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How to become limitless by making the RIGHT small changes to your daily routine…

If you want to skyrocket your confidence, focus & productivity grab this FREE app.

It’s time to take self-improvement into the 21st century!

Ultiself is a user friendly, actionable app that uses a science backed approach to create your optimal routine & build the best you.

If you want to get the most out of life but feel like you’re yet to live up to your potential, this is the app for you!

Created by neuroscientists, psychology PHDs & successful entrepreneurs, Ultiself uses AI to find habits that impact you the most & helps you build them fast.

Just imagine:
– 10X’ing your productivity
– Having laser like focus
– Feeling confident about your abilities to achieve your goals.
– Knowing full well that you have all the resources you need to deal with stress

Ultiself is your AI-Powered personal coach in your pocket.

3 simple steps to build your Ultimate self with Ultiself FAST:

Select habits from our library based on the areas you want to improve (focus, mood, motivation…)

Take 30 seconds daily to track your habits & rate your day.

Our AI will find the habits IMPACT YOU the most & create your optimal routine.

This routine is your shortcut to reaching your true potential!

Our Smart Habit Builder gets you HOOKED on the RIGHT HABITS FAST & Keeps you Motivated.

– User friendly intuitive tracker.
– Weekly targets, streaks, scoring system & stats to keep you motivated
– AI based habit impact rating to focus your effort
– Push notification habit reminders.


Here is what sets us apart:

– Content: 250+ habit breakdowns. Quickly identify the habits to build. Learn how to do them, why they work, & get insider tips.

– AI Analysis: Find out how each of your habits affects you & if it belongs on your optimal routine.

– Expert Routines – Save time by following expert made routines to improve mood, focus, creativity & more. New routines added monthly.


Take the guesswork out of self improvement & build your Ultimate Self FAST.

Our AI analyzes your habits, daily rating, & sleep to create YOUR perfect routine.

Premium features include:

– Track unlimited habits
– In depth motivating stats.
– Determine how each habit affects your health, mood, productivity & build routines to improve specific areas.
– AI based habit recommendations.
– Premium routines designed by experts.
– Intelligent sleep tracker
& more.

* Subscription payments are charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of your purchase.

* Subscriptions will be automatically renewed & payment will be charged to your iTunes account unless auto-renew is cancelled 24 hours + prior to the end of the current period. The cost of the renewal depends on your Subscription Plan. Our Plans are as follows:

* Monthly

* Yearly

* Subscriptions with a free trial period automatically renew to a paid subscription. You can cancel or manage your free trial’s auto-renewal in Account Settings.

* Please note: any unused portion of a free trial period (if offered) will be forfeited when you purchase a premium subscription during the free trial period.

Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions by emailing [email protected]

Traditional self improvement focuses on learning, not implementing. Ultiself changes that.

It puts everything you need to succeed into the palm of your hand & makes self improvement a fun game not a boring chore.

Checkout Ultiself for FREE! You will be amazed at how much your life improves.

Privacy Policy – https://ultiself.com/privacy-policy

Terms & Conditions – https://ultiself.com/terms-of-use

Precautions & Disclaimer – https://ultiself.com/precautions-and-disclaimer


At Ultiself our mission is to build the best you. With that in mind we always strive to enhance and update our app for maximum performance. Here are the changes we have made in this release: - Bug fixes. - Stability improvements. if you have any questions/issues/suggestions please contact [email protected] ... And if you are happy with the app please leave a review here on Google Play.


40 comentarios en "Ultiself – Habit Tracker MOD 2022"

  1. Interesting so far. I like the info on each habit. I haven’t had any trouble deleting or adding habits. The groupings and suggestions are helpful. The one thing that I don’t like is if you add a new habit too far into the week to complete it the chosen number of times and don’t remember if you completed it earlier in the week, it messes with your completion percentage.

  2. I’ve used the app for over 2 weeks. The amount of information on each of their habits is copious. As well as the amount of habits you can add. That’s the height of this app. Aside from that content (which you could research yourself) I don’t believe the app to be better than other FREE habit trackers. I paid $47 for the unlocked version, I’ll finish my 30 days but I’ll request my refund with confidence I can get the same elsewhere. The draw was the AI based program but it does not deliver rn

  3. Esther dice:

    I saw the promo on tiktok. Eventually it prompts for an email address to receive an email With more details. I never received it. I then downloaded the app via Play Store and when I get to the point of creating an account it can’t move on to the next page. I fill out email, password, click on agree. And nothing…. I would love to try out the app but I can’t even get access to it. Very confusing

  4. Honestly don’t like this app. Even simple things like trying to click the circles to track each habit do not work well (because the habit box tries to move instead of the circle being checked). The habits it picked for me were weird and even though I chose not to use them, they don’t go away from the daily summary page. I barely use it to track habits because I get annoyed by the clicking issue and give up. So I haven’t actually experienced any AI or gamification as advertised.

  5. Nope. Needs a lot of work. The dialogue boxes are sitting over other words, so I can’t choose an answer properly. Looks sloppy and it’s super annoying to not be able to choose my answer. I am using the Samsung fold. I tried both with it open and folded. I wanted this app so bad but now it just feels like it isn’t worth going any further with it.

  6. Haven’t used it because it requires signing up for a paid subscription. If you offered a free month, I’d consider, but 7 days makes it just not worth the effort to find out if I’ll use it or not. Plus, the current 3.4 star rating makes me very skeptical to begin with. Consider offering a lifetime free tier, like say, in select habit areas or 1-3 habits in each area. (I don’t know how your app layout is set up..) Or even set a low total number of habits to track.

  7. I absolutely love this app! Everything in one place and easy for on the go! Habits, Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Personal Development, Etc. all tracked for the ultimate Productivity app! The only additional add on that I can suggest is having a day selection in addition to the time. That way you can really dial in and customize your week vs same time every day. Other than that, if you’re looking for the best app for productivity tracking… Look no further!

  8. I really want to like this app, especially since I paid for it. But once or twice a week, when I open it, it just hangs indefinitely (even if I force stop and restart it). I think it’s trying to contact a server that isn’t responding. For a habit tracking app, it’s just too easy to find a competitor that reliably starts up every time to let me check on my list or check off a completed habit. And it shouldn’t require contacting a server for that.

  9. N C dice:

    I think it’s worth the money… as with anything, you have to use it to reap the benefits. The app hasn’t given me any technical problems, the founders are supportive/active in the FB group, and it’s satisfying to check off boxes daily. I started tracking the things I thought I was good at (about 8 habits to start) and found I needed to do way better. I master those first, then begin to add other habits. The #/variety of habits is overwhelming! Start small and focused.

  10. As a professional success coach, I have tried and tested too many habit trackers to list! By far Ultiself is superior. You can design the plan that works for you – and align it with your ideal plan provided by the app. You also can see, each day, what combinations of habits work best for you – what creates the most impact on your day. Functionality is good – it includes what you need and does not waste tabs with things you do not need. The additional material (with subscription) is also top-notch – and I’m recommending to my clients.

  11. Great concept! I would love to see some ability to edit habits based on frequency. For instance, instead of just a yes/no allowing a number to be set as the target such as “12 cups of water” and allowing the ability to add cups as you go about the day. Great app!

  12. I downloaded the app, excited to use it but once I answered all the questions related to setting up my account it told me my email was invalid. Not just one. It told me every email I entered was invalid and I have several accounts. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to move past this step and finish setting up my account. I wouldn’t recommend until these small kinks are worked out.

  13. This app is supposed to be a habit tracker to help you incorporate good habits into your life, but it does next to nothing for you. It gives you a diverse array of potential habits to incorporate which aren’t necessarily easily searchable. You select them. It never prompts you to do anything, so you forget about the app and the habits. It has a pretty high price tag (relative to other apps) and you get little out of it.

  14. Chels dice:

    I saw that it was 80% off ($20) and thought it was worth checking out…unfortunately I can’t seem to connect my account with the key I received. The follow-up email basically wants you to buy it again, with only a 75% discount. To make matters worse, the app won’t load for me. It seemed to work fine before I bought the subscription, but afterwards crashed my phone and refuses to load at all now. I’m sure it’s a great app, but I can’t actually use it.

  15. The app is very similar to other habit track apps, and even if the profesional tips are very useful for building better habits and knowing why they are so good, the fact that you can’t create a personalized habit (learning a new language for example) it’s quite restrictive. Even though, it is a good app with lots of potential.

  16. Addicting. I’ve been struggling getting on a routine. This app is some how burned in the back of my head and reminds me I need to make improvements in my life. I get out of bed and make it just to tick the goal on my board. I exercise and drink water just to tick the goal on the board. I love the videos and resources it gives me to improve my life and live healthier. Its like a coach in my pocket!

  17. Sam Sung dice:

    Only giving this a 4 because there can be a few improvements… but I must say, this app has been amazing! It has changed my mindset for the better… what used to feel like work/tasks/chores, now feels like mini achievements throughout the day. I’m looking forward to seeing what a whole year with this mindset will do for me. Great job!

  18. I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this and it seemed like it would help me after downloading the app it wouldn’t open. I updated the app thinking it would open and the app stopped working I tried contacting customer service and never got back to me. I took another look at the website and copied the URL through a scam detector and it was 74.4 good but I think it’s a scam BUYER BEWARE!!

  19. This really helps with accountability!!! Seeing your habits in front of you every day inspires you to do the things you say you want to do for yourself. My only challenge is adding habits that are not there. It would be amazing if you could submit a habit and the team found information to populate the app with instead of having to find all the information yourself.

  20. 2 days in… The concept, the app interface, ease of use, the motivation built-in… SIMPLY AMAZING! But what was unexpectedly even MORE amazing was the support and engagement from the team. A big thank you to all who helped me with my subscription and log in issues and opened this magical doorway!

  21. After you purchase the app, they just keep showing you more thing you need to purchase in order to have the “full program” . I hate a company built on a bate and switch. You baited me in with promises of helping retrain my brain 🧠 to improve motivation / self esteem/ time management/ productivity ECT. All for the “one time fee ” have the app forever.ok thanks But as soon as the app finished taking my credit card it asked me for another $100to make the program complete. Bad business in my opin

  22. I was really excited about checking out this app and all the benefits they promised I will get and really convinced me that it is the app of a lifetime. Then the same old fake marketing. The whole video was about how you get things for free and after watching the whole video they asked me to pay to get the things they just promised it was free. Also they asked for the email to send my personalized routine, I didn’t receive that also. Please don’t use fake marketing and promises to earn ur money.

  23. Love the app…. when it actually is working. I use the free version (yes even though it asks for u to pay for stuff u can still use the basic habit tracking function without payment). However unfortunately it seems like every time they update/sometimes randomly the app doesn’t work for a day or 2. If they could iron this out and stop this problem from happening this would b a 5/5 but unfortunately this does greatly hinder the usefulness of this app at times

  24. Ivan navI dice:

    I have a suggestion. Even if I complete a task, I still get notifications for it and it’s quite annoying. It would be useful to suppress notifications for completed tasks. Overall the App is good.

  25. I’ve been asked to rate Ultiself after less than 24 hours of use… Can’t say i can give a good opinion at this point. So far it sems to be doing what they have advertised, however, i haven’t had chance to see any reminders. The info and descriptions of what to do for each habit are good and i like the additional info provided. Will try remember to come back after i have had sufficient opportunity to try it out more thoroughly and tested more of the features.

  26. David dice:

    Good idea and very helpful team behind the app. It looks incredibly stark and impersonal as a design and would be nice for it to have a little colour here and there to help visually group elements into categories or time of day to do a task

  27. Just okay. The “gratification” aspect only goes so far. In the first week, I reached Master status even without using all the features and now that I have barely touched the app in weeks my status hasn’t changed. I need a habit app to remind me to use my habit app because it doesn’t provide me with a reason to go back to it. To truly gamify habit tracking, it needs to require the user to rate their day, the score needs to reset, and competition with other users should be possibile. Unsatisfied.

  28. This app is helpful for creating habits on a daily basis. It has a great user interface which makes it look appealing and better than other trackers. There is abundant information about each habit available in the application along with several settings. It is the best tracking app currently available on playstore.

  29. Eric dice:

    ***!! AVOID THIS APP !!*** For over a week now opening the app does absolutely nothing. A total waste of time!! Definitely would recommend avoiding spending money on this worthless app. To add insult to injury I have seen an ad for this two times this week. Don’t waste your time! Update: I really want to update my review and provide a positive response, but, once again the app is utterly broken. I still strongly recommend avoiding the heck out of this frequently broken trash.

  30. I like that it’s simple and gives examples of scientific verification of habits. I also like that you can set your own times and reminders. However, sometimes I will click habits as completed and go back to see that they were not recorded.

  31. T dice:

    Updated review. Team took notice of my bug report and fixed it within a reasonable timeframe. That shows the commitment to the betterment of this app. Back to enjoying the app. Old: Worked for 4 days then after update, starts with 404 not found and crashes. 1/5, wouldn’t track again

  32. Yugesh dice:

    Buggy app and crashes. Also i don’t get the point of having “X times per day” setting if there’s no way to set multiple reminders. Apart from Routine and habit collection, nothing about the app is good.

  33. After 4 days of using and paying the subscription I have decided to give it one star. The app crashes every second login. I now get a HTTP404 error followed by 2 exceptions occurred. Could this app be a scam app. I want my money back. 4 stars for now. I like what the app has to offer. But I want to see it in action. Love the extras that have been added, however I haven’t really done a deep dive into it so can only rate it 4. I’m enjoying it atm 2 days in.

  34. Total waste of money. This is not a tracking app, this is a restrictive check the box outline. It’s worthless garbage. They spent far more money on advertising to sell you the 3 thousand dollar version, that they won’t tell you is the 3 grand version till you buy the app first. This is a clever scam not a useful app.

  35. Thankfully I only paid $20. That they boast its worth $150 is ridiculous. It’s a habit tracking app. You can create routines and they have information on why the habit is useful and how to track it, but this whole limbic system vs prefrontal cortex idea abd this? Is the solution. Hahaha. You can go through and just click the checkmark. Too easy to cheat. Nothing to hold you accountable, except your own Willpower. They’d be better marketing it as a to-do list and decreasing the supposed value.

  36. The application crashes many times. It takes several minutes to set habbits and update status since the app is not stable. It takes forever to update the status. It freezes/ loads endlessly whenever you feel you need to update progress. Pathetic app.. dont buy No reply from the mentioned email ID as well. As per them the app has no issues

  37. I so love this app! Dealing with chronic pain, it’s hard to get anything done. So being able to view how much I’ve actually done feels great! And being able to add my own habits is awesome! And seeing areas that I need to improve and a glance is a great help in keeping me on track of my goals.

  38. The app is great for creating and maintaining habits. As we all know accountability is key in moving forward in achieving our goals. When purchasing the app, I bought an upgrade and not sure what I got for it. That’s my only disappointment with the product, but not the app.

  39. Had issues with app. Habits disappearing, no widget option, a bit confusing, and no smartwatch app. Other habit tracking apps do everything utiself does at no cost (kudos to habitica). Maybe once they make great strides with application I’ll check back in but for now it remains as a regretfu purchase.

  40. Hey guys, I’m almost surprised you are already promoting the app before improving it. It could easily be improved… Do you use it on a regular basis? In my experience that’s one of the Keys to improve my products, that the team behind it actually uses it… The other thing I’d do is to add a feedback button right there in the app so you can use us the users as free consultants 😉 I like the concept thou. Once you have an slick version, hit me up. Looking forward to become a happy customer…

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