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Get up to 750 dollars per paycheck, & get paid the same day you work.
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Earnin is a simple way to get paid early—and live life on your terms. Access up to $100/day or $750/paycheck. Think of it as instant cash you can use before payday to cover anything you need [5].

Using a cash advance or loan to borrow money can be confusing, misleading, and costly. With Earnin, you can tap into money you’re already earning—for free [1]. Unexpected bill or upcoming rent? We got you. Plus there’s no interest, no credit checks, and no surprises [5].

Accessing your paycheck in advance is easy.


1. Add your bank and debit card details, then submit your employer info.
2. We’ll verify everything, including the hours you work.
3. Cash out up to $100 per day (up to $750 per pay period).
4. On payday, we’ll debit your account for the money you’ve cashed out + any optional tips [2].
5. Keep cashing out to get paid early—whenever you need.

Access earnings from your pay in minutes without waiting for payday [1]. By taking advantage of the money you’re already earning, you get a smarter (and faster) alternative to a cash advance or loan.

Quickly receive your hard-earned cash ahead of payday. We work with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One, TD Bank, Chase, Navy Federal Credit Union, PNC Bank, USAA Bank, and more.

Whereas cash advances and loans are packed with high interest and headaches, Earnin is designed to work with you for more peace of mind. You can even save a portion of your earnings, using the Tip Yourself feature, to reach your next financial goal even sooner.[3]

Balance Shield Alerts send you notifications whenever your bank balance runs low [4].

The Earnin Financial Calendar also lets you know ahead of time when you have recurring payments coming up–no money surprises here.

Questions about getting instant cash from your paycheck in advance? Our Live Chat team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Earnin has no legal right to repayment. For more information please see Earnin’s terms and conditions: earnin.com/TOS.

Earnin is not affiliated with Chime, Dave, Albert, Brigit, CashNetUSA, Empower, Klover, MoneyLion, Cleo, Cash App, Daily Pay, Google Pay or Credit Karma.

Earnin is not a payday loan, a personal loan, or an app to borrow money. There’s no interest or APR to cash out from your paycheck. Earnin does not require a minimum or maximum repayment time frame. It’s simply your money, when you want it. Join Earnin today, and start making any day payday.

Earnin does not sell your personal data to third parties. Learn more about our privacy policy: earnin.com/tos.

[1] Fees apply to use Lightning Speed. Lightning Speed may not be available to all Community Members. Cash Outs may take up to thirty minutes, actual transfer speeds will depend on your bank connection.
[2] Tipping options will vary between tools.
[3] Tip Yourself Account funds are held with Evolve Bank & Trust, member FDIC and FDIC insured up to $250,000. Tip Yourself is a 0% Annual Percentage Yield and $0 monthly fee service. Your Tip Yourself Account and any Tip Jars are not Savings Accounts.
[4] Balance Shield Cash Outs are subject to your available earnings and daily/pay period Max.
[5] Subject to your available earnings and daily pay period max. Earnin does not charge interest on Cash Outs. Restrictions and/or third party fees may apply. For more info and for our privacy policy, visit earnin.com/privacyandterms.


We update the app regularly to improve the experience of our community members. The latest version includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements.


40 comentarios en "Earnin: Your Cash in Advance FULL"

  1. Eti Mun dice:

    Edit: they tried to tell me about premium in a reply. You see how thats even WORSE right? This app was amazing at first. A really good way to get some extra cash when you needed it. Not so much now. The taxes and fees are high, and if you don’t tip the full amount (which can go up to 11 dollars or more, not including the fee), your lightning fast will ALWAYS become standard. Currently trying to get my finances on track so I can delete this app. It was so good until it wasn’t. 😔

  2. Changing my review: Earning was great for a solid year, but recently plaid stopped working with my bank, so there is an error every time I try to connect to my bank. I have not been successful at cashing out for weeks. Also, before that issue they would ask for screenshots every single time, when before that was not an issue. Has saved me on more occasions than I can count! Easy to use app! I also save for vacations with their savings plan. I recommend this to everyone!

  3. I had some concerns when I downloaded the app and saw that a lot of people had issues. It can take a while for bank balance to update but contacting customer service, they immediately updated it for me. Anytime I’ve had issues, they resolved them quickly and kindly. They helped with my job transition and made sure I could access cash the minute I needed it. Highly recommend.

  4. Joan Ging dice:

    Have to say, that was pretty freaking easy to set up (took me under 5 minutes), and you legit can use it pretty much immediately. It will be interesting to see how it works over time, but I like that it seems to reward good spending habits and that it just kinda worked out of the box (at least for me). I like that you can pay for the service in tips, too, and that doesn’t take away from your advance. Definitely cool, and super helpful when your paydate fluctuates.

  5. I’d give 20 stars if I could. This app has saved me countless times. It’s probably the best of all the borrowing apps because it’s probably the cheapest. The only thing I wish that would change is if you borrow multiple times, I wish it would take the money back in a lump sum instead of the individual $100+tip because if I borrow $500, that’s 5 separate transactions and if the money gets taken back and I still end up overdrafting, it’ll count as 5 transactions and hit me with 5 fees.

  6. I’ve been using this service for months. Sometimes no issues and sometimes the app will work as advertised. Those times that I had issues they all had been resolved with some legwork. Now all of a sudden my bank “disconnects” from the app. When I try to reconnect there is a “success” message from Plaid but I get a “Oops something went wrong, try again later” message. After chatting with an agent for over 1 1/2 hours, I was told that there was an issue with my bank and that there was no eta.

  7. Easy to use, and I love being able to choose how much to take out. I used other apps that had set amounts before, usually more than I needed, so the ability to choose is wonderful. Ever so often, my bank will unlink, but its easy to link it back up. Recently they changed from showing your earnings to just showing your available amount to borrow from, and it was a much better change in my opinion.

  8. Dan C. dice:

    I don’t have any credit cards anymore and with prices of everything increasing there have been times I needed some money for basics like gas or groceries. For me it’s been easy to set up and get some money deposited instantly, yes there is a service fee to get it within seconds but remember we are using their service and believe me when you need some money urgently it pays for convince. It really is a great app to keep handy if you don’t own a credit card and need some just in case money.

  9. Greg dice:

    A+ app works as advertised. You can pay a little extra and get the money right away but even the standard only takes a day sometimes 2. Very glad I found this app it can be a big help when u get a little behind. Max goes up pretty quickly after a month or so as long as they can pull the repayment in time. So far no issues everything works well. Would definitely recommend if you have a stable income.

  10. L. G. dice:

    The app was great until a few weeks ago. Suddenly, I couldn’t transfer. My account was in good standing, my max was at $900, but if I tried to transfer I got a system error. Contacted support for help, and that’s where the real frustration came in. No resolution, just a promise they would escalate the issue and contact me. After days of nothing, I tried support again only to be told the same. Now, over SIX attempts later, I still have no resolution and no updates. I’m almost ready to delete it.

  11. Love this app. I’ve had some minor issues,for example,my bank disconnects from the app and when I get it reconnected,I have to start over with my amounts.It always happen the day I need to money 🫤😭 but hey that’s technology for you. I always recommend this app to people that need money now. I just wish my cash out limit would be higher but I do understand the concept

  12. I absolutely love earnin. Everything is fast, easy and secure. Never had any issues. Start up can take a few days to get thru the verification of employment and bank info, but after that no issues what so ever. Max limits increase rather quickly. And it’s YOUR money. No apr. No fees. Only the option to tip. It allows me to pull up to $250 off my next check. And then automatically withdrawals it when I get paid next, and I can cash out the next day after they withdrawal if I’ve worked.

  13. This app is fine when it works. The main issue I have is literally every time I get paid the app trips out and locks me out. Then I have to reconnect my bank every single time. After reconnecting my bank the app doesn’t see my check deposit. Even though it just got deposited. These issues wouldn’t be a big deal if it was here and there but it’s literally every single time I use the app.

  14. This app is not dependable. It has many issues and I don’t want to use it ever again. They try to process my pay back before my pay day. Then they fault me when it doesn’t go through since I don’t have the funds yet. Also, it only works if you do the lightening fast option. Which seems like a scam so they can make you pay an extra fee instead of letting you wait the 3 biz days which is no fee. I gave 2 stars because if you are desperate you can get $100 in a clutch.

  15. Ricky dice:

    Good luck if you work remotely! I work for a very big company, & use a well-known bank but have constant problems with this app. It’s always some issue where it can’t see my deposit and/or bank details. Contacting support each time to provide manual updates is frustrating and I’m done with it. I have a very good phone and there’s no issue with my GPS. I’ve provided my work email and the app says it’s verified. I have zero issues with Even and Empower.

  16. This is not a helpful service. They will advance you money, but the algorithm they use causes them to debit the payment back BEFORE you get paid, at least in my case. I contacted them in advance of the withdrawal date, but they refused to change anything. Super disappointing. There are other, similar apps that offer the same service and don’t insist on sending you into overdraft. I recommend you use one of them

  17. Brilliant service I’ve been using for years. App is easy to use and understand, everything works as it should, quickly and the customer service (including live chat) are actually helpful and responsive. This has gotten me out of a few jams, including car repairs and catching up on bills. Definitely worth it, glad I decided to get involved.

  18. Monique W dice:

    Although there are some hiccups. Like they asked for my screenshot from my deposit history a couple of different times after I uploaded it, an agent had to manually do it. The agents are very nice, very attentive, very respectful, and very efficient. Once you work through those Kinks, it’s an excellent app. I would recommend it to anybody especially like those of us saw that live in towns with high poverty rates and seasonal and menial employment opportunities. Big help. Thank you.

  19. Don’t do it!!!!! Especially higher amounts. I have been using this app for a year now and there is continuous issues with it. Rather my bank losing connection which they usually say is just my bank. Then the most recent is the timesheets and I’ve NEVER had access to timesheets. They said my location wasn’t reporting but I can clearly see my location history on my maps. So this pay they took their money and I’m left with 300 to pay my bills. They screw people over. Don’t borrow more than 100!

  20. Melanie J dice:

    UPDATE: issue fixed but only able to withdraw $100. Never received an answer why. They promise up to $500 but it doesn’t happen. Still not worth the time. The program has merit but their app sucks. I was only able to cash out once. Every time I contact customer service, I am told my issue has been forward to the technical team and someone will contact me. It has been two weeks and I haven’t received an update. Everything with my account has been verified but I am still unable to cash out.

  21. Devn dice:

    NOT Recommended! A very difficult app to navigate. Not senior friendly. Took an entire day to complete initial set up after providing the same requested information, documentation, & screenshots several times before finally getting “approved”… only to find out accessing the funds promised in advertising for when help is needed most between paychecks wasn’t going to happen because my bank balance was currently too low for their standards. Uninstalling. 👎👎👎

  22. Doesn’t address the problems of predatory lending, and in many ways is more predatory than traditional cash advance services. The app demands not only access to your personal banking information but also that you deposit your check directly to them. Hard pass. No thanks. They’ll also harass you incessantly to set up direct deposit or demand you “upload a screenshot” which isn’t possible to do with most mobile banking apps as they restrict screenshots for security reasons. Avoid this app.

  23. It’s a payday loan system with no interest, basically. They randomly reduce or increase your max from one pay period to the next and say its not because you aren’t sharing the app or tipping, but there’s really no other explanation for it. So ya unless you go out and recruit people for them for boosts, you’re not getting anywhere near the max amount. It’s a useful tool, however, especially during tight financial spots- but you need to get it and get the pay period max up a bit before then.

  24. Ben Aven dice:

    Super helpful and reliable app that has helped me out of a bind multiple times! So much better than predatory alternatives like payday loans. You decide how much you want to tip and the money shows up within a couple of days. If you need it sooner, there’s an option to pay a few dollars to have it in your account within minutes. This app is a lifesaver.

  25. The service itself is great but, the app has a major issue. For the past week, give or take, I’ve been unable to login. After entering my info and pressing login, the app doesn’t respond and eventually crashes. I occasionally receive a system notification saying that there is a bug with the app and to clear the cache, which I’ve done multiple times to no avail. Support told me my app version is ancient, which confused me, considering I sent them a screenshot showing it’s the current release.

  26. I’ve used Earnin for about 2 years or longer now. This app is very helpful when I’m in a pinch, or have an unexpected expense arise! If I accur any issues, agent are available to assist over chat, so I don’t get stuck on the phone, they are very helpful and friendly! I would strongly recommend this app! Also, I’ve never noticed any of those annoying ads that require you to set through before your able to do anything in the app. So, that’s a plus as well!

  27. Mary Keen dice:

    I have been using it for a couple of years without any issues. But recently my bank changed platforms and currently is not working with Plaid, so they are not able to help me now because they cannot verify without Plaid. The bad part is the app gives the option to upload screenshots of your account but Earnin is unable to manually override their system. I have been told that twice by two different reps, so why is that an option??????

  28. I love this app! I haven’t had any issues. Definitely help me out when needed. I’m able to borrow up to $100/day. Max payout just depends on your paycheck. The fees are reasonable. I personally pay $10 per withdrawal. (Includes the Tip & the Fee to have the money deposited immediately) This is my experience, you may pay less or more. Just depends what you think is right/fair. Then the money is automatically taken from your bank account on payday. As easy as that! Recommend it !

  29. Ra M dice:

    Changing my review. Since I initially got this app it has gotten worse. Having to send screen shots every month despite the app reading my bank account (waste of time). I’ve reached out several times in regards to this issue and other issues (calculating pay, which is now fixed). The representatives always make something up like that particular process is supposed to be like that (on the contrary, as I’ve been using the app long enough to know when it’s not performing appropriately).

  30. Best paycheck advance app ever!! Downloaded the app and had $100 in my account all in less than 5 minutes! They charge NO interest on the amount you borrow! They only ASK for a tip to keep the app running..but that is optional. I left a small tip strictly for the convenience! It was definitely worth it to me! Super easy to navigate..it uses your GPS to verify your place of employment and automatically connects to your bank. I would recommend Earnin to anyone that is in a pinch for some extra $ !

  31. great help when I need it. I’ve had minimal issues with them, had a quickly resolved issue back when we started working from home and I don’t like the charge on the lightning speed option. But other than that, I have appreciated them if/when I need them, they will lose a star for the Lightning Speed charge but still a positive experience.

  32. When you try to close your account they don’t let you! I have been trying for 5 days! And when I contact support they tell me the same thing. “You can close it tomorrow” Don’t open an account. They charge $3.99 per cash out. Plus it says tipping is optional but if you don’t tip it won’t let you cash out. I’ve closed the bank account and card that are linked to this account. As they said I cashed out $100 I didn’t do and proved it and still had to pay them.

  33. Keeps alerting me that I can cash out $100. Sends me a push and an email most every day. But every time I go to the app, it says I’m at the max. Ended up turning off all app notifications. Every other app I tried out had a higher than $100 limit for my income and banking history. But at least it does work and it doesn’t make you click through multiple screens begging for a tip if you sometimes decide not to leave one.

  34. Just J.D. dice:

    Love this app! Low fees, immediate cash into your account, and excellent customer service makes this my go to app. When you need some help with a cash advance this is the one!! Would recommend to anyone looking for some help. The lightning fast option is very competitive with other similar apps, and a balance shield where money gets deposited automatically if your bank balance drops below an amount you set, preventing overdrafts. 10/ 5 stars for me.

  35. This app is the best!! Never had any trouble with Earnin! Every time I’ve needed customer support they always respond back , sometimes you might have to wait a couple minutes for a response but it’s never a long wait and they’re always on point with solving any issues or questions you may have. If I could give 10 STRAS I would! Money is always in my account within seconds. They only thing I’ve had an issue with is not being able to borrow if you’re just a little over negative $100. For ex -$125.

  36. This app is not work from home friendly. You have to provide timesheets or work email. If you don’t have access to either, you’re out of luck. Customer service is horrible and no help and they all send the same scripts and send you in a circle. There’s not an option for phone calls soley chats which is inconvenient. They also try and prevent you from talking to a supervisor.

  37. Customer service is useless, and the app is buggy as heck. I’m to the point where it’s a complete gamble whether or not I’ll be able to borrow money each paycheck, since there seems to be some issue with validating my paycheck, which I’ve contacted them about a dozen or so times, with no results. They’ve taken money early from me and refused to reverse the transaction as well. I upload screenshots following their criteria to a T and they say the screenshots are good, but then a day later say no

  38. Once in a blue moon, I will get charged a day before payday. I have asked several times through their IT to fix the date of being charged. All of which were not fixed. Overall, I get the money I need almost instataneously and get charged day of. App works as it is supposed to… 80 percent of the time. The tip feature is also neat.

  39. The app kept saying I didn’t have verifiable income in my bank. I’ve worked for the same company for nearly a year and I get paid biweekly without fault. It asked for me to screenshot my income deposit, however my bank does not allow for screenshots to be taken. After contacting support they were less than helpful. I was asked to find a computer so I could take a picture with my phone. This seems like a lot of unnecessary work when they should be able to see my bank deposits in the first place.

  40. They have some of the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. They can’t even change my deduction date. They always collect from me the day before my direct deposit goes in so my account is always getting an overdraft fee. And somehow it’s impossible to fix it. I’d recommend another app….any app.

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