Cooklist: Pantry & Cooking App 2022


Healthy & easy food recipes from your pantry inventory. Simple pantry check app!
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Discover simple easy and healthy food recipes that you already have the ingredient for, or within seconds create simple grocery shopping lists to buy the food ingredient you need.

Cooklist introduces an entirely new way to think about your relationship with cooking and grocery shopping. It connects to your grocery store loyalty cards and automatically downloads all of your food purchases into a digital pantry. Over 1 million cooking recipes are then matched to the groceries you have in your fridge and pantry and filtered to show you a feed of recipes you can cook with the food you already have.

When it’s time to buy more groceries, simply choose the recipes you want to cook and Cooklist generates a grocery shopping list with only the ingredients that you are missing in your pantry and need to buy. It’s a meal kit experience at grocery store prices.

• Works with Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Wegmans and 75 more of your favorite grocery stores
• Automatically import past and future purchases
• Keep all your grocery receipts stored in one place
• Just like, except for groceries!

• Always know what ingredients you have on hand with our pantry check
• Add pantry and fridge food items with a barcode scanner
• Use the ingredient scanner to find nutrition facts and details for over 1 million pantry and fridge food products

• Over 1 million recipes generated by your pantry inventory to show you healthy recipes you can cook now
• Meal plan according to your diet by adding filters to your pantry inventory and fridge foods
• Pantry check helps find recipes based on ingredients on hand so weekly meal planning is a breeze

• Shop by choosing recipes and only the ingredients you need are added to your grocery shopping list
• Intelligent recipe suggestions based on your past grocery purchases
• The grocery shopping list is automatically categorized by grocery aisle

• Keep track of how old each item in your pantry or fridge is
• Food and pantry inventory expiration notifications
• Automatic cooking recipes with ingredients that is expiring soon

• Use Cooklist for easy recipes to cook with everyone in your household
• The grocery shopping list, pantry inventory, and recipes are shared with the household
• Automatically syncs between iOS and Android devices and backed up in the cloud


[+] Change the Pantry product matched to recipe ingredients
[+] See how many products in the Pantry work for each recipe ingredient
[+] Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments


4 comentarios en "Cooklist: Pantry & Cooking App 2022"

  1. Sharon Lin Levon Skully dice:

    Today I downloaded the app and spend a couple of hours trying the app. So far the free portion is good. I like that it let me list expiration date and able to add new products. However, I don’t see anything that can let you filter items that are expired or about to be expired. As I toss out a lot of expired items I kept on thinking the app will be nicer if it let you filter by quantities on hand and expiration date and ability to suggest meal plans based on items about to be expired.

  2. Amanda H dice:

    I found this app recommended by a social media user to help with budget planning and meal prep. Its definitely missing some features, or if it has them I have no idea how to make it work. For example: I’m cooking for one and then I eat the leftovers. I want to plan out which days I’m cooking and which ones I’m eating leftovers. I have not figured out how to add my leftovers to my lunch or dinner categories in the meal plan. Some of the missing ingredient suggestions are way off.

  3. bethany murphy dice:

    Love it so far! Does everything for me, it’s linked to my grocery shopping so it adds ingredients to my cart, I just check out. Then my pantry is automatically updated with my food purchases and the quantities are depleted as I cook. I know what I’ve got and I know what I need. It even keeps track of other household products like beauty products or paper products. Really awesome app!

  4. Squirley Spitmonkey dice:

    Great idea until you get to wanting to make something and it wants to charge you 60 bucks for a membership. It offers a week free trial but we all know how those go. Trying to cancel before the week is up is a pain. Good concept. Poor execution. I promptly uninstalled. I’m not paying 60 bucks for this, especially when you’re already making ad money.

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