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Build job-relevant, in-demand skills by learning with experts from world-class companies and universities.

• Learn job-relevant skills and industry-standard tools through hands-on projects
• Build knowledge for your career across a wide range of industry-tailored courses
• Get job-ready for an in-demand role through Professional Certificates
• Master a skill in a specific industry field with Specializations
• Advance your career with a bachelor’s or master’s degree

• Grow your career with confidence
• Develop skills and credentials to stand out
• Enjoy flexibility and control over your career

• Flexible schedules and on-demand courses
• Downloadable videos for offline viewing
• Mobile-friendly courses, so you can learn effectively on any device
• Saved coursework, quizzes and projects across your desktop and mobile devices
• Video subtitles for a variety of languages, including: Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish

• Computer Science: Programming, Mobile and Web Development, Python
• Data Science: Machine Learning, Probability and Statistics, Data Analysis
• Business: Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, E-commerce, UX, Design
• Information Technology: Cloud Computing, Support and Operations, Data Management, Security

• Front end developer, back-end developer, DevOps engineer
• Data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, data warehouse developer
• Project manager, UX designer, digital marketer, social media marketer, marketing analyst
• IT support specialist, application developer, Cybersecurity analyst
• Sales development representative, sales operations specialist bookkeeper, sales representative

• MBA and Business Degrees, Management Degrees
• Computer Science and Engineering, Data Science, and Data Analytics
• Social Science, Public Health

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40 comentarios en "Coursera: Learn career skills MODDED"

  1. Got a free trial, only to not be allowed to take courses unless I cancel the trail pay 39$ a month and $150 for each class. Why advertise free certification if it’s not free? Won’t give me the option to cancel. Followed the steps, and still won’t let me cancel the 7 day trail until I pay the monthly fee!!! I have to wait to be charged so I can hopefully get a refund. What a waste of time. Scammers.

  2. B E dice:

    I think Coursea has a lot of great options. Two years ago I took a free course, using my laptop. It was great. Using my cell phone for a recent paid course, did not show everything. Tried to download on my laptop, it was a scam. I notified Coursea and they immediately provided a link to download on my laptop. I was too far behind and had other commitments, so I quit. I have LD, someone else would have been fine. I highly recommend them. I went through the Google classes and they used them.

  3. This app is horrible. The video player does not work at all. Half the time it will only play audio. The other half of the time the video will stop playing and start buffering several times in the middle of the video, even if I’ve fully downloaded the video. I then have to “go back 10 seconds” to fix the issue. I have 1 Gb/s Internet speed, so it’s definitely not that. What am I paying to use this platform for when competitors like Udemy exist and have working video players?

  4. The app is ok, but there are a few improvements to the UI that I think would greatly improve the overall expreince. First, there should be a “Add Note” button while watching videos. The button exist in the web version, but not the mobile app. Second, the “Learning Log” should be better integrated for mobile. Third, there should be an option to watch videos picture in picture, or just not in full screen on mobile. Desktop is fine, mobile needs work.

  5. It’s ok but the video player is terrible. I just updated it and the control options keeps on overlapping the screen without coming off. Also when you press on a word in transcript it doesn’t start on the exact sentence you press. How are people supposed to learn if they keep messing up the updates that effects the way the content is given?

  6. General use and setup is fine, but if the module has a quiz it absolutely falls apart terribly. The quiz texts literally disappears most of the time making it almost impossible to complete. You have to page back and forth to read the text between pages before it disappears in order to complete quizzes which is quite frustrating.

  7. For anyone experiencing: Closed captioning can’t be turned off following the latest update. (Which interferes with being able to see diagrams.) Try landscape orientation. I found an option there to hide them. 👍 The improved video features in the latest update work beautifully.

  8. App itself its alright, two main things I highly dislike The fact newcomers are able to jump to any module in a set course, makes the content that u experience just to repeat itself for about three lessons in a row. Second, some of the text is small in the PowerPoints, and the only way to zoom (keep in mind you are still fullscreen) is using accessibility tools on your phone. There should be a zoom feature to see the text better.

  9. Courses are glitchy, poorly put together, and self-congratulatory nonsense. Often times specializations or certifications waste time telling you over and over how great the course or topic is instead of focusing on teaching it. Practical subjects waste time on meaningless trivia instead of what you’re actually needing to learn. Many of the quizzes and lessons are full of typos, glitches, or laughably easy with only 2 possible answers to each question. And most were from major universities.

  10. Ivan dice:

    The video player is awful. I have an excellent 5g connection and the newest smartphone, yet the application is unable to play smoothly even a pre-downloaded video. It hicks up every 10s and after about 5 minutes hangs completely, forcing me to restart the application. On an older tablet, it overzooms and cuts significant amount of a frame on left and right sides.

  11. This is a very nice app, that allows to do almost everything one needs to do in order to complete a Coursera course (with the exception of writing, submitting and peer grading peer-graded assignments). There are a few bugs though, that seem to be easy to fix, yet are infuriatingly annoying, because they pop their ugly heads every single time one opens the app. The first one is that once you open an app, it keeps refreshing a couple of times, and you can’t do anything until it’s done, because no matter what you do, it will bring you back to the main screen. The other one is that videos you’ve watched do not appear as completed until after you’ve reset and restarted the app. The third one is that progress within a video is not retained across app restarts. If you fix just these 3 issues, it’s a 5-star app.

  12. Following my course was made smooth sailing thanks to this app. Only problems that I had was that the Android version doesn’t sync immediately if I were to continue the course on another device. It can get frustrating if you don’t remember the last video you watched. Another is that the app doesn’t keep track of how long you watched a video, only if you completed it or not. I can watch 14 minutes of a 20 minute video, quit, and then come back to have the timer start back at zero. I did love the video quality, though.

  13. So far, it’s an easy experience. The app is easy to navigate, and the lessons are a cool “at your own pace” style. The biggest issue I have is not everything (especially tests/quizzes) is viewable on tablets or phones. Not everyone has access to computers these days, as portable devices are what people prefer. It’d be really cool if the app got an update to support small screen viewing on everything the app has to offer.

  14. The app seems to serve its overall purpose. Due to the app being developed for a mobile device, there is a perception that you are privileged to always have internet access. If that is the case what is the point of having a feature for you to download course material for usage OFFLINE when you are at a location with no internet access, and you can’t log in. This was my motivation for the install, to use it during my 70 mins train commute. Please fix, it worked and now it doesn’t, very annoying.

  15. Becca dice:

    I loved this app, but the last update has made it hard to use. I have ADHD so watching a video/reading alone can be difficult. The feature i loved the most was the highlighting of the transcript along with the video, and being able to jump to different parts by tapping the text. Now, that doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t allow me to highlight to save notes. And I can’t focus on the course for the life of me.

  16. Half baked. My biggest problem with this platform is it doesn’t track your progress very well. And it doesnt seem to sync with the website. Example: I’m doing a course that has 7 parts, the first part is complete I have the certificate.. it shows on the website but the mobile app wants me to enroll?! Other times I’m 90% finished with part of the course, but when I return the progress is gone. I like the courses but I hate the platform and UX.

  17. The app has its uses, but there are many times you’re prevented from seeing a grade or assignment because “it’s designed for a larger screen.” But if you uninstall the app (or the webpage will just open it again) and go through the web page it works – on the same screen. This is EXTREMELY annoying when I’m traveling and don’t have a larger screen available. Make the app open things and let THE STUDENT decide if they need a larger screen.

  18. Although I’ve been enjoying the courses and assignments, the app itself is pretty terrible. I usually have to refresh several times to find the class and then after watching the videos, the app doesn’t register that I’ve watched them. Additionally, I can’t see my graded/reviewed work or review my peers’ work on the app- I have to go to a computer to do that. Since I don’t have easy access to a computer (only tablets and phones), I feel uncertain about whether I want to take more courses.

  19. This app is phenomenal. Who needs to pay to learn something when you can do it for free? If you do pay you’re paying for a certification/degree. I love the app and I’m sure it will end up saving me time and money. One thing I wish you could add though is like a “For Later” playlist so I can keep track of courses without enrolling in them right away. Amazing app.

  20. Any application is expected to have some bugs. However, bugs that hinder learning in a learning app should be high on Coursera’s list to fix. Yet, two very simple bugs have remained unfixed for the several months I’ve been using this app. The #1 thing that would get a 4-star rating from me: the ability to set “no subtitles.” Frequently the subtitles occlude what the teacher writes, and I have no way to turn them off. To get 5 stars, I want the watched/casted videos to consistently check off as “complete” in the list of videos when they finish. Right now, they do not, and there is no option to manually set them as “watched.” Thus, you can lose track of your place, and waste time trying to find it. Those two bugs annoyed me throughout the DL Specialization because they hindered learning. In case it helps the developers, my primary way of watching the videos was to cast from my Pixel 3 to the living room TV.

  21. Cousera is amazing, however, this app needs to have some bugs fixed. Certain videos have questions in the middle of the video, but once the video pauses it’s a struggle to get it to play again. Once you pause the video, playing the video again is a big hassle. Even though u press the play button it’ll automatically pause by itself. Not a very smooth experience unfortunately.

  22. Very slow, videos can’t play properly, and courses are not at all optimized for mobile, so they are full of bugs that crash videos and prevent tasks from being completed. Excellent on a computer. Complete trash on a phone as no effort was made to adapt anything to mobile. Portrait and landscape flips crash the app. Searching for classes crashes the app. Looking sideways at your phone crashes the app.

  23. Newest update seems to have broken transcript highlighting during video playback, which was a crucial part of my ability to follow lectures. Video subtitles are not a useful substitute because they’re much harder to read when they constantly split up sentences, and using a web browser is terrible because you can only look at the highlighted transcript when the video is in a tiny popout and the highlighting is barely visible.

  24. Mixed opinions about this app. LOVE the website and the courses they offer! Fabulous! however, it doesn’t play nice on my tablet. For example, on my tablet important content is often OFF the page, it doesn’t allow me to take “nice” notes and frequently rests to some other note or won’t save. As well, it is super slow even with an excellent internet connection. I prefer the online experience but OH so wish the app functioned better so I could use it away from my computer too.

  25. Jason A dice:

    The courses are extremely limited. The video quality is awful (extremely glitchy), and the controls are as well (just had a video get stuck on mute). You also can’t do the quizzes unless you pay, but they don’t tell you until after you finish the quiz. And you also can’t mark the course as complete unless you pay, so if you continue, you end up having to sort through and remember which ones you’ve completed. Or you can delete them and probably them all mixed up when looking for similar courses.

  26. I don’t think this app is properly optimized for tablets because the experience is not good. The discussion prompt box where your response is supposed to be typed in is very glitchy and difficult to use. Also the video player is too zoomed in when watching lectures, resulting in cutoffs of definitions and important figures in the video. Hopefully these errors can be resolved in future updates. (using Samsung Galaxy Tab S3)

  27. This app really missing some features like being able to hightlight / make a note in the lesson and being able to rotate the screen in any direction, you are locked to watching a full screen video ONE WAY! The quiz and test screen could be better, they’re trying to be facncy but it’s TERRIBLE! Keep it simple, all the questions in ONE page!

  28. While it has some very useful features like downloading courses. It also has issues with how it frames the videos. These cut off important buttons sometimes along with other issues. However given the usefulness of Coursera in general, I’m willing to overlook these flaws for the convenience of being able to take a part of class anywhere.

  29. It’s true that Coursera is the best online platform; however, my review includes only the application. sometimes it lags, and most significantly it requires you to open your computer because there are some functions that may not work smoothly on the phone. I hope that you make your app as independent and fully dependable as possible.

  30. I used to use this fairly regularly when it was all free. I was disappointed to log back in after a while and find that most courses require payment now. I guess I understand it since these are very high quality classes, but for someone who is just learning for fun, I’m now much more inclined to just do some google searches instead. Good app if you have real set goals for learning though, and I am glad they’ve allowed continued free access to the courses I’d already enrolled in.

  31. Jacob W dice:

    They tout many of the courses as being completable as quickly as you can work, and say the faster you finish the less it will cost as it’s billed monthly. But if you push through too fast, they push back the start date for the next course in the series, ensuring they’ll keep getting their money if you want to finish, while keeping you from studying for weeks. Between the false advertising and deceptive practices, it feels less like education, and more like a cash grab.

  32. DJ dice:

    Great app overall for getting through some course content on the go! Some issues for improvement: 1) No audio screen reader for text pages in courses – so you can’t listen if you’re busy or have a health condition where a screen reader would help. These are standard, every news website has them, so Cousera doesn’t get a free pass here. 2) Doesn’t work well with tablets. The screen doesn’t rotate into landscape mode, some activities made for a “large screen” don’t work.

  33. Great app to gain knowledge from free courses and paid courses. Only downside is the videos in the course when playing it if we open it next time it should resume from the last played point instead of beginning from the start. Sometimes the certificate doesn’t show after completion I have to relog each time to get it in the achievement page. Few bugs here and there .

  34. The app is amazing and I’m very grateful for this education. It has definitely impacted my career in a positive way. However, I’ve got something to point out that irritates me about the mobile app (sorry Coursera): The video player has this huge problem that it never leaves the video screen empty, it’s always showing me the options interface with that black shadow over the video. No matter how much I press a free space in the video, that annoying interface comes back. Please fix that 🙂 thanks

  35. Coursera has helped me a lot, particularly the app, which is mobile data efficient for some of us that cannot afford internet for our PCs. However, something about the current upgrade has to be undone. Before this upgrade, if I pause the video, the action buttons disappears, allowing me read and write the content on the screen. Currently, if I pause the action buttons stays there, and the screen darkens preventing me from reading unless I click on play. Please review this setting. Thank you.

  36. Bojan D dice:

    Programs are great easy way to learn new skills and topics on the side. But, and it’s a big one. BUT the app sucks. It doesn’t update well with the browser work, you can’t do much in app apart from listening to a lecture but if you want to do more like add another lecture you have to use the browser

  37. I love having this app. I was originally taking my course on a desktop, which limited the times I was able to study. Now, with the app, I can study any time, anywhere, which has greatly improved my study habits and brings me one step closer to completing my course and gaining additional skills to further my career. Also, the user interface is very functional and easy to use. I love this!

  38. Personally, I am having a good experience with coursera app. From it’s quality videos and exercises. It’s helping me a lot since I am not frequent on my laptop which have no battery. My network appears to be poor sometimes, the app has a download option which allows me to save my modules and learn offline. Overall, it’s a great app although sometimes it loads slowly when opening it

  39. The courses are good but the app is horrible. Cannot increase text size, cannot zoom into images or open them separately. Closed captions are a scroller that automatically jump to the sentence being spoken, this feature while helpful becomes irritating if you are scrolling through the transcript while the video is playing because it keeps jumping back to the CURRENT SENTENCE. There are no app settings. It’s 2023, where is dark mode?!

  40. It’s highly recommended that you add a section for free courses and paid courses. This way users will easily search whichever type of course they want. The current layout of the Coursera platform, both app and website, is a mess. It has changed dramatically. Why so?

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