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MyTherapy reminds you to take your meds, tablets, pills and contraceptives!
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✨ New Features
• Injection site tracking
• Dark theme

MyTherapy is an ad-free, award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker. But MyTherapy is more than a free medication reminder: Combining a pill tracker, mood tracker, and a health journal, e.g. with a weight tracker, this medication reminder app allows you and your doctor to put your treatment’s success into perspective. ⏰ 💊🔔

💊Key Features
• Pill reminder app for all medications
• Pill tracker with a logbook for skipped and confirmed intakes
• Support for a wide range of dosing schemes within medication reminder
• Track your tablets, dose, measurements, activities in a comprehensive health journal
• Share your printable health journal with your doctor
• Personalized tips for your treatment
• Wide range of measurements for all conditions (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, hypertension, multiple sclerosis), e.g. weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels

⏰Comprehensive Meds Reminder
We designed a medicine reminder app that fulfills all your medication needs in one place: Pill reminders (e.g. for birth control pills), a comprehensive database of OTC and Rx medications, support for any dosage form (incl. tablet, pill, inhalation, injection) frequency, and even refill reminders. And as the app is not only a pill alarm but also a medication tracker, you just need to check its pill diary to make sure you’ve taken that important dose.

💊A Health Tracker for Your Needs
MyTherapy is the result of us working closely with people taking medications. People with diabetes use the built-in weight tracker and keep track of their blood glucose. MyTherapy acts as a logbook medication. The built-in mood tracker supports you to keep track of your mental health or depression. Review your health using the blood pressure log, your mood diary, or other aspects of your health journal. MyTherapy can be a different app to many, with some using it as a depression app while others rely on it as a stroke app, cancer app, or weight tracker.

⏰A Tracker for Mood, Weight, Blood Pressure, and More
You can not only log your meds but also track your mood and general well-being in the app’s mood diary. Record measurements, such as blood pressure and weight. If you are living with diabetes and are on diabetes medication, you can use MyTherapy as a diabetes logbook and track blood glucose. Overall, MyTherapy supports ~50 measurements. The app’s symptom tracker is popular with users living with multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or cardiovascular diseases such as atrial fibrillation.

💪Motivation to Take Your Meds
Receive a beautiful picture of the day as motivation to take your medicine.
MyTherapy is for you, whether you are taking antibiotic medicines or living with hypertension, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, anxiety, or depression. MyTherapy’s medication tracker and health journal are your path to peace of mind, with medicine reminders and a health tracker.

MyTherapy is available for free and no registration is required. We comply with strict European privacy laws and do not release personal data to third parties.

It’s the collaborative efforts from users and medical experts that make our pill tracker app so simple. Check out our academic research partners on our homepage.

We are constantly aiming to improve the MyTherapy app to best meet your meds tracker needs and desires. Support us with your ideas, suggestions, and feedback – either right from the app or via [email protected].


Thanks for using MyTherapy. Your feedback means the world to us. If you run into issues or have suggestions, please email us at [email protected]. We are working hard to make MyTherapy even better. If you gave us less than 5 stars, an update of your review is highly appreciated.


40 comentarios en "MyTherapy Pill Reminder MODDED 2022"

  1. Almost perfect! Really like how the app gives you a visual representation of consistency. Before i found this app i struggled to take my meds or would take it and then forget, leading to the problem if i already took the medication or not. This app has helped keep me on track with taking my medication. I also like how it gives a variety of customizable options for how often you have to take the meds. One thing that i recommend to improve the app is to integrate it into smartwatches.

  2. Jeni dice:

    Simple and intuitive, excellent app. The one thing that I miss is the option to add your own custom trackers for symptoms/medications/activities. At the moment I can only use the premade ones, and those are very limited and do not cover what I need. That alone drops this app from 5 to 3 for me because if I want to track my caffeine intake or 2 different kinds of yoga (with very different activity level and type) I have to use another app. Too bad.

  3. Love this app! Definitely helps me keep up with when I’ve taken my meds, reminding me throughout the day to take them at the right times. And I love keeping track of how many I have left also. Love that I can snooze it if I need/want to postpone it some. The only thing I miss is an option to then move the next reminder forward as well. I wish there was a feature that I could manually move one dose to remind me 30-60+ min later as well.

  4. This is the ideal app for me when I have to take a medication several times a day. I sometimes wasn’t sure when or even if I had taken the last dose, but this app solved that. I also like that the reminder music isn’t obnoxious. UPDATE: I still like this app, but I found I can’t edit the name of a “treatment” (medication) without creating a whole new treatment. UPDATE 2: Problem has been fixed! Yay! But found new bug. Only allows kg for adding past weight entrees.

  5. Alia dice:

    Edit: I think I figured out the setting issue on my phone that made it not show up. Now I get it again. Upped to 4 stars I stopped getting notifications for 3 days and thus didn’t take my meds. Very upsetting. Finally I realized and at least the app let me know how long I’d forgotten. I have no idea why I suddenly stopped getting reminders so I’m concerned about trusting it further. I did have my phone update but the settings look fine.

  6. Really useful! I like how the reminder stays up until you take the medication. The symptom list is missing some common symptoms, I wish I could add my own instead of having to email them to add it. I also wish reminders defaulted to recording the time I hit confirm as the time I took the medication. I keep entering the scheduled time by accident. But overall it’s great!

  7. I like this app a lot. However, The most recent update has made a major headache of the inventory tracking system. Before the update, you would manually type the number; now, you have to scroll through a drop-down menu to set the number of pills at 1/4 increments. I just got a new bottle and I have to scroll all the way down to 60 in increments of .25 just to update the inventory. If this could be fixed, I would change my rating to 5 stars, but until then, I would give it 2.

  8. D. Ramos dice:

    Lately I’ve been experiencing a lag when entering data. What’s up with that? Good app. I couple of times I have had to change the time I need to take a Rx. I noticed the app seems to loose track of activity for that medication for the day. It either duplicates the notice for the day or deletes intake info for the day which messes up the pill count which for some Rx is crucial.

  9. This has been a very helpful app for keeping track of medications and health practices. It works well and is reliable. Lately though it has begun doubling entries for meds in the summary section as well as including multiple entries with question marks for the meds I haven’t used for that day. If there’s a way to correct this please let me know. I would also like to see a way to make entries for activities and symptoms that we write ourselves rather than from the list. Very nice app otherwise.

  10. Have used this app for years but in the last month or two it’s been extremely laggy. When I swipe to confirm a medication reminder it takes a good half second for it to register it as being confirmed. My mood tracker a lot of times now won’t even let me confirm til I select and unselect my choice a good handful of times first. This is a great app and I love using it but the lag is starting to get annoying

  11. Florin T dice:

    I installed 4 different apps, and this was the only one which had the features I wanted. I like that I can confirm the medication before the reminder time if you remember/want to take it a few minutes earlier. If you confirm it earlier, it will not remind you again. In addition, if you are not near the phone when the reminder sounds and displays it, the reminder repeats every 5 minutes. You need to allow the app to run in the background. Easy weekly progress display. None or few adds.

  12. Simple, straightforward and easy to use. Very surprised they had a very inclusive medication list; I didn’t think I’d find mine but I did. Only critique i could give is changing the tones of reminders (maybe you can, I can’t find how yet). And when you view your list of medications, you should be able to edit which way you swipe to either confirm or skip. I continously swipe the wrong way, out of habit, and have to go in and switch it back. Only critique is to make it more adjustable for persons

  13. The reminder functionality is a little better than just using a standard alarm clock reminder, mainly thanks to the confirmation ability, however there are some pretty major functional issues. If you accidentally hit confirm on something, there is no way to modify the selection or undo it. If you delete that item, there is no way to do a one time scheduled item to replace it. Ad hoc items are automatically confirmed when created, so cannot be scheduled. Lots of potential here, but needs work.

  14. Like it so far just kind of wish there was a notes part included in the well being section other than just checking off feeling good, bad or a specific symptom. Still, this doesn’t take up a lot of space and in addition to the multitude of symptom options you can add your own. Plus, reminders are discreet compared to some gorilla apps that take up the whole screen and completely interrupt whatever you’re working on. Thus, simple, not bloated & does what I need it to so I thank you for that.

  15. I really like this app. It’s really intuitive and easy to use, and it seems that the designers thought of everything. There’s even an option for my “2 weeks on, one week off” skin med – the cycle option, and it’s completely customizable. For the dosage where I have no idea how much I use beyond “apply sparingly “, the “application ” option is perfect. The reminder tune is pleasant. I have had no issues with the app. It has been a great help.

  16. I decided to download this app based on comments of others. I take several medications at several times during the day. I have adjusted my settings, I cannot get an audible alarm at each med time. I did go into my phone settings and made adjustments based on directions. Still nothing. I will try for a few more days. If I cannot get it resolved, I will uninstall and look for a new app with an audible alarm. I appreciate no ads, I don’t have time to stare at the phone for a visual reminder only.

  17. When you have an organ transplant, you take a lot of medications. This app does a great job at reminding and tracking your meds. I have had some problems with the inventory tracking system, but still investigating whether it’s me or the app that has a problem. Tracking fluid input and output would be a great added feature for kidney transplant patients, however, with the assistance from the developers, I now have a work around. Not perfect but much better than the other apps I have tried!

  18. Excellent app. The only thing that keeps it from getting 5 starts from me is that it only let’s you set reminders which only go off once with an option of repeating every three minutes. There should be an option to set it to an alarm instead so that it goes off for a period of time and uses the snooze system. That would be much more effective for my morning meds.

  19. This app has been wonderful for setting medication reminders. It really helps keep me on track! I love the snooze feature, but as someone who has a changeable schedule, I wish there were more options than 10, 30, and 45 minutes, and 1, 1.5, and 3 hours. Also, it would be amazing if there was an option to set a different reminder sound for different medications.

  20. Mantar dice:

    I really like this app and it has been very useful in helping me remember to take medicine. One thing that I think it *extremely* needs however, would be the ability to change a day’s alarm to a specific time, rather than having to snooze it multiple times, and then reset the time taken to reflect the current time. Additionally, needs the option to auto-set the next alarm to update its time automatically to a set number of hours after the first dose is confirmed, for doses taken late.

  21. It strikes just the right balance of demanding your attention with reminders and having those reminders persist as notifications, without being overly disruptive or intrusive. I’m certain I would not be able to manage my meds and measurements effectively without it. Developer is very responsive to feedback. There are some very minor ease of use issues, but these in no way detract from my wholehearted recommendation of this app. Well done!

  22. This app works well and fits my needs pretty well. The only complaint I have is with the reminder alarm. I’ve been using the app so long that sometimes I miss doses because I’ve heard the alarm sound so many times it’s mostly become white noise. Having the ability to change the alarm’e tone would go a long way towards making sure I don’t miss a dose.

  23. Great and reliable! I’ve been using this for a bit more than a year, and it is because of this app that I regularly take my medication. It records when I take the medicine, so I know when I can eat if I hadn’t been paying attention to the clock at the time. The repeated reminders help in the evening. I wish there was a “now” button for time instead of scrolling for it when recording something, but that isn’t much of a hassle. The Symptom Check is broken right now; it isn’t recording symptoms.

  24. I’ve just installed this and really like/need every feature. My only and largest feedback/complaint would be, that there is no option for free text notes anywhere. Not even in the one-time entry options. The symptom drop down is very extensive, but you really need an option to notate the specifics of the how, why, what, and when of symptoms on any given day. The only other thing I would add-in, is an option to switch from kgs to lbs in the weight tracking feature.

  25. One of the best functioning apps I’ve ever used. It is intuitive, efficient, and customizable with so many options for your meds but it’s not fancy and clunky. I have a treatment I use every 4 days, so it’s not always the same day of the week. My Therapy accommodates that easily. The ONLY thing is I’d like an option for a half-tablet dose and be able to show if I took two of something. Minor issues. Love that you can get a PDF of your records. HATS OFF to the developers for a fabulous tool!

  26. The initial utilization was good. but when I tried to put icon on my desktop; it was there only seconds, and poofed. Haven’t been able to find it since. No icon source, you can click, drag, whatever. Not easy to access program to put in up-dates, with no clicky icon. So, when this initial prescription done. not sure I will be able to effectively update my data. This is all too much bother.

  27. This app is excellent! I was just given a bunch of new scripts after a hospital stay, with complicated timing to take them all properly. I also had to incorporate them into the schedule for my regular meds. This app was exactly what I needed. It even has a drop down menu of meds and dosages that simplifies input. You also check off once you’ve taken what’s scheduled. It may be the best designed app, for any purpose, that I’ve ever used. It’s extremely well thought out, and perfectly executed.

  28. App works well for the most part. Weird annoying behavior with the notifications though. When you clear a notification it disappears for 1 second, then returns. Then about 3 seconds later the second one disappears automatically. For a while I thought I created a duplicate reminder, but it’s just a bug. Hopefully this gets fixed, otherwise i might look for a different app.

  29. Was working well for a couple months. Now, the reminders cannot be ‘silenced’. You have the option to delay your notification from 30 minutes to 2 hours, or skip it altogether. The ‘delay’ function seems to work when it wants to. For example, I have a reminder for 9am. Sometimes, if I’m busy, I’ll select ‘snooze/delay’ for 30 minutes, or an hour. Five minutes later, the reminder goes off. I can keep ‘delaying’ the alarm, but it doesn’t seem to work any more. Very annoying, especially if I’m on a conference call, or in a meeting. I’m going to uninstall this and try another app.

  30. Just downloaded the app and had hoped to find a PC version to update when at home. Its easier to enter the meds and other information on a PC than it is on a phone. After using it and seeing its potential. I highly recommend simplifying the user input or adding a PC connection to streamline setup. I test apps for simplicity and yours has a lot of potential. Hope to hear some positive feedback as to future plans.

  31. Bex U. dice:

    Love this app! It’s much more flexible than most med trackers, allowing for activities and health monitoring as well as meds. There are different levels of notifications so that only your most important meds will ignore silent mode or remind you frequently. It’s easy to snooze, stop, and start meds/activities as well as track as-needed ones. I’ve started using it for tasks/that have nothing to do with my health,and it’s become an amazing ADHD tool for that reason as well!

  32. Only using the basics to make sure I take a temorary regime of medication. It works very well, proper lock screen reminders, easy to check off and alter medication schedules. I see it has a LOT of other features that I haven’t tried. I recommend this one, especially if you have to keep track of a set of meds at different times.

  33. I just installed this, added three medications with no problem, added three more with a great deal of difficulty because I couldn’t find the same input screen I used for the first three. I managed most of it anyway but found no place to put the pill inventory for them. I set up an account thinking that might improve things. It didn’t. I tried to find a set of instructions but couldn’t. Went to their website, none there either. I don’t have time for this. 1 star. Will uninstall.

  34. Anna dice:

    Even after swiping away the notification, the notification keeps re-appearing throughout the day. I used to swipe away the reminder only one time after completing the task and then it wouldn’t remind me until the next day, which is exactly what I wanted and it worked perfectly for months. Now ever since about a week ago I am getting multiple reminders throughout the day after swiping the reminder away, which entirely defeats the point of this app!

  35. Great app! It’s ad free and simple to use, with all of the features I could possibly want: a fast, easy way to check off that I’ve taken my meds, the ability to set the time to remind me to take them each day, an optional repeat alarm feature to alert me every five minutes I haven’t taken them, and even a feature to alert me when I’m running low on my medication, so I can order more without running out! There’s no better pill reminder app out there!

  36. GREAT app! I just had a transplant at the end of February, and this is amazingly helpful in tracking my myriad of medications, doctors/appointments, vital signs, and symptoms. I’m so glad I found this app! My only suggestions would be to have more options for the notifications (such as being able to choose what sound they make), and having a calendar tab for upcoming appointments.

  37. I needed to take some medications several times a day and in staggered way. I found it difficult remembering if I had missed one or not. So, I first went looking for an IFTT app but couldn’t find one that could deal the complexity required. I thought of writing one but felt that there must be something. Then, found this app. Very clean interface, simple to use, and it has been able to handle everything. Kudos to the developers. Very highly recommended.

  38. I love a lot of things about this app, like the ability to set different reminder times on the weekends and having a stop time for daily recurring things, like water reminders. BUT the reminders are popping right back up when they are swiped away lately and it’s making me crazy. I don’t have persistent reminders on, just the standard. I barely have lifted a finger off the screen from swiping one away when it’s back again.

  39. I really love this app, I have a bad habit of forgetting To take my meds , and this app will keep ringing every 5 minutes until I confirm that I have taken it. I did have my notifications turned down all the way and I did not hear it go off a couple times, so maybe that would be something that you could change that it will sound regardless and not just vibrate even though notifications are turned down Or off. This is a great app otherwise.

  40. Rick W. dice:

    Fantastic app, needed an app to keep track of my wife’s meds. This app does a fantastic job of her meds that has changes in dosage. Highly recommended. Update: Almost a year and still fulfills our needs as far as keeping track of medications. One thing I have noticed is the option that pops up in the Teams section to add a follow up appointment doesn’t work if you select cancel. Selecting cancel still prompts you to add a follow up.

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