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Bitwarden is a login and password manager that helps keep you safe while online.
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Bitwarden, Inc. is the parent company of 8bit Solutions LLC.


Manage, store, secure, and share unlimited passwords across unlimited devices from anywhere. Bitwarden delivers open source password management solutions to everyone, whether at home, at work, or on the go.

Generate strong, unique, and random passwords based on security requirements for every website you frequent.

Bitwarden Send quickly transmits encrypted information — files and plaintext — directly to anyone.

Bitwarden offers Teams and Enterprise plans for companies so you can securely share passwords with colleagues.

Why Choose Bitwarden:

World-Class Encryption
Passwords are protected with advanced end-to-end encryption (AES-256 bit, salted hashtag, and PBKDF2 SHA-256) so your data stays secure and private.

Built-in Password Generator
Create long, complex, and distinct passwords for every site you visit.

Global Translations
Bitwarden translations exist in 40 languages and are growing, thanks to our global community.

Cross-Platform Applications
Secure and share sensitive data within your Bitwarden Vault from any browser, mobile device, or desktop OS, and more.


- Account switching!
- Introduce captcha upon 5 failed login attempts
- Bug fixes


4 comentarios en "Bitwarden Password Manager FULL"

  1. Mitchell Aki dice:

    Bitwarden is a great password manager. I use it for work, school, and personal use. The app itself is kind of hit and miss. Autofill doesn’t work sometimes. Sometimes the app doesn’t recognize a password field (maybe a website issue). Sometimes it doesn’t even recognize a website. Once in a while it shows the wrong password to select for autofill. When it does work, it’s awesome and when it doesn’t it’s just a minor inconvenience. I still recommend using it.

  2. Hilary Conley dice:

    Pretty good system. Switched from LastPass because I couldn’t make it work. Bitwarden is dedinitely much more user friendly and I can always get my password into the field on a login page. I still haven’t quite figured out how to always get the right URL into rhe website field, specially when I’m setting up a new account or changing a password. But I’ll get there. The Help is quite good. I use it regularly😄. Thank you for creating a highly effective password locker that is easy to use.

  3. Phillip McNeely dice:

    Bitwarden password manager works well for me except when I am using the Bitwarden app on my Android device. I cannot save any changes or edits by using the app. Recently I tried to solve another problem and I succeeded by rebooting (restarting) my Android device. This corrected the previous problem, which was the inability to implement a “sync” from the menu of the app.

  4. Joe Thomas dice:

    Great except the popup button on input fields constantly just sits there blocking my view of what time typing and other elements behind it, and often doesn’t go away at all, just floating there in the middle of pages. It is totally unnecessary as the option is also in the bar on the keyboard.

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