty much. Gives you low free coins you quickly go through! Save your time and go watch the grass grow….it is more unpredictable!

  30. Sierra B dice:

    Fun game and enjoying it so far. 4 stars because I still see room for improvement. For the games, if you bet 50 coins you should win 100. Why is it only 70ish coins? The winning amounts are lacking and make it hard to progress. Any other yahtzee game gives back double for a win. Also your daily videos and spins need to reward should allow at least 100-200 coins earned daily in watching videos. Also daily missions (play 50 games, roll 10 royal dice etc.) for coins would be nice.

  31. I love this game! But I cannot get the NEW ROYALDICE To UPGRADE to the newest version found on mobile devices. If you try to play Royaldice on a computer either though Gamepoint or Facebook on a computer, Royal Dice is the old version & I cannot find a way to upgrade the computer version. Please help!

  32. Never could play other challenges. Rude people in chat .. gave my coins away.. left game …

  33. Great game when it doesn’t freeze. Fix it already

  34. Debz Shep dice:

    I love this game but since update i cant sign in or play a game. PLEASE SORT IT OUT, ty

  35. This is a very useful way to staying in touch with friends and family.

  36. Fun but payouts and daily bonuses should be higher

  37. Not happy with the newest update, I have no tournaments to participate in, it’s just blank. I’ve played this game for so long and would have given 5 stars but this update is awful. They even took away the bingo version which I loved playing, feeling disappointed and may uninstall now.

  38. This game is interesting i tried it out kinda like a kids game not for an adult to me but its pretty ok it seems alot of stuff on here really needs some fixing up to and I agree with the one person why make us use our money whats the point in the game if you can’t us the coins you give makes no sense to me . But anyway thanks for making yatzee games I love playing them.

  39. Exceptional experience!! Ever since I started playing this game my life has made a complete flip flop! I left my wife and started dating this super fine high school chic. I’m 47!😆 Don’t worry, she’s 18 and a half! Also, I started smoking crack with these dudes I met down at the gas station. I’d seen them around there before, I thought they worked there but it turns out they live there, out back. So they’re easy to find. Turns out I really love smoking crack! It makes me way cooler win😱

  40. Game is fun but seems fixed at times, when you dont get a single number on 9 throws with 5 dice that’s just unreasonably unlikely for a randomiser and it can be very frustrating.

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