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Are you looking for a new video app? Are you looking for a place where you can grow followers faster, have a search and related videos that doesn’t preference channels, ability monetize your videos, and watch your favorite creators? Rumble is the new home for everything video. We believe your time invested into Rumble, will greatly exceed the results of our competition.

Major creators are joining daily and hopefully you will be next to join the future of video!

Rumble Features:
– Livestreaming
– Channel creation
– Video hosting
– Smooth UI
– Video Monetization
– Licensing

Thank you for considering Rumble, the future of video!


Bug fixes and improvements


40 comentarios en "Rumble MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s really great, just some minor issues. I hate to compare it to the youtube experiance becuase they have over a decade head start, but it’s those little things that are making the experiance not so great. It’ll crash and doesn’t keep track of where I was in a video. A portrait mode would be really nice to have on the app. I use a 10.5″ tablet in portrait mode, so the app is very small. You guys are catching up to youtube and I can’t wait!

  2. Joey lugo dice:

    Couple of small bugs, nothing to stop using app over. When you click on a video to play a new one from recommended, and it doesn’t start right away, you feel like you didn’t press it and then you press it again then two videos will start playing and you’ll hear both. Then also I can’t rumble some videos sometimes, have to close the app and open it again and then I’ll be able to. Other than that I love the experience and content creators on here

  3. The app still needs refinement, but they’ve been making progress. Videos can now play with the app in the background or with the phone locked, which is a great improvement. It still needs to save video progress, and there is a glitch when a video is paused, then the app is put in the background for awhile. When you come back, you can’t see the video and the audio will start playing twice confidently.

  4. Great alternative from youtube. I respect the freedom of speech aloud on the platform. Kind of glitchy at some points. When you go to enlarge the video it starts it over and plays both the small one and the big one. But over all I like it. 👍 oh, it needs a dark mode. Or ability to change the color scheme. I like that you can play videos in the background without paying like YouTube. I’m excited to see where rumble goes. Good luck guys 😁😁

  5. This app is missing a rather basic feature. If I start watching a video, and accidentally bump the screen and exit out of it (which happens all too often), and have to go back in, I have to start from the beginning. Why can’t it keep track of where I left off? This also applies to switching between devices. For example, I start a video on my phone while I commute, and then when I get home, I can watch it on my Roku from the point I left off. Other than that pet peeve, the app is good.

  6. It’s getting there. Rumble still has a ways to go before I start using it even a fraction of the time I use YouTube, but it’s making improvements. Background play is finally available and thank god since I can’t have my phone out at work but can listen to podcasts and music. You can’t control it from Bluetooth earbuds or a smart watch which really sucks but hey, improvement is improvement and as more people I watch start doing rumble exclusive stuff I don’t have much of a choice.

  7. The car/podcast feature is great. I like that the screen can go dark without shutting the show down. Less appreciated is the lack of pause functionality by headsets. This app does talk over phone calls and other apps that should have priority. Opening multiple plays at once, some channels bounce out instead of playing; this app is a mess! As much as one may appreciate the content creators, it may be effective to drop stars from the app until they get it stable and add basic pause functions.

  8. So many problems, where to start? Notifications are pointless because there is no link to take you directly to the comment. The App constantly crashes or has a bug and fails to start. When trying to watch a stream, you must have great Internet or it will fail because there is no option for a lower resolution. It’s all our nothing. Also the horizontal view is buggy and often I must actually click on the full screen button but often it clicks on the slider witch takes you to end of video.. more.

  9. Improved, but still a little unintuitive. Background play doesn’t work well. Notification goes away after a minute or less. Video dies after that. It loses your place in it. Sometimes, you’ll go back into it and you can hear the video, but it’s not showing it. Or the comments. You can see the names of whoever commented, but you can’t see their comment. Weird. Still. Nice that there’s still a little competition for YouTube.

  10. Mapple dice:

    I love Rumble, and I believe they have the best terms of service which has so far cultivated them as being the best media consumption platform period – but especially for freedom of speech. However, this app is horrific. I can’t watch in Fullscreen, there’s no dark mode, I get repeat notifications that spam my phone, videos often open two or three times forcing me to restart, and overall the entire experience is just janky. They update the website but neglect the app.

  11. Alexei O dice:

    Needs more convenience features. Youtube has done a great job, except for censoring, of course. Would be nice to ‘send’ video to tv. Would be nice to save videos. Would be grate to “rumble” videos from tv. The suggested videos list is nice, just a bit “loose” to my taste, but that is just my taste. Thank you for a good alternative and standing up for freedome!

  12. Love Rumble and the exclusive content, but the Android app is awful. Can’t easily find videos I’m looking for, can’t listen while doing other things or Cast to TV. When I switch to another app, even momentarily, the app loses its place in the video forcing me to try to figure out where I left off, doesn’t rememeber which videos I’ve watched or where I left off – even within the app, let alone across platforms, no playlists, queues, or Watch Later, the list goes on. Total fail for app developers.

  13. Kevin McD dice:

    I use this app when I don’t want to see YouTube ads and because it has “driving mode”. I don’t know if I’ve got the latest version. My phone still only opens Rumble links in chrome and doesn’t give an option to open them in the app. I can’t find my viewing or “Rumble” history. So, I have to copy links and titles to videos to get back to them. It won’t let me view replies to my comments, only the commenter’s profile. The app feels super cheap and has a LONG way to go to be my default video app.

  14. I’m very much for alternatives, but I’m also for privacy. When you start requiring my phone number to +/- videos, I start loading interest. Also, the app still has some flaws. Main issues: pop-up player isn’t integrated well at all and causes a bit of a headache when trying to multitask. Clicking the notifications just makes them go away, instead of opening live stream or whatever. In app notifications don’t function properly and open a user profile instead of their comment.

  15. r2 jit2 dice:

    Looking for yt alternatives but my friends would laugh at me if I tried to get them to switch to this now. Terrrrible controls. No dark mode. No ability to search while watching other videos. Doesn’t remember where you were last watching. So easy to exit out of the video and lose your place. It’s incredibly frustrating. You don’t need small buttons you have to hit each time to FF or Rew. Just do what everyone else does and do a double tap or triple tap to navigate faster. I’ll edit after update.

  16. Buggy and frustrating at times. I’m on a Pixel 6 Pro and it randomly crashes at times, freezes or sometimes even plays duplicate audio on a delay and makes it sound like an echo. What’s great however is being able to listen with phone locked and video off. That’s a game changer for me. Content is so good that I’ll take the bugs so keep pressing on Dev staff.

  17. I’m doing 5 stars but there is somethings you guys should fix the main one being, if you leave the app even for a second it doesn’t remember your place in the video and starts it over. I am really tired of trying to figure out where I was because I left to send a text or something. I don’t even bother finishing a lot of the videos because I get tired of dealing with it, which means I don’t hit the rumble button since I do that after I watch the whole thing. Still appreciate you guys though!

  18. Was hoping Rumble would be a good alternative to YouTube but they’re just as bad for privacy invasion as Google. Requirement of a phone number just to “like” a video or leave a comment is an absolute joke. Lacks basics like picture-in-picture and dark mode. Some videos won’t play (or simply just close after a short period of time) for some reason, but are able to be viewed by others because the view and rumble count is going up. Videos go out of landscape when paused.

  19. BJ Ruyter dice:

    Freedom of speech. Enough said! But, the app needs some work. The videos need to remember where I left off. It needs to be recognized as a media player. If I’m listening with my phone screen off earbuds don’t recognize it so you can’t pause the media. Basic things that YouTube, Spotify all have. Other than that it’s great. Oh, add a dark mode! Too much white is bad. The government told me that.

  20. Terry T dice:

    I want to love rumble. It is a free speech alternative to YouTube, one that is badly needed. However the user interface is 10 years out of date. You can’t continue a video in a small window, double tapping the screen doesn’t do anything useful like skip forward, and there’s no history, at least nothing obvious. Considering Rumble got millions of dollars from an IPO, they should budget a couple hundred thousand to fix these obvious UI weaknesses. Once they do, I’ll make this 5 stars.

  21. The app is complete and utter unreliable garbage. For the last week I have to log in over and over and over and over again. Also if I’m using Google maps or just Android auto in general the audio will eventually just cut out and will not work again until I completely restart the car. That has gone on for probably 6 months now. Most of the time I just end up using the website as there’s no issues there.

  22. Not bad overall, still needs work to compete with YouTube. Features such as pause or rewind live broadcasts and a watch history that AT MINIMUM keeps track of video progress, would be great! History so that if for whatever reason you get kicked out or have to exit the video, it will remember where you left off… A complete history of watched content could be useful, but is not imperative. The driving mode has finally been fixed, and videos play all the way through with the screen off. Yay!

  23. The app is good, but it has some quirks. To minimize, you have to use the back arrow at the top left. However, once minimized, it cannot go back to its previous state. The biggest issue I have is that I cannot stay logged in, and it is difficult to log in. It takes multiple attempts, and the loading during login turns to a snail crawl. But that only happens as I’m logging in. The rest of the time the app is snappy fast. Overall, it’s a good app.

  24. The app on Android has so many bugs in it. Drives me nuts. For example, I just subscribed to a new channel, but it doesn’t show up under my subscriptions so I can’t turn off the alerts to my email. Another example is that when i want to listen and minimize so i can do something else on my phone, if i go back to the Rumble station that I’m listening too, i have to keep it open or it will close out and i have to re-boot. There are more issues too. PLEASE FIX!

  25. Product is pretty good. It doesn’t save your timestamps so you have to start videos over if you close the app. The android back button doesn’t pair with the app so it will close the video if you don’t use the in app back button. Also Bluetooth controls don’t work. That said, you can play videos in the background to save battery life which counts for a lot in my book. Lastly most of my favorite creators don’t make content on here so I only use it for a couple people.

  26. One of the worst user experiences I’ve ever tried to suffer through. From needing to log on 4 times every time I open the app, to the constant crashes, it’s just terrible. It also lacks every feature you’d expect from a video app. No downloads, position memory, Android doesn’t even seem to realize it’s an audio player so it doesn’t mute/pause other audio like every single other app, etc. I’m going to miss the exclusive creators that moved there, but I can’t suffer this experience any more.

  27. Watch progress isn’t saved, if you quit watching a video it doesn’t save your spot and you have to try to remember where you were at. You can’t see which videos you have already viewed, and can’t save playlists. The home screen is a bunch of garbage recommendations. App crashes constantly and is super buggy. I would love to leave commie YouTube behind, but until rumble gets with the times and makes viewing an enjoyable experience, I can’t make the switch.

  28. App is pretty bad. Glad I can now listen in the background but there is nothing in the notifications indicating where the sound is coming from and it can’t be paused or controlled through a Bluetooth headset. Otherwise, features like watch later would be nice. Most importantly is better integration with android. Also, clicking a car icon to enable background sound is not intuitive.

  29. Love that this app is not censored. YouTube keeps censoring and shutting down my favorite channels, so I’m mostly watching Rumble now instead. Thank you for allowing free speech! Two suggestions for improvement: 1) add the ability for a video to continue playing in the background, and 2) remember where I left off if I have to stop watching and come back later. Edited to add I figured out how to keep a video playing in the background by tapping the little car icon.

  30. AJ dice:

    The idea is good, but execution is awful. Some videos simply do not play no matter what I try to do, watch progress isn’t saved, and you can’t minimize videos, so the app has to stay open the entire time you want to watch. The app would be great if the developers fixed these issues. It is good tho for free speech and content you can’t get on YouTube. That alone makes me keep the app.

  31. Ed dice:

    Stop rating app high. It’s totally 2010. Close out the app, it loses the playback location. I have to search for where I left off each time. App does not allow you to look anything when playing. All playback stops; there is no thumbnail screen to allow you to interact with your phone. And the full-screen option square is placed too close to the playback timeline. Half the time I select full screen, it skips to the end of the video. This app was rushed and needs improvement. Growup Rumble.

  32. Tom Jagla dice:

    I love Rumble, but the app has so many glitches and the UI needs a lot of improvement. Also, there is no tech support that I can find. Your app constantly frustrates me, and many others say the exact same. And now the “fresh content” list is empty at the top of the home page -which makes it very difficult to know who has posted new videos. There are some very basic things that Rumble needs to fix with their app.

  33. I believe in what Rumble is trying to do. This app needs a lot of work. It’s making me log in every time I open it. Also, when I’m not connected to Wi-Fi it is unwatchable. It needs to buffer when other apps work just fine off Wi-Fi and UI needs a lot of work. Also can you guys fix the Roku app it also as a lot of the same issues.

  34. Just ok. It’s a hybrid between podcast and video streaming service. Big downside is the data usage when in car mode (audio on, screen off), the video stream still is downloading in the background. This is a huge problem for those looking to walk dogs or just listen to video podcasts. I’m sure I can find the audio only stream on another platform but then that’s another application I need that seems so easy to integrate here.

  35. I’m glad we have an app for content that doesn’t push the woke nonsense. But I do wish it worked better, if I accidentally hit the back button it exits the videos and I have to remember where I left off. If I pause and don’t come back within a short amount of time it screws up the video and plays from the beginning on a wonky screen, so I have to exit and restart the app and the video… it doesn’t work well with any sort of overlay to play while I’m trying to do anything else on my phone…

  36. Only use for a few channels, so unsure of all its features/lack of, however i do like the safe driving mode and picture in picture. However, everything the app closes itself/you close it, it logs you out. Super annoying, especially when it also doesn’t let you log back in. I’d there is a way to watch stuff without a profile, I think this problem would also be less of one (even though it shouldn’t happen in the first place)

  37. Features desperately need to be added. Many people want to stop using YouTube because of the censorship. Unfortunately the lack of features makes it hard to commit to the switch. The features that should be added ASAP are mentioned on nearly every review. I worry that if rumble doesn’t get it together soon, another company will come up out of nowhere with a more user-friendly app that does the same thing. I do very much appreciate the commitment to free speech, hence the 3 stars

  38. Problem interacting. Logged in watched a few podcasts and noticed that I wasn’t able to leave a rumble on videos. Pop-up at the bottom says must be logged in. I am. I even went as far as logging in in my Browser. I’ve signed out and back in several times and nothing changed. Am I the only one with this kind of bug. I have current update on the app as well. Please help I’d like to show support to these creators

  39. Love this free speech platform. There is some amazing documentaries on controversial subjects. My only complaint is they need to implement some of YouTube features like being able to save and go back to programs previously viewed. Or being able to listen to podcasts with phone screen off. If these features were implemented I could basically drop YouTube all together.

  40. Rumble is a great alternative for Youtube, but this app needs serious improvements. One of the most annoying features is that you’re required to log in almost everytime you open Rumble. In my case, it’s not even that I’ve been log out. My avatar and subscriptions disappears, but I’m required to log out from this weird limbo in order to log in again. It’s double the trouble. Please, fix this.

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