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A music school in your pocket: solfège, ear training, rhythm training exercises.
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Learn chords, scales, intervals, learn to identify melodies by ear and how to sight read music. Learn how to sing notes and intervals! Learn essential music theory and bootstrap your musicianship.

It’s like a music school, but totally fun and free!

Perfect Ear provides you with high quality, unique ear training, rhythm training, solfège lessons, music theory and note reading lessons. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, ear training is essential, and you will always find something that will make you a better musician. Across the globe music teachers recommend Perfect Ear to their students every day.

Key features:
• Ear training exercises: practice intervals, scales, chords
• Rhythm training exercises: learn to read and recognize rhythm durations
• Super customizable: you can create your own ear training or rhythm training exercises as well as your own custom chords and scales
• You can even create custom rhythm patterns for your exercises
• Beginner friendly music theory articles
• Melodic dictation exercises
• Sight reading trainer: learn to effortlessly read sheet music
• Absolute pitch trainer
• Note singing trainer
• A fully-fledged scale dictionary

Perfect Ear is the best free ear training app out there! These are not empty claims. Just looks at our awesome Play Store reviews.

Ear training exercises can be performed with a piano or guitar. You can always plug-in your MIDI keyboard to practice with our Sight Reading trainer.

So what are you waiting for? Download Perfect Ear right now and you will be amazed by what it has to offer!


What's new in 3.9.42:
- Stabilization and UI fixes

If you like the application, please give us a good rating on Google Play. It will help us keep improving the app.


40 comentarios en "Perfect Ear: Music & Rhythm MODDED 2022"

  1. UPDATE: still using this, still a great learning tool. Excellent app ear training. Simple to use, loads fast, responsive Highly recommend paying the extra few bucks to unlock everything. Free version has no annoying ads. I use this when I get a few minutes… And I’m getting better at hearing intervals, chord qualities, scales, inversions. Seeing the exercise results in guitar/piano layout is a nice touch, since it’s helping me to learn the guitar fingerboard. I wish all apps were this good.

  2. I have had this app for over a year. At first I had the free version, which worked fine. It has had some minor problems, but I have noticed that they have patched out the issues I have experienced. Once I upgraded (a one time purchase), i have loved the app! Very helpful on keeping me sharp and giving me quick practice. I wrote the above review a few years ago (I think). The app has gotten even better since then. Love this app, and the partner app Clefs

  3. This has been great help. I wish the app provided tips to identify each interval, like song examples or other strategies. The current approach takes a lot of trial and error and looking for tips on the internet. I also wish the clefs app was integrated with this one, so I could do my daily exercises in one single place

  4. I LOVE this app! I have learned so much about scales and modes because of the excellent intuitive explanations. So cool to see examples of all kinds of scales on a keyboard in the Dictionary section. I never knew there is an extra note in bebop scales! I’ve just started using this app. I’m sure I’ll be learning lots more. Thank you for creating such a helpful music theory app.

  5. I’m wanting to use this app for pitch training, but there’s just not enough options. You can select the octaves, which is great, but you can’t limit which notes in each octave (for example, eliminating the black keys). Further, three guesses is too leinient when you’re really trying to drill it. You can change the number of guesses, but only to some presets which only go up (3, 5, 10, or infinite), meaning you can’t be any more strict than the default.

  6. I like the app, but a couple things that bother me. first, the samples used for the piano sound terrible. at times they dont even sound like they come from the same instrument. second, it would be nice if you could choose which note is being changed in the interval. ex. when doing harmonic descending, the higher note is the one that changes. would be cool if you could choose which note would change. or choose random

  7. This app is great for ear training, especially with the premium feature of using custom exercises. I’m glad this app keeps getting updated too, the UI looks a little bit better every once in a while. My biggest problem with this app though, is that, for being an ear training app, the sound they use is kind of weird. It’s this low quality, like toy piano “ding”, which I think makes the ear training worse. Having more options would be nice, especially since it’s a music training app.

  8. Great app, use it with all my students. I can’t say enough good things about this. It’s a simple to understand theory notebook close at hand, tons of exercises to work on whatever aspect of ear training you need help with, and you can build custom exercises to really work out your weak points. I bought the full exercise pack, as well as access to the customer exercise builder, and I think the total was $4. That. Is a bargain. UI is slick, and easy to understand and navigate, too.

  9. I’ve found it useful for evaluating my progress, but my one complaint is that the interface doesnt naturally promote learning, so I always have to figure out a way to teach myself. My suggestion: add a 2 second pause every time the user answers something wrong! If an intrinsic motivator is introduced, like the desire to go faster, learning will happen on it’s own, with far less conscious effort. This would make the app much easier to use! I’d love to be able to update to 5 stars.

  10. Great to refresh and get back into reading music! This is one of the best apps I’ve used! Be aware, however, that if you don’t have any music experience or knowledge this app will probably make no sense. It teaches some stuff, but I think it is more designed for musicians to review and improve. I’m sure you could use it as a supplement with a book for a beginner, but it would be hard to learn off of just this. Excellent app, no bugs, nicely designed!

  11. Awesome app! I’ve learned soooo much over the 2 years I’ve used it! One thing I wish it had on the fretboard trainer drill was a custom option where you could choose between different scales in any key. It’s very time consuming to edit the entire fretboard for a scale in a single key. It could be even cooler if you also had to choose the scale degree each note in the scale was. I think this would be a great way to really master scales on a deep level.

  12. This app is really thorough. There is _SO_ much here (hear). I love it. I really do. I know a lot about reading music, but the ear training is something new to me. Thus far, it is all I have done in the app, and there are literally hundreds of lessons/exercises. I haven’t even tried to customize them (which is an option). I have been livestreaming my sessions consistently for a couple of weeks now. There is a achievement tracker, and tons of other things to help you to master the things that myriad of topics and lessons included in the app. I get really excited when it is time for me to learn. I feel like I am becoming a more competent musician, student, and teacher whenever I use this program. It blows me away. Now with all those accolades I have displayed, there is a minor annoyance in the interval comparison area. When it says something like: “Exam #1: Any direction • no common tone” the no common tone is not always true. I think that the randomizer does not rule out the other tones being tested. So, fairly regularly you will end up with two sets of tones that share a tone (or have a tone in common). With that being said, this is the most comprehensive music theory/music training app I have come across to date. Thank you very much for the time, attention, and expertise that has been assembled in creating this program.

  13. I see huge potential in this app. The biggest thing I wanted to work on was rhythm. The metronome is nice except for the training excersises. After you hit the start or repeat button you have no time to hit the first note. Also after you finally do hit notes in general the notes become gray turning black again, only after the first tap and it may be half way through the lesson. I think the gray black should start from start or repeat so you have that visual indicator, at least at first, paper doesn’t have that. The biggest problem is the start maybe a 3..2..1 or just the first tap is first note. Not sure how to fix but those problems go hand in hand in my opinion. There is a latency for tap adjustments but doesn’t help with the excersises start.

  14. This is an awesome app. It really pointed out the weaknesses in my ear and helped me to improve. In one exercise I started at 30% and kept practising and repeating the exercise until I got up to 100%. I still have work to do to improve the speed of recognition but this app makes it easy to repeat exercises until you’ve mastered them. The singing exercises are also very revealing! But it is all worth the effort to improve my musical ear.

  15. Ken Gonzo dice:

    I’ve ben using this app on and off for over 4 years and it has always been a great tool if you want to take your ear training to the next level. They’ve made multiple updates and continue to have a great interface. I have an LG G6 which cant seem to get the tap rhythm exercise to line up. This lag between the sound and the screen reacting your tap is a frustrating issue that renders that section useless. Thats my only complaint. Other than that this a great app!

  16. So far this app has yet to fail at teaching me more about music. I’ve always been interested in music theory and this has a lot of informations and also allows you to practice your rhythmic abilities and there are many useful quizzes within the app. I bought all of the premium features for very cheap around Christmas time and that was greatly appreciated. An overal very useful app that can be used anytime, anywhere, to improve your musical abilities and understanding.

  17. It’s an awesome little ear trainer. I love the fact that it has a built in keyboard so you can also work to pick out the notes and identify the intervals in that way. I find working with chords difficult to comprehend, but with this app and it’s keyboard, I’m beginning to separate the notes even though they’re being played at the same time! Which is awesome! This is exactly what I was needing!😁

  18. This app has a lot of great exercises and has done wonders for building aural skills! I do have two suggestions. 1. Have a music theory section that covers chord progressions more in-depth. I was a little lost when I got to the step progressions lessons and didn’t have a lot of help to go off of online. 2. On the pitch trainer, please move the check circle off of the end of the keyboard! I’ve accidentally pressed the wrong key so many times instead of confirming my answer.

  19. After College, I found it hard to keep up my ear training without a second person. Perfect Ear has changed that for me. I can practice identifying any interval, melodic or harmonic, by ear. The singing aspect makes it possible to sing intervals and fine-tune my vocal pitches. I haven’t needed Perfect Ear for anything else, yet, and I’m very happy with it. It’s well worth a few dollars to upgrade it from the free form.

  20. I use it every day. Easy to use and wanted to do an experiment where i did the app for 30 days straight and compared my abilities at the beginning and end of the 30 day period. The results are actually incredible lol. With just 10 or so minutes every morning, i vastly improved. At the beginning i could pick out intervals of octaves, tritones, and maybe perfect 4ths and 5ths. Now i can identify all ascending intervals with enough time to think through it. Haven’t worked much on descending yet.

  21. Theres a lot of really crappy ear training apps out there, but this is not one of them. Yes to unlock everything you have to pay whereas a lot of other apps are free but its 100% worth it. What bothered me with a lot of other apps was the audio quality was really bad playing through a phone speaker and there was a lot of distortion, but if you get the jazz piano pack or the classical piano pack the sounds are pretty dang good and dont sound bad coming out of a phone speaker. Overall very good

  22. Great exercises, and very thorough: each interval exercise has melodic going up, going down, and harmonic variants, and then the next level is them all mixed up. It’s fun to keep track of points and records. Only downsides are that the sound bank could be higher quality (I paid for the nicer set), and it would be nice to have statistics or history on each exercise, and generally better way to keep track of improvement in scores. Overall, best one I’ve tried!

  23. I like the concept and playability of the app. However, the gamification is actually a big de-motivator. One broken day in a streak significantly lowers the user’s ability to match previous scores attained during a streak, which in turn, becomes a demotivating factor to continue using the app, since it requires significant time to regain streak status.

  24. Honestly feels like guessing. I score 40-60%. This app isn’t easy without finding the notes first. I’m sure if I worked really hard (like as hard as I do my instrument) I’d get better. So there aren’t any short cuts. Side note. You will learn the interval shapes for the guitar. But that feels like cheating finding the notes of the fret board. Maybe not. I think maybe some tips from the dev team would improve the experience.

  25. I had this on my old phone and forgot I purchased it so that’s cool it’s unlocked. I found the rhythm exercises more finicky than other apps. The intervalic stuff is really good, but the sound is not the best. Edit- Can we remove the popup “some chords may not display” when using guitar sound? Also, statistics keep dropping for number correct. Overall very enjoyable. It’s cool there are points, speed bonuses, statistics, achievements, and tons of content. Can’t believe I forgot about this app!

  26. Gets right to the point, great for refreshing rusty skills. Would like more explanation about chord progressions and clues for how to identify them better. Also would like the app to identify one’s most commonly made mistakes so they could be made into a practice exercise, but all in all, this app covers a lot of territory very efficiently and effectively.

  27. I have been into music for as long as I can remember but I never learned theory. This app has taught me SO MUCH! I really appreciate the recent updates, especially the guided lessons. I liked the free version enough that I gladly paid the very low onetime fee to unlock additional lessons. This is a terrific app for improving music theory skills! My ONE complaint is the rhythm exam being 4 bars. I can barely remember and repeat a two bar rhythm. I feel set up for failure with 4 bars.

  28. It’s excellent for relearning music theory and the number of exercises for each category are abundant but I am not using it w/o other sources of learning. For some exercises, the theory parts explained for it, are slightly in need of more explanation. Maybe I’m missing something or trying to find an easy way to applying it. If you lose your phone, you are not allowed to continue should you download it again to your new phone. You must start from the beginning. That is painful and waste of time.

  29. Great and helpful learning tool for so many musical aspects, tried many other apps like this, but none that I could find have so many different elements of music in one. Plus like other app that have awesome features this one won’t crash all the time; in fact Perfect Ear has never crashed on me. With that said some apps might have different features this one doesn’t have (or haven’t found the features yet) like vocal range finder; but over all, 6 stars if I were rating this to other apps

  30. Huge fan of learning stuff while on the toilet, and this app is great for that purpose. (though if you forget earbuds… Well…) Lessons are quick, fun, and effective at training the ear. Some small suggestions for improvement: – Bluetooth delay compensation for rhythm training. Essentailly the dots would show up on the timeline behind the timing bar relative to the delay in the bluetooth connection. – More content in the theory sections would be nice.

  31. I would give this app 5 stars because I love it, but it seems they still haven’t fixed am error that has been around for at least two years! The Dominant Minor 9th chord is not correctly named. The chord listed has a major third, perfect fifth, minor 7th, and MAJOR ninth. This may seem like a small nitpick, but it shows that after 2 whole years this error still had not been fixed. Other than that I think this is the best ear-training app out there EDIT: Devs fixed the issue right away, thanks!

  32. Of all of the apps that I have ever used, this little vixen is one that I am willing to upgrade to use! Not only does it make it easier to understand music theory but also rhythm exercises, sight reading AND pitch. Everything that i had ever was confused about learning violin and singing has been clarified using this app and that’s the FREE stuff! My only issue is the tone matching exercise is a little tough to correct yourself with the feedback that the app gives you.

  33. Soooo… I might have been pretty tone deaf, but I am seeing improvement when I take the time to use the app every day. I like the daily exercises it picks based on what you have been working on recently. The exercises for dictation can be a bit clunky at times, but otherwise, it does what it advertises: trains your ear.

  34. It looks really in-depth and like a lot of work went into presenting the material to you in a way to integrate you into a master. I just wish the education sections had a read-aloud option/a narrator. I learn best hearing. If they add an option for an auto-reader to narrate, I’ll really start with the app.

  35. I tried several similar apps and this is the best one by far. There are interactive musical dictionaries!!! Everything is demonstrated thoroughly by example!!! As a beginner, the free version has everything that I need and more. I’d gladly buy the full version if I ever needed it.

  36. So many good exercises for both vertical and horizontal listening as well as rhythm. Definitely a must for any musician. If I could make one suggestion, I’d recommend making multiple notes available for the perfect pitch portion. Hearing the color of one note is great but being able to pick out 4 or 5 at a time based on color is better.

  37. Great way to learn how to read notes, discern rhythm, intervals, keys, etc. Basic app is free and the full version is I think 2 or 3 dollars. Definitely worth the price and then some. Use it every day, even for just 10 minutes and you will be amazed at how quick you will learn music.

  38. Great app with exercise customization. However, greatly held back by the piano sample pack quality. I have been using this mainly for harmonic chord identification, but there is a very jarring clicking/clipping when 4 or 5 notes are played at once. (Ex. Major seventh starting at E4 using the Jazz piano). After a while, it starts to get unusable due to these occasional and surprising (very) loud clicks.

  39. Love the concept l, been enjoying using it but after about 10 exercises my ears feel fatigued from the metronome (with the phone volume as low as can go). If there was a way to have a metronome volume gain in the setting that would be huge. And/or if there was an option to assign in your own metronome like how ableton/daws allows. Regardless though very well designed app!

  40. this app has some great info! But it’s definitely not for the casual learner looking to sound better. if there was a voice that could read aloud the paragraphs and give examples that would be great. I uninstalled because I don’t know anything about what this app is teaching, even though it is put in simple terms 😂 I just can’t wrap my head around it.

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