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Equinox presents: Equinox+. Unrivaled access to expert instructors from Equinox, SoulCycle, HeadStrong and more. Wherever you are. Whenever you’re ready.

Download the Equinox+ app to get a complimentary 7-day trial to the digital experience.* Enhance your experience and sign up for Equinox club membership, or purchase a SoulCycle at-home bike and receive complimentary access.

Unrivaled Instructors: Unlimited access to instructors from Equinox, SoulCycle, PURE Yoga, Precision Run, HeadStrong, TB12, and [solidcore] with on-demand and special live classes.

Immersive content: Transport yourself to the front row of class with immersive audio and video guidance, high-quality class content, multi-camera views and concert-grade lighting.

Schedule anytime: Take charge of your own itinerary by scheduling classes and syncing them to your calendar.

Track progress: Log your activities and achievements. Sync with Apple HealthKit to access heart rate and biometric data. Complete challenges to unlock special badges and achievements.

Stream everywhere: Equinox+ is now available on your mobile device, web, tablet, Fire TV, Google TV and now: Apple TV.

Maximize your membership: As an Equinox club member, experience seamlessly integrated physical and digital offerings. Access our world-class personal trainers, industry-best group fitness classes and state-of-the-art spas through the app.

*Membership Terms
You will be charged with a recurring transaction through your Google Play account starting at the end of your complimentary trial (unless you cancel during the trial). Payment automatically renews unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription month. You can manage your subscription or cancel anytime by accessing your Google Play account. See the Equinox+ Terms for more details.

Privacy Policy:

Terms and Conditions:


Bug fixes and other improvements.


40 comentarios en "Equinox+ MODDED 2022"

  1. After the last update I can’t access the classes or live music while in the gym. I have uninstalled, cleared the catche and force stopped it with no change in the outcome. Update: the app now works except for the notifications. All the settings are correct but the notifications for when classes are available do not work. (Sigh)

  2. K D dice:

    This app just gets worse and worse over time. The information disappears and doesn’t sync between my bike, phone and The Clubs. I want to add classes to ny actual phone calendar but there is no functional way to do that. I have it set to sync with my phone but that doesn’t work. Apparently you have to Uninstaller, reinstall and logout repeatedly to attempt to make it work. Filtering is awful and it takes far too long to find a class on my bike or in a Club. I pay way too much for this!

  3. British W dice:

    Dec 2022 Update: Every time I try to start an on demand class, the app closes. I found out while I was out of town. TRASH! April / May 2022 Update – Galaxy S20 I’ve been a member using the app since Dec 2021. So far, so good. I filter my in-person class list based on the gyms I regularly attend and haven’t had any issues with the app thus far. I agree with another commenter about the export to calendar option and would love if I could put items on my personal calendar vs. the app calendar.

  4. It costs $40 but is it worth it?! 1. At this price point I’m expecting to get some sort of a workout plan, instead I just see endless meaningless classes in my feed. 2. A lot of the classes require equipment, the ones that don’t are mostly yoga and “meditation”. 3. I was expecting perhaps some sort of real life interaction with a trainer, I mean this is a price point which many private coaches charge for online subscription. 4. Confusing interface. I just want to know what and how to train.

  5. Sahil P dice:

    Poorly made app. Checking into gyms is not intuitive. Doesn’t mention that you need Bluetooth to be able to check in. Otherwise you have to use the barcode manually. Using concierge functionality is completely useless. Takes forever to connect, always has connectivity issues, even if you connect to a concierge after waiting, can’t talk because stays stuck on start chatting page. Using shopping functionalities no better. Being able to use a discounts of promos is almost next impossible.

  6. This app is useless for any Android device. It logs me out of my account every time I leave the app, even when I’m in the middle of a session. And when I log back in, the app gets stuck loading the dashboard. It’s even worse when using the app on Google Tv with Chromecast. Every button press or selection in the app causes the “error – sorry something went wrong getting this content. Please try again later.” I’ve only been able to play one 30 minute session since purchasing the digital sub.

  7. This app is pretty good in terms of user interface and functionality but it’s a huge resource drain (battery, memory and data). Equinox needs to hire some coders who specialize in resource optimization. Also, it would be great if when I add classes to my calendar, I could choose which calendar to add it to (I maintain multiple calendars on my phone). If the resource problem was solved, the app would be a 4 or 5 star app.

  8. My phone is less than 6-months old and works well with other apps. Since this app updated, it largely does not work at all. Most times I open it, it freezes right away, and I have to keep re-starting to even view the main page. I have to open it 4-5 times to be able to get far enough without freezing to book a class, and I spend my walk to the gym opening and re-opening it hoping that I’ll be able to sign the health declaration to check in. The old app was completely functional, but this one does not work.

  9. I have thoroughly reviewed the application. I am definitely liking – all sort of visual workouts. Including meditation, yoga and much more. Okay, the original Equinox app was by far the best. I liked it so much better. Now, you can NOT view the list of trainers at your selected Equinox. Overall, I don’t like it. It’s late, I am going to bed. I will explain myself thoroughly on every aspect of Equi+ PLEASE BRING THE OLD APP BACK.

  10. I cannot determine if individual workouts are available and if changing into workout clothes in the parking garage is permissable. The equinox concierge link is not excepting emails. The app is filled with ads and useful information is difficult to find. With all the time available for troubleshooting and smoothing the use, it is disappointing that this is the best that can be achieved.

  11. For the amount to pay for a membership you’d think they’d get their act together and create a usable app! It’s horrible and not user friendly. I’m unable to get in contact with customer service, can’t book classes or times to go to the gym, it’s overall just space on my phone i can use for other apps that would actually work.the few times it does work it lags and freezes. If i have to use the app for everything and it doesn’t work why bother keeping a membership. Stay away from this.

  12. I thought the old app was bad, until they merged them together for this abomination. Difficult to book classes, appointments disappear from history, lost functionality from last version. For example, you can’t look up classes by instructor or pull instructor info – which was all there before the big update. Master class on visuals over substance. Maybe next time hire a UX designer, or for that matter, a developer.

  13. I love the gym but this app is terrible. Ever since they combined the previous Variis app with Equinox to make Equinox+ it’s been pretty much unstable. The classes take forever to load. Booking is confusing. The previous calendar function is confusing. The gift cards and credits aren’t in the app anymore. The screen will hang for 45 seconds frequently when opening the app. It had made the booking and check in process really annoying. The previous UI was much better and faster.

  14. Gayla Eff dice:

    This app has been buggy for months and I never really complained. It’s super annoying that after I signed up for the fitness program in the app, I have to manually add the week’s classes to the calendar. It used to do it automatically but the feature has been broken at least the last 2-3 months. And what happened to the rumble classes? You couldn’t give us a heads up they were being removed?

  15. Very few features. When I joined the gym they told me about all of the app features I’d have. Turns out none of them are in the andriod app, only iphone. And the basic things don’t work. Class sign up reminders don’t work, which makes it hard to get into quickly filling classes. Add class to external calendar doesn’t work either, so I have to manually put that in my calendar. Please fix!

  16. I was excited when I saw that Equinox was launching a new app, as i found the d one not very intuitive and generally quite poorly developed. Well theyanaged to release a real downgrade. This app is really really poor. The main problem is how slow it is. It struggles to load the classes and keeps showing some sort of error. Usefull tos, such as the reminder to book a class or the ability to put a booked class directly in your calendar are gone. Just to mention a few flaws

  17. overall very good and pretty clean. not as intuitive as one would like. a couple of issues: 1. duplicate notifications for the reminder that class will start and post class feedback. Always come in twos. 2..the reminders will continue to show up even if you have removed a saved class from your schedule and even ask you for feedback on a class you didnt attend..please fix. suggestion to have a jump back to classes calendar from your own calendar, the same way you have a jump to my calendar from sc

  18. *Privacy concerns* On the whole, I like the app. There’s definitely some lag/freezing issues, but otherwise great. The reason for my score is that I have not granted the app permission to access my camera. However, it appears to periodically bypass this and access my camera at random times. It’s extremely unsettling, and multiple other reviews have mentioned this. Additionally, they do not appear to respond to inquiries sent to the email address listed as the Developer Contact.

  19. I love this Equinix app. It lets me map out my workouts so I can coordinate them with my fluctuating work schedule. I can just click a workout into to my personal calendar and there it is. I can see all the class schedules at all the locations so I can see where my favorite instructors are teaching. When booking a spin class I can reserve my favorite bike. If a class that requires booking is full, I can be added to a waiting list so I will be notified if a spot opens up. Great app!

  20. Tried to give it time, but the new app has been a step down in a number of ways. 1) the app is notably slower, clunkier/laggy and freezes/hangs when loading new content 2) loss of functionality such as the ability to see cycling stats (miles/watts) after class and the trend of those over time 3) class search is now much more cumbersome. Previously I was able to quickly search and add additional filters/classes, now this requires a separate (slow to load) screen 4) pushes virtual classes too hard

  21. Works ok for me for booking in gym classes and for checking in. They’ve completely hidden gift cards though. It’s 3 or 4 levels down to get to now where they used to be right on top. Navigating the on demand plus classes is painful. Much worse, I can no longer stream some classes to my TV via Chromecast. This wouldn’t be a big deal, but it is since the app on my Android TV is completely useless. Just says error retrieving data after I log in.

  22. This app is comical. Slow load times. Regular crashes. Malfunctioning filters. An ever changing UI, so you constantly have to search for stuff you actually care about — but I guess the random ads and community posts are cool too. Cherry on top: it recently decided to spontaneously lock my account, so I can’t get in. Can we just go back to the app version from 2017?

  23. Exceptional app! Keeps all my workouts organized and the ability to export classes to my calendar with one click, genius! I also enjoy the meditation excersises in the morning (recharge tab), I think thats a solid choice to add to the app. The app definitely helps define the brand as a lifestyle and not just a place to workout. **Using the Android Version on OnePlus 6T

  24. The new update is EXTREMELY slow. I miss the full calendar that showed how many club check ins I achieve each month. It also does not allow me to go back and delete any old “activities” I added to my schedule but did not actually sign up for and do..so now my information is inaccurate, and it won’t allow me to view previous months. Also not sure where to find my gift card now. I understand the on demand and online classes are now readily available, but they take up the majority of the interface

  25. Rachel B dice:

    Constant issues with this app. Despite repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling, I can no longer book classes via the app nor check-in at the club. Given how app-dependent the club experience is, I’m frustrated enough to consider cancelling for a different, less frustrating gym option.

  26. This application is trash. To pay $215 per month for a single club membership and then have an app that is slow, that causes my phone to push a notification asking whether I would like to shut down the app as it is crashing frequently…not a luxury experience. My brother showed me the app for his planet fitness membership and it was 100 times better than this application. It has been like this for years. Time to take membership money and have a real development team.

  27. Ray Ramos dice:

    Good live and ondemand class offerings. App needs work. The calendar feature seems to use an internal one, not integrate with the Andriod calendar. Content is slow to load, so waiting to sort through classes feels like a lot of effort. Filter does not offer an option to do so by instructor.

  28. No longer works for proximity checkins. This feature had previously worked fine, but broke with an update around Christmas. There have been updates to the app since, but the check-in issue has not been addressed. I wrote an email to the dev team listed here on the Play store, but no response.

  29. Roy Liu dice:

    FIX for Equinox+ app no longer generating proximity Check in badge on Samsung Android: Search phone for Equinox+ app, tap Permissions, Equinox+ needs two permissions to successfully check in at front desk: 1) Location (Allow only while using the app) and 2) Nearby devices (Allow). The app requires both Location and Bluetooth function On as well. In my case, I believe a December security patch for Samsung altered the permissions for the app resulting in the lost ability for proximity Check in.

  30. Android app ALWAYS crashes on launch. Never been fixed in 2 years. With the recent update, remote check in broke for every Android user, so we have to check in at the front desk. Color contrast of grey shaded text doesn’t meet accessibility WCAG 2.1 requirements.

  31. Update Jan 2023 – check in functionality now quit working with the latest update. Continues to get worse. For the ridiculous $we pay each month you could at least fix this app. Works fine for ios users. Updates 4th September 2021 – and it continues to get worse. The “update” was a step back. Calendar no longer syncs to phibe, difficult to check in, can’t see any classes I added to my calendar (only see on demand, no live classes). It’s NOT that hard!This app gets worse with each update

  32. Dec 2022: The app crashes when I try to start an on demand class. They have worked for me in the past, and this is a new problem this month. It’s especially frustrating because I’m traveling a lot this month and unable to go to the gym in person, so I was going to rely on the on demand classes in the app, but now I can’t. I tried uninstalling & reinstalling, but it didn’t work. Crashes every time I try to start an on demand class.

  33. Adequate. The bluetooth doesn’t always work correctly (maybe 70% of the time, it works, but there are long periods where it does not), but it works for barcode sign in, booking classes, etc.

  34. Used to work well, except for the layout issues and poor menu design. On Android the check in feature only works on manual mode in black screen but it used to we work fine. Surprised how a company like Equinox allows such low quality to stand.

  35. The app had been working great, but just this last week or crashes every time I try to start a class. The whole thing just closes. So annoyed. Please fix this ASAP! On Android with pixel 7 pro.

  36. Update. 12/23/22. App updated. On demand classes work again! Dec. 2022. The app crashes every time I start an in demand class. Really annoying. The log in feature also doesn’t work about half the time.

  37. Check in never works on my Pixel 7. I enabled the location permissions, but it always asks me to wait until I’m closer to the gym, even when I’m in the gym. When I look at the gym location in the app itself, it looks like the gym is about 1/4 mile away or so. If I plug the address into Google Maps, it gets the location correct though.

  38. Weon dice:

    $40/month for this broken app? No thanks! The 7 day free trial isn’t even worth it when you can’t even use the app for what it’s intended. Especially how this is more expensive than their competitors like Peloton. Also less polished considering I can’t even access the content. Really disappointed

  39. On 12/15/2022, not working on pixel 5a for taking any classes. It stopped working and I’ve tried everything. Cleared the cache, reboot, uninstall/reinstall. When I click on “begin class” , the app just crashes.

  40. Please fix the issue that the latest December update created. I can no longer do on-demand classes, as soon as I hit play the app crashes. Bluetooth check in also no longer registers when I get to the gym.

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