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Explore 1200+ fun, interactive academics, and modern life skills in one app
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Spark success with 1200+ fun, interactive activities! Academics and modern life skills come together in the Lingokids universe, where kids can explore exciting adventures in learning to help them thrive in today’s changing world.

** #1 ORIGINAL KIDS APP 2022** – Kidscreen

Explore 1200+ learning activities with more 650+ objectives across subjects—including math, reading and literacy, science, engineering, technology, art, music, and more. At their own pace, kids can progress through a curated STEM curriculum including science, tech, engineering, arts, and math through engaging games, quizzes, digital books, videos, and songs.

Lingokids weaves modern life skills into academics and interactive games, songs, and activities. Engineering to empathy, reading to resilience, math to making friends; Along with practical life skills, Lingokids offers a wide range of social-emotional learning, including activities that introduce emotional regulation, positive communication, meditation, and caring for the planet!

Your kids can play, learn, and thrive with a methodology that embraces how they naturally discover their world, helping to shape them into confident, curious, life-long learners. Kids have more motivation and focus when they’re engaged and entertained, so they’re more comfortable exploring new things.

*Reading and Literacy: Kids can evolve their letter recognition, writing, phonics, and more.
*Math and Engineering: Kids can strengthen knowledge in key areas like counting, addition, subtraction and problem-solving skills.
*Science and Technology: Kids can explore key scientific principles from biology, chemistry, physics and more, plus prepare for technical advancement with coding, robotics, etc.
*Music and Art: Kids can create their own music and make digital drawings with paints and colors!
*Social-Emotional: Kids can learn about emotions, empathy, mindfulness, and more.
*History and Geography: Kids can increase global awareness as they explore museum artefacts, ancient civilizations, continents, and countries.
*Physical Activity: Songs and videos encourage kids to dance, stretch, and practice yoga and meditation.

In the Parents Area, access progress reports for up to 4 children, browse curriculum topics, get tips, and access community forums. Track your child’s progress and celebrate successes!

Billy is a critical thinker who finds solutions to wacky problems! Cowy is creative, celebrating art! Lisa is a natural leader, guiding the adventures. Elliot is a collaborator who knows that teamwork makes the dream work. All of them help Babybot, a curious, funny robot on a quest to learn everything.

Unlimited access to 1,200+ interactive learning activities and 650+ learning objectives across math, reading and literacy, science, engineering, social-emotional learning, and more.
Up to four personalized child profiles
Unlock progress reports to track achievements
Connect with a global parent community
Capacity to play and learn on an unlimited number of screens at once
100% ad-free and no hidden in-app purchases
Play and learn anywhere–online and offline.

Subscriptions automatically renew each month 24-hours before the end of the current period and your card will be charged unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew any time from within the app. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.

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40 comentarios en "Lingokids – Play and Learn MOD 2022"

  1. This product does not work well with android devices. My little one loves this app for learning but it has many technical issues. All of a sudden the sound would stop working for activities but would work for the TV part of the app. Next it started to freeze if a activity was selected more than once. I have reached out to tech support but they are unable to resolve the issue with the sound. It seems as if the application was designed using apple ios.

  2. My kiddo loves this app and I really like the different styles used to teach. One thing I don’t like is there is no way to block the kid from accidentally hitting the skip button or from pulling down the drop down menu on the top of the phone. It frustrates him and makes it so I can’t let him play by himself. Also, it doesn’t require you to “finish” units before moving on to the next and can be difficult to go back to a unit. I like the parents page and the mix of real life teachers/ animation.

  3. I really love this app, its very engaging my 2 year old loves it! she is learning so much everyday. She gets so excited when the theme music comes on, it makes my day. Im happy to know that she is learning, not just from the weekly progress reports, but by her vocabulary, and things she is able to identify in the real world be it objects, letters, colors, or numbers!!!

  4. kaledev dice:

    Poor user interface, navigation was nonsensical to me. In addition it’s crazy expensive for what you get. If it was a one time fee of 5-10 dollars I’d pay it, but not 15/mo. Some of the “games” consisted of drawing one circle, and that was it. Some are 1min videos with a small song. To me it looks like padding content to try to justify the price.

  5. We do not have a subscription but do the free games every so often a week or a month. the games are child chooses or that we watch are very interactive, with cute animation. at this time we only have enough for one subscription for kids app but hoping to expand to this one or have this as an option for our second child once they are a bit older and can use our phones or iPads to play these games.

  6. There is no sound in the games after the most recent update. Also, even though we have paid for the subscription, it is saying we don’t have the unlimited subscription and asking us to pay again. I have paid 3 times and requested a refund for 2 of them. So far, no refund. Now it is asking me to subscribe again! Very frustrating for me and my 4 year old!

  7. Update, after 3 months of owning the app. Still crashing, sound missing in the games. My kids likes this app, butt it is so frustrating. 5G internet, wifi, clearing aches, nothing makes it better. The app is stuck and repeatedly falling. Spend $80 dollars on this app subscription. And it is constantly freezing, uploading forever or just doesn’t work, all the activities falling. Idea good but execution poor.

  8. JDZT dice:

    App does not work, I have to log in every time I open the app, the dashboard is empty, nothing works. I can’t cancel subscription and I can’t close the account. I logged in in other phones and the same thing happened… Support gave me a 30 day trial but could not solve the issue. I had to ask to have my account closed. The agent response, “You can continue to enjoy your membership until its expiration date.” Which is upsetting when nothing works… did she even read my email?

  9. The content is really good but the offline option doesn’t always work and when it does, the options aren’t great. I wish you could download the ones you like for offline because offline is when we use it most – in the car, train, airplane etc.

  10. I like this app. It keeps my children engaged. However, I have 2 concerns: 1. I wish there was a way I could time how often they’re on the drawing pad. 2. When showing different emotions I don’t like the “In Love” one. My babies are 6 and 3. What do they need to know what “In Love ” looks like? This is the perfect example of how children start idolizing relationships. I’m going to try and find some other learning apps and delete this one.

  11. Paid for this app ang it is not working properly. There’s no sound and just rhe background music. Tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling but still didn’t fixed the issue. Also reached out to their support but they can’t help and just says that we know you paid for this and we will check what we can do.

  12. Seems like it has great potential My Galaxy tab a7 lite can’t run it with sound, for some reason. It works well on my phone (Pixel 5) but not my child’s tablet. After the latest update – it works and it’s great. Thanks

  13. My Name dice:

    I never subscribed to this app. But have been charged 59.99 for 2 years. So 200 dollars?? I can’t even find this app on my Google play store subscriptions even though it’s under Google play in PayPal. I got a notification that this company was flagged for misleading subscriptions but I never used this app. Please refund me my 2 years of subscription I never signed up for.

  14. Yeah it states “in app purchases” but neglects to tell you you have to pay for a subscription just to use it. Cool, you got a “free trial” but it’s a literal waste of time if you’re after an actual free app.

  15. Ashley H dice:

    I have never paid for an app like this EVER. But when I saw how much my 3 & 5 year old boys took to it, I decided to commit to a year. The songs, the characters, the games, the videos, everything is engaging and educational (and FUN!). I am so happy that I found the free trial so I could see just how many times my kids got on the app. Thank you to the developers for making and maintaining a safe and educationally sound app for my kids!

  16. The cartoon is very robotic and it feels like it’s for the modern strange cartoon. Everything is too fast. Cartoon, images and I can’t find any AbC basic nursery rhymes.i cancelled it. Btw, your new age cartoon?It is not interesting for my child who is 2.5, she can’t relate to the robotic cartoons, your prestigious educator may have failed. Animals don’t look like animals. Words are not even in syn with the cartoons. I had found much better ones and not yours which my kid told me she likes.

  17. It’s the worst because you don’t get much screen time. Only two games. That is for free. I don’t want to have to pay. Last time i paid for a game i got scammed. Well then could you show it to me pls. Could you pls email me.

  18. I didn’t download this app, I never gave authorization. My 7 yr old did the trial and i got charged. I requested a refund and they wont give me a refund. I just want my money back, he doesn’t even use this app

  19. I really wanted to love this app, I love the activities and love Duolingo…but it rarely worked. My kids got frustrated trying to tap the same activity over and over for it to just not open. They started to really hate the game. Reached out to Google and they declined to help without giving any reasoning. Highly disappointed I wasted $20 on an app that doesn’t work. This is on a new galaxy tab, zero issues with any other app. We’ve moved onto ABC Mouse which is working great.

  20. absolutely amazing app, the app helps my child to be more confident in speaking at 5 years old she speaks English almost the same as her mother toung🤍🤍🤍

  21. This is made for kids! My son who is 1yr old loves this app. It seems to work well even for as young as he is. He is getting better at the activites all the time. It keeps his attention when not much else does, And he is learning! I had to reload this app from the older version to the newer version cause it didn’t upgrade right. Now it is asking me to log into it and sends a link to my email. I dont have my email on this phone because it is my sons. Cant i just log in? I know my information.

  22. No good without sound. I’ve update the tablet and app and still no sound in games !!! No sound means no learning not good game at the moment

  23. This app is listed as free but the “free” version last about 1 minute, so please just be real and losted only as a PAID APP

  24. The free content is okay, but id like more. Can I use Duolingo subscription with Lingo Kids?

  25. Hello! My 2 year old progress has been deleted and also my 1 year old account is no longer there. The app freezes way too often and I demand my child’s current to be re-added to her user! She loves the app but it needs to be much, much better.

  26. Really fantastic customer support and my daughter really loves this app. Unsure whether to sign up yet as we’re still trailing others and due to costs we’re just going to invest in what we think is best. It’s definitely a firm favourite though and lots of learning to be had

  27. I love this application. My kids enjoy very much with the games, videos, songs, vocabulary learning activities, and all the contents… I think it is easy, entertaining and fun. I really recommend you try it for your kids. The trial moth is for free and the yearly subscription is well worth it. Thanks for making the English learning process easier to our kids 🙂 Best Regards. Maria

  28. HWA 520 dice:

    Me and my wee 2.9 year old are frustrated at how fast, all of a sudden, the game thumbnails go up when you swipe upwards.. Is it my phone, or is it the new layout?

  29. I am an old player i deleted it but when i redownloded it you have to pay why tho i dont like it anymore becost befor it was free everthing was free what happened?

  30. very-very good and interesting education program: nice tasks, video, games and listening. and hard to manage what should child do to open the next level (please add better visualization). one of the previous version allows to do tasks w/o sequence and now child can not do some activities that previously can as they are divided into units, so that unit is blocked as prevous one is not completed yet. also if listen to many videos the next n-video after does not play sound (I can reproduce it).

  31. Charged me £6.49 that I have never subscribed for. Who would pay that amount for such a basic game? Ridiculous

  32. giving my child a free week of play no strings attached is incredible. no other apps offer this. thank you

  33. To keep this app, $90. No monthly option. My kid doest like anything for 12 months in a row.

  34. Syar MS dice:

    Too expensive and less option to get good access to the content

  35. Very awesome to start, incredibly disappointed in the end. The free version allowed 3 activities when I first got it. My child loved it, enjoying our time with 3 games every night before bed. The cost of the subscription is ridiculously high, so we used only the free version. Tried to use the app today, and all the games are locked for subscription only, and I had to teach my kid how companies change there offerings to try and get people to spend too much money. Great app, too expensive.

  36. Crystal M dice:

    I have been trying for the last hour and a half to get on this app and can’t get past the music that comes on initially… I refuse to pay $15 a month to listen to background music because that is all my daughter got feom the time we signed up. No thank u. As soon as I figure out how to unsubscribe I will.

  37. Very expensive for the content you are getting. I already pay almost $1,000 dollars a month for my son’s school and for this app to ask me to pay $200 dollars for a year of this subscription is ridiculous. The people who pay for this probably have plenty of money but I bet this app would make way more money if they made it affordable for more families. This price makes me feel like the developers don’t care about the education of our children. They care about money. That’s it.

  38. Cool stuff on here. Downside, if my child wants to watch or play something it takes forever to load or doesn’t load at all, and she’ll lose interest and try a different learning app.

  39. Ian Roman dice:

    I like how it was programmed to report the kids’ progress to the parents. A well developed app, I should say. But along with this comes a price. Sadly it’s at a level I cannot afford for now but I continue to commend the devs for their efforts. Cheers!

  40. I am in no way shape or form knocking other learning programs. But let’s just say I had a very popular one for a year. My son learned but not nearly as much as he has learned with 1 month of Lingo Kids. What I like about Lingo kids is how multicultural it is and how they don’t use people but rather animals and robots to grab the kids attention. As a mixed family. Its very important for my little ones to understand their indigenous roots along with all the other mixtures in our family. Ty 😇

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